Unicorn Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Christmas is a time where we all come together to enjoy ourselves and feel every moment of love and gratitude as fully as possible. At the heart of all that is the Christmas tree, and certainly in our household, decorating the tree is one of the best parts of Christmas. We all know how magical and amazing unicorns are, and that’s why we’ve put together a list of unicorn Christmas tree decoration ideas so you can be well-prepared for a magical holiday season.

D.I.Y. Unicorn Ornaments

There isn’t much we treasure more than the handmade ornaments which grace our tree, and I’m sure that’s the case in many households. If you’ve got young kids, or if you’re feeling crafty and creative, making something special for the tree is a magical time for everyone. Here are some of our very favorite ideas for getting that tree sparkling! If you’re somebody who’s getting into Activity Advent Calendars, some of these would be great to try.

1) I think these glittery unicorn baubles are lovely, and would catch the light so prettily up in the tree’s dark branches. Each one will come out unique, and if you get the whole family involved, you can all add your own style and ideas. They don’t look too complicated to make, especially as they utilize stickers – which you know the kids will love! You can get as creative and colorful as you want, and the end result is going to look fantastic!

DIY unicorn paper christmas decorations

2) If you want something that doesn’t require much more than paper, card, glue, and creativity, these paper decorations would be great. They’ll make a lovely splash of color on the tree without representing an enormous investment in time or money, and I like that a video is provided as well as the step-by-step instructions: you’ll be underway in no time! You could even give these away as little gifts/cards to friends, especially with a sentiment written on them. What a great opportunity to give a little bit of unicorn magic this holiday season.

Wooden DIY Unicorn Christmas Ornament

3) I’m a big fan of wooden baubles, so this birch ornament intrigues me. I do think it would benefit from a little more color to show up on the tree, but those who prefer subtlety might disagree, and either way, it looks great! You could also use some stickers or paint to do the eyes if you wanted them to stand out a bit more. Make a few of these with different flowers at the top and your tree will soon have a whole herd of unicorns enjoying its dark forest branches. You could also paint the wood, as is done in this tutorial.

4) One of my favorite hobbies is making miniatures with polymer clay, so this clay unicorn ornament gets extra brownie points from me! It doesn’t look too complicated, and I like that you can watch it on video, making it nice and easy to follow exactly how the creator does each step.

You could get your kids doing hundreds – well, almost – of these things, and give them as gifts to your friends. Spread the unicorn joy! They’d look great in a multitude of colors, letting you hang a whole rainbow herd on your tree.

5) Finally, this unicorn is a mix of D.I.Y. and purchased, but looks fantastic either way! It definitely requires some creativity to make something like this, and I think both kids and adults would love having a go at it. You could choose different colors for each family member, or make a matching herd with little unique features.

Unicorn Baubles

If you aren’t sure about D.I.Y., or you don’t have the time – and let’s face it, Christmas can be hectic for everyone – then it might be a good idea to buy some unicorn loveliness for your tree.

Unicorn Christmas Bauble

6) For a personal touch, this little unicorn inside her bauble is breathtaking. She looks like she’s drifting and dreaming in her own world, with the lovely flourish of the ribbon above keeping this a simple and beautiful ornament. I’d love to see my name inscribed in there, encased in a little bubble of unicorn magic!

Personalized Unicorn Christmas Bauble

7) If you want to see an actual unicorn rearing up under the branches of your tree, this bauble might be the one for you. It’s a lovely and very appropriate snowy scene, and the unicorn is beautifully shaped. You can also add a special date or message on the back, making this a very personal ornament to keep precious memories safe.

Golden Personalized Unicorn Bauble

8) For those who love a golden sparkle on the tree, this bauble has all the elegance of the last ornament, and is a stunning silhouette. I really like the touch of the gold stars beneath: it makes me think of a unicorn prancing on autumn leaves. It’s a lovely change from all the snow, and would look gorgeous glinting in firelight, all warm and orange and bright.

Blue Glittery Unicorn Christmas Tree ornament

9) To have a proper unicorn dancing hidden in the foliage, you might like this little blue equine, who looks unbelievably elegant, graceful, and magical. I love the wire wings and the sparkly body, and think he’d look simply incredible with some icicle ornaments and silver tinsel. Blue’s my favorite color, so this one is definitely a winner. I want him soaring around my tree right now!

Unicorn Tree Toppers

10) Fairies and stars are old school when it comes to what to put on top of your Christmas tree. Why choose them when you can turn the tree into a bright and beautiful unicorn! If you’d like something totally unique and really special, you might want to try your hand at this DIY version which, complete with lights, looks really stunning in a dark room. Imagine how proud you’d feel if people asked where you’d bought it!


11) If you want a simple project you could do with your kids, this felt topper might make a popular option. It’s bright and lovely, and would also look great at the top of the tree: a sure way to shout “I love unicorns” to everyone in the room! If you’re crafty, grab a needle and get sewing. This will also last really well, being felt rather than paper, so you can use it year on year and get renewed joy every time you lift it down and admire your handiwork.

DIY Christmas Tree Topper

12) Another totally adorable option involving a needle and thread is this DIY topper. It looks so happy and friendly, guardian of the presents and the pine branches! I particularly love that crochet mane, which you could do in any colors so it matched your tree nicely. Make up a set of these and change your theme every year! Whatever scheme you choose, it’s bound to look amazing.

Golden Unicorn Christmas Tree Topper

13) For those who’d rather purchase, this gold glittery one would certainly catch the light and make it sparkle. The big bright flowers make for a really attention-grabbing decoration, and it would pull together a unicorn theme beautifully. This, coupled with some simple decorations and a few pieces of tinsel, would make such a lovely overall piece.

Unicorn Christmas Lights

The idea of combining unicorns and lights is almost too much for me. My bedroom is already a haven of fairy lights and glowing ornaments, and to add unicorn magic to this seems a perfect mix – especially for the holiday season!

Unicorn Battery Operated Christmas Lights

14) First, this little herd of bright equines might be the cutest lights I’ve ever seen. Their faces, those tiny golden horn accents, and the way they’re sitting so sweetly had me won over the moment I saw them. They’re battery operated, so you can pop them up anywhere at all without having wires trailing all over the place. I think I need two or three strings of these, and I’m not sure they’ll be going away when Christmas is over – they might just relocate to my bedroom! Everyone knows unicorns like to wander, so I’m sure nobody will mind if they decide to graze in my room for a while.

Unicorn Christmas Lights for the Christmas tree

15) If you like a subtler touch, these outline unicorn lights would be great for throwing a muted glow in any corner of the room. I think they’d look particularly good combined with a little tree, or perhaps on the wall behind it, to ensure the full beauty of the outline can be appreciated. I love how simple they are, and yet so effective! If you like minimalistic decorations, they’d be ideal.

Rainbow Christmas Lights

16) To make a rainbow curtain to offset your unicorn tree, you could consider these lights. They aren’t unicorns themselves, but would make a great way of continuing the theme without overdoing it, and will send a beautiful glow across the room. With the overhead lights off, you’ll soon have a waterfall of rainbow spreading Christmas and unicorn magic to everyone who sees it. What better way could there be to light up all those lovely unicorn ornaments?

Unicorn Light Box

17) While this last one isn’t something you could put on your Christmas tree, I absolutely couldn’t resist showing it. It’s one of the nicest light boxes I’ve ever seen, and would look just fantastic beneath the bushy branches of a tree. The detailing in the background, the grace of the silhouette, the warmth of the light – it’s all just perfect. I’m going to cross my fingers that if this isn’t decorating my tree before Christmas this year, it’s because it’s wrapped up as a gift from Santa, and I’ll be enjoying it on Christmas day instead!

Unicorn Socks And Stockings

Unicorn socks

18) If you traditionally hang socks on your tree for Santa, there’s no question you’ll want unicorn socks to fit with this year’s theme! There are lots of options out there, and I’m left wondering if it would be cheeky to leave these over-the-calf ones in the hopes of more presents! They’re certainly bright and pretty enough to make the tree look extra colorful.

Pink and blue unicorn socks

19) Alternatively, these pink-and-blue ones also have plenty of space in them, and have such a lovely marbled effect. Both would look lovely tucked in the branches of the tree, adding a splash of color and waiting for Santa.

5 pairs of unicorn socks

20) If you’ve got a big family, you might want unique socks so everyone can tell theirs apart. This set of five should give you plenty of unicorn-y options, and I bet Santa will enjoy looking at all that cuteness as he fills them up. They can then be worn year by round by whichever lucky family member(s) they fit! I think the white one with the rainbow mane is my personal favorite, but they’re all cute and funny and perfect for the tree.

Short Unicorn Socks

21) For families that don’t go big on the stockings, these smaller socks would still look adorable hanging from the branches, and there’s space for a few lovely little gifts in there. Sometimes less is more, and the unicorns will keep everything safe and sound regardless! Personally, I wouldn’t be sorry to find these socks filled with another pack of the same, because they’re just so nice!

Snuggly Unicorn Socks

22) Of course, if you live somewhere that’s cold at Christmas, these snuggly socks might be your top choice – though I’m not sure I’d want to part with them even for a night if I had something so cozy! The friendly little faces and cute golden horns would look great tucked up, eagerly waiting for presents to fill them, but my feet would be a bit sad to lose them on Christmas Eve, and I’d definitely be wearing on every other cold night.

Baby Girl Unicorn socks

23) If you want more traditional stockings, these would make a lovely memento of your child’s first Christmas, and it would be so fun to compare the picture to them every year, and see how much they’d changed. It looks very cute, and certainly big enough for a child’s first Christmas! 

Unicorn Christmas Stocking

24) Alternatively, this stocking would do nicely for adults or for children. I’m loving that it can be personalized, so you could have a whole row of these hanging beside your tree, and they’d look great. That subtle glitter to the fabric makes for an extra-magical sparkle, and I love the simple design. I’m very tempted by one of these myself, as my stocking is old and almost in holes. Perhaps I should ask for a stocking in my stocking this year!

Large Unicorn Stocking

25) This stocking is certainly too big to hang on the tree, but it would look fantastic by the fireplace and make for a really magical Christmas morning for the small people in your household. They look so soft and plush and happy, and if you look in the background of the picture, it seems clear they’ve been made by a unicorn lover! There’s also plenty of room for presents, so Santa can be nice and generous.

26) Finally, while these definitely aren’t socks or stockings, they’d look gorgeous beneath your tree, especially overflowing with carefully chosen gifts and magic. They’ve got lovely designs printed on the front, and can be personalized to make them unique to your family. For kids or for adults, they’ll definitely add to the Christmas and unicorn magic! If you have a little unicorn lover in the family, picture their face upon discovering what a magical sack full of presents Santa has left out for them, and their joy year-on-year as they get to reuse it.

A Magical Unicorn Christmas

We hope we’ve inspired you with some unicorn Christmas tree decoration ideas! I’m certainly feeling like getting the tree up (after all, it’s only a few months early!) and going all out on the unicorn decor. 

If you’re going to do a unicorn tree this year, please let us know, and feel free to share pictures of your magical moments afterwards. Let the unicorns take care of the magic this season, and enjoy every moment of their purity and beauty as you share these special times with your family. We wish you a merry – and of course, unicorn-y – Christmas! We hope it will be one of the most memorable you have ever enjoyed, and that you and your family will get maximum pleasure out of these beautiful unicorn decorations.