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40 Ideas For a FUN Unicorn Sleepover

We all know how important sleepovers are when you’re young, and if your child wants to throw a unicorn sleepover, they’ll be expecting some real magic and mystery to grace their party and wow their friends. We’ve searched out some of the top unicorn sleepover ideas to inspire you and help you plan the most magical unicorn sleepover in history.

Unicorn Sleepover

The things you include will depend to a degree on the age of your child, but most of these ideas will be enjoyed by pretty much everyone. I never had a unicorn sleepover as a child, but after looking at some of these things, I find myself wanting one even now, in my twenties! Many of my friends are unicorn fans, so I don’t think I’d be short of guests, either!

Special Invitations for the Unicorn Sleepover

If you’re creative, you might well want to make your own invitations, especially with the help of your little girl or boy. Nothing says “I’m excited about my sleepover” like a handmade invitation, but you probably still want some ideas of where to start and what information to include. You also might want to just buy them if you’re short on time, or not feeling particularly crafty – nothing wrong with that!

There are some great invitations out there, whether you use them for inspiration or to purchase.

Unicorn Sleepover Invitations

1) This is probably my favorite invitation. I love the bright, exciting colors, but I also like that they have a watercolor softness to them, making them blend beautifully into each other. The unicorn also looks so happy, and something about it just tells me it’s a young one, perhaps excited for a sleepover of its own. Perfect for your little girl or boy! I also love the sweet slippers on there, and the fact that it includes all the information your attendees could need to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Personalized Unicorn Sleepover Invitation

2) I also like this cute and cartoon-y invitation, with its adorable little sleeping mask at the top. If your child has one similar, this would be a perfect invite! This one is downloadable, so you don’t need to wait for it to arrive in the post: you can just purchase, edit the info, and print it straight away. It also lets you put a lovely picture on the back, so your child’s guests can keep it as a memento of their friend and a magical party!

Downloadable Unicorn Sleepover Invitation

3) If you’d like an invitation with more pinks and a fully colored background, this might be the one. I like the simple drawings, and the stars scattering down from the top of the invitation, which make a very effective nighttime feel. Again, there’s plenty of space for the information – and who can resist those adorable unicorn slippers?

Printable Unicorn Sleepover invitation

4) For some very magical rainbow swirls, this invitation might be more suitable. I love the sparkles all over it, and the flowers in the corners are a lovely touch, nicely pulling together the image with the unicorn’s flower headband and the additional flower above its head. This is certainly an elegant, mature invite, and something any older child would love to be passing out to their friends.

Dabbing Unicorn Sleepover Invitation

5) Another option for if your kid is starting to get into the “cool and trendy” phase, this dabbing unicorn invitation will definitely make an impression. It’s bright and eye-catching, and certainly a more adult design. I love the rainbow splash and the bold, bright colors, not to mention the bizarre idea of a unicorn dabbing! The text is a little bit on the swirly side, but it would make a great invitation nonetheless.

Halloween Unicorn Party Invitation

6) The final one is quite specific, but if your child happens to be a Halloween baby, it can be hard to make their party stand out and feel special. This invite will be a step in the right direction, and I couldn’t resist including it because I absolutely love the color scheme and the combination of creepy with cute unicorns! This is definitely an invite with a difference, and you could take out the reference to birthdays if you’re just having a sleepover to celebrate Halloween.

DIY: If you’re handy with a computer, you could also select any unicorn picture from online, and add text yourself for a unique invite! Alternatively, cut out and draw around a unicorn, and get your child to help color the invitation. Just make sure you include all the information your guests will need!

Amazing Unicorn Sleepover Decorations

Of course, to make the party really special, you’re going to want some unicorn decorations to brighten up your child’s bedroom and make it look magical. There are hundreds of great ideas out there, but here are a few of the ones we liked best which may help to get you started.

Unicorn Hanging Banner

10) Another thing you could D.I.Y. if you felt inclined to and had the materials, this unicorn banner would look so special hanging on the wall. It’s inexpensive and very pretty, and would instantly set up a unicorn-y feel to the room. I love how soft the images of the unicorns are, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this, so it’s definitely a unique way to decorate.

Unicorn Pillow Cover

11) A lovely way to brighten up the bed and make it in theme would be this personalized pillow. The simple golden stars make for a clean, mature look, but it definitely shouts “I love unicorns” at full volume! You could get one of these for each little bed you’ll be making up, so all your guests feel special and included in the fun.

Colorful Unicorn Backdrop

12) For a big splash of color on the wall, you could consider this flowery unicorn backdrop, which would look lovely for taking pictures against. You can choose the number of flowers and the color accents you want, which makes this perfect for fitting into a theme, and your child will probably want to leave it up year round!

Unicorn Balloon Arch decoration

13) Is a party even a party if it doesn’t include balloons? This amazing arch really goes the distance in creating a splash of rainbow color that will look incredible wrapping around the edge of the room, and which will really make the unicorn atmosphere come alive. I want one of these for my own bedroom!

14) If balloons aren’t your thing because of the environment, these fabulous paper fans are specifically unicorn themed and have the fun of being personalized with your child’s name! I love those glittering gold unicorns, and I think these would look amazing with a trail of lights running around the edge of them.

Unicorn Room Lights

15) Speaking of lights, it’s hardly a party if you don’t make the room glow with beauty. This unicorn chain really appeals to me, with its soft felt and pretty colors, but an older child might prefer something like these sleepy little equines, which would look wonderful gathering on a nightstand or draped around the edge of a bed.

Unicorn Rainbow Room Lights for Room Decoration

16) If you’re thinking of adding tents of some sort to your sleepover – we’ll get into that soon – it might be wonderful even to have a plain rainbow light set around the edges, like these. They’ll turn every tent into its own glowing world of beauty and coziness, so all the youngsters can enjoy sweet unicorn dreams as they drift off to sleep!

Ideas for Unicorn Sleepover Activities And Games

Once you’ve done your set-up, it’s time to think about some fun activities for your guests when they come! Fortunately, there are loads of unicorn-themed games, so you won’t be short of ideas to keep everyone happy and enjoying the magic.

Temporary Unicorn Tattoos

17) It might be great fun to do some temporary unicorn tattoos so your guests all feel like part of the herd straight away! They’ll have lots of fun choosing and applying these, and then admiring them throughout the night. It’s probably wise to get a few extra packs, so there isn’t too much competition in terms of designs. They’d also make lovely favors to give out to your guests before they leave!

"Pin the horn on the Unicorn" party game

18) For a fun variation of pin the tail on the donkey, why not try pin the horn on the unicorn? It even rhymes! All kids love stickers, and with cute rainbow glasses to obscure the player’s vision, everyone can have great fun watching each other try to work out where the unicorn’s horn should go. I love that cute little face, and I think kids would too!

DIY Unicorn Slime Jars

19) For a more involved activity, you could try out these D.I.Y. unicorn slime jars. This is probably an activity to do with older kids, or you’ll find yourself needed everywhere at once, but it’s definitely unique and memorable, and one they’d have great fun with you! You could prepare some of the parts in advance to make it a quicker and easier process, and each of your guests will have a little memento to take home. Those unicorns look simply magical! If you feel you would like to have easier approach, here is even unicorn slime kit for all you need.

Unicorn T-Shirt Painting

20) Another fun activity which your guests could take home after the sleepover is DIY unicorn t-shirt painting. There are some suggestions here, or you could google for more ideas. It might be a good idea to get some fabric pens so even youngsters can join in with this activity: with those and some nice plain white shirts, you’ll be underway! You could always use some unicorn stencils and draw outlines for them to color in if your guests aren’t old enough to enjoy designing the unicorns themselves. Here is one lovely design option you could get.

DIY Unicorn Masks

21) A third option is making DIY unicorn masks, which might be a less daunting task for some! The kids will still have great fun sporting them throughout the party, and taking them home afterwards, and this is an easy way to ensure they feel magical and unicorn-y. You might want to get some biodegradable glitter – see here for this activity, or perhaps some shimmery pens – see here. It might get quite messy, so remember to put down newspaper if you’re mixing kids and sparkles! Some card which is already glittery might also be a nice alternative.

22) If you’d rather play games than get crafty, how about this unicorn ringtoss? Your little unicorn can put the horn on his or her head, and then they can try to catch as many rings as possible. It also has a pin the horn on the unicorn included, so don’t purchase the other one if buying this, or you’ll end up with two!

"What is my unicorn name" game

23) For a couple of quieter games, perhaps ones for just before bedtime, you could try this “What’s my unicorn name” game and unicorn bingo. Both of these are perfect for guests to do while settling down for the night, and could even be done in bed as a last little bit of unicorn fun before lights out. I love the bright, pretty colors they both have!

Magical Unicorn Sleepover Food Ideas

Of course, you’ll be trying to think of unicorn related foods to provide at your party, and preferably ones that aren’t just super sweet and full of sugar. That’s not a healthy diet for unicorns or small children, so here are a few savory options, followed up by the inevitable sweet treats for afters!

24) Before we start on the food, you might want to consider a few of these cups and plates for the table. They’ll look gorgeous, and would be a great way to ensure the kids see teatime as an extension of play, not an interruption! You can have them in pink or white, so they’re flexible depending on your child.

25) Mac and cheese is a dish most children love, and it’s a nice and simple one, which doesn’t involve too much washing up or too many pans! This rainbow mac and cheese will totally wow all your little guests, and I’d be surprised if they didn’t eat every bite of this magical stuff, especially if you tell them unicorns made it!

Rainbow Hot Dogs

26) If you’d rather serve up finger food, these rainbow hot dogs would also make for perfect unicorn food. I’m loving the different colors, and hot dogs always seem to be popular with children, so you should have no trouble getting your little guests to eat these.

Rainbow Fruit Xups

27) You could also try some rainbow fruit cups, which will look beautiful on the table and fill your guests’ tummies up with something healthy. Most kids love fruit, and it’s an easy snack for them to nibble at even when they’re a bit hyper and over-excited, as most tend to be at sleepovers! They’ll probably tuck right into these, and you could even add a little sprinkle of edible glitter for some extra magical sparkle.

Unicorn Noodles

28) Perhaps the most magical looking of all, these unicorn noodles are so fantastic I want to serve them up to my own guests! The coloring is all natural, so nothing bad for the little ones, and they look so easy and straightforward, which is ideal when you have a houseful. I’d be scoffing these in seconds if I were a guest, and going back for more!

Rainbow popcorn

29) No unicorn party is complete without sweets and snacks, and there are a plethora of unicorn options here! My favorite might be this rainbow popcorn, which would be absolutely perfect for a unicorn-themed movie night. It looks nice and easy: all you need is popcorn and candy melts! Perfect, and the kiddos can help themselves to as much as they want.

Unicorn Marshmellow Kabobs

30) The next one definitely isn’t a healthy option, but it’s a party, right? These unicorn marshmallow kabobs couldn’t be more party-themed, in stunning rainbow! I’m totally drawn in by the bright colors, and I think a plate of these would look absolutely amazing. I might struggle not to sneakily eat some marshmallows myself while making these, though! They just look so tasty and tempting.

Unicorn Poop Cupcake Cones

31) These unicorn poop cupcake cones made me giggle. I love all that cake-y goodness squashed down inside the cone, and they’ll leave minimal washing up, with all the mess of cupcakes – hopefully – contained by the cone! Kids love poop humor, so these cakes will keep them smiling all evening as they enjoy offering each other bites of “poop!” Expect to hear the same joke over and over again: at least you’ll know they’re having fun.

Unicorn Rainbow Jello

32) Finally, I’m entranced by this rainbow jello. Okay, so striped jello has been around for a long time, but this really does look good, and would look wonderful set on a whole table of rainbow food. Kids love this squishy, wibbly stuff, and who can blame them? I want to take a bite myself. I also love that you can do this in a few different color themes, so you could go for pinker stripes, full rainbow, or mauves, blues, purples, greens, or anything! Perfect if you have a color scheme going which you want to stick to.

Settling For A Unicorn Night

Unicorn Tents with Decorations

33) The final part might just be the most important: sleeping arrangements. If you can get your child’s bedroom kitted out with an arrangement like this, they’ll probably be over the moon! I love how each child gets their own fluffy blanket, and has their name above the tent. They’ll be sleeping soundly in no time with this sort of set up.

Unicorn Party Tent set-up

34) Alternatively, this is an equally beautiful set up with all those lovely clean pinks and whites. I’m not sure if this is specifically set up for a sleepover, or perhaps just a picnic, but it looks like something you could easily adapt, especially if you have a big open space for your kids to spread out in.

Unicorn Teepee

35) If you’re looking to buy the tents, you can purchase beautiful little teepees here. I absolutely love that fairy-tale look, with the delicate pastel colors and dreamy illustrations. Set one of these up with a few lights, and you’ll have your child in dreamland in no time. Of course, this is quite an expensive option if you’re having a big sleepover, but it might make a nice gift for your little unicorn-lover, or something for the kids to play with before bedtime.

Unicorn Tent

36) This tent might represent a more economical option, as it says up to five kids can fit. That’s probably not to sleep in, but you might be able to squash a couple of little kids in there overnight, and they’d probably enjoy being cozy in their unicorn world! Add a few fairy lights, and it will be simply magical.

Unicorn sleepover sleeping arrangment

37) If the tents aren’t quite right for your party, you could always try something creative like this sleeping arrangement, using a long piece of rainbow fabric to cover all the beds, which would keep the kids nicely together, and would look equally amazing with some pretty lights. Alternatively, some bright scarves tied to the ends of the beds or folded over the pillows could achieve a similar effect on a budget. One of these scarves, from The Last Unicorn would also achieve a magical look.

For each guest, you could leave out a slumber pack, like this one, which contains beautiful unicorn slippers and a cute sleeping mask. You could add one of these little bracelets so each guest has a keepsake, and possibly tuck in a bag of unicorn sweets for that inevitable midnight feast. For those whose guests would love to sparkle like real unicorns, these little pots of body glitter are a cute, inexpensive addition that they can share and have fun with together.

With all of these ideas, you will have your child’s guests in unicorn heaven as they settle down for the night!

To Summarize

We hope you’ve been inspired to bring some true unicorn magic and sparkle to your little one’s sleepover. No matter what age they are, they deserve to enjoy the beauty of these amazing mythical equines, and we hope you can make the day full of rainbows and happy memories for your child and their guests!

If you’ve seen any other unicorn sleepover ideas that you think we should share, or if you’ve hosted a unicorn party yourself and would like to show us some proud pictures, get in touch!

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