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Who Invented Unicorns?

Who invented Unicorns?
Our world is full of different cultures and histories, each with its own share of wild and magical creatures. Yet despite the...

Do Unicorns Lay Eggs?

Unicorns do not seem very likely to lay eggs.

Narwhals – Whales with Unicorn Horns

Narwhals are often called as "whales with unicorn horns" or "sea unicorns". because of the similarities of their horn.
Narwhals are mysterious Arctic creatures. Many people have only ever seen them on TV or heard about them. Narwhals have commonly been...

How Do Unicorns Sleep?

Unicorn getting ready to sleep under a tree
Magical unicorn getting ready to wander off to sleep in a full moon night with breath-taking scenery. Like...

Do Unicorns Bring Good Luck?

Do unicorns bring good luck? Fortune telling magical glass bowl will tell you!
Unicorns generally have a lot of very positive things associated with them. It`s therefore reasonable that you might be wondering "Do unicorns...

What Do Unicorns Look Like?

What Do Unicorns Look Like?
One of the biggest questions surrounding the splendid and magical creature that unicorns are - "what do...

What Does a Unicorn Horn Look Like?

White Unicorn with a white horn
As a fan of unicorns, the unicorn horn, also called as alicorn -  is always one of the most mystical parts of...

When Did the Unicorn Trend Start?

The unicorn trend is now here to stay!

What Does Unicorn Poop Look Like?

What does unicorn poop look like? A bit like horse poop, a bit like rainbow and a bit like fun in your kitchen.

5 Activities Unicorns Do For Fun

Two Unicorns Laughing and having fun.
Unicorns play all sorts of games with each other, including hide-and-seek, racing up mountains, dodging the surf, and chasing rainbows. Occasionally they...

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