Unicorn 1st Birthday

A child’s first birthday is a magical occasion. Your own is probably a moment you barely remember, though you may have photos of it. It’s a moment when all your family – from siblings to aunts to grandparents – are present to share the joy and happiness. It’s an occasion to wear your best and cutest outfit, even if you don’t realize how adorable you look! It’s a magical moment where you step out of baby shoes and into toddler status. That moment can be even more magical when it is celebrated with unicorns.

Here are our magical ideas for a unicorn-style 1st birthday party. PS! You might also find more suitable ideas from our previous article about organizing unicorn-themed 3rd birthday party.

Unicorn-Style Birthday Party Sets – Tableware And Simple Decorations

Plastic silverware for Unicorn birthday

1) In a themed party, every tiny detail counts, and can totally change the mood and general birthday magic. Since the 1st birthday usually involves coming up with simple food and providing a kid-friendly environment, the tableware can add a lot of magic to the theme. For some simple unicorn style, you could just use white or silver tableware as shown here – but then you will need to pay more attention to the room decor, food, and little details like the clothing and the party invitations.

2) Since it is the 1st birthday, we would suggest getting plates and cups with magical unicorn style and purchasing a unicorn birthday party supplies set, which even comes with a few room decorations. It is amazing how easy this sort of set can make the planning! As well as having a super cute girly and magical design, all the items have one happy unicorn on them – so they can be easily associated with the big Number One your happy little magical birthday kid has just achieved.

What’s more, not only has the question about cups and plates been solved, this set also comes with unicorn-themed popcorn boxes for snacks; wooden forks and knives to be nice and eco-friendly (the unicorns would be happy to hear that!); napkins; little gift bags; paper straws; balloons; and other great decorations. You can design your table, your party room and even give out birthday-themed gifts with little favor bags, as well as sending magic with unicorn invitations! And since there is no birthday without cake, the set has cake decorations and cupcake wrappers to make the birthday party complete.

I would say this party supplies set really resolves at least half of the decoration worries and makes more room for magic – and it certainly will be magical with all those unicorns dancing around. It might even be so magical that the ​birthday kid will remember his or her 1st birthday.

Unicorn Party Supplies Set

3) Here is another perfect party set for a cute unicorn girl. I love its all pink style: even though I am not too keen on pink myself, I still feel it’s perfect for a 1st birthday. All the plates – including the dessert plates – and the cups and napkins have a cute baby unicorn with wings and a rainbow on them, which is also a lovely reference to the 1st birthday.

The cutlery set has  little magical pictures on the handles, and the set also includes a tablecloth, straws, and a cute unicorn headband which would be perfect for the hero of the day. I would love to be reminded of my 1st birthday by pictures filled with unicorns like this. This set is definitely unicornizing, and will fulfill the needs of​ up to 14 guests!

Cute Unicorn Party supplies for Girls

4) For a more elegant and girly approach, you could also consider this unicorn party set, which concentrates on magical unicorn eyes and horns, and is particularly graceful and pretty. At this sort of party, you would expect birthday guests to dress up a bit and join in with the magical unicorn wonderland with style. Princess dresses and pastel colors would fit with the plates, cups, and napkins of the party set, and you won’t have to worry about the tablecloth or straws either – they look like good quality, and the set is designed for 16 people. 

Oh, how amazing it would be to escape into this kind of unicorn wonderland! And if this set sparked your sense of magic, here is the perfect unicorn fairytale dress for the 1-year-old princess to wear. Elegant enough for the unicorn-princess theme, but at the same time, easy and comfortable enough for her to play around with her guests. Ah, and look at those cute little unicorn shoes that come with the dress. Adorable!

Unicorn Party Set

5) I could not resist also listing this party set to make the birthday table look amazing. It has everything from cups and napkins to dessert plates and straws, and like the earlier set, it also has an extra bonus of a lovely and elegant unicorn headband as a special gift for the birthday girl. I can already imagine any 1-year-old kid looking stunning and magical wearing that. The unicorn design looks perfect: self-confident and ready for the adventures that the next year will bring!

Unicorn Room Decorations For The 1st Birthday Party

The 1st birthday – maybe even more than any other birthday – needs balloons and various other decorations to celebrate the 1st year of life and the start of toddlerhood. Those little elements help to make guests’​ memories and birthday pictures for the hero of the day as colorful and magical as possible. Luckily, unicorns are creatures that have the power to make every room and birthday venue magical.

Unicorn 1st Birthday Party Decorations

6) Here is an easy and elegant solution that could help you decorate the birthday room, with two pink and shiny actual unicorns, and also a lovely “1” balloon to symbolize the 1st year of life. The pack comes with 20 regular pastel balloons and a cute, glittery 1st birthday banner. It should be easy to hang them in striking places, and they will create a wonderful dreamland atmosphere for your little unicorn. This set is a cost-effectiv​e and efficient way to decorate, but you’ll still be on the “wow-mom/dad” list for guests, as well for the little birthday girl years later, when looking at the photos from that magical 1st birthday.

Unicorn 1st Birthday balloons and decorations

7) We will recommend one more set here which will make things easier for the organizer: this time the balloons are already unicornized and you will get extra unicorn-rainbow-party ribbons and swirly decorations in the pack to make the birthday look perfect. See the set here! I am sure it would be more than enough to decorate any party room,unless the party is happening in a big ballroom – then you might need 2-3 of these sets!

Unicorn Birthday Party Balloons

8) It is hard to imagine having too many balloons, so here is a set of additional pastel-colored and glittery balloons. These will help ensure the magical theme fills every corner of the birthday room – and you could even get two sets and surprise your child’s guests with a balloon to take home! This will make sure the amazing unicorn magic stays with each and every one of them, so all the kids get to share in it long after the party has ended​.

Balloons can also be an actual part of the party by bringing a totally different look to a dining table, or making up an amazing photoshoot venue. 

Unicorn Balloon Arch Garland

9) This glittery pastel unicorn balloon arc that also comes with a unicorn balloon looks super easy to set up, and will totally change the general look of the birthday venue. Soft greens, blues, yellows, purples, and pinks, together with amazing additions of stars and glitter will make any party magical, though you might find that some real family team-building lies in setting this up! It looks SO-much-fun! In case you prefer bright colors to pastel ones, here is a similar set with stronger, more contrasting shades. 

10) Besides balloons, it is amusing, cute, and absolutely necessary to have a series of “growing up milestone” photographs on display. It could be a simple photo album for the visitors to peek into, but in an ideal world, photos should also be part of the decorations.

Unicorn Photo Banner

This unicorn horn photo banner provides a magical way to share the journey of 12 months – from baby to toddler! It could easily be hung under a birthday banner or in a separate corner, perhaps with a goodwill board under it, where guests can write some little memory or wish for the child. Alternatively, you could hang it over the snacks table. It does not matter where it goes, the unicorn magic will ensure it looks amazing, and I feel it’s an absolute must-have for a party!

Unicorn 1st Birthday Party Outfit

The hero of the day is, of course, the birthday kid! It would be lovely for them to have something really spectacular and special to wear on the day that they turn 1 –  something with unicorn magic, something that shows the end of baby status, but is still adorable.

Unicorn 1st Birthday Bodysuit

11) To keep the cuteness in line with the level of comfort, this sweet bodysuit looks like an amazing choice. The cute and pure unicorn face reflects the miraculousness and purity of the baby, and there’s not going to be any mistaking the little one’s age with that glittery “One” emblazoned across the front. It looks comfy and convenient to play around in, but your little one will still be the obvious star of the party.

Unicorn 1st Birthday Costume Set

12) If you think some magical extras should be added, at least for unicornizing lovely photos, here is a bodysuit with some adorable additions, like a colorful pastel tutu skirt, leg warmers, wonderful unicorn shoes, ​and a pretty headband. I am sure the guests would feel like they had wandered into a unicorn wonderland, and there will be lots of lovely pictures and memories.

Unicorn Tutu Dress

13) If you are just looking for a comfortable dress to match your unicorn theme, this one could be a​ great choice. It is a simple bodysuit with lovely ​fun unicorns on it, but as well as looking super comfortable to wear and play around in, it’s also a bit more festive than casual-wear, with that layered tulle skirt providing a bit of extra celebration. The colors are soft and mild, but the pictures are full of love and magic, with little stars and rainbows to accompany the unicorns.

Unicorn Top and Dress

14) And for all the pink-lovers, pink unicorns are really cool. They are timeless, they are cheerful, and they are bright. Here is the perfect dress-set for a pink unicorn birthday. It looks comfy to wear, and you could even consider having a pink “theme party” to collect nice memories. The unicorn decorating the dress looks like it is both happy and determined, ready to challenge​ the upcoming year. Who is ready to take on 2 with me?

15) If you’d like your unicorn 1st birthday party to include less pink, here is one more birthday outfit with an optional tutu skirt. It comes with quality shoes and can be personalized, with the option to have the birthday child’s name on the bodysuit. How much cuter can it get? This hits a really nice balance between fancy and casual, shiny and subtle, and pink and blue. And the magic – it is simply there for any kid wearing one.

Unicorn Baby Bib "I`m one!"

16) Whatever outfit you choose for the hero of the day, you probably need this little addition of a baby bib to protect those nice party clothes during the meal. The bib is thoroughly unicornized and comes in many different colors, so you can easily match it to whatever you decide the main outfit should be – either the more festive tutu skirt or an easy-play bodysuit.

Other Details For The Unicorn 1st Birthday

Unicorn Birthday Board

Lovely moments are the ones that stay… and that are kept. Few of us can really remember our early years, so it’s particularly important to make special reminders of those times. 

Unicorn Birthday Poster

17) This unicorn birthday board is an amazing gift idea, and would make a perfect addition to a party, helping parents to remember all those magical moments from that amazing day when toddler status suddenly becomes a reality. And after 10, 20 or even 60 years, your child might have great fun in taking this board out and comparing their milestones and activities with those of their children or grandchildren.

Dark unicorn birthday poster

18) If you would prefer a dark birthday board, here is another lovely unicornizing option. Again, it might stay in the family for years, and could start a new tradition for all 1-year celebrations in the family, which could be swapped around and compared. You might find you end up with a fun and heart-warming collection of unicorns guarding your precious family memories.

Guest Book

Unicorn 1st birthday guest book

17) The birthday board will usually be made by the parents – or at least the information will usually come from the parents. This adorable 1st birthday guest book is a great opportunity for guests to get in on the action and help create memories.

Imagine the 5th, 15th and 25th birthdays this little child will soon have, and how special it would be to flick back through the book, which will be filled with nice memories and special sentiments, wonderful moments all under the guardianship of unicorns. I love the idea of sharing my baby memories with unicorns… it is already making them feel magical, and gets me into a wonderful fantasy mood, and a lovely startup mindset.

Welcome Signs

The 1st birthday is really a big and important event, especially for all the family gathering. It might even serve as a “back to childhood” remembrance for the guests as well.

18) This magical unicorn welcome sign greets all the guests stepping in, and helps to establish the unicorn theme immediately. A happy place, a place with good and positive vibes: this sign is full of welcoming energy and a firm reminder of just how important this day is: the little hero of the day is already turning 1!

Outdoor Unicorn Welcome Sign

19) If you want the welcome sign to be more glorious and dramatic, this outdoor welcome sign might even attract your next-door-neighbors! Let them come in and join the unicorn magic – this is a sign for a real party, and would be fun to keep and use again on other years, letting the unicorn magic continue!


Balloons and decorations may already be making a perfect photoshoot space and a great, colorful vibe, but​ if the party room is spacious, it would be lovely and cute to have an actual photo backdrop to take all those “official” magical pictures against. 

Unicorn Photo Background

20) Here is one option which very clearly states it’s a 1st birthday, and accompanies this with an adorable baby unicorn – a super happy baby unicorn with beautiful and magical surroundings. It might even make the birthday boy or girl smile if their mood is starting to wobble at any point.


21) In case you have decided not to go with any sets where invitations are already included, we found a  few nice alternative options. Keeping the number 1 in focus, these invitations are pretty clear and to the point about what is happening and what the theme of the party will be. This set of 12 will probably be enough and you can easily fill them in with the details. How lovely would it be for your guests to find this kind of magic in their mailbox?

Unicorn 1st Birthday Party Invitations

22) Here is another option you might like. It is adorable how these invitations can be personalized for the birthday girl, and how they can be kept in a ​memory box as a token of this amazing event. The first year really is in the spotlight, but not more so than the baby itself – so why not pop a beautiful picture of your baby on the invitation? Surely they must be as cute as any unicorn baby?

Cake Designs

birthday cake is an absolutely essential part of any birthday party. Blowing out candles, making wishes, and singing birthday songs are all lovely traditions, as pure and cheerful as unicorns themselves.

We have covered some unicorn cake ideas in our article 30+ Unicorn Ideas For 3rd Birthdays, so here are some easy ways to unicornize your favorite cake.

Unicorn "One" Cake Topper

23) This cake topper is glittery and simply says “One” in a decidedly unicorn theme. I imagine it would look great on a chocolate cake or on a very simple cake at an elegant party, and I really like it, but​ I feel that many 1st birthday parties might be aiming to include more color.

Unicorn Cake Topper

24) Here is another topper which might be perfect for a 1st birthday. It would fit any kind of cake, and would definitely make it feel unicorn-y with that cute little face.

Golden Unicorn Cake Topper

25) This topper would make a perfect addition if you want to design a unicorn cake yourself. The easy buttercream icing swirls should be manageable decoration for the mane, and you could add a few bright berries on the cake or around the base. Finish with this topper, which  comes with unicorn ears, eyelashes, and a lovely horn. This turns any cake instantly into a magical sleepy unicorn, and is such an impressive and simple solution to the cake decoration.

first birthday really is an important moment – and we each only get to enjoy one of them! We all know that unicorns do not let you down: there will be enough magic, a wonderful fairytale atmosphere, and plenty of mystery at a unicorn party. And what could be more magical than the memories you give your child… even if they are later created from pictures and stories from others. It will still be worth it!