Christmas peace is slowly starting to permeate our souls, but the worry about Christmas gifts might well be intensifying. The chances that you or your friends love unicorns are pretty high – especially if you’re visiting this site – and we have picked out a few gifts we particularly love and feel sure the receiver would be thrilled with.

Christmas gifting is such a lovely tradition, and what’s important is that the presents are things the recipients will really appreciate, things that bring smiles and joy. Christmas gifts do not have to be expensive but they do need to have personality, show thoughtfulness, evoke a sort of magic for the receiver.

Unicorns are a wonderful way to breathe magic into your presents, so here are some suggestions on gifts that will really deliver.

A Warm Feeling Is A Good Feeling

Christmas is usually a cold time of year. Days are shorter; it is always dark and chilly, often with fierce, merciless winds. At the same time, cold is also the source of coziness, and Christmas decorations bring warm feelings even on the iciest days. Think of those snuggly weekends spent wrapped in a blanket, reading a good book and sipping hot tea, or watching a great movie (PS: our suggestions for unicorn movies are available as well) and enjoying a warm fire or bright candlelight.

What’s missing is these warm unicorn slippers that help to keep your feet toasty. And they just look so soft! For the ultimate unicorn fan, get the blanket as well!

A soft blanket and warm slippers keep the winter wonderland truly magical
Unicorn slippers are warm and adorable Christmas gift idea.
Warm Unicornizing slippers for a cozy morning. Lovely Christmas gift idea!

If you are not so much a slipper person, here are some super soft cozy unicorn socks that could also save your feet from those cold days. Everybody needs socks, and luckily, Christmas is a day when socks are an accepted and appreciated gift.

Warm, furry and colorful unicorns socks.
Colorful, warm and super cool unicorn socks to rock those cold winter days.
Warm and soft unicorn style socks would make happy any unicorn lover.
Soft and warm unicorn sock for a magical winter.

I am really into bright colors, so I also love these soft & warm unicorn socks. They look like they could even cure a cold, and they’ll definitely add a touch of positivity to long, dark days.

How could you even be unhappy with these socks on? Hint: you couldn’t!

Unique Sneakers Mean Unicorn Sneakers 👟

Did you know that unicorns have magical powers? You probably did! If you need details, you can find those easily in one of our previous article What powers do unicorns have? Plenty of powers, I can tell you that for sure. If anyone ever mentions that only Ironman has 10 different superpowers, you can bring up unicorns!

Can you imagine that wearing unicorn sneakers might make you faster? Or just way more self-confident? What if unicorn sneakers helped you to share magic anywhere you went? That is highly possible, especially during Christmas, and that makes unicorn sneakers one of the coolest and most unique gifts you can give. 

Sneakers For Kids/Toddlers

These Unicorn Vans are perfect for toddlers. They look exactly like shoes that would be filled with every imaginable magical power. The best of it is that they are also stylish and look good, and Vans are timeless for any age group. 

Unicorn leather Vans sneakers is the perfect Christmas gift idea for toddlers.
Unicorn Vans- the sneaker of dreams

Here is another pair you might like if you’re buying for a toddler.

These adorable Roller Sneakers are referring to Pegacorns – unicorns with wings. They have amazing rainbow-colored highlights just underneath the wings. Could it even be that you get the power of flight with those? Probably not literally, but I am sure that wearing them would make any kid feel like they could just take off.

Shining unicorn-pegacorn urban sneakers with LED lights- dream of every unicorn fan
This Christmas will be magical with these sneakers.

Those LEDs are also perfect for late-night strolls and showing off to friends. Any unicorn lover would approve, and once they get a pair, you might quickly find you’re buying more! This is the unicorn magic. Sadly, I couldn’t find any adult sizes. 

Sneakers For Adults

Unicorns really work for all ages and I am proud of my unicorn merch – starting from teddy-unicorns and ending with earrings and T-shirts. These INTERESTPINT High Top sneakers will definitely be in my letter to Santa to complete that list.

Colorful unicorn sneakers with a personality as a great ideas for Christmas gift
Colors and personality. And unicorns. Perfect for sneakers.

They just seem to be made of positivity and color, things which carry such magic for me. The strong lines work perfectly with my personality and I already feel like Superwoman just looking at them! “Dear Santa, those sneakers are all I wish for this Christmas.” And I am ready to save the world!

Unicorn jogging sneakers are a practical and magical gift idea.
Unicorn jogging sneakers will help to keep the promise to be more sporty in the next year. Magical and practical gift idea.

If you’re looking to borrow some wings from unicorn powers and find an extra bit of motivation to “do more sports” in the coming year, then the unicorns in these jogging sneakers will help you out.

As always, classy black works brilliantly with the colorful and vibrant unicorns. Not only powerful but also a very practical choice for a unicorn lover! I bet you’ll never run with such peace and joy as you will in these trainers.

Unusual Unicorn Christmas Gift Ideas – Unicorn Tears, Farts and Poop💩

Getting unique, what if you want to prepare a nice “beauty bomb” for your girl pals? And I really mean BOMB here. Who would expect to receive “Tears,”, “Farts,” or “Poop” for Christmas? I think, perhaps, all your friends if you specify that we are talking about unicorns here!

This unusual mixture can end up as a real pampering and magical home spa experience. At the same time, it’s a totally quirky gift they’re bound to love. Enough of boring candles and the usual bath-bombs from the boutique nearby: it’s time to get wilder and more magical!


Yes, we are not talking about tears of sadness, but tears for a bit of good luck – unicorn tears. This colorful Unicorn Tears body scrub literally looks like the tastiest ice cream ever, but don’t be put off by the bright colors. The scrub is 100% handmade using high-quality ingredients. It is paraben-free and cruelty-free, as well as vegan, so it should work for everyone!

Unicorn Tears Body scrub - colorful and 100% handmade.
Unicorn Tears as a body scrub with a Swarowsky crystal ring. Looks amazing!

You can gift a bit of that “kid looking for the toy in the cereal box” feeling, because the body scrub also has a collectible Swarovski crystal ring in it and you can even pick the size. If you feel you want to center your whole gift around “tears,” you could also add a unicorn tears bath bomb that looks so amazing and colorful, and is again vegan and cruelty-free.

That already makes two collectible rings, so you could even match while having the next girl’s night out together. 

Colorful unicorn tears bath bomb with collectable Swarowski chrystal ring.
Unicorn tears as a bath bomb. This Christmas you can really make a nice gift out of tears…

The same company is also producing unicorn tears candles, which I personally fell for. I always see candles as a beautiful gift for Christmas, and can already imagine this on my chest of drawers, smelling so good that I might shed a few tears of my own – of joy and gratitude.

Unicorn Tears aromatic candle with Swarowski crystal ring.
Unicorn tears as a candle to light up the Christmas. Bonus- Swarowski crystal ring.

If you are looking for a gift for a successful minded person who is interested in unicorn startups and entrepreneurship, we have a different kind of suggestion here in the tears theme: “Unicorn Tears – Why Startup Fails And How To Avoid It” by Jamie Pride. 

"Unicorn Tears. Why Startups Fail And How To Avoid It" is a book by Jamie Pride and great gift idea for successful-minded people.
“Out of a box” unique gift idea for Unicorn-Startup lovers.

Interesting and eyes-wide-open reading about startups, their failures, and their successes, “Unicorn tears” here refers to unicorn-startups. This would certainly be an “out of the box” approach to gifts! 


Once again, we are talking about farts in a very different way. Unicorn farts are magical and, at the same time, funny. To receive a present like that, your friend really needs a good sense of humor, and you have to know each other well, but let’s be honest, the idea of making a gift of unicorn farts is just amazingly funny. 

With unicorn farts, you can basically follow the same logic as with the tears – either combine a nice bag of unicorn fart-related gifts or mix them with some other “unicorn weirdness” that also seems to be magical.

These bath bombs smell like cotton candy – far from farts! But exactly like real unicorn farts should smell! They also look like cotton candy – colorful, soft and appealing. I love the idea of taking a bath with “unicorn farts” extras. Weirdly, I am pretty convinced it would be a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Unicorn Farts as bath bombs – feels like a bath of cotton candy.

You could mix the bath bombs with this appealing handmade soap, which also looks like cotton candy. That done, you will probably have the two most essential parts of the home spa, and make your friend’s bathroom smell like a dreamland behind the rainbow.

The great news is that in your imagination, you can travel there during your relaxing bath time – and perhaps meet a unicorn or two

Colorful and fluffy "unicorn farts" fluffy whipped soap.
Fluffy and magical-looking “unicorn farts” soap- essential for a home spa!

Unicorn Farts can also have a somewhat different approach. 

Not every day is a luxury bath day, but you may still find unicorn farts are helpful for after-work stress release. Check out “The Farting Unicorn” coloring book for adults. I am already imagining myself coloring in all those little details and ending up with funny, bright pictures. Honestly, if I get this for Christmas, that will be my LMAO moment of the year. My friends know me very well… so  I can probably expect something exactly like it! And hey, what a nice stress-relief combo it would be together with bath-bombs for your hard-working friend or a young mom!

Magic Farts Unicorn coloring book for a funny gift idea for kids.
KIDS EDITION: “Magic Farts” unicorn coloring book for a fun gift idea.
Hilarious Coloring Books for Adults: The Farting Unicorn Poot Poot Coloring Book for Fart Lover
“The Farting Unicorn” Poot-Poot coloring book- what a funny Christmas gift idea it is!

Here is a Unicorn Farts coloring book kids edition as well. It looks fun, too, and will decrease the chance of the kids getting too excited about the adult one!

And to finish up with farts, well, eating farts probably only happens in South Park – and in Unicornland, where unicorn farts taste like cotton candy! Even knowing this fun fact about unicorns, I see Unicorn Farts candy as an amusing gift idea or amazing stocking filler. I wish I could be there to see the giggles and excitement  when this particular Christmas parcel is opened. We have all eaten chocolate Santa, but unicorn farts can be the first time…

Unicorn Farts cotton candy - yes, unicorn farts really tastes like a real cotton candy.
Chocolate Santas and Gummy Bears are too mainstream.
How about unicorn farts?


Disclaimer: Unicorn Poop is far from everything that we normally connect with this term.

We also made an article dedicated to “What Does Unicorn Poop Look Like?”, but generally it is colorful like a rainbow, smells as good as a bouquet of roses, and tastes better than half the desserts you could enjoy in a fancy restaurant. Knowing all that, what could be a better gift than a package full of unicorn poop? It’s hard to come up with anything!

I love the idea of collecting unique Christmas ornaments, saving them throughout the year, and then having my holy moment to take them out and hang them on the Christmas tree. This unicorn poop Christmas ornament would definitely have its special place, and probably a special story to go with it.

And it would be hung with nice memories and magical Christmas joy. I love it – it could even work as a decoration when Christmas is over. What a lovely little gift it would make! Just ensure the receiver has a great sense of rainbow-humor – and I am not sure whether “rainbow-humor” and “black-humor” are the same thing or not.

Unicorn poop shaped colorful Christmas ornament.
What a lovely present!
A pile of colorful unicorn poop as Christmas ornament!

Bath bombs can be made out of poop as well. I love how these are packed and suitable for all bath lovers. They are made from natural and organic essential oils and topped with cosmetic glitter to make them unicornizing. Yes, it is no joke that unicorns and glitter just go together and there is a dash of glitter in unicorn poop.

I am sure that the receiver – if he or she is a bath lover – will be more than ready to try a unicorn poop bath. If you know all the back stories, smells, and little additions, it does not sound so bad at all! 

Natural "Unicorn poop" bath bombs that are topped with cosmetic glitter.

Christmas is the perfect time for hot drinks, and there is simply no cozier moment than lighting a candle, taking a warm blanket, making yourself a hot drink and finding a snuggly place to read your favorite book. Hot chocolate is a nice choice next to winter tea, and it would be great fun to top it with these marshmallows, AKA magical unicorn poop. “The Poop” could easily be paired with a lovely cup like this white ceramic mug. I would perhaps leave the poop theme out of the mug’s aesthetic, but if you really want to be funny and honor the first coffee of the day, you could also consider this mug

Cute Unicorn hot drink cup is a great Christmas gift idea.
A cute unicorn cup for hot chocolate. Or coffee. or tea. Keep believing in magic.
Colorful and soft "unicorn poop" marshmallows
Colorful cute marshmallows AKA
Unicorn poop to drop on your hot chocolate.

If you are happy with the given options, then here is a ready-made gift box with mug and poop-marshmallows, taking all the work out of gift-giving!

Funny "I poop magic" unicorn mug
“I poop magic” mug for your first-morning coffee. Well, and for a fun morning.
Lovely "be a unicorn" gift package with ceramical mug, stirrer and "unicorn poop" marshmallows.
“Unicorn poop” marshmallows and a mug with stir-spoon

Design matters 🏷️ 

Coming back to lovely unicorn style gifts, I need to mention, I love anything that has a beautiful design. If a nice design meets unicorns, that’s it! We have a winner gift!

Finding nicely designed and thematic presents are not always easy, but we have done our best to make your lives a bit more joyful. You may even wish some of them yourself.

Check out our top picks on nicely designed unicorn gifts.

Inspiration and luck

There can never be too much inspiration in our everyday. Or luck! We all like to believe in good, and there are days when just a small impact from a lovely quotation can change a crazy, difficult morning into something positive!

Unicorns are said to herald good fortune, but they can also mean so much more – and if you’re interested in what other positive things unicorns bring, have a look at our article “Do Unicorns Bring Good Luck?” You could even include some of the ideas there in a message on the card to go with the gift, demonstrating thoughtfulness and explaining all the reasons that unicorns are meaningful to you.

Well designed unicorn bracelet with hidden message "Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn"
Lovely message: Always be Yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

First of all, we found this simple and well-designed bracelet. It has a pair of unicorns dancing around, and a special hidden message inside to give your recipient a quick morale boost. 

Nicely designed unicorn bracelet with a hidden message.
Yes, YOU ARE Badass unicorn.
This bracelet does not let you forget it. And it looks nice.

Here is another similar bracelet with a different message, which you might feel suits your recipient better. It should be enough to give them a shot of confidence when they slip it on. Any time they need to, they can glance down at their wrist and remember your faith in them, turning at least some “thumbs-down” days into “thumbs-up” ones by the end of the day.

And the design of the bracelet is fancy enough to be worn to more formal events, as well as totally suitable for everyday wear. Unicorns, flexibility, and inspiration – what else could a perfect gift need?

The Keeper

Home design always ends up in the fine details. Details make the coziness and the homey feeling. Unicorns can be presented in many different ways, but this unicorn ring plate and jewelry holder seems like a brilliant match. Who else could be perfect enough to keep an eye on your jewelry?

The ring plate has a nice design with a pure white unicorn with a golden horn – the keeper of rings. It would really fit any household aesthetic, on any shelf or drawer, or in its place inside some secret drawer. The ring holder is crafted with glazed ceramic and is perfect for any age unicorn lover.

I think the keeping happens in two ways: the unicorn keeps the rings and jewelry, and the owner keeps the unicorn!

Unicorn ring plate and jewelry holder.
Lovely practical design element for any age unicorn lover.

Colorfully Designed And Protected Phones

Almost everyone has the 21st-century privilege of owning a smartphone, reaching the whole world from that little machine in our pockets. Moreover, many of those phones have large screens. Smartphones are rather expensive things, so keeping them alive and in good condition for at least a few years is important to everyone. On the one hand, you are keeping your phone protected, but on the other hand, you have an amazing opportunity to give it a personalized look.

SUPCASE has a great Unicorn Beetle Pro series of phone and screen protectors that come in different varieties of colors. They do not have actual unicorns on them, but the choice of colors are pretty close to a unicorn rainbow! The range of phone models they cater to is vast, and the bright colors will transform the phone once in place. I’m sure Rainbow Unicorn would approve, and protect the phone fiercely! Amazing gift idea for anyone keeping their phone unprotected in their pocket. Just figure out the right colors!

Unicorn Beetle Pro series smartphone covers and screen protectors are a nice personalization for your screen.
Personalized and protected phone! What a practical gift idea in unicorn colors.

Unicorn Origami

Origami is trending these days.

A lot of designers use origami style in their masterpieces and I’m personally pretty mesmerized by origami. When it comes to unicorns, they do have an amazing and lovely geometric origami look. I found this unicorn origami cookie cutter and could now host a unicorn house party – no need for rainbows. Instead, one of the unicorn details could be origami cookies.

Unicorn origami cookie cutter to make realistic unicorn origami cookies.
Unicorn origami cookie-cutter could possibly be the coolest element in the kitchen.

And hey, why not watch Blade Runner or any of the other movies we recommended in our unicorn movie article? With Blade Runner, the stunt could be that you all try to make an origami unicorn together!

DIY: Origami unicorn from “Blade Runner”

This unicorn origami T-shirt also caught my eye! It’s made for men and is simple but stylish. There are never enough T-shirts in men’s wardrobes, but I can be sure there are too few unicorn ones! Therefore, this shirt is a great way to go – the colors and simplicity make it suitable for everyone, and its personality and distinctive style will – hopefully – make it loved by everyone.

Supercool geometricsl unicorn origami socks.
Unicorn origami socks make a nice bundle with a T-shirt.
And unicorns are a symbol of success in a business world
Simple and stylish unicorn origami T-shirt for men.
Simple and stylish. A hint to “Blade Runner”.
He would love it!

You can also pair this T-shirt with unicorn origami socks to make a whole bundle. It is said that people with colorful socks are more successful. And people with unicorn socks… well, the sky is the limit!

To make unicorn origami cool for couples, these Blader Runner inspired T-shirts are unisex, so perhaps you could get one for each.

Unisex black T-shirt with shaded unicorn origami on it. Perfect gift idea for couples!
Unisex origami T-shirt. Perfect for unicorn-loving couples.

If you want something which ladies could wear with their shirt, I think many would be obsessed with these origami stud earrings. They’d make a lovely matching combo and I love the idea of couples putting in the effort to pair up their clothing. There is beauty in going somewhere together and matching!

If earrings are not the top choice, you could also have a look at this unicorn origami pin brooch – it could be a great addition to cardigans and jackets. I personally love pin brooches, so having earrings and a brooch to go with the shirt is just a wonderful idea.

Simple and stylish unicorn origami pin brooch.
Simple, silver, stylish unicorn origami pin brooch.
Unicorn origami stud-earrings.
Magical unicorn origami earrings to match the T-Shirt.

Magical Everyday

Can gifts be practical and cool at the same time? Yes! With unicorns, they are magical as well. And we all know that there is never enough magic in our everyday!

Tote bags are becoming more and more popular as people grow  increasingly aware of environmental problems. This cute tote bag hypes up the recipient  for being one of those magical creatures taking care of nature and showing the benevolence of humanity.

You are one-of-a-kind cool,” I can tell you when you carry this bag! High five for this practical, ecological, and super cool gift idea. It will definitely get used!

"You are one of a kind" cool unicorn tote bag,
What a cool tote bag to hang around!

Have you ever thought that your make-up could become more magical if you applied it with unicorn brushes? Well, here is a chance to try it out and share the magic with a friend so she can also experience the difference.

If you have a friend who is into both makeup and unicorns, she would love these magical unicorn make-up brushes.

And why not make it even more special and put them ready for use in this adorable unicorn makeup brush holder? This would literally be the cutest thing in my home.

Ah, and if you think something is still missing, add some chunky-glitter! Help your friend be prepared for all those party invitations she’s likely to get! New Year’s Eve is just around the corner!

Cute and adorable unicorn make-up brush holder. Perfect gift with unicorn make-up brushes.
Put the make-up brushes to this cute makeup brush holder. how cute it is.
Colorful unicorn make-up brushes for any kind of make up!
Can make-up be more magical?
Put them on with Unicorn make-up brushes,
and you will see!

Unicorn dreams

Since Christmas is a time for peace and quiet, candles are my close companions throughout the winter season. I love to light them for my busy early hours in the cold and dark mornings, and I love looking at the peaceful flames while cooking dinner. I particularly love the idea of candlelight during the weekends, when the sun is going down and the Christmas feeling is creeping in.

This Village candle will bring unicorn dreams, and I’m sure that before dreams, it fills the room with a beautiful scent and magical peace. This is a highly recommended and lovely practical present for Christmas. 

Unicorn dreams candle
Unicorn beautiful dreams are guaranteed! As is candlelight and cozy atmosphere.

Finally, here is one more choice of decoration candle, with a great motivational message that will probably bring nice dreams as well. I think candles can just be the TOP number one gift for this Christmas. They are as timeless as unicorns are!

Decorative candle with a message: "Today is your day" is a perfect unicorn Christmas gift idea.
Unicorns, candles and inspirational messages might be the TOP combo for a great Christmas gift idea.

Find Something Suitable For Your Nearest And Dearest

Finding a perfect gift is not always easy, but it’s definitely worth all the hassle. Seeing truly amazed and happy expressions on the faces of your loved ones is simply the most heart-warming moment of the whole year. Think for a second, breathe deeply, and let in the Christmas MAGIC, not the Christmas STRESS!

PS: Unicorns can help you with that!

I wish you a wonderful gift hunt and a Merry Upcoming Christmas!

Feel free to share with us some more magical Christmas gift ideas if you have any wonderful unicorns we should know about.