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48 Ideas For an Amazing Unicorn Baby Shower

Ideas for Unicorn Baby Shower

Baby showers are among the most magical moments in the world, and planning one is a mixture of stress and joy. There’s always so much to do when you’re planning any kind of party, and a baby shower is no different, but perhaps even higher pressure, as you’ll want it to be magical and memorable for both yourself, your partner, and your guests.

We think there could hardly be anything more magical than celebrating a new life with unicorns, so here are our top picks for unicorn baby shower ideasMake the most of these beautiful mythical equines to celebrate your imminent arrival, tapping into their associations with luck, magic, mystery, purity, and healing. It will be an unforgettable baby shower!

Invitations For Your Unicorn Baby Shower

The first aspect of any good party plan is to send out invitations. Once you’ve picked a date and a theme, you should try to give your guests as much notice as possible to ensure they can come, so you’ll want a head start on those invitations. You’ll also probably want to make them as unicorn-y as possible, so your guests know to expect a fabulous party!

If you’re super crafty, you might be looking to make the invitations yourself, but it can be helpful to have a backup plan in case you run out of time, and some of these might provide you with inspiration for how to do your own, or what information to include on them.

Unicorn Baby Shower Invitations

1) This invitation set is totally stunning, with those gorgeous pastel colors, suitable for a boy or a girl, and has all the information you could want. It’s a digital download, so you can print it off straight away, and you can change the text on your phone, to make it totally personalized to your party. This is definitely a great way to take some of the pressure off your planning! If you just want to be ready before the details, here you can order pre-printed set as well – details can be added later on!

Unicorn Baby Shower Invitation for a girl

2) Another instant download is this perhaps more girly design, all done in pink and gold, and looking very elegant! Again, it’s fully customizable, but a bit of a simpler offering, with just the invitation card included. I’m totally in love with how happy that unicorn face looks!

3) If you’d rather have a more fully drawn unicorn, this downloadable invitation might be the most beautiful color set of all! I personally love blues and violets, so the softly muted tones of the unicorns’ manes really appeal, and I love that this has a parent and baby on, very reflective of the subject at hand.

If you’re arty yourself, you could adapt any of these to your own design, and then scan and print them to speed up the process – or even design individual cards for your guests if you’ve got the time and inclination. If you do, we’d love to see what you come up with, because wow, that’s dedication!

Unicorn Baby Shower Games

party isn’t a party without games, and everyone knows that unicorns play the best games! What sort of entertainment you choose will depend a bit on who your guests are, but here are a few ideas that might get the ball rolling and help you plan some activities for your party.

4) BabyAspen has some very cute free downloadable games with unicorn decorations, so your guests can test their knowledge of the parents-to-be, or leave some warm wishes for the child and parents.

DIY Unicorn Pinata

5) HelloWonderful offers a free printable on how to make a mini unicorn pinata, which might be one of the best ways to stay in theme and give your guests some party fun. I love how creative this is, and if you have time, you could make a lot of them to hang up all over the place to add to the decor as well as the fun. It looks pretty easy to do, and if you were organized, you could collect up sentiments from guests in advance to fill them with, or choose lots of colorful sweets to reflect all the rainbow glory of unicorns. Alternative, if you are busy, is get one from Amazon.

6) For more inspiration or a simple purchase if you need to take some of the pressure off, some lovely creative person on Etsy has collected up 10 Most Popular Unicorn Baby Shower Games, which look like a great way to keep your guests having fun without it all getting too complicated. I feel like I want to try some of these myself!

Unicorn Baby Shower Set of 50 sheets per game

7) If you’re planning a big party, this set of 50 sheets per game might be more suitable, and you can easily hand them out to your guests with minimal fuss. There’s a lovely little advice sheet included, so all your friends can pass on their top parenting tip in a fun and friendly way.

Unicorn Baby Shower Bingo

8) Alternatively, if you want to stick to just one game and keep things simple, you can buy some very adorable bingo sheets with little unicorns on, and your guests can try and guess what gifts will be given. This will make present-opening fun for all!

Party Favors

Choosing party favors might be one of the best bits of throwing any party, since they’re a way to thank your guests for coming, and in a way to thank them for their presence in your life. Though small, these gifts often have a lot of meaning, so it’s lovely to choose them with care and thought, and to present them nicely.

Unicorn Baby Shower Favour Box

9) First off, could there be a sweeter favor box than this little unicorn? It looks positively overjoyed with life, and a little row of these lined up would be a decoration – and a gift – in themselves! You’ll really prove your dedication to your theme with these things in place, and they look a great size to hold a couple of little favors for your guests to unveil!

Unicorn Party Favour Boxes

10) If you want a square box instead, these are simply adorable. I love the bright colors and cheerful design, and if I received one of these, I’d definitely be keeping it out as a reminder of the day. I might also be tempted to hold one back for myself if I was the party organizer!

Flower Seeds and personalized unicorn-themed message for your baby shower

11) To go inside the boxes, there couldn’t be much cuter than this adorably stamped packet and sweet little rhyme, meant for holding seeds. We love the idea of planting flowers to celebrate your baby, and the fact that you can choose the seeds yourself is an extra nice touch. Personally, I’d go for a bee-friendly mix – the unicorns will thank you for keeping their fuzzy friends fed and happy. If there’s a flower which is particularly important or significant to you, you could choose that instead, or pick individual flower seeds for each guest.

Personalized Unicorn Charm Bracelet for baby shower

12) If you want something that lasts longer than seeds, this lovely little unicorn charm bracelet would serve as a nice reminder of your party. It’s got such a cute printed background, and you can pick a secondary charm to go alongside the unicorn, making it a really nice present for anyone attending.

Super Cute Unicorn Baby Shower Soap

13) Perhaps the most adorable favor we came across is this unicorn soap, which is just so delicate and pretty I can hardly believe it’s soap! You can even select your desired colors, which is ideal if you have a particular theme running, or if you want to personalize for your guests. Once again, I feel like it’s impossible to resist that lovely happy face, and this should leave your guests smiling every time they use it. My only worry is that these look good enough to eat!

Unicorn Baby Shower Lollypop stickers

14) Of course, a party isn’t a party without a few sweet treats, and these rainbow lollypop stickers would be a great way to finish off your unicorn theme. Sometimes a physical gift is just more clutter, and it’s better to go for food items – and these don’t disappoint for being memorable and unique! The fact that you can personalize even these is just such a nice little touch.

Unicorn Cotton Candy - perfect for baby shower

15) If lollies aren’t your thing, this unicorn cotton candy would be a great alternative to satisfy the sweetest tooth, and again, I just love the colors. They come in three flavors, and will arrive nice and fresh for your party. I think I might be tempted to buy a bag or two for myself – just to make sure they were up to scratch for my guests, of course!

Unicorn Baby Shower Decorations

When it comes to the appropriate decor for your party, it’s hard to know where to start – there are so many options out there! It’s quite amazing how much you have to choose from, but we’ve done our best to narrow down our favorites from all the gorgeous decorations available.


Large Rainbow Balloon, perfect for unicorn-themed baby shower

16) We couldn’t resist starting this section off with a rainbow balloon– in shape and everything! At 34�?, this would make a great centerpiece for any table decoration or the overall room, and would definitely play its part in contributing to the unicorn theme.

Marblemulti-colored Balloons

17) For the bulk of the balloons, these multi-colored marbled ones would look very effective, perhaps stuck to the wall or piled up in the corners of the room. I love the swirls and spirals on them, and if you’re going for a purple theme, they’d be perfect to complete it! Your guests will have fun batting these around, that’s for sure.

Rainbow Balloon Arch

18) If you want a really spectacular piece, this rainbow balloon arch is bright, eye-catching, and absolutely beautiful. I love how some of the balloons have some patterns on them, and the way the colors gently meld into each other to create such a stunning rainbow overall. This would look perfect framing the cake or present table, and has everything you need to create something which will really wow your guests and step your decoration game up a notch.

Garlands And Fans

Not everyone likes balloons, particularly if you’re trying to plan your party from an eco-friendly standpoint – and especially if helium is involved. That doesn’t mean you can’t have some great decorations, though: with a bit of creativity, your room will look every bit as spectacular!

Rainbow Star Garland for Baby Shower

19) This rainbow star garland might be the best way to brighten up your walls and leave them fresh with unicorn excitement. It’s so cute and perfect for baby shower decor, and it looks like you could easily re-use it at your future child’s parties too! The fact it’s three separate strings means you can adapt it to fit into any space you want to be a little more colorful.

Unicorn Baby Shower Garland

20) A decidedly unicorn-y garland, this string is absolutely adorable, and would look lovely set against any plain background, running around above the table, or perhaps over the couch. You could even run it along the table to brighten up a plain tablecloth if necessary.

Unicorn Paper Fans

21) Paper fans are a wonderful way to make a big splash of color without balloons, and this set is particularly stunning, with a fancy gold trim and lovely unicorn pastel shades. They’d look amazing against a wall or ceiling, or perhaps wrapping around the corner of a room. A couple of sets of these would set your party off to an amazingly colorful start, and I’m sure the unicorns would approve!

Unicorn Honeycomb Balls

22) Alternatively, these unicorn honeycomb balls would make some great hanging decorations, especially in those lovely colors. I think a couple of packs would be in order to get a really nice effect, but the fact they can be folded down and reused makes them a definite winner in my book.

Other Decor

Unicorn Baby Shower Flower Box

23) For some really striking unicorn decoration, this amazing flower box would look spectacular anywhere you put it. A quick glance at the reviews shows other purchasers haven’t been disappointed by it, and I think it would make a gorgeous keepsake from the party, possibly to decorate your child’s room – or even your own room! You could fill it with the cards you receive, or ask guests to bring little snippets of memories or wishes for the child, and turn it into a truly special memory box.

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers

24) In terms of spicing up the table, you might like these unicorn cupcake toppers. If your theme is pink, they’d go very nicely, and would ensure the whole table stays as unicorn-y as possible. Couple them with this lovely unicorn tablecloth, complete with dancing unicorns, stars, and pastel stripes, and your table will be looking fabulous before it’s even got any food on it!

Large Unicorn Paper Flowers

25) Finally, a few of these paper flowers would finish off the room beautifully, either up on the walls with your garlands and balloons, or scattered across the table among the food. The stunning metallic swirls setting off the flowers make them a true unicorn decoration!

Guest Book for Unicorn Baby Shower

26) We also think it would be lovely to have a guest book, which is a decoration in itself. This printable lets you turn any book into your guest book, and is editable so you can customize it perfectly to your party. It would make a great memento of a beautiful day.

Unicorn Backdrops

Unicorn Baby Shower Personalized Banner

27) No baby shower is complete without a backdrop in the photos, and here there are a few different unicorn options. First, this personalized banner, with that lovely sleepy-unicorn face emblazoned across it, followed by the baby’s name and the date of the shower. What a lovely thing to take pictures with!

Rose-covered Unicorn backdrop

28) If you want something with more pinks and flowers, a similarly designed unicorn face can be found on this amazing rose-covered backdrop, which has all the sparkle anyone could wish for at such a party. With this up, you’ll hardly need any other decorations!

Unicorn-themed backdrop

29) Alternatively, this backdrop is a lovely mix of pinks and blues, with some very cute stars sprinkled all around the unicorn.

Banned for unicorn baby shower

30) If you generally think that backdrop is too much and there might be not enough space for that, this banner is perfectly saying out loud what was the reason to gather around: to celebrate life and love altogether!

Baby Shower Outfit For You and the Baby

It’s always fun to have something special to wear for a special day, and while you might not feel like dressing up too crazily, there are still some really nice options out there to let you wear something a little bit different.

Unicorn T-Shirt for Women

31) First is this very cute t-shirt, with a simple, clean design. I love that this can be worn again and again, but will still feel very special on the first wear, especially for a new mother-to-be. That sweet little face and the simple lettering will mark the mother out as the queen of the party, and could serve as a fond memento in the months – or even years – to come.

Unicorn Horn Headbands

32) If you want to get your guests in on the dressing up action, these bright unicorn horn headbands would make for a lovely extra touch to the party. A few pictures with everyone wearing these would look great, and your guests could feel really in the unicorn mood, and like part of the theme themselves! They’re also nice and simple to take off, and don’t require guests to put a lot of effort into a costume to fit in. I particularly love the flowers around the band!

Unicorn themed leggings for the mother and child

33) If you want a “Mommy and Me�? outfit the lucky mother can re-wear on the arrival of the baby, these amazing unicorn leggings might be perfect. Their stunning shimmer is definitely eye-catching, and again would mark Mom out as the head of the party, and would let you keep the unicorn theme going even as your child grew! I’ve never seen anything quite like these, but I love how magical they look!

Unicorn tank top and bodysuit for the baby

34) Another option for matching mother and upcoming infant is this gorgeous tank top with a matching bodysuit for the baby. You can also choose from different colors available to perfectly match your preferences. It’s so cute to have a rainbow on the baby’s outfit rather than a full unicorn; the association between the two is well known, and I think this is such a nice link, especially with the unicorn’s vibrant rainbow mane.

Mother And Baby T-Shirts For Unicorn Baby Shower

35) For the mother-to-be, this set is a simply gorgeous way to be proud of your accomplishment and link up with your little one from the word “go.�? Get them dressed as a unicorn for their very first outfit, and celebrate your accomplishment as the miracle it is!

Gifts For Baby

You might also want to buy something special for you little one or suggest a few gift ideas to your guests, especially if you want them in keeping with your unicorn theme. It’s possible your new baby is already with you, or you’d like a few special bits to greet them to the world with: either way, there are some lovely options.

Personalized Unicorn Blanket For the Baby

36) If you’ve picked out a name already, this beautiful blanket looks so soft and will be truly special and personal to your child. They’re bound to love it, and it will probably remain popular as they grow into a unicorn fan in their own right. What a lovely way to celebrate your child’s entry to the world.

Plush Unicorn Toys for the little one

37) Of course, little ones need toys too, and these unicorn toys are absolutely perfect for a baby shower if the baby has already been born. You can commemorate your baby’s birthday in something they’ll play with and keep for years. You could write a different message if you’re still waiting for your little one; it would make a lovely gift either way.

Unicorn Baby Moccasins

38) Another alternative, these little moccasins are simply gorgeous and would look great with any outfit, especially a unicorn-themed one. I’m in love with the cute flowers, and they also look soft and comfy for little feet. I’d love to greet a new baby with something this beautiful. Combine those with this unicorn hat for newborns, and your child could not look more magical.

39) Finally, if you want to lull your child to sleep in the most magical unicorn way imaginable, this nursery mobile could be the perfect gift to request from your guests, perhaps as a joint present. No nursery could be lacking in magic with this dancing gently through the air above your sleeping baby’s head. I love that you can choose your own colors, making sure it will fit in beautifully whatever theme you choose!

Unicorn Baby Shower Food Ideas

Food might be one of the most important elements of the party, and themed food is a must for something like this!

Savory Foods

Rainbow Pizza

40) Most unicorn foods are sweet, so we’ve made an effort to collect up a few more savory offerings to ensure your guests don’t end up living on pure sugar! First off is this incredible rainbow pizza. Nobody will question your culinary or artistic skills if you serve up something like this, and everyone loves pizza as a main party dish – it’s easy to eat, can be served hot or cold, and is generally liked by all.

41) If you want a more stylish and adult option than pizza, you could consider this rainbow sushi, which honestly looks incredible! I’m not a huge fan of sushi, but I don’t think I could resist this, and it can be prepared a couple of days in advance, which is always a plus when it comes to feeding a lot of people. You could transfer the technique to other rice dishes if you don’t like sushi: it looks amazing!

Unicorn Smoothie

42) For a bright and healthy drink option, you could serve up glasses of this unicorn smoothie. After the popularity of Starbucks’ unicorn frappuccino, this is bound to be a hit with your guests, and is a lot healthier than the commercial version!


Unicorn Rainbow Dip Sauce

43) I’ve often thought that dips are the making of the table – they can be brightly colored and look fantastic, and the weird and wonderful flavors really appeal to me. That’s why I’m totally in love with this unicorn dip, made with a cheesecake recipe. It looks absolutely fabulous, and I’d love to try a taste. If anyone makes some, feel free to send me a sample!

Unicorn Yoghurt Bark Cookies

44) If you want to make your guests giggle, these unicorn poop yogurt bark cookies might be a great option. They look good on the table, and they’re definitely rainbow! They’re also not half as unhealthy as they look, so you can reassure any of your guests who are worried about eating them – and save some of your sugar tolerance for the cake!

Unicorn Chocolate Strawberries

45) For those who are particularly artistic, these unicorn chocolate strawberries look spectacular. I’m not sure I could bear to eat one of these because they look so magical, but it would definitely be fun to have a go at making them. I suspect my efforts wouldn’t turn out anything like this, but there’s no question they’d make a stunning addition to any table!

The Cake

Finally, the most important part of any party: a unicorn cake. If you’re confident in the kitchen, you can make a real masterpiece, and if you aren’t, there are lots of artisan bakers who will take on the challenge for you, especially if you have a picture of what you want.

Unicorn Cake

46) First up is this really gorgeous and relatively simple cake, which also has a Youtube tutorial so you can follow it step-by-step if you prefer. I like that this doesn’t require too much in terms of fancy tins, and it would still look great in the middle of the table, especially with all that amazing frosting on the mane.

Unicorn Confetti Crispy Cake

47) Next, I love this unicorn confetti crispy cake. It doesn’t look too tricky if you’re reasonably good at icing, and I like that every guest gets a unicorn on their slice. I also love the imagination that went into using the candles as horns, and you could swap them for marbled candles or rainbow ones if you wanted. Cakes that reveal more in the center than on the outside make me happy, so this is a definite winner in my book!

Unicorn Poke Cake

48) If you don’t feel your baking skills are up to the task, you could try this unicorn poke cake. It will still look amazing, especially once you cut into it and show off that gorgeous multi-colored base. I’d be tempted to add a few more sprinkles than in this example, but it will definitely go down well with your guests either way!

To Summarize

I hope this article has helped inspire with you some unicorn baby shower ideas – I certainly feel ready to attend a party like this now, especially if they serve the sort of food mentioned above. If you’re about to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, we just want to congratulate you and wish you well, and also say well done on choosing unicorns to represent the birth of your child. 

We hope they bring you magic and good fortune, and we’d love to see pictures of the party if you’d care to share them! Let us know if any of the ideas here appeal to you, or if we should include others you’ve seen elsewhere.

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