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21 Large Unicorn Stuffed Animals – It`s Cuddle Time!

Stuffed animals are often associated with kids, but even as an adult, I still have a few precious ones, and I still love them. Most of my friends do too! There’s something lovely and reassuring about having a soft, fluffy companion to hug when things are difficult, and I think they’re great for all ages – especially when unicorns are involved! Unicorns are such magical creatures, they delight and enthrall people of all ages.

Large Plush Unicorn Toy

If you’re looking for the best large unicorn stuffed animals, here are a few of our very favorites – and it wasn’t easy to narrow down this list, because there are so many options out there!

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Crocheted Unicorns

I’m a big fan of crocheted stuffed animals. I love the homemade look, the cute stripes and patterns and colors, and the adorable little eyes they all seem to have. If you’re in agreement with me, there are plenty of amazing unicorn options out there!

Large Crochet Unicorn Stuffed Animal

1) This cute little equine is top of the list, with his lovely curly mane and chunky feet. He looks beautifully soft and cuddly, and I love that he isn’t too floppy, but will clearly sit up and hold his shape while lying down. I love the added details of little nostrils, which make his face very much more clearly defined and cute.

You can order him in your favorite colors, and at over 21 inches (55 cm) tall, he’s a generously sized cuddle companion. I just want to hug him and stroke that soft-looking wool! He’d make a lovely present, helping children fight back the monsters at night, but he’s also mature and stylish enough to look great in an adult’s room too.

Crochet Plush Unicorn

2) I also love this little unicorn, which again has an adorable froth of curls for a mane and tail, and both stands and sits very nicely. It comes with a certificate of adoption, making it a really lovely gift for a little girl or boy, and the safety eyes mean you can gift it without worrying. It’s a little smaller than our previous one, but still a good-size at 8.6 inches (22 cm) tall. I love that you can purchase it a smaller friend if you want to – a mother and baby, for example. I’d be tempted to have a whole herd of these little things in different colors!

Plush Unicorn Mascot

3) For another very cute design, this plush unicorn is 15 inches (38 cm) high, and machine washable, making it an ideal gift for a child – because children do tend to get their much-loved cuddly toys a little messy! I love how gentle this one’s expression is, and the added detail of the little eyelashes to soften the eyes. The mane and tail look a little simpler than on the other two, but still full of magic, and the whole plushie just looks so soft. I’d have loved one of these when I was younger, especially done in blues!

Plush Unicorns

If you aren’t so keen on crochet, you might be looking for a velvety, plushie sort of unicorn, and once again, there are plenty of options, so you’re bound to find something you can fall in love with! These tend to be fluffier than the crocheted ones, and they’re still bursting with unicorn magic to delight kids – and adults – everywhere!

Plush unicorn toy

4) This unicorn plushie looks so soft. I love the pastel mane and the very gentle eyes, and the body looks just the right level of firmness – shaped, but still ideal for hugs and snuggling. The little pink details on the horn, ears, and hooves are lovely, even though I’m not a pink-lover; I think they really pull together the overall look, and all in all, any child would love having this toy to snuggle close to at night. It’s around 17 inches (43 cm) long, so big enough to be reassuring and protective, but not so big it’ll take over the whole bedroom!

Plush Rainbow Unicorn

5) If you, or your intended recipient, would like a unicorn with a splash of rainbow, this plush rainbow unicorn, standing at 14 inches (35 cm), might be the perfect choice. Against the beautiful, clean white body, the rainbow mane and tail look great. They’re colorful without being over the top, and they go very nicely with the pink hooves and horn. This is a unicorn meant to spin dreams and fight off monsters, and it will look beautiful doing so. I particularly love how the mane looks windswept and wild, as though the unicorn has just cantered through a forest. This would definitely have been a winner with me when I was younger!

Personalized Unicorn Teddy

6) You might be looking for a personalized teddy to ensure you’re gifting something truly unique and special to your intended recipient. If that’s the case, this unicorn stuffed animal could be ideal. I love how plump and chubby it is – it looks just perfect for hugging and squeezing! The silver horn and hooves make a nice change from the pink often associated with unicorns, and I think this would make a really special companion for a child, looking after them throughout the years, guarding their dreams at night, and providing a playmate during the day.

7) Another personalized option is this little personalized gift-unicorn, who has such a cute and trusting expression with those big blue eyes. You can include birth information on this, so it would make a really lovely gift for a newborn, or you can request other text so it passes on whatever message you want to send.

This is a lovely way to ensure a sweet sentiment is with the recipient at any time – or to give yourself a message of positivity to get yourself through difficult times. Unicorns are so magical, they can offer adults and children alike inspiration and comfort, and it might be that you want a little reassurance if you’re undertaking something particularly challenging. It looks high-quality and very cute, and perfect for cuddling!

LED Plush Unicorn

8) Many children are afraid of the dark and of going to bed at night, and if that’s the case for a little one you know, this LED stuffed unicorn might be the answer. Unicorns are associated with guidance and good dreams and protection, so any unicorn plushie might help, but this one will specifically combat that fear of the dark by lighting the way!

Even without its lights, this is a very cute and soft-looking equine, with a rainbow mane and tail, a lovely pink horn, and pretty eyes. It even has a choice of colors for the main body – white, pink, or green. Press the button on its leg and you have a stunning night-time protector for your child to cuddle up to. It has a 15-minute timer installed, so you can be sure that once the child is settled and sleeping, it will switch off, saving its batteries for another day of play. I think this is a perfect present for any unicorn-lover!

Free-standing plush unicorn with sound and lights

9) As a final option, this free standing unicorn with sound and lights has soft eyes, gorgeous colors in the mane and tail, and beautiful silver wings which light up! Petting the unicorn activates the lights and “sparkle” sounds to really enhance the magic of this stuffed animal. You can hear the sounds in the accompanying video, and I think this would enchant kids; they’ll sit for hours petting their new little friend and enjoying the magic of the light and sound.

Giant Stuffed Unicorns

It’s tricky to define “large” when it comes to stuffed animals – some require two-handed holding, but some will pretty much fill a bedroom! As a rough rule of thumb, anything over 23 inches (60 cm) has been bumped into this category, so if you’re looking for a really big unicorn, this is the place to be!

Plush mother and baby unicorn toys

10) If you’re shopping for a little girl who loves the concept of mothers and babies, this plush unicorn “Mommy and Me” set would be a perfect gift: mother and baby unicorns! They look so sweet together, with rainbow hooves and bright pink manes, silver horns, and very soft eyes. The baby is a nice size for carrying around and playing with, while the mother can watch protectively from the bed or corner of the room. They look soft and fluffy, and perfect for cuddles as well as wild adventures; what could be better!

Large Unicorn Plush Toy

11) Going back to the pink-lovers, this pale pink toy unicorn has a pretty little star on her flank, a brightly colored mane and tail, and vibrant hooves. Settled on the end of the bed or carried around for playtime, this is the perfect companion for any little girl, and looks just full of magic. It even comes with a lovely adoption certificate so they can commemorate the day their friendship started, and prove ownership over their new friend! Those big starry eyes would have enchanted me when I was younger.

Large pink plush unicorn

12) For the die-hard pink fans, this “Aurora World Super Flopsie Celestia” unicorn is pink all over – though perhaps the hooves and ears count as purple. Either way, it looks so soft I think anyone would enjoy cuddling it, and at around 25 inches (64 cm), it would make a great companion to curl up to in bed – provided the child will still fit in alongside it!  The mane and tail look satisfyingly silky, while the body is relaxed, making the lying down pose the most natural.

13) Alternatively, this “Aurora World Super Flopsie Rainbow” unicorn is similar in size – just a little bigger – and design, but has a beautiful rainbow mane, pretty purple hooves and ears, and a lovely silver horn. If you’ve got tired of pinks and would like a bit of a change, this might be the way to go; it looks like it could easily compete in terms of softness and huggability, and would make a wonderful companion for any child. If you’d rather have one capable of standing, with a little more firmness, this unicorn Pillow Plush would be a great choice; it has stiffer legs, but still looks very satisfying to cuddle!

Plush Unicorn Toy available in multiple sized

14) The brand Jellycat is well-known for producing top-quality, extremely soft toys, and this Jellycat Bashful unicorn looks like it would be no exception to the rule! I love how plain and simple this one is, with just a hint of coloring in its mane and tail. It’s available in a whole range of sizes, from just under 7 inches (20 cm) all the way up to approximately 50 inches (130 cm), so you can choose any size to guard yourself or your lucky recipient. I’d be full of envy for the owner of this unicorn; I love everything about it, including how it sits so naturally, and the subtle gleam to its magical horn.

Colorful Large Unicorn Toy

15) A much brighter option for those who love color, this multi-colored plush unicorn is about as vibrant as they come! At 31,5 inches (80 cm), that’s a lot of magic and color all rolled into one amazing stuffed animal, and I think kids would love using this as a pillow or even a bed to lie on, stroking its soft fluff and enjoying wonderful unicorn rides through the jungles of their minds.

16) Finally, the biggest “giant” stuffed unicorn on our list, this extra large plushed unicorn is over 52 inches (130cm)! It ticks every other box for color, brightness, softness, and huggability, so if you’re looking to buy something really spectacular in terms of size, this is the one for you! It looks like a toy that will last throughout the years, and there’s even enough of it to share with friends – this unicorn could definitely fit two small riders on its back! I love how they show it sitting as well as lying down, and I think this would make an amazing present for any little girl or boy to enjoy.


If you’re crafty, you might want to create a totally unique unicorn to gift to a special someone, or to keep for yourself. Sometimes handmade gifts really are the most precious – though make sure that if you’re gifting to a young child, there’s no risk of any parts coming loose and being swallowed Here are a few patterns and ideas to get you started if you want to create a magical unicorn with your own hands.

My Little Pony Unicorn crochet pattern

17) First off, if you can crochet, this cute “My Little Pony” unicorn which has a beautiful face, and reproduces something similar to the curly manes and tails from the earlier ones. I love the colors chosen here, but you could easily change them to whatever colors you prefer. It’ll make a 13 inches (35 cm) unicorn – definitely a good size for a present, and it would be so exciting to say you’d made it yourself. If you were feeling particularly crafty, it should be easy to stitch a name onto the unicorn’s chest using embroidery thread once you’d finished crocheting it!

Round and plush crochet unicorn

18) For a satisfyingly chubby and chunky option, this crochet pattern for rainbow unicorn will help you make a lovely rounded unicorn. I love that – as with pretty much anything handmade – you can alter the colors to your preferences, but I do like the striking rainbow against white which the seller has chosen to demonstrate. The tufty mane is super cute, and looks like a great way to use up lots of scraps of wool. Again, I think anyone would be proud to have made something this special.

19) If you’d like to create a realistic-looking crocheted unicorn, this toy unicorn pattern might be the pattern for you. It looks very relaxed and calm, and would be lovely to play with, or to have resting on a bookcase and guarding the precious stories. At about 16 inches (40 cm) tall, it’s a great size for kids or adults, and you could choose some lovely soft wool to make it particularly cuddly.

Plush Unicorn that you can DIY

20) For those who prefer sewing to crochet, this pdf unicorn sewing pattern will help you create a little plush unicorn. You can choose the perfect material in terms of size and softness, and get creating something really special – a 17,7 inches (45 cm) companion for yourself or a friend, to guard your path in life. I love the tiny golden horn on the forehead, and the stylized mane and cute little eyes.

21) If you want to make a really giant and impressive unicorn, this “DIY Giant Unicorn Plush” video will talk you through what looks like a surprisingly simple project! Just make sure you have a sewing machine for this, because sewing all those seams by hand would probably take months. The end result is cute and fun, though I think it could be refined a little if you were willing to put a bit of extra time into the details. Either way, a kid would love playing with this thing, and it’s certainly big enough to make an impact on anyone. Imagine a whole herd of these – though they wouldn’t fit in the house!

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this list of our favorite large unicorn stuffed animals has helped you find a few you love, whether you’re looking to buy or make yourself. Unicorns are wonderful, magical companions for children and adults, representing safety, protection, adventure, and start-up company inspiration! No matter who you are, a unicorn can make your life better and brighter, and some of these look just perfect.

If you’ve got a particularly special unicorn toy, or you decide to D.I.Y. one, we’d love to see the results. After this, I’m thinking I might be buying my goddaughter a unicorn toy or two for Christmas, although I’m not sure her mom would thank me for some of the bigger ones on this list!

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