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Do Unicorns Bring Good Luck?

Unicorns generally have a lot of very positive things associated with them. It`s therefore reasonable that you might be wondering “Do unicorns really bring good luck?”

Unicorns are often said to bring good luck, but the association is not as strong and direct as one might think. These mystical equines are often connected with several positive features (such as purity, hope, internal strength), and it seems that luck is often an after-thought or a result of the other positives.

Winged unicorn in mystical glass bowl.
Unicorns are often associated with positive feelings and qualities. And luck!

However, throughout history, all across the globe, we can see instances of unicorns being linked with good fortune. Chinese unicorns are associated with luck, the mythological unicorn was associated with luck, and even today, unicorns seem to be pretty lucky creatures! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of spotting one of these amazing equines, you may have felt a strong sense of good fortune. You might have noticed in the following days that everything just went your way. If you haven’t ever seen a unicorn, perhaps your time is coming!

The Mythological Unicorn

Wherever unicorns existed in the world, they had positive associations. All sorts of different cultures talk about unicorns, and many associate them with good fortune and happiness.

Statue of Qilin, a symbol for good fortune.
Chinese Unicorn, The Qilin, is considered a courier of good luck.

In China, the Chinese unicorn, otherwise known as the Qilin, was considered a herald of luck. According to ThoughtCo, people believed it would appear at the birth or death of a particularly important ruler. The Chinese unicorn has the body of a tiger or a deer rather than a horse, so it looks quite different to the western unicorn, but it still has a single horn and many of the same associations.

Western mythology more traditionally links unicorns with purity and innocence than with luck. They were also thought to be fierce and wild, sometimes even dangerous. However, although it may not have been the first thing which mythology linked with unicorns, many people still considered sightings of unicorns to be a sign that something positive was going to follow, and that they would be blessed with good fortune.

Unicorn Horns

For some, just seeing a unicorn is not enough to guarantee good fortune. There must be physical contact, and with a particular part of the great creature: its horn. The unicorn horn is the most magical part of a unicorn. It is the defining feature, and the one which gave unicorns their names, after all. It is the unicorn’s horn which is lucky and touching it can bring amazingly good fortune to anyone who can get close enough.

Spiral unicorn horn - token of blessing and fortune.
Unicorn horns are magical and bring good luck.

This resulted in a huge market for “unicorn horns” in the past, with wealthy nobles prepared to pay extortionate prices for unicorn horns. Unfortunately, these were not the real thing. Perhaps the merchants couldn’t catch real ones, and maybe that’s for the best! The horns sold tended to have come from rhinoceros or from narwhals, but they still fetched enormous amounts of money from those who believed the horns were magical.

If you ever have a chance to touch a unicorn’s horn, you should do so only by invitation. Do not try to grab onto the unicorn or hold it still so you can touch its horn, or you risk injury.

If the unicorn bows its head to you, it is happy for you to touch its horn, and you will enjoy all the favor and luck that this brings. If a unicorn does not want you to touch its horn, you will know from its behavior, and should respect its wishes, or you may face bad luck in consequence. This means that perhaps it’s fortunate those nobles couldn’t get their hands on real horns. They might not have liked the outcome if they had succeeded!

Unicorns In Dreams

Seeing a unicorn in your dreams is supposed to be a sign that you will be favored by fortune in the near future. As DreamsNest tells us, being allowed to ride on one is the ultimate sign of trust and future happiness. By appearing to you in your sleep, a unicorn is communicating its belief in you, and singling you out for something special.

Unicorns in a magical night dream.
Seeing unicorns in your dreams is usually a sign of good things to come.

If you have been fortunate enough to see a unicorn, either while asleep or awake, you are already proving lucky. Very few people will ever encounter these magnificent creatures, so it is likely to be a sign that something good is coming your way. Personally, I’d say seeing a unicorn itself is more than enough good luck!

Today’s Lucky Unicorns

Interestingly, today unicorns are more associated with luck than ever before. Perhaps this is because they have taken on associations with other rare, beautiful phenomena, such as rainbows. Perhaps it is because they are highly unusual, so to interact with one means you have been marked out from other people.

The addition of marshmallow unicorns to the very popular “Lucky Charms” breakfast cereal is an indication that the connection between luck and these amazing mythical beasts is still strong, and perhaps getting stronger. I’m not sure I want unicorns in my cereal, but if they’re adding magic to the mundanity of mornings, it has to be a step in the right direction! So maybe is not so bad idea to try out? Lucky Charms cereal is available for buying here.

Some of the associations between unicorns and good luck may simply have been drawn because unicorns are so universally considered to be positive influences on the world. When a creature represents purity, hope, magic, elegance, freedom, and all the other things unicorns represent, it’s not surprising that its presence is associated with good fortune!

We hope that the connection between unicorns and luck will continue to grow, so these beautiful creatures have even more opportunities to bring people hope and joy, and add some sparkle to the everyday world.

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