If your little one loves unicorns, chances are you might find yourself throwing a unicorn party – or more than one over the years! There are lots of unicorns gracing our world now, but sifting through all the different products can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve complied our favorite unicorn table decoration ideas here to try and make things a little easier!

PS: we have also added some unicorn foods🍭🍕 to decorate your tables 😉 You just can not miss to try them out!

Unicorn Table Decoration Ideas

The table might just be one of the most important parts of the party decoration; it is, after all, where all the kids will congregate to eat, and it’s often an opportunity to show off your dedication to the theme. Making it bright and magical will really pull together all the threads of your party and ensure everyone has a wonderful time. Let’s get unicornizing!

Unicorn Table Centerpieces

The centerpiece of the table is a great place to start, because you can theme all the rest of your decoration around it, and make the table look coordinated and complete. There are some really beautiful centerpieces available, so plenty of choice to get the table looking just the way you want it!

Golden and glittery unicorn head centerpiece

1) I love this glittery golden unicorn head silhouette. It has just the right amount of sparkle, added to by those lovely puffs of color around the base, and the pretty pearls decorating its horn.

It’s magical and simple, and would look great on any table, but might be particularly suited to an older child looking for a more mature unicorn theme. The seller also has several other unicorn centerpieces available, so if you just want a horn and flowers, that’s an option too, but the unicorn head is my personal favorite. Have a flick through and let us know which ones you like best!

unicorn face centerpiece

2) Next is this gorgeous unicorn face centerpiece. The pure white simplicity combined with those colorful flowers makes for a very striking piece, and I love the gently swirling mane, and the content sleepy-eyes. Watercolors are always lovely for making a soft, magical feeling, and this centerpiece does not disappoint on that front.

Unicorn themed tablecloth

You can also add this matching unicorn tablecloth ! Looks perfect together with the centerpiece!

Unicorn Felt Table Centerpiece

3) If you want a centerpiece with a bit of height and more detail, this felt unicorn might be perfect for your party. I love how real it looks, and you could position it to be leaping over a jelly or the cake for an extra bit of fun.

That beautifully swirling mane and the bright colors are just stunning, and this has to be one of the most memorable centerpieces I’ve ever seen – certainly a unique piece that your child and their guests are bound to love when it graces their table. I’d be saving this to use again next year for sure!

Unicorn Flower Box Centerpiece

4) For a centerpiece with lovely bright flowers, you might want to consider this unicorn flower box. We’ve included it articles before, but that’s because it’s so stunningly beautiful and has such good reviews, and I love that it can be used to store things in your child’s bedroom after the party – multipurpose and multi-use!

Those rainbow flowers would look amazing among all the bright food, and this would be a beautiful way to start off your magical table.

Set of three - Unicorn centerpiece

5) If you want a smaller centerpiece with flowers, you could consider this one. The unicorn horn looks great, and you could order a couple in different colors, or just choose your child’s favorite color and set this in the middle – either way, you’ll be off to a good start.

There’s an enormous amount of choice in terms of colors, so this would be a particularly good centerpiece if you want a very clear color scheme running throughout the party.

Glittery Unicorn Mason Jars- perfect for table decoration

6) Finally, these glittery mason jars would look fabulously magical and mystical standing among all the food. They make for a simple option, easy to store for reuse on other years, and again, you have a range of colors to choose from. With those cute little unicorn faces on the front and sparkly golden horns, they’ll really add to the atmosphere of magic. You could also pop them in your child’s room after the party, so they can continue enjoying the unicorn sparkle.

Unicorn & Rainbow Balloons For Table Decor

3D unicorn balloon

7) Of course, no table is complete without a balloon or two to brighten it up. This 3D unicorn is a spectacular start, and ticks pretty much every box for looking sparkly, magical, and beautiful.

  It’s not a helium balloon, but is designed to stand on the table, so it could double up as a centerpiece if you wanted it to. You can pretty much guarantee the kids are going to want to get it down and play with it either way!

You can even go one step further and fill all your tables with 3D unicorns! This unicorn 8 pack has 8 different cheerful and colorful unicorn balloons in it. Kids would love them and you can share those out as a gift after the party!

3D balloon unicorn set for table decoration
Unicorn colorful marbled rainbow balloons.

8) If you want balloons to fill with helium, you could try these marbled rainbow ones, perhaps putting one above each place, or filling a bunch to drift above the middle of the table. If you’re environmentally-minded and don’t want to use helium, or it seems too complicated and fiddly, why not tie some to straws or suspend them from the ceiling on fishing wire to get a similar effect?

The kids will love them whatever you do! Not only kids, but they fit also for a baby shower or bachelorette party!

Unicorn set of balloons with different designs.

9) This mixed set of balloons would also look fantastic. I really like that there are different designs, so you can have cute unicorn faces on pink or on white balloons, and then some balloons with a lovely gold sequin-effect to offset them.

There’s also a few other color options, including a purple sequin-effect, so you can ensure the balloons are matching your party. You could tie a string of these balloons behind the table and stick them to the wall as another option for simple decoration that doesn’t involve helium.

Giant holographic unicorn balloon

10) If you’re going down the rainbow route, there couldn’t really be anything more suitable than this giant holographic balloon.

At 54”, these would look absolutely spectacular at any unicorn party, and I can imagine the kids would go wild at the sight of them. Admittedly, you need a bit of space for that, but it would definitely make an impact! Blow up a few of these, and you’ll have the brightest party on the block.

Cute unicorn DIY balloons.

11) For those parents who like to get their kids involved in the decoration, have you ever heard of D.I.Y. balloons? This was a new one on me, but this D.I.Y. unicorn balloon looks like something parent and child could have a lot of fun making before the party!

It’s also huge and claims to be very resilient, which would be great at a party with little ones, who tend to handle balloons quite roughly. You could probably even make your own version to fit your theme if you can source a large enough white balloon. The set comes in two and it is the perfect decoration for kids’ birthday, but as well for the baby showers or bachelorette parties. Try it out!

Unicorn Tablecloth

What goes under all that food and decor is important too. You’ll probably want a tablecloth partly to protect your table from spills and sticky fingers, but it’s also a great way to brighten up the room and add a splash of unicorn energy before you start adding things.

Unicorn tablecloth

12) This unicorn tablecloth has all the magic you could want. I love that the border around the table area is bright, but the top is quite plain, so you won’t end up with a very “cluttered” effect once you’ve put out the food and drinks. The little woodland animals surrounding the unicorns are a lovely touch, and the bright colors are gorgeous.

13) If you want a more reusable and unusual option, this rainbow table tulle skirt would be perfect. I like that you can choose your size, so you’ll know it will fit your table, and the reviews suggest it’s easy to attach with tape even if the skirt clips (not included, sadly) don’t work for your sort of table.

It would look very pretty and mystical. As a kid, I definitely would have wanted to crawl under a table with this on it, especially if I thought it was a unicorn cave. Make your own unicorn and Alice Wonderland.

Cheerful and colorful unicorn tablecloth.

14) You could also purchase this lovely rainbow tablecloth, which would be ideal if you’re going for an ultra-colorful party.

I love the unicorn motif on this one, with that vibrant mane and happy expression, and again, it’s reusable, which always makes me happy!

Another colorful table cloth option helps to believe in magic. It is also making unicorn party magical.

"Believe in magic" unicorn tablecloth

Plates And Cups

If you’re lucky enough to have sufficient plates and cups to serve your party, you may want to use those, but if you need to buy some paper plates, you might as well make sure they’re magical as can be!

Magical square rainbow plates.

15) I really like these square rainbow plates. They’re definitely in the unicorn theme, and they look big enough for kids to get a good helping of food without it spilling over the edges.

They’re also super cute, and come in generous packs of 20, so one or two packs should be plenty unless you’re holding a really big unicorn party!

Rainbow-shaped plates and napkins for unicorn themed party

16) On the rainbow theme, these plates are even more magical, but might be slightly less practical if you’ve got young kids. Older kids should manage just fine, and will love the vibrant colors, and the fun of eating off such unusually shaped plate. Any food you serve will instantly become unicorn-y on these things.

The set is big enough for 50 people and comes with matching napkins! Your unicorn party can start!

Unicorn-shaped paper plates

17) Another magical option, these unicorn-shaped plates are pretty stunning! I love the pearly card they’ve used, but I think they’d probably be more suitable for serving food on than trying to eat off.

They don’t look like they’d be easy to hold, so unless you can persuade all the kids to sit still while they eat, they might be a disaster waiting to happen. If you do manage to get everyone sitting down, they’d make great plates, and any food displayed on them would look instantly unicorn-y and whimsical.

For small unicorn fans, here is alternative unicorn-shaped plates, cute and sweet for the youngest unicorn riders or a real nice girl-party or sleepover. Just look at those cutiepies. They will make the perfect unicorn table decoration!

Cute pastel unicorn shaped plates.
Unicorn party set with cups , plates and table cloth

18) If you’d rather get a whole matching set of paper crockery, this party supplies one is totally gorgeous, with amazing detail. And it comes with all the necessary items!

I love how real the flowers look, and that the unicorn’s eyelashes have been individually drawn in. These are definitely magical plates, and you get a great set, with dinner plates, dessert plates, and matching cups. How could the party not be amazing with something like this for the kids?

Golden-Trimmed Unicorn plates and cups

19) Another magical set, these gold-accented plates and cups look very mature, especially when combined with those golden utensils. I like that you can choose the items individually so you can get whatever you need for the party, and I love that you can have matching napkins.

This would definitely appeal to an older child, who is interested in “grown-up” dinners and elegance. They come in packs of six, and I think it would be lovely to have the full set, including the amazing golden straws!

Wooden Unicorn Plates

20) As a final pick on the plates, this wooden unicorn plate/bowl could be wonderful to serve off, and would make lovely year-round decoration. I’d certainly have loved one of these when I was younger, and I wouldn’t mind one now!

It looks elegant and mature, and beautiful covered in fruit as shown in the display picture. It definitely makes a change from the glitter and rainbows unicorns are often associated with for kids’ parties!

Other Unicor Decor

For a last few things to spice up your table – it must be looking pretty magical by now – here are some more favorite ideas that would look fantastic and make your child’s day magical.

Unicorn "One" Table decor item

21) If you’re celebrating a first birthday, this amazing “One” sign would look fantastic on the table. I love the glittery accents combined with the clean white, and the simplicity of the script. That unicorn horn on the “N” just pulls the piece together beautifully.

If you were crafty, I think you could make something similar out of wood or even cardboard, and it would look gorgeous on the table, or hung up on the wall behind it.

22) If you want a bit of sparkle among the food, why not try some unicorn confetti? This cute confetti would satisfy a lot of unicorn lovers and would look great galloping among the plates.

Cute unicorn confetti

Alternatively, this silver purple confetti also looks fabulous, or you could do a mixture of the two!

Pink-silver unicorn confetti

For a really magical twist, this personalized confetti would wow any kid, and make them feel truly special on their big day.

Unicorn cake toppers

23) If you’re doing cupcakes, these unicorn cake toppers would look lovely, and the kids could keep them as little mementos of the party once the cakes are gone. You could even have a go at making these yourself, possibly with the help of your kid, especially if you wanted a particular color scheme.

Rainbow unicorn cupcake stand

Stand the cupcakes on this rainbow tiered cupcake stand for the most rainbow and magical look possible. It looks stunning and decorates all possible unicorn style parties.

24) If you’ve got a lot of dishes that might want identifying, such as dips, or vegetarian sandwiches vs meat sandwiches, or you’re catering for allergies and need to label things, these unicorn food labels would look adorable. You could also use them as place names so the kids know where to sit – either way, they’d look fantastic!

Unicorn food labels or name tags for the seat
Personalized Unicorn Wooden Charms

25) Finally, another memento your guests could keep, which would look magical beside their plate, these little wooden charms are so cute, though they are intended for weddings.

You could have an encouraging message engraved instead, so your guests will always have something to associate with good fortune and happiness. Since you probably won’t want a pack of 40, you could just order a few “sample sets” to get enough to give out to your guests.

Savory Food 🍕

Rainbow Colored Pasta

26) Choosing food for a kid’s party is often fun, and that’s no exception when it comes to unicorn food, but sometimes getting them to eat the savory parts before they tuck into the desserts is a challenge. Fortunately, this rainbow pasta is likely to appeal to unicorn fans of all ages. It looks pretty easy, and you could serve it as pasta salad if you didn’t want to try and get hot food to a table with all the normal party chaos.

Easy to make. You need: Spaghetti noodles, liquid food coloring, Ziploc bags, water.

Make your cooking fun with this lovely “I could eat a unicorn” pasta measurer tool.

Pasta measuring tool: I could eat a horse/unicorn.

This Colorful Fruit Salad would look perfect as table decoration

27) A fruit salad is also a food that’s healthy and pretty easy to achieve rainbows in. This one from CookingClassy looks pretty good, especially with all those strawberries!

Kids will really enjoy tucking into this, and it’s minimal in terms of preparation: win-win! I’d be inclined to serve it in individual cups or bowls to make it easier for your small guests, however.

You could also spice it up into mini fruit tacos if you were feeling adventurous, and this might make it easier for guests to serve themselves.

Ingredients you need for TACO SHELLS: flour tortillas, sugar, cinnamon, cooking spray.

Ingedients you need for SALAD/FILLING: light cream cheese, honey, granulated sugar, cinnamon, strawberries, mandarin, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries.

Rainbow Sandwiches

28) These rainbow sandwiches look like the perfect unicorn party food, being simple to make, simple to serve, and simple to eat – and rainbow!

I love the bright fillings and I think kids would devour these with great eagerness, if only because of their bright colors! They’re made with jellies and jams, so nothing too unhealthy to fill up little tummies with, and they’d look fabulous arranged on a plate together. Human creativity when it comes to food never ceases to amaze me!

Ingredients You need: a rainbow selection of jams/jellies/ preserves such as strawberry, Marmelade, lemon curd, mint, etc; white bread slices.

Colorful Rainbow Pitta Pizzas

29) We’ve talked about rainbow pizzas before, but these rainbow pitta pizzas are a step up again!

They look very simple and easy, certainly healthy, and beautifully bright. Cut up into squares or triangles, they’d be ideal for kids to serve themselves, and would be tasty served hot or cold, which is always good when it comes to party food!

Ingredients you need: pitta bread, pizza sauce or passata, grated mozzarella, a rainbow of chopped vegetables (tomatoes, orange pepper, sweetcorn, broccoli, red onion, cooked beetroot)

Unicorn Smoothie

30) You could finish all that off with a healthy unicorn smoothie.

Smoothies aren’t difficult to get bright colors if you use a few raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries, but here is a recipe for if you want a bit of help. Top the cups off with a bit of whipped cream and maybe a slice of fruit, and your magical unicorn smoothies will look super professional.

Ingredients you need: Greek yogurt, milk, chopped blueberries & strawberries, whipped cream. Additional fruits for garnishing.

You can even add some more magic using these reusable unicorn staws. It comes in a pack of 24, so one package should be enough. Perfect fit for perfect smoothie!

reusable unicorn straws

Snacks And Candy🍭

When it comes to unicorn snacks and candy, there’s almost too much to choose from! Almost all foods seem to be made rainbow when they’re sweet, but here are a few of our absolute favorites, fished from the myriad of ideas available online!

Rainbow Swirl Bread

31) First up, I love this rainbow swirl bread. It doesn’t actually specify on the recipe whether this is sweet or savory, but from the amount of sugar, I’m guessing sweet. It might be worth trying it out in advance to check, but either way, it will look absolutely incredible on your table. You could make chocolate spread sandwiches with it – not healthy, that’s for sure, but the kids will be over the moon! You could also use one of the jam or jelly ideas from earlier for a different colored filling.

Ingredients you need: milk + one egg yolk, unbleached all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, active dry yeast, unsalted butter, salt, food coluring: red, yellow, green, blue.

Rainbow Dip and Cookies will look perfect on your unicorn-themed table

32) S’mores have been a popular party food for ages, and it’s not hard to see why – especially if you make a rainbow dip, like in this recipe.

Those gorgeous vibrant colors will have kids’ mouths watering immediately, and I think I’d like to try a bit of this myself! I love that most of the mess will (hopefully) be contained, and the kids can just dip the crackers in. Bring the outside inside, and make a lovely s’mores dip for your party!

Ingredients you need: marshmallows, sprinkles in six colors, butter or Crisco, chocolate chips, graham crackers or pretzels.

Additionally you need: toothpicks, scissors, baking dish.

Rainbow Cake Trifle

33) This rainbow cake trifle looks so good it could be an edible centerpiece! Nice and easy to prep in advance, always an advantage when you’ve got a lot to do, it will certainly wow your little guests with all its rainbow beauty, and probably amaze some of the parents too.

I want a bowlful, or maybe three.

Ingredients you need: white cake mix, food coloring, whipped cream, Jello white chocolate instant pudding.

Colorful Chocolate-covered pretzels

34) For a nice easy snack that kids can eat away from the table, these chocolate-covered pretzels will also add beautifully to your unicorn theme. They look quick and easy, and use much the same ingredients as the rainbow popcorn we mentioned in our article 40 Unicorn Sleepover Ideas, and which you can find the recipe for here. Once you’ve got the melts, you might as well make up a big bowl of both, mix them together, and watch your guests enjoy themselves!

Ingredients you need: mini pretzels twists, Colorful chocolate Melts ( Wilton)

Additionally you need: microwave proof bowls, wax paper, forks.

Unicorn Poop Meringues

35) Last, but certainly not least, these unicorn poop meringues are stunning. I love the galaxy-rainbow colors, and though they do require a bit of prep, they’d look great on the table, especially with some edible glitter sprinkled on top for a little bit of extra unicorn sparkle.

They would also be nice and easy for kids to eat, which is always a win when it comes to party food!

Ingredients you need: egg whites, powdered sugar, strawberry extract (or any other flavoured extracts), blue-purple-pink food coloring.

PS: more food ideas in our article about Unicorn Sleepover ideas.


We hope we’ve inspired you to put out the best possible unicorn table this year. Whether you’re celebrating a first birthday or your child is growing up, unicorns remain magical and popular with all ages, and we’re sure that your child and their friends will absolutely love having a unicorn theme. From the food to the decor, everything is here, and you can get really inventive, creative, and experimental. Let the unicorns inspire you, and let the magic flow!

When it’s all done with, we hope you’ll be proud of yourself, and we hope unicorns aren’t the only ones the kids will be calling magical – because you’ll deserve a round of applause and a big cup of tea or coffee after all that work. We hope the day is as wonderful as can be! If you have other unicorn table decoration ideas that we’ve missed which you think should be included, let us know so we can share them with other parents.