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30+ Unicorn 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

We all know that birthdays are important milestones, especially for small folks, and the third birthday might be one of the most important of all. Chances are, your little one is just starting to grasp the concept of “birthdays�? and will be very excited to find that they have one themselves. If that’s the case, you’ll definitely want to put some extra effort into a third birthday party.


What better way to celebrate than with unicorns? Almost all little kids absolutely love unicorns, and they make for such a magical, beautiful theme. All the guests are bound to enjoy themselves, and you’ll have no problem with putting a bit of sparkle on the day with the help of these beautiful equines.

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If you’re a crafty mom or dad with a bit of free time on your hands, you might want to make your own invites. They don’t have to be fancy, after all, and you could always scan and print several copies so it doesn’t take too long. However, you might prefer to buy some invites, or you might just be looking for some inspiration for your own designs: here are a few of our favorite birthday invites for little ones.


1) I totally love this cut-out unicorn invitation. It’s unisex, has lovely cute bright colors, and keeps everything simple. You can fill in the information yourself on the back, and there’s nothing overly fancy going on – just a sweet invite for friends. For young kids, I think this would be absolutely ideal, and I think those colors would really appeal. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be lovely!


2) If you want a bit more of a picture, this invitation is also pretty gorgeous. I love the background color and all those cute little animals, pretty plants, and flowers! The stylized drawings are lovely, and I think both the parents and the kids would appreciate this invite.

It’s one I’d be keeping if I received it, because it’s just so adorable. Admittedly, the unicorn theme is less evident here, with llamas, cacti, stars, hearts, pineapples, and a dozen other weird and wonderful things sharing their space, but it still looks good! You can also choose between physical invites and a print-your-own option, which makes it nice and flexible.


3) For those parents thinking more rainbows, pinks, and purples, this invitation may be the way to go. That unicorn is so nicely drawn, and I love the vivid colors in the mane and tail. The invite still has a nice “clean�? feel to it, with the information all nice and clear at the bottom of the invite, so parents can get the details at a glance. These ones are a digital download, so make sure you have access to a printer before purchasing!


4) Another rainbow invite, this one has a softer, more whimsical feel, with gently blending colors, a sparkly golden horn, and lots of tiny stars. The text is a little on the swirly side in my opinion, but I bet small people would find this simply magical and beautiful, and the unicorn looks very peaceful and content. What a great way to start off your kid’s party!


5) Finally, this invitation really pulls out all the stops on the “magical�? feeling, with a rain of golden sequins cascading down. What I love most about it, however, is that you can add a picture of your little girl or boy on the back, so friends will have a keepsake that really reminds them of that time. Many will be too small to appreciate how magical this is at three, but their parents probably will – can you imagine them being able to pull it out in twenty years’ time, and show your child it has been kept, and how much they’ve changed? Your kid would probably also love being on their own invitation like this, especially side by side with such a gorgeous unicorn design, all bright with watercolor flowers. Perfect!

Unicorn-Themed Outfits For The Birthday Child

Your child may well want a special outfit to wear for their special day, and it might be nice to have some pictures with them wearing something new, exciting, and perhaps a bit sparkly! Most kids love having “pretty�? or “cool�? clothes to wear, so if you can find the right thing, you’ll make their day even brighter.


6) There are a lot of options, but more for girls than boys. However, we love this “Three Rex�? t-shirt, which is unisex, weird and wonderful and a little bit crazy, with a cake, a dinosaur, a rainbow, fireworks, and all sorts going on! It’s 100% cotton, and looks like something your kid would enjoy wearing throughout the year. I love the bright colors, but I can’t help wondering what on Earth that t-rex and unicorn are up to and where they’re heading!


7) Another option which could be worn by boys or girls, this blue t-shirt is attractive for its simplicity, with that beautifully drawn unicorn and the word “three�? as its only decor. You couldn’t get much further from the previous shirt, but again, this could be worn year round, and it would look great. I like that there’s a choice of colors, and I love the simple font on the unicorn. Your kid can proudly tell everyone their age and point to their shirt!


8) If you’re looking for some sparkly magic, this unicorn dress might be the way to go. It looks absolutely amazing, with those pearly and sparkly colors, and those cute little unicorn eyes. Added to the unicorn horn headband, this couldn’t be a nicer outfit for a 3rd birthday, and your little girl will feel like a real unicorn princess for her party!


9) The next outfit includes lots of different options to choose from, so you can add any parts you want for a complete “look�? – and a very rainbow magical look it is too! I have to admit, I’d probably be going all out with this, because I struggle to resist those rich rainbow colors. Your child can have their name stamped across the shirt, or have it plain, and can run around feeling like they really are a magical unicorn in all that color. Wow, this is gorgeous! I think they’ll want to wear it every day of the week if you aren’t careful.


10) As a final little touch, pretty much every kid I’ve met loves having a badge, so this unicorn “3�? badge may prove the perfect accessory to your child’s outfit. It’s sparkly, cute, and will tell everyone their age – what’s not to love, especially on their birthday! It’s also made of felt, so no pointy bits for them to stab themselves on, and it does promise not to cover anyone in glitter, which is always a win if you’re the parent doing clean-up.

Activities and Games

It can be a challenge to find activities which kids in this age group will enjoy, not need too much supervision for, and not make an enormous mess with. Having a party with little kids is daunting enough without them destroying your living room!


11) Coloring tends to be a nice, safe activity which is universally loved by little ones, and these free downloadable unicorn coloring pages would make a perfect activity for your party. A few bright pencil crayons and a flat surface, and you’ll soon have all your guests trying to color the prettiest unicorn possible, with minimal mess or adult assistance needed.


12) If you have just a few guests or some other adults on hand to help, this unicorn dream catcher kit would be an absolutely magical activity, and would give your little guests a memento to take home. Unicorns and good dreams have to be one of the best possible combinations, and this will give your own little one security against monsters and dark nights. I really like the mix of different decorations that come with this kit.

If you were feeling crafty, you could probably whip up a “dream catcher station�? with lots of pots for kids to dip into, rather than having individual kits. You could make the central catchers out of card, and add ribbons, buttons, and other accessories to fit with your party and your child’s preferences. These things look beautiful!


13) As a smaller alternative, this DIY unicorn necklace kit might equally wow your guests, and could prove easier for little fingers to work with. They will still need help, but afterwards, they’ll all have beautiful unicorn necklaces they can wear and show off to each other, and keep as tokens of your party. Again, you could recreate your own version of this with a bit of creativity, so you can make the necklaces look however you want them to! You could also give all the little ones golden unicorn headbands and encourage them to pretend to be unicorns for pictures and fun together!


14) If you’re planning on “story time�? for your little guests, this felt storyboard is a lovely, unique idea.  You could use it to help your story along, and let the kids have some fun making their own stories with it. If you’re a parent who believes in the magic of fairy tales, this would prove a lot of fun for months after the party was over, and your child could keep it for playing with on long journeys or at night. I love the cute little people and particularly – of course – that gorgeous unicorn! With a few fairies and a cute rabbit, this has endless storytelling potential.

Unicorn 3rd Birthday Party Decorations


15) If you’ve got a printer and you’re looking for the ultimate party decoration kit, this might be the one. You get a whole load of different personalized things to put up around the room, making it bright and lovely for your unicorn fan. This is a pretty inexpensive way of getting a lot of decorations – and if you printed them on card, you could either reuse them another year, or recycle them, minimizing the party waste! This is a great “all in one�? solution that even comes with invitations!


16) For an absolutely magical backdrop behind the table, this one will have the kids entranced. I would have spent hours staring at this as a kid, and I love how simple it is, while still managing to be absolutely beautiful. That unicorn looks nothing short of majestic, and again, this is customizable and printable. I really like how the mane is metallic rainbow, a bit of a twist on the usual bright rainbow colors!


17) In terms of balloons, this mermaid-and-unicorn garland would look amazing running behind the table, or up on the wall. It’s probably best to have balloons out of the way with little kids, unless you’re prepared for some bangs and some tears, but these would be perfect for brightening up a plain wall. I love the magical colors and the pearlescent effect.


18) If your child is anything like I was at three, they’ll be bewitched by this unicorn balloon. That mystical picture would have enchanted me as a child – I still love it! – and the star shape just adds to the effect. I love that it shows a mother and baby running side by side, with such beautiful scenery behind them. A few of these around the table would be perfect. They would also make lovely favors for guests to take home, spreading a bit of unicorn magic!


19) You could also try this unicorn party pack, which has several foil balloons, and a lovely big “3�? especially for their third birthday! I love the selection you get with this pack, so you can decorate your room with some variety, a few balloons with words, some plain pearlescent ones, and a huge unicorn balloon, as well as that beautiful “3�?! This pack is probably all you need to get the room looking great!


20) For those who aren’t keen on balloons (for the environmental impact or for other reasons), these paper rosettes are a beautiful way to add some color to your party room, and they are definitely unicorn-y. I love those cute faces and I think they’d be perfect for a kid’s party. I also really like how flexible these rosettes are: you can arrange them however you want in your space, and they’ll complement each other beautifully. Perfect for any party, and more reusable and eco-friendly than balloons!

Unicorn Centerpieces

The centerpiece is often the making of the table, so it’s really important to choose well and get something which fits with your theme. You might choose to use the cake or something similar as your centerpiece, but if not, here are a few other ideas which would look gorgeous at any party.


21) These unicorn centerpieces are bright, glittery, and colorful enough to satisfy any small unicorn lover. I think they’d look amazing standing among an array of unicorn food, and they’re an inexpensive option for decorating the table. You could also put things in the box, perhaps some little favors for your guests, or an extra special present for your birthday boy or girl. You can even personalize them. You could put one in front of every place, with a little message for each guest!


22) I’m also in love with these unicorn letters, and I think your kid would love them too. These make the party very much “theirs,�? and will make your small person feel super special. They could be reused as a room decoration or in future parties, and they look like they’d last for years. I love the creativity that has gone into decorating these, and how every letter is different – and it’s definitely a way to show unicorns have blessed the party with their magic.


23) These unicorn night lights might just be the crowning magical centerpiece, and would double up as a lovely gift. I love that haze of gauze surrounding them with a magical cloud of color, and the glittery balls with happy faces. The cute, neat flowers and the ears and horns just perfect the image, and these are probably my favorite centerpiece, especially for small people who might still fear the dark – the unicorns will be there to light the way for them! You can even customize your order to suit your color tastes.

Food Ideas

Food for little ones can be tricky, and unicorn food is no exception to this rule. You want bright and beautiful, but also not too full of sugar or nasty coloring.


24) Pizza has to be the most traditional party food because it’s easy to eat with your fingers, and can be served hot or cold. We’ve suggested a couple of rainbow pizzas before, but here’s one which involves an extra bit of a sparkle – edible glitter! It looks pretty straightforward to make, and you can tell the kids a unicorn must have spilled the glitter from its mane.


25) Sandwiches are another easy and popular party food, especially for little people – so imagine how well rainbow, unicorn-shaped sandwiches will go down! These are lovely and creative, and don’t involve much work if you can get hold of a unicorn-shaped cookie cutter; you could even go for a set like this and have a range of shapes and options on display. Cheese spread is a super popular filling with most kids, so you hopefully won’t find many fussy eaters rejecting your “magical�? filling.


26) Yogurt is another reasonably healthy snack most children seem to enjoy, and these rainbow yogurt bites step it up a notch, with bright colors weaving throughout. They look nice and easy, and would make a great treat for hot days.


27) Cinnamon rolls are often an immensely popular snack, and these unicorn ones will be even more so, especially with all those tempting sprinkles decorating that rainbow icing. They look pretty easy to achieve, and they’d be nice and simple to serve, as well as straightforward for kids to eat without any major difficulty – though they might get rather sticky!


28) Finally, I’m not sure a party is a party if it doesn’t have jello. It’s almost the ultimate party food, and also one that’s definitely easy to make rainbow, but we wanted something a bit more exciting than the standard layered colors. These rainbow ribbon jello squares just look incredible! They look like actual slices of rainbow, and kids are bound to love tucking into them. You could also do a pink-themed rainbow or one with more blues, depending on what your kid likes and what colors you can get hold of.

Unicorn Cakes

Everyone knows that the most important part of a party has got to be the cake! Why not, after all. It’s something all the guests get to share, and it – hopefully – tastes amazing. The candles, the singing, the wish: we have so many birthday traditions centered on the birthday cake.


29) Some of the cakes displayed here are absolutely extraordinary, and I love the main pink one with that froth of white bubbling around it. It doesn’t look too complicated if you can manage the icing, and I’m sure there are many artisan bakers who could reproduce this look if you feel it’s beyond your culinary skills (it’s certainly beyond mine!). I can just imagine the child’s face lighting up at the sight of this magical unicorn atop such a beautiful cake.


30) If you’re like me and you love those rainbow layered sponge cakes, this one would be stunning. I think kids would be enchanted by the revelation of that bright color inside the plainer white exterior, and would definitely love tucking into a rainbow cake. You can find a video tutorial for rainbow sponge in the video below to give you a hand with it if you prefer videos to written instructions.

The frosting doesn’t look too tricky, and you could get away with a messier look if necessary – unicorns run around in the wind, after all! The horn, eyes, and ears are apparently made from marshmallow fondant, which sounds absolutely delicious, and looks amazing. You could add some edible glitter to the cake for a bit of extra sparkle, though I’m not sure it needs it. Wow!


31) This might just be my favorite unicorn cake, especially for little ones. I think color is key here, and everyone knows three-year-olds tend to love a bit of color! The cake itself should be reasonably easy, and I love that gradient fade from blue to pink, with the simple colored stars all over.

The unicorn itself looks so lovely – peaceful and happy, with that gorgeous curling mane. I particularly love how it sweeps around at the bottom of the cake, like a real mane would. The horn protruding above is very creative, and all around, I think this is a cake your child would remember for many years to come! Make sure you take some pictures before the kids get at it, though!!


32) If you don’t want to make a cake yourself, this topper could turn any bought cake into unicorn magic, and would look amazing – definitely enough to satisfy a 3-year-old! Those gold stars and swirly writing set off the unicorn beautifully, and I’d definitely have loved this at that age, especially over a blue cake!

Finishing Off

We hope you’re feeling full of inspiration for a wonderful party now. You should be all set – invites, activities, decor, food, and cake. The magic of unicorn parties is so inspiring and exciting, and this is such a wonderful time to build memories for your child. I remember a few of my early birthdays – the cakes in particular – and how special they were to me. We hope you can make your child’s equally special!

Planning a unicorn 3rd birthday party should be fun as well as work, and we wish you all the best with it. With these magical ideas and beautiful products, it’s bound to be a day you’re proud of throughout your time as a parent; we know your kid and their guests will love it!

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