Unicorn Gift Ideas for Adults

Choosing presents is one of the nicest activities we all partake in from time to time; I love selecting the perfect thing to brighten the lives of those around me. I love watching people’s faces light up when I choose well, and I love the challenge of thinking about what they’d like and then hunting it out. If someone you know is a unicorn lover, you’re in luck, because there are some great unicorn gift ideas for adults out there!

We’ve made up a list of some of our very favorites; these are things I’d love to receive myself, and are sure to delight pretty much any unicorn lover! Feel free to use the links below to quickly navigate to a section that interests you.

Hot Drinks and Unicorns

We all love it if we can find gifts that are practical as well as just pretty or funny – and one of the best ways to do this is to choose a drinking receptacle to suit your friend or family member! Whether they prefer tea, coffee, cold drinks, or wine, there are unicorns out there to guard their beverages and look cool while doing it!

Unicorn mug for adults

1) We’ll begin with the funny ones, like this adorable ceramic “She can Stab You” mug, which starts out very complimentary, and then plunges into full ferocity – and what could be more fitting for this than a unicorn, a beautiful and gentle creature, but very dangerous when threatened!

Uniquely-shaped unicorn mug

2) We also love this uniquely-shaped “I don’t believe in humans” mug, which challenges anyone to mock the owner’s love for mythical creatures, and fills the world with rainbows and belief in dreams.

I think I might be ordering one to sip my morning tea from!

Unicorn Farts fun mug.

3) If your friend prefers crude humor, the much-loved joke about unicorn farts is the focus of this “Unicorn Farts” mug.

There’s nothing like a joke to get you going in the morning, and this unicorn’s worried expression, as well as the clever way the mug décor flows into the handle, had me giggling happily.

Unicorn "bitch please" mug for adults

4) Check out This “bitch please” mug’s message is definitely intended for an adult audience and manages to be strangely empowering.

It might not be quite appropriate for use at the office – unless your friend works somewhere pretty relaxed! – but it’s bound to make them smile whenever they use it. Honestly, it is brilliant!

Unicorn "morning" mug for adults

5) For any unicorn lovers who want to convey a very simple message about how they feel to the world, especially in mornings  this unicorn F**K Off mug pretty much has it covered. I think the way only the horn is colored makes for a very striking design.

Bring some joy for your mornings!

Motivating unicorn mug

6) If your friend would rather have a positive message to look at on long days, check out this magical unicorn “Believe in yourself! mug is full of optimism, and has a lovely rim of rainbow to nicely top off any steaming beverage.

I feel like this is a mug for frothy hot chocolate and curling up in front of a fire, but it would help me get through a long day at the office too! Probably we all need these words now and then, even if they appear on a coffee mug!

Unicorn mug full of optimism

7) Another shot of optimism is scrawled on the side of this positive mug, and again, I think the fluid design and bright colors make for a really gorgeous aesthetic. The simplicity with that adorable little unicorn means this would be a top favorite of mine, especially given the lovely hand-drawn rainbow and design. Perfect for any unicorn lover!

Really though, let’s face it, there are just too many adorable unicorn mugs to choose from, and only so much space in the cupboard!

8) Alternatively, we know that most adults are on the go – constantly!

Cute unicorn travel mug.

It can be hard to get enough time to sit down and snatch a sip or two of a hot drink, and most of us like to take our drinks with us when we go. In that case, this cute unicorn travel mug would be ideal, with a very cute design and little catchphrase to brighten up your friend’s day. The unicorn will keep their coffee hot for hours!

Good quality unicorn travel mug for a nice adult gift

One more “on the go” unicorn coffee mug alternative for a bit more quality and double vacuum wall isolation. And the most important – lovely and eye-catchy design. Hot and sexy!

Cold Drinks

Unicorn personalized drinking tumbler

9) If your friend is someone who is likely to make use of a reusable cup, one of these cute stainless steel personalized drinking tumblers with their name emblazoned across it might be an ideal pick, especially if you happen to know their favorite color! Choose right!

Fun unicorn water bottle

10) If your friend is more of a water-drinker, they might like this unicorn-themed water bottle.

It’s insulated so it’ll keep their drinks icy cold and fresh, and that dancing unicorn is a sure way to make people laugh. I also love that it comes with three different lids, so it can be changed depending on the situation. Yogi-unicorn? Yes, please!

Wine & unicorns

11) This wine glass with a stopper is ideal for anyone who enjoys a glass or two.

Unicorn style wine glass with a stopper.

It’s stemless, which means it’ll be nice and stable, and also take up less space in the cupboard, and I love that it comes with a stopper to cover the drink if your friend likes to sip slowly. With that unicorn guarding it, there’s no chance anyone will steal a quick swig, or mix up this glass with their own!

That, along with the great humor in the text, and a bottle of favorite wine makes this an ideal adult present.

12) Another very stylish option in the stemless set is these personalized two unicorn glasses, which have a sleek, pretty design printed on each of them.

These definitely represent a lovely way for your friend to enjoy their wine! With You!

PS: You can even label the wine as Unicorn one with these amazing unicorn wine-labels.

Unicorn wine glasses
Unicorn style magical wine labels

Wine glass for unicorn lover.

13) If you aren’t a fan of stemless glasses and prefer the elegance of a long stem, this  artisan blown unicicorn wine-glass might appeal more as a gift. I absolutely love the rainbow spiral climbing the stem, and the detail on the rearing unicorns. The colors are also lovely, and I’m not sure there’s a better way for someone to show they love unicorns than by sitting and sipping wine from these beauties!

Wine glass markers as a perfect gift with wine glasses.

If your friend enjoys the occasional drink, they will definitely appreciate these glasses!

You might even want to add the unicornizing wine-glass markers. I would literally jump from happiness.

Funny unicorn wine holder

14) Of course, if your friend is a wine drinker, they need somewhere to store their bottles, and this unicorn wine holder is such a quirky, funny way to do so. The way the unicorn seems to be drinking straight from the bottle with great glee and steadying it with its back legs is bound to make your friend laugh, and this is both practical and entertaining!

It would look absolutely lovely on a kitchen counter, and would make a great gift with the accompanying bottle of wine already in place! And again amazing opportunity to use magical unicorn themed wine labels!

Unicorn Books, Games And Cards – Funny gifts for adults

A lot of adult life is stressful, and if the above section on wine doesn’t appeal, you might be looking at other ways to help your friend relax and enjoy themselves. One of the most popular ones these days is adult coloring books, and unicorns don’t disappoint here either!

"How Unicorns Swear" Coloring Book

15) If you know your friend is looking to release a bit of pent up frustration, this “How Unicorn Swear” coloring book is a must-have, with 57 pages of glorious anger management and creative coloring. So many people find that coloring is a great way to focus and relax in a stress-free environment, and doing that with unicorns – especially unicorns not afraid to express their feelings – has to be even better! This looks bright and beautiful and highly satisfying!

Unicorn Jerks coloring book.

16) Another option is this “Unicorns Are Jerks” coloring book, which claims to expose all the things unicorns do which we as a society tend to hate. I love the flippant humor and I think this could again help someone vent some of their annoyance and turn it into laughter through its humorous and silly suggestions.

This looks like hours of fun for anyone who loves unicorns and loves a bit of laughter – which is most of us!

#unicornlife coloring book

17) If your friend would like some more complicated designs but still wants the humor, this “#UnicornLife” coloring book would be ideal, combining funny phrases and surreal unicorn activities – like sunbathing in wellingtons – with the traditional complex patterns of coloring books.

Relax and enjoy it! And you can even add sparkle with these coloring pencils.

Unicorn Affirmation Cards

18) For friends who need a bit of a pick-me-up, this set of affirmation cards will ensure unicorns are lifting your friend’s spirits and getting their feet back on the right path.

Unicorns are often seen as guides and guardians, and these cards help them to fulfill that role, with a twist of gentle, pleasant humor to keep things light and funny. I feel like I could do with a set of these myself, some days! Help your friend kick the black clouds out with some rainbow unicorn happiness!

19) If you’re going to a friend’s party, perhaps for their birthday, one of the nicest things to do is take a game everyone can enjoy while there, and the unicorns can definitely help out with this too.

Unicorn drinking game

This unicorn drinking game is an ideal way to spice up the night. Simple rules and lots of fun, this is bound to make a memorable night, unless of course you play too long and drink too much! Either way, the unicorns will guarantee everyone has a good time, whether they can recall much of it or not!

Unstable unicorns strategy game.

20) Another great game option is UnstableUnicorns, a game of strategy and destruction.

If your friend loves this sort of thing, why not consider adding the NSFW expansion pack for a bit of extra adult fun, or the NSFW base game? Definitely a game for anyone who enjoys things like Cards Against Humanity, this will have everyone giggling and possibly blushing, and delighting in the juxtaposition of innocent unicorns with the evil cards. There are plenty of other expansions which will keep you full of present ideas for birthdays and Christmases to come! As well many game nights to expect!

Unicorn Jewelry

A lot of unicorn jewelry is aimed at children, but there is some which are simply exquisite, and very definitely mature enough to wear on a special evening out or around the home.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry myself, but I was still tempted by some of the gorgeous options out there; jewelry has to be one of the nicest ways to show off your love for unicorns simply, effectively, and beautifully! After all, what color are unicorns more associated with than silver?


Skeleton Unicorn Necklace

21) If you’re looking for something particularly unusual, this skeleton unicorn necklace definitely ticks the box! It would be perfect for a Halloween outfit, but would also make a nice gift for archaeologists, scientists, or pretty much any unicorn lover who is interested in anatomy!

I’m fascinated by the structure of it, and it certainly makes for an eye-catching piece however you feel about it! You can also choose what color you want for its eye, so you could select something which would make it match your intended recipient’s favorite outfit.

Cute-looking Unicorn Necklace

22) If that option seems a little too Gothic and you want something to represent the lighter side of unicorns, you might consider this adorable unicorn necklace.

It’s perfect for any friend or family member who likes cute and cuddly unicorns, and I just love the bright detailing on its crown of flowers, not to mention its sleepy expression and lovely golden horn. I think this thing is the epitome of innocence in a necklace, so it would make the perfect gift for anyone who reflects that.

Golden Unicorn Necklace

23) For a really special gift for someone, this golden unicorn necklace might be a good option. It’s certainly not cheap, but it’s 14K gold, and I absolutely love the simple lines and graceful curves of the unicorn.

You can choose the kind of gold and the chain length, so you can really hone it to fit its intended recipient, and it’s sure to be gratefully received and worn for all the most important occasions. Something like this looks stunning with almost any outfit! If I had one of these, I think it would be coming out for the most special and memorable days! Ah, days full of magic!

Heart-shaped silver unicorn necklace

24) A shot of positivity is sometimes in order when giving a gift. This gorgeous little heart-shaped necklace is made out of silver and will deliver, with a gracefully waving mane and a joyful message that I would love to carry as a reminder every day.

You may know someone who lives by this motto, in which case, what could be a more fitting present? It can also be a nice gift for yourself!

Not everyone likes necklaces, but there are some wonderful options for earrings and bracelets that reflect unicorn love too.

So many people have pierced ears these days that earrings are a fun way to lift up and personalize any outfit, and bracelets can make for fun, simple color or elegant touches with minimal effort. Both are, needless to say, lovely gifts, and here are a few of our favorites! Check them out to find your favs as well!

Earring Sets

Gold Stud Unicorn Earrings

25) First are these beautiful tiny gold stud unicorn earrings. They are a gorgeous little silhouetted unicorn, and I’ve fallen for them because of their simplicity. Their high gold content means your recipient should be able to wear them full time even if they have sensitive ears, so they’ll be more welcome than many cheap alternatives, and if they were mine, I certainly wouldn’t be hurrying to take them out! I love the way they are rearing up, ready for action, and I think the creator has beautifully captured the shape and style of a unicorn’s graceful power.

Cute Colorful Unicorn Earrings

26) If you were a big fan of the colorful unicorn necklace in the above section, you can get the matching studs here, and they’re just as cute as the necklace! I think the two would make a gorgeous set for a gift, and the glitter would look lovely glinting in someone’s ears. These are definitely one of my top picks from the whole list.

Colorful Unicorn Earrings

27) If your intended recipient likes realistic-looking unicorns, they might love these beautiful little earrings, which would make a lovely pair dancing along. I really like the detail of the little heart on the flank, and the rainbow mane is both eye-catching and tasteful. These look ready to frisk and frolic, and I just love them. They are only silver-plated though, which is a shame, so check if your friend has sensitive ears before gifting them these, or they may only be able to wear them for very short periods of time.


"Always be a unicorn" bangle

28) In terms of bracelets, this bangle has a lovely message for unicorn-lovers: “always be a unicorn.” It’s such a good reminder of the magic of everyday life, and the simplicity of the bangle, with that gracefully rearing unicorn beside the little disc, makes for a gorgeous piece of jewelry. I would definitely wear something like this whenever I needed a little pick-me-up or reminder to look for the best parts of life.

Unicorn Silver Bangle

29) This Silver bangle is another great gift option, and would look stunning presented on black velvet. I love the delicacy of the unicorn stamps, and the fact that together they make up a rainbow, which is a lovely message about the need for uniqueness in the world. You can customize it, and better yet, you can choose to add a hidden message inside the band, making this something really special for your recipient. 

It might be a lovely gift for someone who is struggling with self-confidence, or it could make a special present to anyone who you want to pass a long-term message onto – perhaps someone going to start a new job, or beginning the next chapter of their lives. Let the unicorns guard your words and keep your loved one safe in their little band of rainbow: this gift really says it all, and I wish I had one myself. Definitely a lovely way to mark a celebration!

Colorful unicorn Wristband

30) Another bold color statement can be found in this unicorn wristband.

It’s chunky and satisfying and full of energy, with that solid text and powerful unicorn, and its adjustable fit means it should be comfortably snug against your wrist.

Unicorn Clothes

Most of us love showing off our passions through our clothing, so here are a few of the best picks we found for adult unicorn clothes.

Unicorn sock's set

31) Firstly, whoever said socks were a boring gift hadn’t looked online, because there is a plethora of options for cool, funny, quirky, imaginative, and delightful socks available, and unicorns find their place among them. 

This sock’s set is lovely, being 80% cotton, and with a positive affirmation and the always-amusing unicorn farting a rainbow on one set. They’re so adorable, I feel like buying ten pairs so I will always have some in the drawer!

Calf-Length Unicorn Socks

32) These calf-length socks also make me very happy, especially being such a vibrant color, and I think they’d look fantastic with a skirt or shorts, or – as suggested – while playing sports.

Talk about a way to give your friend a boost on the field: who can run slowly when their legs are covered in unicorns?

Funny unicorn swimming pants

33) For a bit of unicorn fun around the pool, these lovely unicorn shorts have an adorable cartoon design, and they’re a bright color, perfect for summer. They even have pockets!

If your friend is a swimmer, they’ll love an opportunity to show everyone their unicorn side while in the water or lounging on the pool’s edge. Pretty cool and funny gift!

34) For more everyday wear, this origami unicorn t-shirt from Blade Runner will delight any unicorn fan who’s into fun shapes and angles. The clean, simple lines make for an eye-catching design, and I love how the horn has turned out. It looks truly magical!

Unicorn origami shirt

This would be suitable for men or women, for a unicorn fan as for the movie fan. Time to re-watch Blade Runner and catch the unicorn!

35) If you want your friend to wear some positive affirmation on a daily basis, this tank top may nicely fit the bill. Again, it’s got a mature, simple design, with a rearing unicorn very nicely silhouetted against the background. Here, you can select from an enormous range of colors, so you’re bound to find one which suits your friend, and that phrase will remind them of just how great you think they are every time they wear the top.

Unicorn Home Decor

Some people prefer to decorate their homes, rather than their bodies, so here are a few lovely ideas you can give to help people feather their nests and brighten up the houses they live in. Some of these might be particularly lovely as house-warming gifts: what better way to make a place feel cozy and safe than to add a few unicorn guardians around it?

Unicorn "Follow Your Dreams" Candle Holder

36) Candles are a lovely way to bring pleasant smells and warmth to any home, and these unicorn candle holders are a great way to add to that feeling. Printed with stars and an inspiring message, as well as cute little faces, they’ll light up any bedroom or living room with sparkles, and keep tealights safely contained. I also love that they’re nice and small, so they won’t clutter up a space, and can be packed away if necessary – though I don’t think anyone would want these beauties out of sight for long!

Unicorn "Light-up" Bottle

37) Another lovely way to brighten up a space without having the risk of fire – especially if your recipient has pets or small children – is this gorgeous light-up bottle. Again, it’s small enough to fit comfortably in pretty much any room, and will provide a friendly glow through that lovely silhouette and swirly script. I like the cute little rhyme, and I love the elegance and grace of the whole piece. Once again, you can personalize it so your friend knows you were thinking specifically of them, and so they feel it really makes their home their own.

Unicorn Book Art

38) If your recipient is a book-lover like me, they might totally fall in love with this unicorn book art, which is definitely a mature way of saying “I love unicorns,” and would fit beautifully on a shelf, particularly with some nice lights to set it off. Inexpensive and stylish, this seems like a great gift idea!

Rearing Unicorn Ornament

39) This amazing rearing unicorn would also be an incredible way to accent a room, with its sparkling saddle and elegant shape.

It would look particularly effective set against a black background, and I love the energy and movement captured in its form. Looks pretty neat!

Bathroom Options

Bathroom gifts are very popular, especially among women. It’s an excuse for a bit of luxury and pampering, and a unicorn gift that is bath related is even more so! Who can resist those bright rainbow colors and mouth-watering scents? My only problem with bath products is that they smell good enough to eat!

Unicorn Bath Set

40) This unicorn bath set certainly goes the distance in terms of delighting unicorn-lovers! That cute unicorn duck soap made me giggle, putting such a lovely creative twist on the traditional rubber duck, and in a particularly skillful way. I also love the face cloth with the unicorn motif, something which will make this gift last beyond the bath bombs and the soap.

The scents sound amazing, with cherries, limes, raspberries, pineapple, and vanilla all thrown in – I think I’d come out smelling like a unicorn! I also love fact that this gift is vegan and not tested on animals, and that it’s handmade! Talk about an affordable gift with a conscience.

PS: here is another amazing colorful bath-bomb set for unicorn lovers! Perfect gift for a friend or … for yourself!

colorful unicorn bath bomb set
Unicorn Bar Soap Set

41) This unicorn bar soap has to be one of the prettiest bars of soap in existence! It’s a similar design to the tote bag and cushion from the last section, but I absolutely love how it translates to soap. Imagine how pretty this would look standing on your sink! I can imagine someone unwrapping this. It’s unique and unusual, and can even be personalized to suit your friend.

I feel like I need a whole herd of these in the bathroom cupboard so I can always have one out on the sink to wow my guests and cheer me up whenever I wash my hands! It would also be a great way to encourage kids to give their hands a thorough scrub. Unicorns are associated with water purification, which I think is a particularly nice extra touch to this present.

Unicorn Bath Sprinkles

42) Another lovely way to get some unicorn magic into bath-time is this jar of bath sprinkles – essentially a crumbled bath bomb mix of unicorn magic! I love the colors and I think this would look stunning on the edge of a bath, just ready and waiting to turn the water into a fairy-tale. I love bath bombs, but often find that they’re too big, and get crumbled or sticky if I don’t use them all at once. With this, you can have as little or as much as you want, and it won’t end up in a melted blob from getting damp. What a fantastic idea!

Unicorn  magical shower curtain

43) If your friend is more of a shower than a bath person, this unicorn shower curtain could be a great way to fill your friend’s bathroom with a whole wave of positivity, cute quotes, and unicorn magic.

I can’t imagine ever feeling sad in a bathroom filled with so much optimism!

Unicorn toilet brush holder

44) Finally, if your friend has a great sense of humor, you might feel that this toilet brush holder would make a good gift. Personally, I can’t imagine feeling that happy, given this little thing’s job, but at least it’s bringing a big, bright smile to the bathroom, and will perhaps serve as a reminder to be cheerful even if …

…it’s your job to hold toilet brushes.

Unicorns In The Pool

For those of you whose friends love a quick dip, here are a couple more options to make their time in the water even more magical and refreshing. Many of us love to swim to relax and wash away some of the stresses of the everyday, and what better way to do this than by drifting on a magical unicorn raft?

Rainbow Unicorn Floatie for Pool

45) First, this unicorn float looks like it would be the perfect addition to any backyard pool. Those rainbow accents brighten it up while keeping it tasteful and mature, and I love its long neck. The only problem with this as a gift as the adult might have trouble keeping their kids off it if they have any!

Otherwise, they can lie back and enjoy blissful carefree drifting on a unicorn’s back. It sounds like heaven! It is pool time!

Pegasus glamurous float boat

46) If your friend likes a little more drama and glamour, they might prefer this unicorn float, complete with fabulous golden wings and an amazingly long, graceful neck.

This is actually designed to hold two adults, so maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get a ride yourself! It sounds like double the fun, and a great idea for a gift.

To Conclude

In case you hadn’t noticed from the length of this list, there are some amazing unicorn gifts for adults out there, and no matter what your intended recipient’s tastes are, you’re bound to find something to suit them! It may help you to narrow your choices down to the category you want to buy from (e.g. would they appreciate a mug, a shirt, an ornament, etc.) and then start looking through the amazing array of options.Have you ever received a unicorn gift that you were particularly grateful for? We’d love to hear about it or see a picture. W