I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t enjoy a good game occasionally, and that certainly holds true for children, especially children at parties. Anything kids can do which brings out their competitive, creative sides is sure to be a hit, and we think unicorn games are up there with the very best options!

You might be planning a birthday party with some games and activities, your kids might be having a sleepover, or you might just be looking for some unicorn fun which the family can enjoy; whatever the case, there are lots of options to combine the magic of unicorns with the fun of game playing, and here are a few of our absolute favorites!

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Board Games for Unicorn Party 🎉

Board games are a time-honored style of play which kids and adults alike love getting involved with. If you’re throwing a party, you might need a couple of sets to ensure that everyone is getting a turn, but these board games are great for engaging kids, and can stop your party from getting too wild, which is great if you’re short on space.

1) Unicorn Surprise

Unicorn Surprise Board Game

First on the list is this Unicorn Surprise Board Game, which features enough bright colors and sparkle to make any kid happy. I love the big unicorn included with the package and how happy the game looks overall. It’s aimed at kids 7+, possibly because it contains small parts, and involves competing to collect the most gems. I’m loving the juicy-looking gems and the bright art style, and this looks like a nice, simple game which everyone could enjoy.

Aim: collect as many Unicorn gems as possible before the smiling sun sets
Players: 2-4
Age: 7+
Included: 1 unicorn, 50 Gems, 64 Cards, 1 Play Mat, Instruction


2) Unicorn Dissection Operation Table Game

Unicorn Dissection Operation Table Game

If you’ve got a little one who’s keen on doctoring and anatomy as well as unicorns, this next game might just be the one! This Unicorn Dissection Operation Table Game is an adaptation of the classic game Operation, in which you have to remove a human’s organs without allowing the tool to touch the sides of the opening – or the buzzer sounds! It’s intended for kids 5+, and might even be a good way to improve hand-eye coordination for them. At a party, you can guarantee plenty of shrieks of laughter as the kids try and fail to get the different items out.

I totally love this version, which is perhaps a little less gruesome, because it can’t get a lot cuter than rainbows and clouds, cupcakes, gems, crowns, and rainbow poop! I think all kids would enjoy trying to carefully lift these away from the board without touching the side, and it’s definitely tricky enough to engage adults too. Having tried the standard version of this myself, I can confirm it’s a great challenge, but I’m disappointed I never had a unicorn version to try! That magical board would have been more than enough to motivate me not to hurt the unicorn!

Aim: Be careful while operating unicorn or the buzzer will wake the unicorn.
Players: 2+ , perfect family game
Age: 5+
Included: 1 operation table with tweezers, 1 unicorn, 11 magical parts, 1 sticker sheet, instructions.


3) Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Stacking

Unicorn cloud stackig game

A couple of sets of this Unicorn Glitterluck Cloud Stacking game would also be great for a party. It’s 1-4 players, so two sets would do a party of up to 8 nicely, and it’s suitable for players aged 4+. I love all the different shaped pieces and the colored gems, and the difficulty level looks about right for the age group. The finished model is very satisfying with its magical castle and clouds, and the whole thing looks totally adorable. It estimates about 15 minutes of gameplay, which is a reasonable length for a party game, and will hopefully ensure no little ones get bored or end up waiting ages to have a turn.

Aim: A Cooperative Roll & Move Dexterity game. Get all the unicorns and their crystals into the cloud kingdom before the rain begins. After rolling the dice and landing place, players either stack a cloud, stack a unicorn or collect the gem.
Players: 1-4
Age: 4+
Game length: ~15min
Included: 4 unicorns (Glitterluck-pink, Stardust- yellow, Marvel Flower- purple, Magic Swirl- turquoise), 1 baby unicorn, 1 cloud castle, 5 large white clouds, 5 small blue clouds, 1 die, 1 cloud board game, 16 double sided cloud tiles, 10 cloud crystals, 1 set of instructions.


4) Unicorn Stacking Game

Unicorn stacking game

If you want an even prettier and cuter version of the above game, though without the element of moving the baby unicorn around, this Our Warm Unicorn Stacking Game with its own wooden box is just stunning. I love the soft pastel colors and the delicate unicorns, with their amazing shapes. This does look challenging for small fingers, but claims to be suitable for 3+, and with adult help, could prove an immensely popular game. I think you’d want several sets if you were playing this at a party, but it looks so beautiful, I think you could use it as house decoration when it wasn’t being played with.

Aim: Take turns stacking unicorn blocks while keeping them in balance. Keep the balance until the end and you will win!
Players: 1-4
Age: 3+
Game length: ~15min
Included: 15 wooden unicorns, 1 rainbow, 1 wooden gift box


Interactive Unicorn Games 🎮

Sometimes kids want to do more than sit around a board, especially if they’re at a party. It can be good to get them moving about, so here are a few amazing unicorn options for those occasions!

5) Don’t Step In It Game, Unicorn Edition

"Don't Step it in" game- Unicorn edition

First up is Hasbro’s Don’t Step In It Unicorn Edition, a twist on the classic Don’t Step In It game. What could make this better than adding unicorns! Suitable for ages 4 up, this game is super simple and easy, and can accommodate plenty of players. We’d recommend choosing your space with care and playing outside if possible to avoid any mishaps if the clay escapes from the protective mat, but this game looks so much fun! 

Kids often love anything which involves being blindfolded, and for many kids, if it also involves poop, so much the better! I’d definitely get engaged with a game like this, and enjoy laughing right along with the kids when I inevitably stepped in it. Memorable and enjoyable, and not too competitive, this seems like a perfect party game to me.

Aim: Try not to step in the unicorn poop! Place little “poop piles” on the colorful soft clay on the floor mat. By blindfolded take as many steps as the spinner says.
Players: 2+
Age: 4+ (really fun for adults as well)
Included: game mat, blindfold, 4 can of compound, plastic mold, spinner board with arrow and base, instructions. 


6) Magic Unicorn Ring Toss

Unicorn Ring Toss Game

Another option is this Magic Unicorn Ring Toss game, for kids 6+. This involves a couple of people donning a unicorn horn hat each, and the other players attempting to toss the rings over it. The team which gets the most rings on their “unicorn” wins. To vary the game up a bit, the “unicorn” could either try and catch them or, to make the game harder, try and dodge out of the way! I think it would be pretty easy to make this game playable by more than four by just adding a few more rings, either purchased like these toss rings, or by making some from cardboard.

Aim: Put your horn on and collect as many rings as you can. The more the better!
Players: 2-4 (or more adding extra toss tings)
Age: 6+ (really fun for adults as well)
Included: 2 unicorn hats, 6 toss- rings


7) Inflatable Unicorn Ring Toss

Inflatable Unicorn Ring Toss

If you’d rather not have a “unicorn” for the rings to be tossed at, you could opt for this Inflatable Unicorn Ring Toss. I love the adorable heart-shaped rings, though they might be slightly harder to throw straight for inexperienced hands. That rainbow mane and big golden horn complete the picture; this would make a perfect game for little kids! It could even be reused year on year.

Aim: Get as many heart-rings around unicorn horn as you can
Players: 1+
Age: 5+ (really fun for adults as well)
Included: 1 inflatable unicorn, 6 rainbow colored hearts


Alternatively, try this D.I.Y. unicorn ring toss game, which is beautifully sparkly and would satisfy any kid, and could also involve more teams!

I love the bright horns and tulle decorations, and I think the children would have a wonderful time with this game – especially as it includes glow-stick necklaces, which seem to be universally loved by kids everywhere, and which they could take home as party favors afterwards.

You need: unicorn horn party hats, unicorn party plates, glow stick necklaces, glue pen, craft glitter.


Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzles 🧩

A jigsaw is also lots of fun for all the family, and a unicorn jigsaw no less so. I think they make for unusual but amazing party activities; they’re engaging but not wild, and everyone can join in without having to wait their turn. They also aren’t competitive, which can be nice for children; everyone gets to work together as a team, and gets a sense of achievement when the puzzle is finished.

8) Unicorn Forest Jigsaw Puzzle

Unicorn Forest Jigsaw puzzle

This Unicorn Forest Jigsaw Puzzle creates a totally magical looking picture, with lovely blues and pinks to satisfy and child, and some beautiful fairies to add some extra magic to those unicorns! It’s for kids 3+, so it might be great if you’ve got a group of little ones who can do the activity together, enhancing their teamwork, possibly with some adult input to help out when they get stuck.

It’s 20” (50cm) tall, so you’ll end up with a pretty decent-sized puzzle for them to admire when they’re done; all that hard work will have been worth it for this lovely picture! I’ve always enjoyed jigsaws, and would definitely love helping kids finish one this pretty. Your only issue might be with getting them to tidy it up when they’ve finished; I’d have wanted to leave this on display forever!

Puzzle Size: 27” long x 20” high
Pieces: 36pc (thick and big)
Age: 3+


9) Magical Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle

Magical unicorn Ravensburger puzzle

If you want something a little more challenging for kids 6+, this Ravensburger Magical Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle would be a great option. Again, it creates a really beautiful picture, with two beautiful unicorns prancing in a stunning meadow. Jigsaws are a great way to promote hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, as well as improving a child’s patience, so this is an opportunity for them to learn while having fun, and making something beautiful! That sounds like a win in every way to me.

Puzzle Size: 19,5” long x 14,25” high
Pieces: 100pc
Age: 6+


10) Glow In The Dark Unicorn Puzzle

9+ glow in dark unicorn puzzle

For those who want a truly magical jigsaw for older kids, perhaps around 9+, this Glow In The Dark Unicorns Jigsaw Puzzle looks amazing. The artwork is just breathtaking, and it claims to have 18 horses hidden in the image, so the party guests can work together to try and count them up! They’ll be enthralled when their hard work suddenly comes to life as darkness falls and the picture begins to glow, but at 550 pieces, be prepared to offer some adult assistance even if gifting to an older child; this looks challenging! 

Puzzle Size: 18” long x 24” high
Pieces: 550pc ( and 18 hidden horses)
Age: 9+


Pen & Paper Games with Unicorns 🖊️

There are some great unicorn games you can play even if you haven’t got much space to spread out into, or if you want to get all the little ones sitting down quietly for a bit.

11) Unicorn Bingo

Unicorn BINGO

First off, this Unicorn Bingo is a digital download which you can print off, and which would be amazing fun to organize during parties. I love the little pictures and I think kids would enjoy this so much, carefully marking off those appealing images until someone wins; you could have a little bag of sweets as a prize. With 30 cards and 54 different items, you’re not going to be short of things to call, and it would be easy to add to this with your own designs if you wanted to. It doesn’t suggest an age range, but I would think it’s suitable for kids 4+.

Aim: Get all the symbols in your Bingo sheet!
Players: 2+
Age: 4+ (really fun for adults as well)
Included: all downloadable: 3 pdf files: 30 printable 5×7 Bingo cards, 2 calling cards, 54 calling items, page of marking chips. 

You could also go for something like this free printable unicorn bingo.

The images aren’t quite as appealing in my opinion, but it’s still cute, and could be lots of fun for little ones. If you were feeling creative, you could even draw some little pictures yourself, perhaps using videos like this How To Draw A Unicorn, or this How To Draw A Cute UnicornHow To Draw A Rainbow Unicorn Poop Emoji, and How To Draw A Cute Shooting Star.

You could also include things like rainbows, unicorn horns, gems, crowns, and butterflies. I’d suggest scanning and printing your images rather than trying to draw out enough cards for a party by hand!

12) Pin The Horn on The Unicorn

Pin the horn to the unicorn game

Pin The Horn On The Unicorn is another immensely popular party game that will fit with your unicorn theme. This is probably suitable for 3+ with a bit of adult assistance, and with its bright colors and pretty unicorn face, you can be sure the kids will love the activity. There’s an alternative option, bliss & co.’s “Pin The Horn On The Unicorn” party game, with 20 reusable stickers and a pink blindfold. I love that unicorn’s sweet little face and the gold edge detailing on the stickers!

Pin The Horn On The UnicornBliss & Co: Pin The Horn On The Unicorn
Digital download: ·      11×17 jpeg poster to print (needs printhouse) ·      6 Unicorn horns ( gold glitter, green, pink, blue, purple, orange)·      Pdf with the poster on 8,5×11 sheets that can be printed at home and assamble as the puzzle for posterPacked version:·      21”x 28” rainbow unicorn party game·      20 reusable horn stickers (gold outline)·      pink blindfold with unicorn eyelashes·      package for birthday 
Visual: unicorn face – closed eyes, ears, hornsVisual: fairy tale magical unicorn

There’s also a great video for DIY: Pin The UNICORN Game For Kids if you want to make up your own version of this; you could even personalize it with the kids’ names on the horns, and give the unicorn a name. Quick, simple, and a great game, this would be fun for everyone!


Unicorn Card Games 🃏

Card games are also very popular for parties, and are often suitable for a few more players. There are games to suit all age ranges, so no matter who you’re planning a party for, you should still be able to add some unicorn magic to keep them happy.

13) Unicorn Memory Matching Board Game

Unicorn memory matching

For the little ones, this Wonder Forge Unicorn Memory Matching Board Game is suited for 3-5 year olds, and has super cute, fun art to get them engaged. A couple of sets of these would make for a great party game, really easy to teach and play, and very exciting for the kids. It’s a great way to get kids focused, because it requires them to remember where cards are, and it would be nice and easy to help out kids where they need it.

Aim: Match the similar Unicorns into pairs.
Players: 2+, amazing family or party game
Age: 3-5 
Included: 72 tiles, instructions 


14) Unicards: Unicorn Card Game

Unicards card game

Going up a level to the 6+ kids, this Unicards: Unicorn Card Game looks like a lot of fun. It has bright and colorful visuals, plenty of sparkle, and enough rainbows for everyone. For 2-8 players, this might be great for (unicorn) sleepovers or small parties, and is a nice quiet activity kids can enjoy together. There are more details about the kind of game it is available in this Unicards: A Unicorn Card Game video, which shows how to play and what the game is like. It looks pretty straightforward, and enjoyable for everyone!

Aim: Match Unicorns, be guided by rainbows, follow the silly rules game gives you.
Players: 2-8, suitable for unicorn parties
Age: 6-106
Included: 111 cards, instructions 


15) UNOcorns Card Came

UNOcorns card game

For anyone who loves Uno, this UNOcorns Card Game is another classic spiced up with unicorn magic, and I absolutely love the weird and wonderful art style. This is for 7+, and 2-10 players, so again, great for a party or even for quiet evenings at home with the family. You could also get people playing in teams to accommodate a bigger party, and I think everyone will love the new pictures accompanying the familiar game. Perfect for unicorn-lovers!

Aim: It is Unicorn UNO- same rules but way more magic and unicorns. Get rid of all your cards in your hands.
Players: 2-10, suitable for unicorn parties
Age: 7+
Included: 112 cards, instructions 


16) Munchkin Unicorn & Friends

Munchkin unicorn & friends card game

As a final option for a hysterical party game, this Munchkin Unicorns & Friends looks like a great choice. It does say for ages 10+, but in my family, we played other versions of Munchkin at a younger age, and thoroughly enjoyed them. We never had a unicorn set, but the weird and wonderful humor and the competitive nature of this game had us playing over and over again, and this version looks like it combines all those things with some absolutely amazing unicorn art! 

For anyone who loves the juxtaposition of unicorns with a bit of dark humor, this is a great game, and it’s definitely one adults can get involved with and enjoy too. It’s perfect for parties and for quiet nights at home, and comes highly recommended by a huge Munchkin fan!

Aim: Role cardplay that now introduces new ideas and unicorns.
Players: 3-6
Age: 10+ (optional youngers)
Included: 73 cards, 3 boxes of holding, 1 Kill-O-Meter 


D.I.Y. Unicorn Party Games ✂️

We’ve already discussed a couple of D.I.Y. options for hand-making some of the above ideas, but there are still plenty more things you can make to infuse your party with some unicorn magic, and here are a few of our top favorites.

17) Free Printable Unicorn Board Game for Preschoolers (3+)

rainbow unicorn board game

This Rainbow Unicorn Printable Board Game For Preschoolers looks a lot of fun for little ones, perhaps 3+, who are fascinated by colors.

It’s aimed at helping kids learn the colors of the rainbow, and what could be a better helper for that than a magical unicorn? It looks perfect for little ones to get engaged with, and is nice and simple for them to understand. With those cute unicorn characters prancing around the board, I think you’d have no trouble getting small children to sit down and play, and this would be great for settling down an over-excited party.

18) Free Editable Unicorn Board Game (3-6 years old)

Unicorn board game for 3-6 year old kids

Alternatively, if you want to help your guests do a bit of learning but the rainbow isn’t top of your list right now, this Unicorn Editable Board Game lets you fill anything you want into the blanks. You could teach them all about unicorns using different words, or go for the types of food you’ve got at the party – or anything else, really!

It looks cute and engaging, and will help kids learn with a bit of unicorn magic to boost them along. Depending on what you add to the board, this could be suitable from about 3-6 years old.

19) Unicorn “Pass the Parcel” game (3+)

Another nice option would be making your own unicorn-themed pass-the-parcel game, which sounds like great fun to me, and is suitable from about 3+! You could use some unicorn wrapping paper like this Unicorn Gift Wrapping Paper, or go for some Wrapaholic Gift Wrapping Paper Roll in some gorgeous metallic pinks and purples; these would look incredible!

Alternatively, this set of Wrapaholic Unicorn Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls would let you use different papers for different layers, which would be great. 

Add a few unicorn-themed prizes like these Temporary Tattoos, some Unicorn Party Favors, some Unicorn Stationery, or some of this amazing Unicorn Horn Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk, and you’ll have an incredible pass-the-parcel activity that the kids will just love. If you use the chalk, you could then challenge the kids to draw the best unicorn they can as a follow-up activity!

Unicorn party favors for a real unicorn party
Temporary unicorn tattoos

20) Unicorn Music and Dance Activity

A party isn’t a party without a bit of music and dancing, and this Unicorn Song Sing And Dance is a great way to get little kids moving about.

I love how bright and happy it is, and it’s definitely interactive so you can get all the kids dancing, practicing their numbers, and having fun.

This would be even better with some Unicorn Horn Headbands for the kids to point at while dancing. Kids of pretty much any age can enjoy dances like this, so it’s suitable for all ages – just make sure there aren’t any bumps if playing with little children!

unicorn horn headbands

21) Coloring Shirts

If your party is small, you might want to consider a really special coloring activity with them, which will double up as a party favor once finished: these Coloring Book Shirts come with fabric markers, and have a totally adorable unicorn on the front.

You can even choose whether you want washable markers so the activity can be done again and again, or permanent ones to keep the coloring forever. This is definitely a memorable activity for kids, probably around 5-6, to do together.

22) Unicorn Treasure Hunt

If you’ve got a bit of space, treasure hunts are always immensely popular with kids of all ages. There’s so much scope to get creative here, and you don’t need big prizes to motivate them! This Unicorn Treasure Hunt Printable Game might offer you a good starting point, with some simple and easy clues for kids to try out, or you can buy a more complicated Unicorn Treasure Hunt with longer clues. This Unicorn Treasure Hunt even has a background story to get kids totally immersed in the hunt!

Alternatively, make your own to get the kids running around the garden or house and searching for their prizes. You can use the next clue as a prize, or hide a small reward alongside it, like a chocolate coin from one of these Unicorn Candy Bars, or even a Celebration or Hero chocolate. If you’re hiding things indoors, you could do an unwrapped chocolate like a candy corn or a candy melt – anything that looks magical will satisfy the little ones and reward them for their hard work!

Unicorn chocolate bar stickers

23) Unicorn Chocolate Game (5+)

As a final idea, this Chocolate Unicorn game suggested by TeachingTwo sounds great fun, if a little messy; it’s about halfway down the page, and involves stacking a “horn” of Oreos (or other chocolate biscuits) on the head of one of the party-goers. I think this would be great for kids around 5+, who would have enough balance and coordination to make it fun.

Just be prepared to vacuum up some biscuit crumbs when the towers inevitably topple, and the game ends! One of the things I love about this game is that it’s so simple and needs almost no supplies, so you can just grab a packet of cookies and play. If you wish to make thematic cookies yourself, here is an amazing cookie cutter set for unicorn lovers.

unicorn cookie cutter set

Hitting that win

You should hopefully have some amazing party game ideas now! Whatever party you’re throwing, big or small, there are plenty of unicorn games you can play, both ones you buy and ones you create yourself. If your guests have half as much fun as I had composing this list, you’ll have made a great party for them!

A lot of these are games you can play just as a family as well as at parties; they’re so much fun, your kids might well be begging to play them at other times of the year too. Some of them are even fun to travel with, like the Munchkin set, which is compact and can be played on long journeys or at your destination.

Satisfy your kid’s unicorn obsession with these, and be sure to let us know which ones you use, or snap a few pictures if you make something you’re really proud of. We think unicorn magic should be shared by everyone!

On that note, if you’re feeling a little left out of all the gaming fun, why not check out this Unstable Unicorns card game. It’s intended for 14+ but is definitely playable by adults, and will stop you feeling left out of the unicorn fun if you’re starting to get nostalgic about your childhood. Unicorns are for everyone, so enjoy a game intended for an older audience, and be proud of your unicorn love!

We hope you’ve got lots of inspiration and you’ve found things that will help make your parties or your day-to-day family life just a little more magical for everyone! I feel I might be stocking up our games cupboard after this, particularly with one of those beautiful jigsaws for everyone to enjoy this Christmas!