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10 Unicorn Toys That Move Around and Every Kid Desires

We all love having a bit of magic and mystery in our lives, and what could more perfectly provide this than unicorn toys that move? Today’s world is filling up with ever more wonderful and curious inventions, especially in the children’s toy market, and for many children, a toy that can move is infinitely more memorable and has enormous play value.

We love unicorns, and we love to see how children’s eyes light up when they see magic in their toys – so we’ve had a look around for some things which will tick both boxes! Here are some of our top favorite toys. Whether you’re looking for gifts for your children’s friends or for your own child, there are lots of options to choose from, across a whole range of prices.

Moving Toys For The Littlest Ones

Even really young children can be enchanted by toys that move around, and while there aren’t so many which fit this category as there are for older children, there are still a few which are suitable and will delight little ones.

Plush Unicorn Rocker

1) The first on our list isn’t an electronic toy, but it was too cute to resist! Take a look at this gorgeous unicorn rocker, which comes in pink and a lovely wooden finish, and has the most adorable face! There are even straps to ensure your little one can’t topple or slide out and bump their head, so you can know they’re safe on their magical unicorn ride.

Electronic Unicorn Rocker

2) For a more high-tech version of the same concept, there’s an electronic unicorn rocker available. It features cute, bright colors, and buttons that just beg for little fingers to press them. This toy is designed for toddlers to ride on, or to sit and rock on, so they can enhance their motor skills and walking confidence, or enjoy a comfy ride on the unicorn’s back while safely stationary. We love that it also has some little melodies and songs for the toddler to sing along with, as well as bright lights.

With this toy, a little one will feel more comfortable taking their first few steps, assured that they have a unicorn holding them up and keeping them safe as they voyage out into the dangerous world of walking for the first time!

Walking Unicorn Toy

3) If your youngster is looking for a play companion rather than a walking companion, perhaps consider this lovely plush walking unicorn, which can dance, sing, walk, and talk. The operation is a simple button-push, so even small unicorn fans shouldn’t have too much difficulty playing solo with this gorgeous equine, and they’re bound to fall in love that beautifully fluffy tail!

It’s important to remember that youngsters should always be supervised when playing with these toys – we noticed a couple of warnings on the rockers, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on your little one, and follow any safety instructions that arrive with the toy so everyone can stay happy and healthy!

3-5 Year Old Unicorn Fans

For children who are a little older and are seeking new and exciting ways to enjoy unicorn magic, there are some amazing options out there – to the point that I rather wish I was of an age to enjoy such toys again!

Zoomer Unicorn Toy

4) This Zoomer Unicorn covers pretty much every base: it has a light-up horn, can play games, provide music, and has a “secret trick” for your child to discover while playing with it! These toys respond to the child’s touch, so make for great interactive play, and can apparently tell fortunes by lighting their horns up in response to questions they’re asked. Now, I’m glad I wasn’t in charge of programming that, but it sounds very impressive, and just the sort of thing a kid would love.

With a range of colors, and manes which can be brushed out and styled, you’re bound to be able to find one which would suit your child, and you may end up with quite a collection of these little things! Luckily, they’re pretty affordable, and would also make a great gift for any unicorn-lovers your kid knows.

5) This lovely Twinkle Unicorn suggests it can be played with as young as 18 months, but we think it’s slightly more suited to this age bracket, as some of those buttons look a little fiddly for small fingers! It’s part of an interchangeable series, which could be ideal if your kids like collecting parts or you have a big family who wants to give a joint gift, but it can also be played with individually, and lights up, walks, flaps its wings, and chatters. With so many great options, how could your child be anything but enchanted by this pretty, bright toy?

Walkable Unicorn

6) If your youngster is clamoring for a pet, what could be cuter – and less trouble – than a walkable unicorn? This sweet little thing comes complete with a telescopic lead, and it can walk alongside your child. You could even fashion it a food bowl and water bowl so your child feels they’ve really got a pet – and you won’t get stuck with walking it when they grow bored!

5 Years+ Unicorn Lovers

Unicorns are often associated with little children, but there are plenty of options even as they start to grow up, and indeed some of the best toys seem to be in this category. 

Dancing Unicorn Toy - Sparkles

7) This Dancing Unicorn, aptly named Sparkles, is a skilled little equine who will delight children with her clever dance moves, and the pretty music she plays. She nods her head, makes unicorn noises, and comes with a tiny cupcake and a brush. I think most little kids would love brushing out her beautiful purple mane and admiring her light-up horn, and at an affordable price, with mostly positive reviews, she’s definitely looking like a good option!

Build A Bot Unicorn Robotics Kit

8) For the kids who like construction, here is a fantastic and pretty unique-looking Build-A-Bot Unicorn Robotics Kit. This might be among our favorite choices, since it is aimed at both boys and girls, and is specifically targeted at helping kids learn a few things about building and creativity! We also love that the different kinds are interchangeable, meaning you can mix-and-match different sets to create a completely unique unicorn, and your kids can feel proud of what they’ve invented.

The set comes with stickers and a naming certificate, and the unicorn robot can then be triggered by sounds. Kids will love having something that responds to them like this, and we think it’s a great way to ensure children are really interacting with their toys, and thinking for themselves. This is a genuinely inventive toy which really deserves its place on this list, though it’s certainly aimed at the upper end of the age bracket.

Flying Unicorn Toys

Unicorn Helicopter Toy

9) Another really cute option for excitable youngsters is this helicopter unicorn, which I rather fancy having a play with myself. It claims to need no remote control, but flies off the palm of the hand, using a sensor to stay in the air and away from anything it might bump into. That seems like real unicorn magic to me, and I’d definitely like to try this cute little fellow out. It’s also rechargeable via USB, which means you don’t need to mess around with trying to find batteries – possibly making it a very popular Christmas gift!

Flying Unicorn Helicopter

10) For those who are fascinated by the idea of unicorns flying, here’s another option for older ones: a flying unicorn helicopter. The rainbow wings and beautiful, sparkling body will entrance almost any child, and the idea of a flying unicorn will certainly appeal. The helicopter is partly controlled by the child’s hand, ensuring maximum interactivity, and it comes with a neat little remote control to turn it off. A great toy, and again, a fantastic Christmas present!

Toys Galore

There are moving unicorn toys everywhere you look, and things for everyone in each age bracket! We’ve shared some of our top favorites, but we’d love to hear about any others you’ve spotted which you think people should know about. There are few joys greater than choosing really amazing gifts for the special children in your life, so we’d love to help people choose the perfect thing!

If you’ve tried out any of the toys on this list, let us know, or even send us a picture of your child with the toy. I’m definitely going to go shopping for my goddaughter after collecting up all these fabulous ideas.

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