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6 Amazing Unicorn Ride On Toys To Amuse & Develop Your Child

As a parent of a 2-year-old princess, I must say that few things in the world give me more pleasure than seeing the little one happy and learning new skills with each day passing. Ride on toys are a great way for children to have some fun, while also developing their coordination, strength and motor skills. And adding unicorns to the mix brings a sparkle of magic to the toys – I mean, who wouldn’t want to ride a unicorn?

Seeing you here reading this article, chances are that your little one has grown fond of unicorns and you would like to delight them with a ride on unicorn toy. But which product should you choose? To help you with your decision, I took the time to research different unicorn ride on toys that are currently available and listed the best ones in this article.

Our Top Pick – Ponycycle Unicorn Ride on Toy (2019)

This lovely-looking Unicorn is the latest updated edition of Ponycycle`s very successful line of ride on toys. It works by putting your feet on the pedals and then pushing up and down to initiate horse-like movement. There are no motors and batteries, only muscle power. The Ponycycle Unicorn is therefore a great way for the child to get some exercise and learn balance while also having fun doing so. 

The Ponycycle comes in two different sizes – Medium (suitable for 3-5 year olds) and Large (4-8 year olds)Customers have praised the product for its durability and sturdy construction which guarantees your little one will have a companion for many years to come.

My only critique for the product is the price, which is a bit on the high side. However, if you have the money to spare, this Unicorn friend is sure to take your child on many wonderful adventures and put a BIG smile on their face. And all this while developing their balance and strength. Totally worth it!

Bike Ride Preparation – Yvolution My Buddy Unicorn

Teaching your child the basics of riding a bike does not have to be a daunting task. With the Yvolution My Buddy Unicorn Balance Bike, your child will have so much fun they don’t realize they are learning the fundamental skills needed for cycling.

The balance bike is lightweight and suitable for kids 2+ years old (up to 44 lbs). The height of the handlebar and seat are both adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for your child. In case the soft unicorn cushion gets dirty from excessive playing, it’s easily removable and can be washed.

Climbing on a Unicorn will capture the toddler’s imagination like nothing else and suck them into hours of playtime and exercise. All that’s left for you is to watch your little one stroll around with a captivating smile and envious looks from other children.

2 in 1 VTech Rocker & Ride-On Unicorn

This multi-functional Rocker & Ride-On Unicorn toy From VTech definitely deserves some attention and a place in this list. For younger kids (1+ years old), it can serve as a rocking toy, helping the little one learn body control and balance.

When your toddler is tired of rocking (or just grown out of with age), the toy can easily be transformed into a ride-on scooter by turning the wheel-base the other way around. This way your child can sit on the chair and push her (or his) way around the house using muscle power. Adventures with their own personal unicorn await!

A nice addition to the toy is an integrated motion detector that triggers magical sounds and music to entertain the toddler. There are also buttons that can be pushed and turned manually which makes them light up and again play different sounds and songs. Kids at this age love this kind of entertainment  (I certainly know my little one does!).

All in all, it really is a very practical toy with a reasonable price that can entertain and teach your kid in many different ways. Well worth the money!

Unicorn Bouncer from iPlay, iLearn

This Unicorn Bouncer is the most simple and cheapest toy in the list, but definitely something any toddler will fall in love with. I mean, just look at how cute this thing is!

The inside of the toy is made out of inflatable eco-friendly rubber which is covered with plush unicorn outfit. Four sturdy legs help to make the bouncer sturdy and prevents it from tipping over and potentially hurting your child.

This way, your toddler can jump around the house (or outside), having loads of fun while strengthening their muscles and learning to keep balance. Sometimes simple is the best option and this toy definitely proves this point. A really cost-friendly, yet developing toy that is sure to entertain toddlers for hours and days to come!

Honorable mentions

3-in-1 Ride On Unicorn Scooter

The idea behind this multifunctional Unicorn Scooter is great. It can be used either as a push wagon, sitting ride-on cart, or a scooter which the child stands on. The handlebar height can also be adjusted and the toy is suitable for children up to 3 years old. This ensures that the toy can be adapted to different stages of your child`s development and be a companion for a long time to come.

However, the biggest shortcoming for this toy is stability when used as the stand-on scooter. It might be a bit unstable for the rough handling of toddlers and could tilt forward and to the sides when ridden. This might eventually lead to your child falling down and getting hurt, which we understandably do not want. Each child is different, but when you do purchase the product, make sure to supervise your child initially and see how he/she handles the toy. It might be necessary to guide your little one through the initial learning process to make sure everyone is safe and happy.

Another related shortcoming of the product is that the wheels are small and tend to block on uneven surfaces. This sadly means no riding outdoors or on plush carpets. It might not be a problem if you have enough free flat-surfaced space indoors but is definitely something to keep in mind prior to purchasing.

All in all, the intent for this toy was great, but the implementation could have been better in the areas mentioned earlier.

Hover Heart 6V Electric Unicorn Ride-On

This Electric Unicorn Ride On from Hover Heart features a small motor that moves the toy (and your child) around. It is intended for children between the ages of 3 to 7 and up to 132lbs (60kg). 

I am certain that most children will find cruising around with their very own unicorn amusing. The moving speed of the toy is reasonable, so the children are unlikely to put themselves in danger and crashing into things. From a single charge, you will get 1+ hours of playtime which should be enough for a sufficient play session.

It is worth mentioning that although most customers have been happy with the purchase, several people have also complained about the toy not charging and working at all, which would mean the hassle of returning and getting a replacement product.

The reason I personally would not buy this toy, is the fact that children at this age benefit much more from muscle-powered toys in terms of development and physical exercise than sitting and being carried around by the toy. Electric toys like this also tend to break more easily (and this will happen eventually).

However, all that is not to say that the product is not worth purchasing. It quite certainly is! Just keep the limitations listed in mind and make up your own decision about which toy would be best for your child.


There we go! Several similar, yet so different ride on unicorn toys to amuse and develop your kid. Each child (and parent) is different, with their own preferences and needs – I do hope that this article was useful to you and helps you pick the best option for your child’s needs.

May the Unicorn adventures begin!

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