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Our (business) story – who we are? why Unicorns? What we want to achive? How we are doing?

Chasing Unicorns: And Then the Summer arrived…

#Summer2019 aka talking about the business and motivation when the sun is up there and vacations and trips are ahead. And how to keep the motivation up!

Chasing Unicorns: We have a Freelancer Team

#Week6 & #Week7 got our business some freelancer team. We talk about some goals and some preps before we got the freelancers

Chasing Unicorns: We Need a Logo?!

#Week6 and we were thinking to be as a brand we need a logo?! Well-chase is on! This is where and how we get us a logo.

Chasing Unicorns: Petting The Unicorn

#Week5 in our business story. First fails are here! And we start to notice that business is like a pet - see the similarities!

Chasing Unicorns: Before the unicorn was… a pony?

#Week3 in our business story. Actually how we had the idea about unicorns and creating worldwide online business. See why we saw it as the best opportunity

Chasing Unicorns: Where to keep the unicorns?

#Week2 Our enthusiasm is on the maximum level and we are searching the place to keep our unicorns. Join our search!

Chasing Unicorns:The Beginning. Word-magic

Our Story week#1. I have always dreamed about the business. And this is our story to build the magic place called Unicornyard. Jump in!

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