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40+ Amazing Unicorn Gift Ideas For Girls Aged 3+

Most little girls love magic and mystery, and unicorns certainly fit the bill for that! If you’re looking for a gift for a special friend, a daughter, a niece, or any other little girl, unicorns are a great starting point, and there are so many options you’re bound to be able to find something that they will love and cherish.

Friendship Bracelets

When you’re buying something for a special friend or for your daughter, a friendship bracelet is a lovely choice. It’s a token of affection your recipient can keep with them at all times, and look at whenever they want a reminder of your bond. For children just going to school, this might be particularly significant, and could help them cope with not having their parent nearby so often.

Unicorn Chalk Bracelet

1) This chalk bracelet is one of the most unusual bracelets I have ever seen, and would be a great gift for anyone who is artsy and loves to doodle. With a design that can be changed every day, this would bring out your recipient’s creativity, and it could be colored to match an outfit! I love the colors in the band, perfect to fit in with any color chosen for the unicorn. What an unusual gift that pretty much any young girl would love to own.

Unicorn Best Friend Bracelet

2) I also love this unicorn bracelet, with all those beautiful bright colors around the edge, and a firm “BFF” stamped on it. The unicorn charms and the curling flowers in their manes are gorgeous, and I love that you could purchase several of these and share them among a whole friendship group. You can also choose what size you want your bracelet, so you can be sure it’ll fit on little wrists nicely, and won’t fall off and get lost!

Unicorn Bracelet for Girls

3) This unicorn bracelet is another lovely option, with beautiful pastel colors and a very pretty unicorn dancing along the bright band. You can choose the colors for the cord bracelet, and it’s adjustable so it will grow with your friend. I love the idea of someone being able to wear this every day, knowing it had been bought with love and unicorn wishes. The three colors in the mane are a nice little detail to brighten it up.

Unicorn Rainbow Bracelet

4) If you’d rather gift a simple bracelet, this rainbow band is very beautiful, and everyone knows rainbows and unicorns go together! With gorgeous colors and very intricate knotting, this would look lovely on a little girl’s wrist, and I really like the fact that you can trim it to size without spoiling the bracelet, though do double-check it won’t be too long for your intended recipient. You can also buy the same design with brighter colors here, so if your friend goes for a very vibrant look, this may be the one for her. I think the unicorns would approve of either!

Unicorn Pearl Bracelet

5) Another option to have something unicorn-themed without it being an actual unicorn, this pearl bracelet would appeal to pretty much any little girl, and has the attraction of relating to both mermaids and unicorns! It could represent whichever she felt more like tuning into on any particular day, and either way, it’ll look beautiful gleaming on a little wrist. I also love the sentiment about wishes on the gift card, bringing a bit of magic to a small person’s life!

Unicorn Clothes

When it comes to unicorn clothing for little girls, there’s a bottomless sea of cute designs, ideas, styles, and sparkles! Choosing our favorites from the selection hasn’t been easy, but here are a few very top picks – there are bound to be hundreds more out there! Make sure you check sizes before purchasing, but don’t hesitate to spread some magical unicorn attire! Kids love new clothes, and these will make them feel really special.

Unicorn Outfit for girls

6) First up is this gorgeous little unicorn outfit, looking magical in pinks and whites and golds. I love the cute skirt and the detailing on the top, but I also love that you can choose exactly which pieces you want – you can have the bow, legwarmers, just the tutu, or any other combination you want. I think any little girl would love being a unicorn in this pretty set, and might become the envy of the class with it!

7) If you’re shopping for summery days, there’s a great selection of adorable unicorn dresses available here, with designs of all colors and styles. My personal favorite is the short-sleeved dark purple one with stars and pink-maned unicorns. I love how mystical and magical looks, and I think any kid would too! If not, there’s something here for any unicorn lover, so if you’re choosing for your daughter or a school friend, you’re bound to find something perfect!

Pink Sequin Unicorn T-Shirt

8) For those who want to choose a really magical-looking top, this pink one is such a rich color, and that sequin unicorn is enchanting! I absolutely love the rainbow wave effect, and how 3D it looks as a result of the sequins. Unicorns and sparkle combined: what’s not to love about this little gift? Your recipient will be over the moon at being able to wear something this pretty! It might even be worth buying more than one so you can prize it off the girl to wash it!

9) If you want an age-based t-shirt with a bit more of a “cool” factor, rather than the sparkle factor, this one might be suitable. You can choose pretty much any color, so pick your friend’s favorite, and get it in the mail! It looks great with those ultra-cool unicorns and their bright manes, and the seller has a whole range of ages available, so you can find something for almost any age in their shop. This would make a particularly nice birthday present, as kids tend to be so proud of adding another year to their age!

Unicorn Summer Dress

10) For a totally stunning summer dress, I don’t think I’ve seen much which is nicer than this one. It’s such a cool summery blue, a gorgeous shape, and is simply bursting with rainbow unicorn magic in a lovely bold print. I love the style of the images, and the colors they’ve chosen compliment each other so nicely. Again, this is available in a whole range of sizes – if I had a daughter, I think she’d be getting one of each so this dress could grow up with her throughout her childhood!

11) I’ve also very rarely met a child who doesn’t love special pajamas, and I think these make a great and slightly more unusual present. These unicorn pajamas will fill bedtime with magic, especially with the rainbow unicorn top! Any little girl would be super excited to have her own name printed on her pajamas beneath that vibrant unicorn, and getting them to snuggle down will be a dream in these. The sleeves and the trousers have such cute little unicorns, and I think if these went up to adult sizes, I’d be considering a pair myself, especially as they’re 100% cotton.

Rainbow Unicorn Robe

12) For on top of the pajamas on cold nights or after a bath, this unicorn robe is totally in theme, and has a very cute little mane and lovely eyes. This is a great way to turn the child into a walking rainbow, and they’ll love snuggling into the warm, soft fabric, then flipping up the hood so they have a magical unicorn head with a beautiful horn in place. I love this, and I think kids would probably want to wear it any time of day or night! If you want softer rainbows with stars, this robe might be a nicer alternative, but either would delight any girl who enjoys cozy softness.

Unicorn Slippers For Girls

13) To pair with the pajamas and robe, these lovely unicorn slippers would totally complete the set. They have sweet little faces and they’re so fluffy, I just want to stroke them! Gift some toasty toes with these things; the little girl will get plenty of use out of them!

Practical Unicorn Gifts

Sometimes, in our consumerist world, it’s nice to choose a present that is practical as well as cute and luxurious. This might be particularly the case if you’re a parent, aware of the things your child needs as well as the things they want. Here are a few practical ideas of unicorn gifts you can give your child which will also be useful to them!

Pink Unicorn Lunch Bag for Girls

14) A personalized lunchbox always goes down well, and this beautiful pink unicorn lunch bag is bound to be popular! It’s washable, and looks like it would hold a decent amount of things for a healthy lunch. Being foil-lined will keep food hot or cold, and paired with this unicorn water bottle, your child will be set for a magical lunch! Having their name on things will also increase the chance of getting them back if they get misplaced.

Unicorn Brush

15) If your little girl is anything like me, brushing her hair might be a challenge in the mornings. This unicorn brush might make things easier; with a unicorn and their name in place, the brush will suddenly become personal and magical, and it will look lovely sitting on a dresser when it’s not being used.

Unicorn Drinking Cup with Straw

16) Cups are always popular with kids, and these unicorn drinking cups with a straw are likely to be even more so! Pick your child or friend’s favorite color, personalize it, and you’ve got a great gift sorted! They’ll think of you every time they use it – and that will probably be often, given how cool it looks!

17) A money bank is also much-loved by kids, and I pretty much collected these things when I was younger. This personalized unicorn money bank will give your friend or child a great way to guard their precious pocket money, and will look great on a dresser or bedside table.

Personalized Unicorn Notebook

18) Another almost universally-loved present is a good notebook, and this one looks great. Spiral bound, with beautiful colors, this would be ideal for an older child, and you can choose between blank or lined paper, and even choose the binding spiral’s color! Paired with this adorable  “unicorn horn” pen to write with, you’ll have a gorgeous present for your recipient to jot down their most important thoughts – and the unicorns can keep them safe!

Unicorn Diary for kids

19) Alternatively, this unicorn diary has a beautiful loving sentiment, and will also give little girls a place to confide their secret thoughts and wishes. I love the little pen that goes with it, and as the pages are blank, the lucky recipient can draw or write or both – the book will truly reflect how she feels.

20) Somewhere between practical and luxury, this unicorn bath bomb set is bound to be a hit with any little girl. Bath bombs seem pretty popular with most girls, and these add an extra splash of magic, nature, and sparkle! I don’t know how I’d choose which to use first, but they sound amazing, and they come with such a cute bag, which could be reused long after the bath bombs are finished with. Some even contain a small toy to make bath time more fun – and what little girl wouldn’t love sinking into a bath filled with petals and a potential secret present?

Unicorn bag for kids

21) If the little girl has places to be and things to do, a bag might be a practical gift which would help them to feel grown up and special. This bag has a nice adult feel to it, and a very pretty unicorn printed across it. It also has several pockets, so the recipient can neatly organize the contents and keep everything where it should be, knowing the unicorn will guard it fiercely!

Unicorn Decorations

Personalized Unicorn Jewelry Box

22) Sometimes you just want a few things to brighten up a friend’s space, and there are some wonderful unicorn decoration options out there, many of which can be personalized. This jewelry box would make a perfect companion if you’ve bought a necklace or bracelet, and would look amazing sitting on a dresser. It’s beautiful wood, and that flowery design is so pretty! I’d love one of these for my own bedroom, especially with those useful-looking compartments for storing all manner of trinkets.

22) Alternatively, there’s this gorgeous unicorn music box would also be a great place to store jewelry. I love the colors on it, and the little drawer at the bottom, perfect for putting away precious trinkets, notes, and other special things that want to be kept safe under the watchful eye of a unicorn. Music boxes are often a wonderful way to enchant children.

Unicorn Night Lamp

23) If you want something that will literally make the space brighter, this color-changing nightlight would make a great gift. It’s simple and cute, and looks nice even while off. Pop this on a bedside table and you’ve got instant magic to guard your friend or child through the nights. They can pick their favorite color, or have it cycle through a gentle rainbow.

Rearing Unicorn Night Light

24) For a more mature light, this unicorn rearing among the stars might be perfect. In plain white, it looks breath-taking, especially glowing in the dark, and I love how clean the design is. I think most people would be happy to have this on their bedside table, dancing through the darkness of the nights and peppering some pretty stars in the air.

Unicorn "Glow in the dark" blanket

25) In the same theme of lightening the room, this glow-in-the-dark blanket would be a lovely thing to tuck over the end of a little girl’s bed, especially if she struggles with fears of monsters. You could reassure her that the unicorns will guard her in her sleep and keep the darkness at bay. Either way, I think most little girls would love how soft, fluffy, and beautiful this blanket is!

Personalized Unicorn Letter

26) This personalized letter would also look really nice in any little girl’s bedroom. It’s really cute in that it joins their initial with a unicorn, and you could even gift a set of letters, either in the same color or to make a rainbow of their name. These are super cute, and could be themed to the girl’s bedroom, adding a swirl of unicorn style.

Unicorn Bean Bag

27) You could add a large amount of squashy unicorn goodness to their room in one go with this unicorn beanbagwhich is big, bright, colorful, and beautiful! I love the flowery details and the happy face, and I think any little girl would enjoy curling up in this to watch TV or read a book. It looks so comfy, I’d be tempted to climb in myself!

28) As an ornament, this tiny unicorn in a bottle would look amazing standing on a table or hanging on the wall. I love how it sits in its own world, how tiny it is, and the little flash of glitter surrounding it. The unicorn itself is ultra-cute, and you can add a personalized message so it’s utterly unique to your recipient. I think young or old, any girl would love a gift like this, especially given through the love of a friend. Definitely an adorable and magical option your recipient can treasure throughout the years, and look to for courage and a reminder of your affection in difficult times.

Unicorn Sequin Pillow Cover

29) For something really unusual, this unicorn sequin pillow cover likely fits the bill! I think most children would be enchanted by the way the picture appears and disappears depending on which way the sequins are brushed, and having their name printed on the front will just make it all the more special! The unicorn colors are lovely, but you can choose between rose gold or silver for the plain side to make it fit with a theme; either would look amazing!

Unicorn Toys

Every kid loves to play with things, and you might be looking for a unicorn-themed toy to gift to keep the little girl happy. Again, there are a huge range of options for all ages, so we’ll include just a few of our very top picks here.

"How to cath a unicorn" book for children

30) Books are a wonderful gift to give, and almost every child enjoys a good story. The book How To Catch A Unicorn would have enchanted me as a child, and I would have spent hours trying to follow any advice it offered! It looks like it has beautiful pictures, and you could follow up the gift-giving with a lovely story session. Alternatively, The Girl Who Loves Unicorns might be particularly appropriate; both involve searching for a unicorn, and would be a lovely opportunity to teach a message about faith and magic.

Unicorn Slime

31) Kids seem to almost universally love slime for some reason, and I imagine unicorn slime might be an even more popular choice for little fingers to poke and paw at! This is beautiful pastel colors and definitely looks magical enough to attract a unicorn or two, though I’m not convinced they would understand the appeal kids find in the stuff. It also has a cute little unicorn charm the giftee can keep.

Crochet Unicorn Toy

32) Soft toys are another much-loved gift, and this crochet unicorn is far too beautiful not to include on the list. I adore the curly, twisting mane that spills across its face, and it looks like it would sit up easily, without constantly toppling over. You can even message the seller to discuss colors, so you could request a different tint to the mane or body, and you might get lucky and gift a totally unique unicorn! This is definitely something most little girls would treasure as a magical childhood toy for years to come.

Unicorn Sensory Box

33) For older children, this unicorn sensory box could prove lots of fun. It has a plethora of pretty beads and sparkly things to play with, and I can imagine dipping around in this for hours. The scoop, tweezers, and cupcake case really complete the set, and it looks great in its little wooden box. It’s such a cute set, though do be aware of the choking hazard and ensure it’s given as an age-appropriate gift, and used with parental supervision. Unleash a bit of unicorn magic and creativity with these gorgeous little fiddly-bits.

Unicorn Utopia Play set

34) If your little recipient is a Poly Pocket collector, this Unicorn Utopia might be a new favorite addition to their set. I collected these obsessively when I was younger, and would have been delighted with this one. It has some peel-away parts, 3 accessories, stickers, and plenty more for the little one to explore, including a spinning star. This would be a lovely, inexpensive present for any collector to enjoy! If you could find a little toy unicorn to go with it, it would make an even nicer gift, but it is lovely as it is.

Unicorn Bath Toy

35) For those looking for a bit of bath-time fun, this unicorn toy could prove highly popular. She changes color when she’s washed, and she comes complete with a little bathrobe, a brush, and a pretend spray bottle. Young children in particular find endless joy and magic in things which change color in the water, so this might be a wonderful gift for them to play with. She’s certainly pretty and appealing even without the color-change aspect, and would probably be played with endlessly.

Rainbow Unicorn Eggs

36) Perhaps one of the most “magical” gifts on the list, these rainbow unicorn eggs are definitely weird and wonderful. Your recipient can “hatch” their own unicorns by putting the eggs in water and waiting a few days for them to hatch. Once out of the eggs, the unicorns can be left in the water and will “grow up.” The unicorns can then be taken out of the water and played with, and will gradually shrink back down to their original size. This probably isn’t a gift with long-term play value, but looks like it would be entertaining at least for a while!

Activity Kits

Unicorn Latch Hook Activity set

37) If the little girl you’re gifting to likes creating things, you’re in luck, because there are lots of different unicorn-themed activities available! For example, this unicorn latch hook (6+), which will help them make their very own miniature unicorn rug. Can you imagine how proud they will be of having created something this cool and pretty? I know I’d have been overjoyed!

Unicorn Jewelry Kit

38) If they’re more into jewelry than rugs, why not offer them a chance to make their own unicorn jewelry to share with friends using this kit? It has lots of beads and charms for them to have endless fun with, and you could always top it up on following birthdays or Christmases if the girl is enjoying herself! I love some of the beads, and would really enjoy doing something like this myself; you can be sure this will come out at sleepovers and parties so she can show all her friends.

Unicorn Slime Activity Kit

39) Some little girls are definitely more into slime and goo than jewelry, but the unicorns are here for them too in this slime kit, which even lets them make poop-shaped slime! Gross, but it’s just the sort of thing that would thrill kids to bits. There are also some unicorn-head shaped molds, glitter tubes, and foam slime balls, so this kit has everything your slime-lover could want!

Unicorn Headband Kit

40) Headbands are another immensely popular thing with little girls, so let them make their own with this “make your own unicorn headband” kit, which includes all the parts they’ll need, and would be particularly great to gift at a party, where they can open it and involve all their friends!

Unicorn Kid-friendly makeup set

41) For kid-friendly makeup, this kit might prove a much-loved gift. It’s a cute and harmless way for little girls to enjoy pretending to be grown-up, and includes a nice selection of things for them to play and experiment with. Importantly, it’s easy to wash off with soap and water, so you don’t need to worry too much about spillages!

Finishing Off

We hope you’re feeling thoroughly inspired to choose a really magical present. There are so many unicorn gifts for girls, it can be overwhelming to try and pick, but we’ve done our best to narrow down the choices while still offering something for as many people as possible. Whatever the recipient you have in mind likes, unicorns will help to make it even brighter!

If you’re still struggling to choose, why not pick this unicorn surprise gift box, full of unicorn-related gifts? Most kids love this sort of thing, which is something like a lucky dip, only they get all the prizes! It looks like it has a fantastic selection of different presents to wow the recipient. Alternatively, this box has similar, but slightly different contents, which might better suit what you’re looking for.

Whatever you choose to give, it will be a lovely token of your affection for the giftee, and we hope it will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come; unicorn magic is truly special and long-lasting. If you have any other great ideas you think we’ve missed from this list which should be included, let us know; we always love seeing and hearing about unicorn products, and there are so many out there that it’s hard to spot everything!

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