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I have always thought unicorns are  magical creatures. You can find them in fantasy books and in movies. A unicorn is one of the best-known animals in ancient mythology. It exists in many amazing stories, and its footsteps leave prints on the daydreams of thousands. It brightens the wardrobes of small children and dream-chasers, and decorates hundreds of birthday parties on a daily base. Bright rainbows, mystical silver, purest white – the unicorn is beautiful.

I have spent my life fascinated by magic, by amazing fantasy words, and by everything that is mystical. I have always loved unicorns – the mystique and secrecy that they have, the stories that they grace, the joy that they bring, and the purity that they stand for. 

I love the stories, and I am sold on the image of realistic unicorns as well as the colorful rainbow unicorn, who these days is appearing on T-shirts and merchandise. What better way than a unicorn onesie to stay cosy on a cold winter evening? Add a cup of tea, a great book, and you have almost the perfect fantasy land for me.  


… the word unicorn suddenly gained a new meaning for me. A unicorn is also a privately held startup company valued at over 1 billion dollars. Like wow, WOW!

Word-magic is fascinating. Whenever we hear a word, our brains light up with connections, like colorful trails linking together thoughts and ideas. Think of the bright scarves magicians pull from their pockets, an endless chain of changing rainbow, connected and yet totally separate. When we hear words, our minds string together feelings and concepts, they link unexpected and sometimes random notions. A show of illusion and smoke in our minds, the meanings of words shift and reform constantly.

For me, when I heard this new definition, unicorns became more than mystical fantasy creatures living at the borders of my mind. Suddenly, I needed to pursue one, to get close to it, to bring it to my home and make it live for others as well as myself.

Who we are? 

My name is Eiva
I am a dreamer, enthusiast, and determined “do-er” – with a background in marketing and movies. I live in magical Estonia, a country of saunas, forests, and e-solutions. A country for Starks over Lannisters, with a dash of Viking in our blood. A country of fresh air, located in the middle of nowhere. This is my homeland. 

Like many young citizens, I love travelling and good food, I enjoy different sports, and I read many books. Writing is a secret passion of mine. In my daily life, I work in an amazing position, but I long to create something bigger. I have passion, I have enthusiasm, I have attitude, and I have immense willingness to work. There are castles in the sky which I want others to see as brightly and clearly as I do. If these don’t materialise, I will build them!

My paths in life have brought me to my business partner, Martin – an enthusiast, a determined entrepreneur, and a fighter. He is a husband to an amazing lady and dad to a little princess. Martin has a strong background in IT, and great technical vision. He likes sports, great TV series, and challenging himself in many different ways. He reads hungrily, and has broadened his mind with his eagerness to understand everything in the 7 lands and seas. 

As you might have noticed, at least 2 my characteristics chimed with Martin’s, and we shared a vision – a mission to do something to help people. We decided to partner up on an enterprise with a really ambitious goal… we are now determined to chase our unicorn! 

And here comes the twist:

Today, we are both convinced that unicorns help us to catch them. These magical creatures have become our biggest inspiration when it comes to following our dreams and fulfilling our mission – bringing the extraordinary to the everyday, magic to the mundane. Whether unveiling the secrets behind the unicorn’s history and mythology, whether searching for ways to bring rainbows and magic to a party, whether finding the most mystical coffee cup to begin your morning with, or the most unusual Designer t-shirt to wear to a business meeting, we are sure that everybody needs a dash of magic in their everyday lives, and a unicorn in their backyards!

I have always loved unicorns, but it is only in recent years that I have begun to understand how much other people love them too. Martin’s little girl, for example, could play hours with unicorns toys! Throughout our world, thousands of people are seeking out magic and mystery to bring color to the everyday.

The aim of this blog is to document our story and the process of chasing unicorns. How we plan to do it? What challenges will we face, and how will we take them on? Will we fail or succeed, and how long will it take? Will we find our unicorn?

We do not have all the answers yet, but we will have them. We will have the magic, we will have the mystery, we will repel mundanity with the extraordinary. Stay with us!

Unicorns are also connected with money and startups. That is one reason people want to catch unicorns.
Stay with us and see, can we catch our unicorn!
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