Sleeping can be far more fun when you have wonderful and colorful pajamas. (Unicorn) pajamas are the perfect nightwear, and they’re also great for spending a cozy evening with friends, going to themed parties, attending sleepovers, or just cuddling up on rainy, lazy weekends.

I bet everybody has had a day in bed or on the couch, watching Netflix or reading books, snug in their cozy pajamas. 

Here are our top picks of unicorn pajamas for adults! Enjoy!

Unicorn Onesie Pajamas for Adults

A onesie is a nice nighttime partner – especially when the nights and days are cold during the winter, or bleak and rainy during the summer.

A nice colorful unicorn onesie will keep you warm and cozy, and the unicorns will ensure you stay cheerful and enjoy colorful dreams. If you’re lucky, you might even end up having a cozy, romantic unicorn movie night, or perhaps a friend’s costume party, or a board game night with family – well, your unicorn family!

colorful unicorn adult onsie pajamas

1) This unicorn onesie for adults is made out of warm fleece and is perfect for any daydreamer who connects unicorns with colors and magical sparkles.

It comes in two different color combinations. Let the right one be your inspiration, and make your bedtime bright and beautiful!

fun purple unicorn onsie pajamas

2) If you prefer a more muted approach to unicorns, this unicorn onesie- pajamas is softer in terms of its color combinations since the major colors are set

This unicorn onesie is unisex and might make a perfect present for a chilly Christmas morning, offering a combination of comfort and fun.

Flannel unicorn onsie for adults

The loose materials will help you feel really relaxed, and you could even get one for your partner! 

3) If you would prefer flannel for your nightwear, this colorful unicorn onesie is made out of warm flannel and is beautifully colorful, with a star-pattern to help you get into the right mindset for snuggling down and enjoying pleasant dreams.

colorful unicorn onsie pajamas for adults

These pajamas have cute eyes and ears, and a horn and tail, and a fantastic “team unicorn” thumbs up! The zippered style means these would be super comfy to slip on and unwind from the stress of a long day.

4) Here is one more fun and colorful unicorn one-piece adult pajamas.

Colors, fun, and an intense unicorn pattern will symbolize your preferences pretty well: with this on, you can be sure you’ll get some great sleep and will leave the people around you in no doubt about what your spirit animal is.

Long Unicorn Pajamas for Adult Woman

Some people prefer pajamas to be in two separate pieces: many prefer to be able to mix and match tops and bottoms, or just find it more comfortable.

If that’s the case, you can still enjoy some unicorn magic and uniqueness – something which shouldn’t be restricted to daylight hours but should be part of the nights as well.

woman long pajamas with unicorn print

Woman Long-Sleeved Unicorn Pajamas

5) Here is one very simple pair of unicorn woman pajamas – a long-sleeved pajama shirt and long pajama pants.

Both are made of 100% cotton, which is breathable and soft on the skin. The print on adult pajamas is unquestionably about unicorns, and it’s simple, easy, and stylish.

The snuggly fit and elastic waistband on the bottoms make them the perfect outfit for enjoying lovely dreams – or for daydreaming: don’t forget the good book and pretty unicorn-themed teacup!

unicorn teacup

woman unicorn pajamas pants

Perfect Unicorn Pajamas Pants for Woman

6) If you’re someone who prefers a simple T-shirt for the top, and feels the pajama pants are what really matters in terms of sleep quality, the unicorns won’t let you down here either.

These elasticated lounge pants might end up as your favorite nightwear, but they will also be perfect to wear for nipping out to get your post in the morning, or for when you go and borrow some coffee from a neighbor.

These magical unicorns are mixed with rainbows, doughnuts, stars, and gems. The lovely elastic waistband and loose cut will ensure you sleep – and pop outside – in maximum comfort. 

7) If black is really your color but you also can not resist pink, we might have found you the perfect unicorn nightwear – these long-sleeved unicorn pajamas.

These look extremely comfy and should help you have great dreams and wake up feeling truly rested. “Believe” message adds some extra style, and rib-knit cuffs will protect your wrists from cold drafts in winter. 

Fun unicorn pajamas for adults

Fun Unicorn Pajamas

8) “Fun” is definitely the keyword with these pajamas as well. It is pretty much impossible to look at the unicorn on the shirt without laughing at its bemused expression, and the leggings are just filled with belief and love for those one-horned creatures.

The cotton material means they will be lovely and soft, and won’t leave you feeling too hot as the nights start to warm up. I can imagine getting distracted by admiring the pattern, and not going to bed for hours! The source of a good mood really can be in your nightwear!

Short (& Fun) Unicorn Pjs for Adult Women

I´m a unicorn short woman PJ

Short pajamas are nice for the summer, and perfect if you are like me and prefer the thick cover of weighty blankets to warm pajamas and no blanket. Short pajamas give you a lot more freedom than long ones, but they tend to be made of less cozy materials.

9) These short unicorn pajamas are perfect for adult women.

They have the clear message “I’m a unicorn” on a plain black shirt, mixed with plenty of color and joy on the short sleeping pants.

They look like they’d be loose and comfy, and they are a great way to show some personality, colors, and that big kid in you that wants to go on night adventures astride a fabulous unicorn. 

dabbing unicorn pjs for adult women

10) If you feel that pajamas are the ultimate clothing choice for showing your sense of humor, something to bring on a good mood, and keep a smile on your face while you’re sleeping, these dabbing unicorn short pajamas might be your new favorites.

Yes, the dabbing trend didn’t even pass unicorns by! Those mystical creatures can be very convincing while dabbing, even if it seems like a totally bizarre thing to show unicorns doing! These pajamas with their dabbing unicorn are pure fun on the next level.

rainbow unicorn short pajamas for women

11) For those who prefer rainbow-chubby-fun-unicorns and a pink vibe, these unicorn pajamas were made for you!

The top has such a cute message on it, and “born to be wild & unicorn” could be your new motto – for the night, at least.

Those fun rainbow unicorns will let you live out your fantasy dreams and may even help you to achieve a few of them in real life, even if only by giving you a good night’s sleep. Just be brave and believe in the magic. 

12) These pinkish pajamas are basically screaming for you to “dream.”

What else can you do if the night is drawing in and you have such cool unicorn pajamas to wear?

Dream dreamful dreams! Believe in magic and yourself, and enjoy the adventure that unicorns are taking you on. Ah, with these pajamas, we might even end up blurring the line between reality and dreams!

Unicorn Pajamas for Him /Pjs for Male

It is time to show your partner that unicorns are cool, and PJs might just be the best way to do it. Pajamas are, after all, often expected to show off a little light-hearted fun, so it might be easier to encourage your partner to get into the unicorn mood with them than with daytime wear. 

Deadpool riding unicorn t-shirt

13) These long pajama pants are pretty fun and from far away, it may even be hard to see the magical creatures on them.

However, they’ll still provide a secret hint that there are some startup ideas cooking in the depths of the mind. Alternatively, these pants might just show the presence of magic in your man!

They don’t come with a matching shirt, but they’d be great combined with this fun one – Deadpool riding a unicorn (see also thematic Ugly Christmas Sweater). That must be one hell of a dream to have those two creatures working together, but I am sure your partner will laugh and appreciate the approach!

14) If you like the idea, you might want to consider these “Maximum effort” Deadpool-Unicorn lounge pants.

Dreams are an endless source of fun and if your partner is into Marvel, they might just decide unicorns are more masculine than they previously thought.

unicorn onsie pj for males

15) For all the brave men, here is a funny unicorn onesie for a funny unicorn look.

This could easily be part of a wintertime home-lounge outfit, or it would look great for Halloween. Alternatively, it would make a perfect costume for a friend’s bachelor’s party… for him.

Get creative and forget the myth that unicorns have to be pink. No way! Unicorns can also be fierce and determined and were traditionally associated with masculine power. Go against the tide and be a unicorn!

Unicorn Footie Pajamas for Adults

I myself am convinced that colorful pajamas are the source of colorful dreams that will leave us feeling rested and enthusiastic the next morning.

unicorn footie pajamas for whole family

As unicorns are often combined with rainbows, it is easy to picture them in a colorful way. If you are interested in finding out why unicorns are so often linked with rainbows, we have made an article about “Unicorns & Rainbows” here.   

16) These lovely footie pajamas do not hold back on the colors, on either the unicorns. All the best things are here in one pair of pajamas!

You can get matching pajamas and a Saturday morning outfit with your partner, but you can also get a family set to wear in any season, month, or holiday. A unicorn family – I just wish I could be on that family photo myself!

PS: You have a dog as a family member – see these cute unicorn pajamas for your dog!

how cute- unicorn pajamas for dogs.

Pajamas That Can Also be a Costume

unicorn pajamas that could be unicorn costume

17) Trendy pajamas are often those which actually look realistic and display some message about who you are. For example, how about: “Unicorns are my spirit animal,” which this unicorn onesie  says loud and clear. By wearing it, you can transform yourself to look like a real unicorn in your favourite pastel color. With cute slippers (like those), this is almost a pair of footie pajamas, and doubles up as a Halloween costume at the same time. It is totally up to you how you would like to use it, but I would try it out on a sleepy Sunday for sure. Ah, I would just love its softness to spend a day in.

unicorn adult slippers matching with unicorn pajamas

You can be pretty sure you won’t need an extra blanket with this onsie, and since the pajamas are unisex, they might also make for a nice Christmas present for couples. Unicorns are said to bring good luck, good ideas, and peace! Every household needs all of those things!

colorful unicorn footie pajamas that could be weared as costume

18) Here is another cute unicorn costume. Unfortunately, to use this one as a pair of footie PJs, you’ll need a pair of socks with it. Luckily, this pair of unicorn socks is practical and as unicornizing as the pajamas.

PS: people who wear colorful socks are said to be more successful in their lives.

colorful unicorn socks

Unicorn Fun Together

Galaxy unicorn colored unicorn costume

I believe that pajamas can sometimes just focus on the coziness and softness, but having a nice combo with your partner can even make the situation more wonderful

Smiles and laughs will follow you all night and daydreaming can be made much happier. Unicorns really know how to brighten up our days, our nights, and our daydreams!

This Galaxy Unicorn Onesie Pajamas would make the lazy weekends, Christmas mornings, and late Saturday movie watching more fun as cozier. The Galaxy color is perfect for the magic as well really unisex making the great combo for the whole family.

white unicorn footie pj

Unicorn PJ-s For Those After Simplicity

24) Traditional unicorns are normally imagined as silver or white, so if those pure magical creatures are the ones that always catch your eye and you feel the strongest connection with, here are completely white footie pajamasunisex and suitable for you as well for your partner.

unicorn silver horns for all families

Imagine the pure peace you will have at home when wearing these! It might be to keep yourself snug in a magical winter wonderland, or to feel fresh on long and romantic summer evenings, or to get super cozy on a rainy lazy Sunday – white is always classy and works out in every case, and unicorns are timeless. 

PS: To make the family cosplay worthy of fun and selfies, you might want to get these silver horns as well. With these, it may end up as a real StartUp Unicorn party.

lovely unicorn slippers

Bonus – Other Unicorn Night Accessories

Unicorn Slippers – Essential for Winter

25) If you are the type of person whose toes, like mine, are always close to being ice cubes, it seems a safe bet that your household will contain several pairs of slippers. Warm slippers! And what could be cozier than getting home and slipping on these magical unicorns? They can guide and guard you during your chill-out time and throughout lazy weekends, and make sure your toes always stay as snug and warm as the rest of your body. Pajamas and slippers are like pillows and blankets: you really do need both of them!

Unicorn Sleeping Mask – protect your dreams from light

Is your partner reading late or are your curtains too thin to block out the morning rays of sun?

Well, we do have the perfect unicorn to take care of all the extra light, whether you’re traveling or at home. A unicorn sleeping mask could be pretty handy in either of those cases to let your dreams continue and avoid disrupting the magic happening in them.

This sleeping mask kit lets you choose a new unicorn-themed mask almost every day of the week! The colors are pretty extensive, and you’ll have cute, happy,  fun unicorns replacing the light trying to disrupt your sleep. The size is adjustable for all kinds of unicorn fans, and the soft material will gently support the eyes and feel good against your face. 

cute unicorn sleeping masks

If you want to be like a sleeping unicorn yourself, these masks are pretty much perfect. The soft fur will give you the feeling that there is a small unicorn sleeping next to you – something your cat might normally do! You’ll definitely show anyone who happens to spot your unicorn mask that you are someone who loves magic and mystery.

Oh, and where else could be better and magical dreams unless in your bed with colorful unicorn bed-linen and bedding set? Check out this amazing colorful unicorn bedding set

Galaxy unicorn bed linen set

Unicorn pajamas are totally great for both kids and adults, and will help make sure your dreams are magical, and your sleepwear is ultra-comfortable. They are fun to wear, and most will be so snuggly and soft you’ll probably never want to take them off!