After our pre-Christmas meeting, I wrote to Jo, who was our freelance-partner and editor. I needed to inform her that for a while we do not continue with our articles and just see how things are floating for us. For me, it was an emotionally hard decision since there have been hours of work and passion put into it. Even though I saw the numbers that did not serve our goal and ambition, it was still emotionally hard.

Today, months later, I can tell it was just a hard time. Maybe too much work, perhaps lots of changes in my life – whatever it was, there was a reason it to happen. So generally me and Martin, we both were away from Unicornayard until the mid February.

By Mid February I was so sure that I need to continue with my unicorns, I missed the activities, magical articles, new facts and stunning new products about unicorns I was able to discover while making our articles. I had the vision and unicorns running on my yard and I was at my β€œdaily work” office at that time, dreaming about unicorns and proudly wearing the pin of a white cheerful unicorn. β€œI will pick it up again” I promised myself when Martin called me.

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The Call

β€œWe have earned our 1st dollars” he said and I was stunned.

β€œI mean what? I was just about to call you to pick it up again. I have a feeling it will eventually work”

β€œYeap, sounds good. Go ahead!”

So, from February 2020, our Unicornyard has really been like a business. Even though it was just a few dollars from Amazon affiliate, it felt it is the most wonderful thing that happened. It was about faith and belief that it is going to work. And the actual proof it does. The model I was fascinated months ago – eventually, after hours of research, tens of hours of writing and editing, tens of hours of discussions and research again, another tens of hours of learning from mistakes… it eventually is working.

Unicornyard had its pizza day and we were able to see the magic dust of unicorns, still way back to catch one. But close enough to understand how great magic our business is surrounded by.


For me, as a rookie entrepreneur, I understand how important this passion is. Maybe it was a 6th sense or gut feeling that eventually day by day made me thinking about unicorns again, but the feeling to really know, it all does work, is pretty amazing. It gave the power to continue. Actually, superpower and feeling that everything is possible.

It may sound like a quotation from deep IG post or something Steve Jobs said, but that day it was me myself on that moment understanding that everything really is possible. Just be persistant and do not quit believing… however when the break is needed, just do the break.