National Unicorn Day is on the 9th of April, it has the same date every year and it probably is hard to find anything more appropriate to celebrate the beginning of the magical Spring season.

We are happy that unicorns hold such an important place in our dreams, books, movies, and stories, so they deserve a special day in our daily calendar. But how did it all start – 9th of April and the National Unicorn day? And what would be a great way to celebrate it? Even though this year comes differently because of Covid-19, you can still enjoy some magic and good vibes with family! And Unicorns.

What is National Unicorn Day (World Unicorn Day)?

We simply love the idea about National Unicorn Day (or even the World Unicorn Day): kids love its colors and fun. Unicorn lovers are fascinated about the magic and the timing is just fantastic. Moreover, approaching Spring with all the warmth, light and colorful flowers is like a rainbow unicorn who silently brings positivity to people, colors to yards and most wonderful smells around the cityscape. 

Dayfinders also suggest that National Unicorn Day has started with the idea to prize those amazing creature that has made mythology and so many stories, movies and fairy tales so much more magical and creative. 

What Started the Trend of National Unicorn Day?

Over the decades, even centuries, unicorns still have an important place in these days pop-culture and in modern life. Today we are not only referring to myths, but we also talk about real magic and simple joy they bring – with all the colors and ideas, with the stories they create and moments they make happier. If you are interested more about different insights about unicorns, we have made a detailed overview of the unicorn meaning in our other article. 

We just needed another day full of magic and happiness! #unicornday

Unicorn Day on 9th of April - perfect day for magic and happiness

Why we celebrate National Unicorn Day? 

It is simply because of the magic and joy those one-horned creatures bring! And all the inspiration we get from unicorns!

Nowadays unicorns are rather connected with colors, magic, sparkle and good vibes. Unicorns are directly associated with very talented people and the most successful companies around the globe.

We see those mystical creatures on the T-shirts of kids as well as on the dresses of the famous singers. They are presented in the secret-notebooks of teenagers as well in the dreams of the biggest players of the startup world.

We celebrate National Unicorn Day mainly because there are creatures who literally make the days brighter and bring magic sparkles for everybody. And they do need a special day for being such a source of inspiration and joy!

Unicorn Day by Diana Murray

“Hooray! Hooray! It’s Unicorn Day when unicorns come out to play”

Unicorn day book by Diana Murray

This is the beginning of the “Unicorn Day” book by Diana Murray. We are so glad to notice, that Unicorn Day as a holiday has won the heart of the popular author. If you have small unicorn lovers at home, this might be a perfect ide for the Unicorn Day activities – to actually read how the unicorns themselves are celebrating it. Or a perfect and educative gift for the birthday. “Unicorn Day” book is full of colorful pictures and fun magic.

And… as the book teaches us: the most important rule of Unicorn Day is to have fun, fun, fun!

“Unicorn Day” by Diana Murray, 32p Age level: preschool, 4-8y

How to Celebrate The National Unicorn Day? 

So here comes the best part: the celebration!

I think it is amazing that unicorns have given us another colorful and magical day as well as one more reason to celebrate life. We think that kids are the happiest about celebrating colorful and fun Unicorn Day, however, there is no reason why you should not make the most out of the magic as well!

So here we go with suggestions. Fun ways to celebrate National Unicorn Day on the 9th of April is watching unicorn movies, making delicious colorful treats, dress up as a unicorn and have fun with face painting and unicorn games.

Here is how:

1. Watch Unicorn movies

Watching Unicorn themed movies is one of the easiest ways to consider celebrating National Unicorn Day. We also made our TOP suggestions for unicorn movies in our other article. There is a choice of movies for everyone, starting from unicorn cartoons ending up with scary Unicorn horror and amusing Unicorn Start-Up movie. Find a few to choose from and enjoy the National Unicorn day movie night!

Unicorn popcorn boxes

PS: do not forget colorful unicorn popcorn. It would be the hit of the night! You just need some candy melts, colorful unicorn sprinkles, and possible colorful M&M additions. YUMMI!

If you have a few kids at home, they would enjoy the celebration as well. Kids would get thrilled of these unicorn popcorn boxes! Those would earn some extra credit for sure… with that unicorn popcorn inside!

2. Unicorn Themed Games and Activities

Unicorn pinata with stick and blinder

We are talking about National Unicorn day – the day full of magic and fun! If you prepare fun for kids, there is no reason why you should not participate in yourself. We truly believe unicorns are making our days more bright and magical. One way to be convinced about it is to play unicorn games.

We have a whole long article about different unicorn games for a different purpose and different age groups. Each of them is pure fun, it is guaranteed. There are many you can play at home with your family as well!

unicorn glowing bouncing balls- perfect to fill pinata.

What could be added to the Unicorn Day game list is Unicorn Pinata. This Pinata- Unicorn that comes with eye-blinder and stick can be filled either with candies or these small unicorn-themed filler surprises – those would bring some extra joy and comes in bulk. You can also use some more unexpected fillers, like these unicorn glowing bounce balls.

Make the video call with your grandparents while playing it to get positive vibes for all the family!

3. Dress Like a Unicorn

Costume parties are timeless! And National Unicorn Day is actually the perfect chance to dress up as a unicorn. No need to wait the Halloween, but you can get some great costume ideas from our Unicorn Halloween costumes post! Not all of them are scary!

Colorful unicorn onesie for kids.

In case you wish to have something more homey and comfy for the Unicorn Day (considering the circumstances), then this unicorn onesie for kids and colorful unisex onesie for adults is perfect for “unicorn family” pictures and the perfect outfit to wear at home. Kids would love it, too! Do not forget to make some Instagram fun!

Unicorn unisex onesie for adults

If you think a full costume is too much, you can still have so much fun with the unicorn horns and bow clips.

Unicorn horns for unicorn themed party.
cute unicorn bow clips

They would be still enough to have a little extra emotion for long-awaited Unicorn day dinner or activities. There is never too much extra sparkle!


4. Unicorn Facepainting and Tattoos


Face painting colors, glitter and gems to get a great unicorn face painting.

I remember from my childhood those amazing events with face painting. Some cute butterflies, sometimes the kitten eyes and flowers with some little face gems. I loved events with face paintings. And nothing has changed. I am still up for costume parties and face painting!

Unicorn Facepainting

unicorn stencil for the face painting

I guess kids haven’t changed much either. They still love face painting! Especially if there is such a great variety of colors, glitter, gems, and tattoos available to play with. Just get a palette of safe face painting colors with all those gems, stencils and glitter and you have the opportunity to transform into magical rainbow unicorn that girls would love. Or fierce war unicorn or even mysterious black unicorn that would make all boys happy, I assume.

What is more, is the endless choice of stencils that could make your life easier- would it be a full unicorn or magical horns you like to decorate the faces with.

Unicorn horn stencils for unicorn face painting

You can even make your own stencils – it could easily be one of the activities for the special day. Stencils DIY:

  1. Find some stencils you like, for example from Pinterest
  2. use transparent sticky notes or paper (regular transparent kitchen paper would also do) to draw the lines of the template you wish to use;
  3. Glue the paper to some more stable cardboard;
  4. Cut out the needed holes;
  5. Have fun with face painting!

If you have never made any face paintings before, here is one easy tutorial you can use for some initial inspiration and follow step by step. It really is easier than you think it is! You can find plenty of more inspiration for unicorn facepaintings available here in Pinterest board.


Unicorn Temporary Tattoos

Unicorn temporary tattoos

In case you think drawing is too much and too messy for you, there are plenty of options for unicorn temporary tattoos – those would be fun for hours and could save so many happy emotions… and extremely joyful pictures!

They are pretty cost-effective and there are many variations for them to combine. Temporary tattoos also do not need any particular skills to attach and they are easy to remove with water Pure fun from tattoo #1. I go for the sleeping unicorn!

And there are even more special ways to celebrate National Unicorn Day, these unicorn joy glitter gems are perfect for any teenage girl who might not be too much into unicorn tattoos any more. They can be used to celebrate the special day or wait the summer events and parties.

PS: They are fancy enough to try yourself as well!


5. Make Some Unicorn Food. Ideas for Some Colorful Unicorn Treats

Unicorns have come to stay, but did you know that one of the unicorn starters was Unicorn Frappuccino, that Starbucks made? It got popular mainly by its colorful appearance and by today, we associate unicorns with sparkle and glitter. Moreover, unicorns are often related to rainbows and colors. And, it is amazing what you can do with food when life gives you colors and unicorns. Pure magic!

There is no better time to try out making some colorful unicorn treats to enjoy than on a magical National Unicorn Day. It has the visual delight as good as it actually tastes. Let’s try out!

Delicious healthy unicorn smoothie. Receip and picture by Detoxinista

Healthy Unicorn Smoothie

Smoothies are not only delicious but also they are healthy! Unicorn smoothies do not disappoint you as it really looks beautiful and colorful. It looks like something you would get from the Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. Try out this healthy unicorn smoothie to get your daily dose of magic at home!

Ingredients you need: BLUE-GREEN DRIZZLE: 1 tbs raw cashew butter, 1/8 tbs spirulina powder, 1tbs water. SMOOTHIE: 1 cup ow water/almond milk, 1/4 cup orange juice, 1 cup frozen mango, 1 frozen banana, 100g frozen pitaya/dragon fruit puree. OPTIONAL TOPPINGS: Dairy free whipped cream, freeze-dried strawberries, freeze-dried blueberries.

Re-usable fun unicorn straws

In case you would like to add some spice with thematic straws, here are some suggestions to consider for your smoothie. These unicorn straws look fun, colorful and would make kids happy. They are re-usable for the next event but the best part is that they are coupled with temporary tattoos.

Perfect action for Unicorn Day!

Magical unicorn paper straws.

These tasteless paper straws are as environment-friendly as perfect they look like. They come in a nice package so you can use them for longer period to make your morning smoothies magical.

Colorful Unicorn Donuts 🍩

Donuts for sure is a snack whole world loves. Is it the hole in them, the guilty pleasure from its taste or endless imaginary about the glazing that goes from pink up to unicorn colors.

Almostsupermom has a great understanding of how to make perfect unicorn donuts. I have no idea how difficult it would be to eat them later since they just look so good. But probably taste even better. Get ready to taste the magic!

Ingredients you need: 3/4 buttermilk, 6tbs unsalted butter (melted), 2 cups all-purpose flour, 1,5 tbs baking powder, 1/2 tbs salt, 1/2 cup sugar, 2 large eggs, 1 tsp vanilla extract, food coloring (pink, blue, yellow). GLAZE: 3tbs heavy cream, 1 cup powdered sugar, rainbow sprinkles. You could also use natural non-melting unicorn donut sugar mix for glaze.

Magical unicorn donuts
Those unicorn donuts taste like magic. Picture and recipe by AlmostSupermom.
Fun unicorn donut socks

Once you made the magic happen, pat on your shoulder. And you might even want to treat yourself with a little unicorn-day surprise that will remember this magical cooking class and bring the much-needed positivity for the upcoming days.

These unicorn eating donat socks are unisex so you can actually get a pair for each of the family members.

Unicorn Pizza🍕

There is one food that everyone loves and that has a special place in more casual celebrations. It is pizza – pepperoni pizza, chicken pizza, pizza with ham… a unicorn pizza!

Unicorn cookie cutter

If you just choose one thing to do for unicorn day, you should try out this amazing unicorn pizza. You have colors, you have unicorns and you have food that everyone loves! You can also be pretty creative with the toppings, just keep the cheese-rainbow! If you wish to make the unicorn cutters on the top of the pizza, you can easily find the perfect cutter. This will be handy during Christmas as well!

Ingredients you’ll need : warm water, pizza dough, potatoes, pizza sauce, pepperoni, cheese, rosemary, thyme, oregano, garlic, food coloring.

Enjoy your cooking and have a magical Unicorn Day!

Enjoy your April 9th – Happy World Unicorn Day! May all the magic be with you!


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