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5 Reasons Unicorns Are Awesome

Unicorns play all sorts of games with each other, including hide-and-seek, racing up mountains, dodging the surf, and chasing rainbowsOccasionally they also test their strength and skills against each other in a sparring contest. Unicorns are known for their sense of freedom, so it stands to reason that they should also love anything exhilarating and exciting.

Two Toy Unicorns Having fun.

Unicorns will play anything which challenges them and gives them a sense of power and energy. They love to chase each other and race around in open fields, especially when they are young. If you’ve ever seen a unicorn having fun, you’ll understand how beautiful and pure and innocent they are.

Go Seek

When in herds, these stunning creatures have so many opportunities to play. Young unicorns are particularly keen to frisk, but even older unicorns love the sense of challenge and adventure that comes from a good game.

Unicorns are particularly good at hide-and-seek. They are amazingly skilled at blending into their backgrounds, so they can disappear behind trees and rocks with surprising ease. Their glittering coats and shining manes don’t give them away when they creep into the shadows.

The seeking unicorn will have to look very hard to spot the others. They have to agree not to cross over into other worlds, or the game would become much too difficult! Unicorns have sharp eyes, but even so, it might take quite a long time for the seeker to find the hiders, because unicorns are so good at disappearing.

Unicorn Playing Hide and Seek
Can you spot the hidden unicorn in the picture?

Unicorns also play foraging games, where they challenge each other to find the most nuts or berries. Similar to the Easter egg hunts which humans play, they have to search high and low for these prizes, and there’s the added temptation of munching a few as they collect them.

Some unicorns like to follow humans, ducking out of sight whenever we turn around. This is a little like Grandmother’s Footsteps, except that they must be completely hidden for the game to work.

This game is more likely to be played by older unicorns, who have enough experience to hide themselves well. If the little ones decide to play, you might just catch a glimpse of them as they plunge out of sight! If you’ve ever felt you are being followed, perhaps you’ve been part of a unicorn game without even realizing it!

Unicorns enjoy anything which involves concealment. They are so good at disappearing that they excel at these games, and it helps the youngsters practice skills which will keep them safe in later life.

The Thrill Of The Race

Unicorns also love anything which involves a race. Because they are such swift creatures, they love to challenge themselves and each other, and they will race on any terrain. They are very nimble, so even the great mythical creatures that live in the mountains can join in with this sport. They dart up cliff faces and jump fissures with amazing speed and confidence as they all try to outpace their companions.

Magical Unicorn Running In Moonlight
Running and racing each other is something unicorns often do.

Some unicorns will race other creatures, such as birds or butterflies, for the sheer fun of outrunning them. When they race each other, they take it more seriously, and the winner is much admired by the group. Unicorns are so swift that you would probably hardly see them if they were really determined to win.

Unicorns love to nibble on rainbows, so they can combine two of their games, racing and foraging, into a particularly challenging one where they must catch the tips of the rainbows. As rainbows often do not last for long, this requires all their speed and power. They have to charge up into the mountains to find the ends of the rainbows, where the colors touch the ground, and then they can munch to their hearts’ content.

Solo Frolicking

Even when unicorns are alone, they love to play. They will spend their time venturing into new lands and exploring anything they haven’t seen before, and they will challenge themselves to run as fast as they can.

3 unicorns running in the sea
Unicorns like to play in the waves.

Unicorns lucky enough to live near to the sea have another wonderful game, which can be played with others or alone. They trot along the shoreline, dodging the lap of the waves and trying to keep out of the water for as long as possible. This requires quick reactions, but unicorns are so fast that sometimes the game isn’t challenging enough!

This almost always ends up with damp unicorns, unable to resist the fun of splashing about in the waves. Once in, their beautiful coats glimmer like pearls, and they will sometimes paddle right out for a swim, especially if the day is warm. Splashing and stomping around, unicorns can enjoy the water with or without companionship. I certainly don’t blame them for wanting to cool off when the weather is hot.


Like all animals, unicorns sometimes like to test each other’s strength. If you have ever seen the gentle jousting of narwhals, you might have some idea of how this works. The unicorn horn is shorter than a narwhal’s tusk, but it can still be used in this sort of playful battle.

Unicorns like to take part in friendly sparring duels.
Unicorn charging towards its opponent in a friendly sparring duel.

Unicorns will spar with each other, touching horns and testing each other’s strength. This is a game favored by older unicorns particularly, and it helps them to find their place in the herd. Unicorns very rarely hurt each other in these games, but as with any animal, accidents can happen, so they need to be careful and treat each other with respect.

To these beautiful creatures, life is all about play and enjoyment. They compete with each other, they test their strength and skill, and they have fun. The games are an opportunity to improve the skills they use in everyday life, such as foraging and galloping, and they let young unicorns try these things out in a safe environment.

The freedom which unicorns represent encourages them to prance and revel in happiness. If you are ever fortunate enough to watch them frolicking in the sun, make the most out of this extraordinary moment, because they are utterly unique and breathtakingly beautiful in play.

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