Unicorn Yard – place to keep your Unicorn(s)

Who we are?

We are Unicorn Yard – Ave & Martin. Two unicorn enthusiasts and magic seekers.

We are fascinated by unicorns and thrilled with the magic they have brought to our everyday lives. So we decided to share our excitement with you and create this magical place for all of us to enjoy.

What is Unicorn Yard? 

Unicorn Yard is the home for your inner Unicorn. Or two! And if you do not have one yet, you are always welcome to look for one here in Unicorn Yard. We are going to share interesting info, newest trends, coolest products and tips & tricks about unicorns. Get ready to get “unicornized”! We promise to bring a dash of magic to your everyday!

Our Story? 

Why unicorns?  How did our story start? Who we really are? Where we are heading?

As Unicorns are closely related with the coolest startups around the world, we have also documented and keep on documenting our story of creating Unicorn Yard. Here you can read about everything from the very beginning – the enthusiasm of starting and happy moments, but also the problems we have been facing. Just to show everyone “behind the scenes” magic and process. Keep an eye out and follow our progress!