Whenever we give gifts, we wrap them.🎁 We have probably done so since the dawn of gift-giving – and that’s a long history! There is something really special about watching somebody peel back the tape, rustle aside the tissue, push back fabric; whatever wrapping you’ve used to conceal the mystery of your gift and heighten the suspense and surprise, it’s part of a special moment, and that means it’s pretty important to make it special itself!

Unicorns are an amazing way to wrap a gift, to make it whisper enticingly with all the magic and mystery of mythical creatures cloaked in shadow. There is a myriad of creative unicorn wrapping ideas out there special papers; beautiful fabrics, artsy presentations that will show just how much thought and energy you put into your recipient.

Let’s explore a few of our top favorites together! We have:

girl holding a unicorn
Ready to wrap up the gift for those unicorn lovers? We are!

Stunning Unicorn Gift Wrapping Papers For Kids

Unicorns are almost universally loved by kids, who – no surprise – seem to relish the magic and beauty they represent. That means unicorn paper can be a great way to make your gift stand out as special and unique, and to connect with the child.

Pastel Pink and Colorful

This Unicorn Wrapping Paper is a great example, in a lovely soft pink, with gorgeous cartoon unicorns printed across the front. I love their swirly rainbow manes and how happy they look, with those bright stars patterning their flanks. The colorful hearts and stars between the unicorns are also a gorgeous effect, making the paper look vibrant and exciting. This looks like it would be perfect for any occasion, and I’d definitely choose this for kids or even for adults if they were unicorn-lovers!

Pink unicorn wrapping paper with cartoon unicorns and stars

Unicorn Fairytale Magic

For a flowery pink option, this Unicorn Wrapping Paper from SeaUrchinStudio would definitely please most little girls. Perhaps even some slightly older ones. I love the graceful lines of the unicorns, which feel up close. Also less “busy” paper is enjoyable – just some simple flowers, rainbows, and a few stars sprinkled across to accompany the unicorns. I don’t generally go for pinks, but I think this is very tastefully done, with gorgeous colors to match the pink.

Beautiful purple rainbow gift

Unicorn x Avengers

If you know someone who loves unicorns and superheroes, this Unicorn Avengers Wrapping Paper might be absolutely perfect. The stern expressions just made me giggle, and I really like the idea of mixing unicorns and superheroes. This mix is creating something weird and wonderful and definitely unique. If your intended recipient is smiling before they’ve even opened the gift, you know you’ve chosen the paper well! This would appeal to boys and girls, teens, and even adults! A twist of humor with these magical equines is always a good option, and this is definitely nicely done!

Unicorn Superhero Gift wrapping paper

Cartoon Unicorns

A really simple design, this Unicorn Minimalist Wrapping Paper looks great. What is more, we all know how much kids like those cheerful cartoon characters – especially those funny ones as the chubby unicorn here. This is a great way to make your recipient laugh. It has so cute minimalistic but lovely cartoon unicorns on it. This is pretty much a present in itself!

Pink gift wrapping paper with chubby cartoon unicorns

Vintage Unicorn & Blue Sky

For a really bright and colorful paper, you might love this Gift Wrapping Unicorn Sky Blue Paper, which I think is gorgeous. Those golden stars, the iridescent swirls of color in the unicorns’ manes, the gorgeous puffs of clouds – it’s just magical! Your recipient can picture themselves sweeping off into the sky with a unicorn steed; this is pretty enough that I’d have wanted to decorate my bedroom with it at that age.

Sky blue unicorn gift wrapping paper

Artsy and Colorful Wrapping Paper

Finally, a very satisfying option if you want plenty to look at, this Unicorn Gift Wrapping Paper looks like a Where’s Waldo book! I think the artwork is amazing, with those bright colors and the happy-looking unicorns dancing among smiling suns and cascading stars.

I could stare at this paper for ages, because there’s just so much to see! I’d also be so tempted to grab a pencil and color in the outlined unicorns! Definitely a gorgeous choice, with the gold accents giving it that little bit of “luxury” it might otherwise lack.

Artsi colorful unicorn wrapping paper

Amazing Unicorn Papers For Adult Gift-Giving

Of course, unicorn paper doesn’t have to be reserved for children. Magic belongs in everyone’s lives, and many adults are enthralled by these beautiful creatures – like us! You might feel some of the above papers are a little too childish to be handing out to adult friends and family, but there are some other amazing options that are perfect for wrapping teen and adult gifts in.

Mystical and Dark

If you’d like something more muted and perhaps more mature in dark colors, this Unicorn Gift Wrap would be ideal. The little clusters of bright flowers around the unicorns’ hooves stand out so nicely against the dark paper, and the unicorns themselves positively glow.

I love the detailing in their manes and tails, and the gentle pose with their eyes closed in reflection. It is an artistic paper with those moons and glowing stars, the dotted detailing on the unicorns, and the contrast between the pink manes and the purple manes. It certainly appeals to me, most probably for all kids and unicorn-loving adults as well!

Dark unicorn wrapping paper

Simple and Stunning: Horses & Unicorns

A much more adult or teen-friendly design, this Unicorn Wrapping Paper Sheet is totally stunning! It is very different to the chaotic, simplistic designs often seen on wrapping papers. I love how realistic the unicorns look! This would definitely appeal to horse lovers as well as unicorn lovers. The tasteful clusters of roses adding color to an otherwise very subtle and clean-looking paper. This is artistic and mature, but I think it has enough brightness to appeal to young girls as well as to adults. Pass out presents in this paper, and you can guarantee you’ll look sophisticated!

Unicorn gift wrapping paper with real unicorn and roses

Artistic Realistic Rainbow Unicorn

Another highly artistic option if you want just a bit more color is this Unicorn Gift Wrapping Paper. Again, a clean white background and just touches of color make for a really gorgeous print. I love the energy captured in the unicorns’ poses, and the fanning manes and tails full of vibrancy and color.  The speckled rainbow effect surrounding them just adds to the overall “arty” feeling, and looks totally magical, as though their hooves are kicking up rainbow dust. This might be one of my favorite papers because it’s just the right amount of color and subtlety, and it looks so magical!

Colorful rainbow unicorn wrapping paper

Plain and Beautiful

This plain paper Unicorn Wrap with black unicorns is perfect for a minimalistic look to your gifts, and very striking with the red lightning bolts (no pun intended!) between the unicorns. They’re really nicely drawn, and look great rearing up against the stark white of the paper.

Minimalistic unicorn wrapping paper

Unicorn Rainbow Sparkle

Alternatively, if you want a unicorn theme without the actual unicorns, you could consider this set of WRAPAHOLIC Gift Wrapping Papers . They have a beautiful metallic sheen and are amazing colors so they would be suitable for pretty much any occasion. Have all the magic of unicorns without depicting them in any way. A really subtle option for gifting unicorn magic while keeping it mature and simple – what’s not to love!

Rainbow glitter wrapping paper

The Glitter

I personally have a bit of a penchant for tissue-wrapped gifts. I love the extra rustle and the more unusual choice. For me anything tissue-wrapped instantly becomes special and perhaps a little more luxurious. Because of that, I’m totally won over by this BonBon Unicorn Rainbow Glitter Gift Tissue Paper. Imagine wrapping your gifts in a cascade of whispering rainbow magic! Again, perfect for a more subtle unicorn twist on gift wrap.

Unicorn rainbow glitter gift tissue

D.I.Y. Unicorn Papers You Have To Try

If you’re feeling super organized, you might want to have a go at DIYing some unicorn paper. There’s something really special about anything handmade, and making wrapping paper can be a lovely activity to do with kids, or alone! You’ll be sure that your paper is totally unique and unusual, and you’ll have some really spectacularly presented gifts to share with the people you love.

Print & Wrap The Magic

First off, if you don’t feel like being too adventurous, this Printable Unicorn Wrapping Paper gives you the option to print off four different designs of unicorn-themed paper. You can also see how they’ve made larger versions of the paper decoration to go with the gifts, which is a lovely touch, though might be quite time-consuming if you have a lot of gifts to give!

I love the multi-colored cord they’ve used to finish these off, as it matches the papers so nicely and just looks super professional.

Printable unicorn wrapping papers.
Magical unicorn style printable wrapping papers. Easy to download and wrap your magic. Picture and papers by liagriffit .

Unique Wrapping Ideas With Potatoe Stamp

If you’ve got a unicorn cookie cutter and a few potatoes, there’s another great way to make some extraordinary unicorn paper with relative ease.

Set of watercolors for crafting magical wrapping paper

This DIY How To Make Potato Stamps video will walk you through the steps, and you can purchase some Brown Kraft Paper to print onto here. You could use some Metallic Acrylic Paints, though it might be better to use Watercolor Paints if doing this with kids. The colors may not be quite so bold, but at least you won’t get any ruined clothing in the process! 

I think wrapping paper made like this would look so special and unusual, and you’re bound to get compliments for being so organized and creative! This would be immensely fun to do with children if you have them, especially if they want to gift something special to their friends at school.

PS: you can also make Potato Stamped Unicorn cards as GluedToMyCraftsBlog suggests. Perfect wrapping combo all done with heart and love!

Unicorn cards made with potato stamp tehnique
Lovely cards done with potato stamps. Pictures and instructions by GluedToMyCraftsBlog.

Stencil Magic

Cute unicorn stencil with Awesome message

You could also use stencils to get some really amazing wrapping paper, and the joy of this is that you have full control over the complexity and style, and if you have a few stencils, you can mix and match!

There’s a whole set of Unicorn Face Paint Stencils here which would work, and you can set kids loose with crayons while you do the painting yourself. You would definitely come out with some magical papers like this. I also love this sleepy little Unicorn Stencil, surrounded by pretty stars and great AWESOME message!

Unicorn Stamps for Personalized Wrapping

Personalized unicorn stamp

A final super simple option is unicorn stamp wrapping paper. This again can be done with just plain brown paper, and there are so many beautiful unicorn stamps, the issue is with choosing the best ones! You could go personalized for that special someone, like with this Personalized Children’s Unicorn Rubber Stamp, which looks absolutely magical, and could be used to do a main design on the paper, and perhaps also on a matching card! The stamp could even become part of their present.

Use a stamp to make your wrapping paper purely magical… and add the stamp to the gift as well.

To create some truly spectacular paper, you could also consider these Unicorn Garden Rubber Stamps. You can choose which style of unicorn you want, select from the different foliage, add flowers – I think I just need the whole set, a huge rainbow stamp pad, and a free afternoon! I love how much you can personalize the scene you make, spreading the stamps out, clustering them, or a mix. This is such a fun idea, and kids would love it too.

Unicorn rubber stamps for magical wrapping paper

If you’re going for adult paper, this very gorgeous Unicorn Rubber Stamp would make a mature design, especially done in blacks, silvers, and golds. I don’t think would appeal to children so much, but it looks great, and very high quality, with a lot of fine detailing in the lines. It’s not a particularly cheap stamp, but it is gorgeous!

Set of unicorn stamps with positive messages

As a last option for a super quick and simple design, I love this set of Unicorn Stamps . It’s very plain, but would look lovely laid out in rows of different colors, or in a bright gold. The messages added would keep the minimalism but carry the magical message for the gift receiver!

I think you’d want to add some guides to the paper to get the spacing even, but this is an adorable and quick way to turn out some fun paper that would be suitable for all ages.

I know I’d feel amazing if I could say I made my own wrapping paper!

Unicorn Gift Bags Perfect For Concealing Special Gifts

Gift bags – especially reusable fabric ones – are a great idea in my opinion.

We’ve got a whole selection of sizes that we use, and I much prefer them to wrapping paper, which was always getting creased, dirty, or torn in storage, and had the added guilt of not being particularly environmental. Gift bags can be used over and over again, look pretty, and are so much less hassle than grabbing the scissors and tape – and then losing both items multiple times during the wrapping process.

Reusable Fabric Party Packs

If you want a set of matching gift bags, these Unicorn Party Bags look like a great option. They have cute drawstring tops to hide the gift, and the design is adorable: one suitable for boys and other for girls. These would definitely please any kid on the receiving end of the gift, and are generously sized, so should fit a whole range of gifts in. The recipient can pass the bag back to you, or keep reusing it themselves! Perfect in every way.

Unicorn resusable party packs in 2 different designs

Pink and Glitter Drawstring Bag

If you’d like a bag with a bit more girly and pink toucs, these Unicorn Drawstring bags look great too. I’m always lured in by that sleepy-eye design, and I think the gold detailing on the spiraling horn and the ears is totally magical, and again, a wonderful way to wow the recipient!

Pink sleepy unicorn reusable gift packs

Definitely a choice for the pink-lovers, this has plenty of space for presents of all shapes and sizes. You can also choose either 1-pack or even 6 if you want to be stocked for future birthdays for Mary, Sara, Lisa…

PS: if you prefer a double-handed gift bag, this POKONBOY Unicorn set would wrap the gifts for little princesses. And they are reusable as well.

Unicorn Giftbags – DIY: Sew It Yourself!

You might be feeling inspired enough to dust off your sewing machine if you like these bags – especially as there are some really beautiful unicorn fabrics out there, and drawstring bags are a pretty easy project, which you can personalize if you want to, ensuring each bag is totally unique and suited to the recipient.

There’s a great tutorial at Drawstring Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial, which will guide you through the steps of making a gift bag. We will guide you through our favorite fabrics to get some inspiration! There is nothing more wonderful these days to receive something that is not purchased but made with love (and magic)!

Gentle and Pastel. Flowers and Unicorns

If the previous design appealed but you’d like to move away from pink, this Floral Unicorn Fabric is definitely the way to go. It’s pretty and feminine, with beautiful pastel flowers surrounding the unicorns, and it would look lovely made up into bags, especially paired with a bright ribbon to complement the flowers.

Fabric with flowers and unicorn faces


Dark, Mystic and Realistic Choice

If you’d like a more realistic look, this Black Unicorn Fabric is perfect. The unicorns are beautifully shaded and detailed and look proud standing among the delicate leaves patterning the rest of the fabric.

I think this would be ideal for making larger bags – too small, and you’d lose the pattern. It would be suitable for adults or kids, and I think it has some amazing unicorn magic woven into its fibers. And the gift would keep the mystique until opening!

Unicorn magic dark fabric


Minimalistic Princess Sparkle Unicorn

Alternatively, almost an inversion of the previous one, this Timeless Treasures Princess Sparkle Unicorn Fabric is full of beautiful unicorns. If the previous one is majestic, this is vibrant, with unicorns in motion, chasing birds and dreaming. Unicorns here have wings so it is perfect for any My Little Pony fans. The coloring keeps the fabric simple, but it would look up gorgeous after wrapping!

Alternatively, you can also go for Timeless Treasure Princess Sparkle Pet Fabric. It is just so adorable that I will make the bed linen and curtains out of this as well for the nursery!

Timeless Sparkle Unicorn Fabric
Timeless Treasure Princess petting unicorn fabric

Hint To Unicorns

If you don’t want actual unicorns but still want to capture that mythical equine feel, perhaps for the adult gift bags, this Unicorn Fabric is stunning, with those dark blues perfectly offsetting the gorgeous gold details.

This is definitely my favorite in spite of the absence of actual unicorns, and I’d be treasuring bags made of this stuff! It looks like the sea on a stormy night, and I love it. There is also creative to have a nice unicorn present inside it, we have shared some unicorn gift ideas for 3+ girls but also for adults.

Mystical unicorn Fabric

Easy Way – Ready Made Bag

In case you think sewing is too much for you, here are a few options you can just “cheat” and get them easily made, still having reusability and originality on the mind.

Fairytale Castles

There is nothing more that a little girl is dreaming about than Unicorns and Castles (well, probably Barbie houses, dolls, and play-kitchen as well, but still). This Reusable Gift Bag is the source of beautiful dreams and imagination. You can even choose the side and that pink ribbon ties it up perfectly. Unicorn wrapping well done!

Ready made reusable unicorn gift bag.

Amazing Unicorn Tapes For Some Sticky Magic

If you’re going the traditional wrapping route, the tape on presents may not be particularly important, but it’s special if you make it so – and unicorns will definitely make it so! Instead of having boring, clear tape this year, why not consider some beautiful washi tape to finish off your gifts in real unicorn style?

Washi tape is great for wrapping with smooth papers, though it doesn’t work so well on matte or textures. It tears easily so you don’t have to mess around with scissors, and it’s paper-based, so might be recyclable in your area, saving you the trouble of removing plastic-based tape!

Soft Colors, Different Designs

I love the soft colors in this Unicorn Stars Washi Tape Set. You get 10 rolls of beautiful tape, so you can mix and match to suit the paper and the recipient.

Three of the tapes have unicorns dancing away, while the rest are just beautiful and magical looking prints. I think these would look stunning paired with plain paper to create a subtle unicorn effect, or even with some of the unicorn papers. I particularly love the soft golden stars, even if they aren’t actually unicorns themselves!

Unicorn Washi Tape in Different Designs

Rainbows and Colors

If you feel gifts should include bolder colors and more rainbow, this Unicorn Washi Tape looks perfect. You could pair it with pretty much any paper and have a magical gift in seconds, even if the paper was quite plain. I like that it manages to be both simple and bright, making it perfect for kids or adults.

Rainbows and Unicorns colorful washi tape

Artsy Watercolor

For some breathtaking watercolor, the Foil Glitter Washi Tape Series has an utterly gorgeous unicorn option. I love the soft blues and purples, and I think they would make the paper look bright and beautiful, perhaps a little whimsical. I think any gifts taped with these would score top marks for presentation, especially if the recipient is artsy.

Artsy watercolor unicorn washi tape

Tape Dispenser

Finally, perhaps as a gift to yourself if you’re getting into the washi tape theme, this Unicorn Tape Dispenser really does have some unicorn magic, and some great rolls of bright tape to go with it. I love the sparkle and the rainbow, and these would look amazing on presents as well. Washi tape is definitely a brilliant way to ensure your gifts are full of unicorn magics, and with this dispenser, you’ll – hopefully – not spend ages searching for your tape every time you put it down.

Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Turning Presents Into Magical Unicorns 

A final few ideas in case you’re feeling really inspired – instead of using unicorn wrapping paper or making your presents bright with tape, why not consider actually turning your presents into unicorns? Obviously, this will only work with certain shaped gifts, but it will look absolutely amazing, and give you top marks for presentation. For a particularly special birthday display, this would be wonderful, incorporating the presents into the festivities.

Rectangular presets as Magical Unicorns

This Unicorn Gift Wrapping video should give you an idea of how to turn a rectangular present into a magical unicorn with just a few bits of card and paper! It doesn’t even look as though it would take that long, and it would make for a really magical unwrapping session. I love it!

You could use plain white paper, or purchase a roll of this slightly shiny WRAPAHOLIC Gift Wrapping Paper to add a really special “unicorn” glow to your gifts. Personally, I would use gold or silver for the ears and horn, but the beauty of these things is that you can do it however you like, and tailor it to suit the recipient! Grab their favorite colors and get creating!

Horn, Colors and Sparkle

Another option is Tikkido’s Unicorn Gift Wrapping Tutorial, which uses some truly magical looking paper and rainbow yarn, and a glitzy horn to complete the effect.

Unicorn Gift Wrapping idea- turn your gift (for example book, boardgame, etc) into a unicorn. Idea and picture by Tikkido.

You could go for any kind of special paper, like this Holographic Wrapping Paper, which would still have a lovely “unicorn” feel to it. The horn could be made from golden card if you didn’t want to buy one ready-made, and I think it would be nice to add some sleepy eyes to this, perhaps using a black marker pen, as an alternative to adding the unicorn stencil. You can use unicorn yarn or any other less colorful option if you wish. This is a really inspiring idea it would be easy to adapt to suit your own style.

Unicorny Package for Small Details

If you’ve got little gifts to wrap, the first idea on DIY Paper Bag Birthday Party Ideas would make for a lovely presentation too. You could choose any color to paint the toilet roll tubes, and this has the added fun of recycling and using up waste!

You could cut out green card leaves as decoration if you wanted a less “girly” design, or choose gems or sequins to add a bit of sparkle or just go for flowers. These would also be really easy to personalize and add encouraging messages to. Time to start saving up some toilet tubes for magical and inexpensive wrapping!

I’d stuff a bit of tissue in to protect the gift, and to add a bit of rustling magic to the tube.

Unicorn Gift Wrapping idea for small gifts
Easy to make unicorn packages- idea to wrap small presents as unicorns. Idea and picture by Yupfoodie.

Unicorn Face Gifts

This next idea sadly didn’t have any instructions with it, but these Unicorn Face Gifts were too simple and stunning not to share. The paper looks to be just brown paper, with some gold ribbon tied around the center like a headband.

Unicorn Face Gift Idea
Gift wrapping idea: Unicorn face. Picture source.

You could purchase some Unicorn Eyelashes Stickers or draw them on yourself, and perhaps recreate the feather effect with something like these Feather Stickers or even real feathers. Simple and inexpensive, but highly effectively – I really love how these gifts look, and I think they’d be suitable for kids and adults! Displayed on a table among unicorn themed food and unicorn decorations, they’d be so perfect.

Rainbows and My Little Pony Additions

If you have a few My Little Pony dolls, these Rainbow Unicorn Gifts would be wonderful. Choose a few bright shiny ribbons, tie them in place, and curl the ends with scissors or a knife.

You could use Bluetac or some other mild adhesive to ensure the ponies can be retrieved and played with once the gifts are unwrapped – and I think these are a pretty unforgettable presentation method that would be particularly suited for a kid’s party. I’d have loved it if someone did this, either with new toys or a few of my favorites from the toy box!

Rainbow Unicorn Gift Wrapping Idea with My Little Pony Toy
Amazing Gift Wrapping idea with rainbow ribbons and My Little Pony Toy on top. Idea and Picture by Tikkido.

Unicorn Wrapping for Bigger Gift

A final idea if you’re gifting something large, this Painted Unicorn Valentine Card Box is totally adorable, and definitely doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s present! It would double up as a gift that your recipient could then keep in their bedroom as beautiful storage, and it would also serve as a wonderful wrap for an inner present. 

Unicorn style gift box
Gift box full of love and magic. How wonderful gift idea. Picture and tutorial by decoreart.

I love all the detailing and work that has gone into this, but it looks reasonably easy to do if you have a bit of free time and access to some crafty bits. It lists everything you need, but I think it would be easy to substitute other supplies, and adapt this to suit your needs. You can either use wooden box as showed in sample or just use the regular shoebox you might have under your bed or any other carton boxes.

I’d be tempted to stencil a name or message on the box, but either way, it’s beautiful, and would be an amazing gift for any unicorn lover!

That’s The Gifts All Wrapped Up!

That was a roller-coaster ride of ideas from every angle, and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I’m totally blown away by some of the creative and unusual ideas out there, and by how beautiful some people manage to make their gifts. There are stunning papers, amazing accessories, and innovative, lovely ideas everywhere. I think it’s heart-warming that people put such thought and dedication and energy into the gifts they’re giving.

No matter how you decide to present your gifts, we hope you’ll feel unicorn magic has touched them with its sparkle and mystery – and above all, a sense of love. If you try any of the ideas on this list, or any of your own, send us a few pictures of your creation! In the meantime, happy wrapping!