If you, like me, love anything and everything unicorn-related, you’re probably intrigued by unicorn roses or rainbow roses as they are also called!

This might sound a bit like a contradiction; how can something be both a rose and a unicorn? Quite simply by being a rose that encapsulates all the magic, mystery, and wonder of these amazing equines!

Multicolored rainbow unicorn roses

Are Unicorn Roses Real?

If you’ve never seen a unicorn rose, let’s start with a quick overview of what they look like. Unicorn roses are a real – and very beautiful – flower, albeit with the benefit of a little human input! A quick Google search shows off just how stunning these roses are, and how varied they can be, with some varieties more pinks and purples, and some vivid rainbows.

Those spiraling curls of color might be among the most entrancing things I’ve ever seen, and these seem like an extraordinary way to bring a dash of rainbow and uniqueness to any gift. If nothing else, unicorn roses are one of the ultimate ways to be different and stand out from the crowd! They are also – as the name suggests – strongly associated with unicorns, so if you’ve got a unicorn-lover in your life, or you are one yourself, what better gift could be chosen?

What Are Unicorn Roses?

This is the most obvious question when looking at these flowers – what are they? How did they come to exist? Who came up with them?

Purple and blue unicorn rose

First off, let’s remember that unicorns are very “in” right now, and lots of different products are attempting to market themselves as unicorn-themed. Just today, I visited a shop where a little girl was buying “unicorn ice cream” with her mother! It’s probably no surprise then that “unicorn roses” are a thing.

In the past, these roses have been referred to as “kaleidoscope” or “Time to Celebrate” roses, according to CountryLiving, which showcases some stunning images of them. They aren’t new, but the association with unicorns is a pretty obvious one; since the 1970s, unicorns have become increasingly linked with rainbows, so it doesn’t seem a difficult step for clever marketers!

In a nutshell, unicorn roses are dyed roses. That might make them sound simple – we’ve all seen dyed flowers before – but it’s quite an in-depth process to ensure the colors come out nicely and flow into each other. We shouldn’t underestimate the magic that creates these amazing flowers!

Where Can You Buy Them?

Bouquet of unicorn roses

More and more florists are stocking unicorn flowers, particularly for special events such as Mother’s Day. If you’re looking to purchase some of these extraordinary flowers, you could try FleurDuluxe, or ProFlowers to get them delivered. 1800Flowers also sell them under the name “kaleidoscope roses,” in a variety of different sizes. If you prefer Amazon for your purchases, you can find many different bouquets here.

They’re not a flower commonly seen for sale in shops, perhaps because of the tricky process involved in dyeing them, so you may have to go online if your local florist doesn’t have them. In our opinion, that makes them just a little more special and unusual, and you have a greater chance of surprising someone with them – but it does mean that you need to be on the ball and order your flowers early enough to have them arrive on the special day!

Our TOP3 Favorite Unicorn Roses Gift for Any Unicorn (and roses) Lovers:

Unicorn roses aren’t particularly cheap, partly because of the involved process which is needed to create the individual beauty of each one. They are, however, spectacular, eye-catching, and unusual – so for many people, that’s worth a little extra to make a gift more memorable. For those of us who really love unicorns, they’re quite hard to resist!

Bouquet of Unicorn

Perfect gift for any unicorn lover would be this lovely unicorn-shaped bouquet. Please note, it does not have the real roses on it, but they are all absolutely safe and do not cause any allergies.

And the bouquet looks stunning – pure magic out of roses and unicorns!

DIY – How to Make Unicorn Roses?

As mentioned, unicorn roses are quite complicated to dye. CountryLiving states that it takes over eight hours, and requires several different supplies. Some flower retailers keep their methods secret to try and ensure their roses stand out as unique, and prevent copycat rivals.

You can make beautiful DIY unicorn roses yourself.

That said, you can DIY some unicorn roses if you have some time and patience, and you aren’t expecting the perfection of shop-bought. Sometimes homemade really is best, and the rustic look can be the prettiest; if you agree, here are some suggestions for DIYing these gorgeous flowers.

You need white roses so that the pigment will be visible, and you need some food coloring in a selection of colors. PracticallyFunctional recommends using more food coloring for a brighter look, and shorter stems for a quick process. It suggests 1-3 days to allow the roses to absorb their color, so if you want these flowers for a special someone, don’t leave it too late to start!

You need to make a split of several inches in the bottom of the stem, preferably using a sharp knife – and being careful not to cut yourself! This will allow the stem to soak up the color and transfer it to the petals. Slice each half in half again (or create as many splits as the desired number of colors). Stand the rose so that each slice of stem is sitting in a different color, and let the magic run wild!

There is also an alternative way of making unicorn roses using special floral spray paints. With this method, you spray different colors on white roses to make a magnificent and colorful end result. See the exact process from the video below.

Making DIY unicorn roses is a wonderful experiment to do with kids, helping them really visualize how flowers change colors, adding a touch of enchantment to the experiment. If your child adores unicorns, they will absolutely love seeing their roses change color.

It’s also a gorgeous way to brighten up your kitchen and show off your creativity. Homemade unicorn roses can be varied to suit your personal style and can be as subtle or as vivid as you like. If you want something simpler to start out with, you could just stand each rose in an individual color and put them together in a bunch, rather than trying to recreate the layered look which some retailers choose.

Should I Buy Them As A Gift?

Unicorn  rainbow roses are an excellent gift for any unicorn lover.

Unicorn roses are a lovely gift – they’re thoughtful, unique, bright, pretty, and won’t clutter up somebody’s space. There are people who don’t like them, however; we’ve seen a few complaints about not appreciating the natural beauty of roses, and the human desire to tamper with everything.

This is something to consider when you think about the person you’re buying for. Will they appreciate something bright and unusual, or would they prefer a more traditional, natural look? Unicorn roses aren’t for everyone, and while it’s easy to get carried away in how beautiful they are, try to think about the receiver and whether they’ll enjoy them. If they’re a unicorn lover, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be on a winner!

To Summarize…

Unicorn roses are a really wonderful twist on the classic flower arrangement, and they’re suitable for all sorts of occasions, such as weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries – though perhaps less appropriate as most funerals. Of course, there are many who aren’t so sure about them and would rather receive all-natural roses, and we think that’s great too. One of the nicest things about rainbows is that they celebrate the variety of human nature.

I personally think unicorn roses are beautiful, and I would love to stroll through a garden, brushing the vibrant blooms and enjoying the fiery array of colors. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a glimmer of silver vanishing among the fronds as unicorns slipped from sight into the magic of these flowers!