Chasing Unicorns #Week4 #Week5

#Week4 – missed, #Week5

As seen above we missed the blog post for the fourth week.

When we started, I promised Martin that I would start documenting each and every week of ours, taking pictures of our business meetings (that happened once every two weeks) and would follow write about it every Sunday. The ultimate goal I had set myself. My Sunday bliss and routine. My ability to share the excitement, the failures, the fun, the happiness, the gratefulness. Everything.

First #fails

And guess what? Five weeks have passed and I have already failed one Sunday. It feels terrible to say it out loud, but since honesty and transparency of the business-building process is one of the main goals and ideas of this blog, I cannot hide it. This shows how things sometimes don’t go as planned and that’s okay. However, even if it is not ideal, it is still a learning point and brings with itself the opportunity to do better next time, to learn something and create new habits that make things easier. A habit of dedication, a habit of setting more goals and the urge to write those goals down.

Why have I already failed with my blog? Because I am not the best at time management. Last week, I was super busy with my day job. I needed to deal with a vacation that pretty much ripped me off. UnicornYard got way less attention than I expected and planned for it to get, however it still received a bit of my time. But what I did not plan ahead was a Sunday which I spent entirely at a sports event that literally took up the entirety of my day. Around 4000-5000 lost calories later, I felt happy that I could walk to my bed. An early awakening, a power breakfast, an hour of driving, an hour of preparations, start 7 hours on the track, 1,5 hours after track emotions, eating and shower, one hour of driving back. I felt so exhausted that I wanted only two things: food and bed. It was an amazing day, but also an important lesson for me.

Petting the Unicorn

I have a pet now, so taking a “day off” means someone still has the responsibility of working with her. To chase her and look after her. Our business, our unicorn really is like a real pet – it needs our continuous-time and attention. And in return, we would get happiness. Our best times were spent:

  • feeding it– inputting new information, growing it in the literal sense: building the webpage, finding a name, a logo, all of this is how it grows;
  • teaching it – this is how it will later understand our wish and how we can fulfill the same goals;
  • playing with it – feeling grateful for having fun and getting the best back from it. In business, feeling grateful for it, and for my partner and seeing the little changes in the right direction;
  • Always being there for it – this is where the real loyalty and love comes in. If you are there for it, it is always there for you!

And the best way to manage it is to create a system and a routine. Is not a coincidence that people are more active after getting themselves a dog. It’s the routine of morning and evening walks. It’s amazing how hungry cats can be nature’s alarm clocks – they need food daily basis, always at the same time. It is so easy to teach a puppy with the help of a little reward and a snack, habits stay and happiness increases. It’s the same with unicorns. I now understand that bringing up a unicorn does take time, but I haven’t managed to take the right amount of responsibility. From now on, developing the right habits for feeding, teaching, playing and general presence will be my top priority.

No more procastinating

Tracking my goals, failures, and stories will be one of my habits. Every weekend (preferably on  Sundays to better evaluate the whole week), no excuses, since pets need attention even if you’re tired.

It is 22:42 on a Sunday. The weekend has been super tiring, and even though I was almost about to procrastinate writing my blog, the understanding of having a new and very unusual pet in the form of a  unicorn shook me from my oblivion. It needs attention now!