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Unicorn Emoji πŸ¦„ Meaning & Interpretations

There are many things to express with unicorn emoji πŸ¦„. We will give you a few and explain more about the meaning of this often used emoji! Check it out!

Unicorns With Wings – Pegacorn, Alicorn, or Unicus?

Unicorn with wings - pegasus
Winged unicorns do excist in these days. Figure out which ones and where do they come from?

Unicorn Meaning: Business to Mythic and Sexuality – Insights Which May...

Want to know the different meaning of unicorns from Startups and business to luck, myths and slangs? We have all this covered for you!

Unicorn Sexuality: Polyamory & Relationship Meaning

Unicorn Sexuality
Unicorns are often considered mythical and magical but we run upon unicorns also via a dating app. How are unicorns connected with sexuality and what does it mean? Figure out!

All About National Unicorn Day – When And How To Celebrate...

Unicorn Day is on the 9th of April. Find out why we celebrate it and how to make it memorable and magical tradition!

35 Hilarious Unicorn Memes To Light Up Your Day!

Unicorns have been around for what seems to be like ages now. And for a good reason! I mean, who better to...

What Do Unicorns Represent? Symbolism & Mythology

Magical Unicorn In Forest
Among other things, unicorns often represent freedom, magic, purity, and innocence. Their beautiful white coats and their pearly manes and tails reflect this.

Unicorns & Rainbows: Meaning, Quotes, Memes, LGBT Explained

Unicorns and Rainbows often go together, Here, a unicorn is puking rainbow colors.
What’s the big deal about rainbows and unicorns? Nowadays they are very commonly associated with each other, like Tom & Jerry or...

White Unicorn Meaning & Symbolism

White Unicorn
When you imagine a unicorn, what color do you think of? White, of course! The white unicorn...

What It Means To Be A Unicorn In a Field Of...

Be a unicorn in a field of horses feature
Have you ever heard this saying before and caught yourself wondering what it meant? Maybe someone told you this as a way...

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