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29 Magical Unicorn Yard Decoration Ideas

If you’re one of the many people who can’t get enough of unicorns, you might be looking to turn your outdoor space into a magical unicorn land, so that everyone knows just how much you love them. What could be prettier and more unique than a place dedicated to these amazing mythical equines?

If you’re in agreement with us that this might just be one of the nicest ways to make your yard stand out, here are some amazing things you could include. Who knows? You might just tempt a real unicorn in if you’re committed enough!

See our TOP3 unicorn yard decoration ideas:

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Unicorn Signs

Personalize your sign!

Personalized Unicorn Sign

Perhaps one of the nicest ways to make your yard really “you” is to have a personalized message at the front – with anything you want to say to passers-by! It might not even be unicorn related; perhaps you just want to wish people an amazing day. Either way, this unicorn yard sign lets you add three lines of personalized text beneath a gorgeous unicorn silhouette; what better way to show your love for unicorns and speak your mind?

Magical lawn decorations

Unicorn Lawn Decorations

Text may not be the way you want to go, in which case these lawn decorations might be the perfect magical twist you’re looking for. In three different designs, you can scatter these across your lawn in any arrangement that takes your fancy.

Brighten up a path or spread them out to share the magic – whatever you choose, they’re going to look great! If you have a big lawn, you might even want two packs. You can guarantee that if you have a little unicorn fan in the family, this would be a perfect way to greet them on the return from a birthday trip: the unicorns have come to visit!

Unicorn Flag for a Yard

Unicorn Yard Flag

If the signs look a little stiff and you want to proclaim your allegiance to the kingdom of unicorns, you might consider this unicorn-themed flag.

It won’t be so hard-wearing as a plastic sign, but it’s certainly eye-catching and vivid, and as it’s double-sided, it will look beautiful fluttering about in a strong breeze. All hail unicorn-dom!

Unicorn Sprinklers

Sprinklers are often an important addition to yards, especially if you live somewhere with little rain and a lot of sun! However, a lot of sprinklers are boring or utilitarian, serving the purpose of wetting the grass without any kind of fun or magic attached.

We think if you can make it magic, why not do so! Sprinklers have been a time-honored toy for hot kids for many years, which is just another reason to liven them up a bit. A sprinkler shaped like a unicorn, with magical water spraying from its horn, is a really amazing sight to see!

Unicorn in Yard

Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

If you’re looking for the “wow” factor and to really make your yard stand out as belonging to a one-of-a-kind-hardcore-unicorn-fan, you couldn’t do much better than this inflatable sprinker. In case the picture isn’t enough of a size indication, let’s point out that this thing is over 6 feet tall when fully inflated. If you’ve got the space for it, there’s no better way to say how much you love unicorns!

Rainbow Gates

Rainbow Yard Sprinkler

We also absolutely love this rainbow sprinkler. It may not be a unicorn, but it’s very much in theme, and positively invites children – and adults – to run through its magical center and get a burst of refreshment on a hot day.

Its bright colors make it ideal for any yard, and it’s the perfect way to liven up a party in the summer.

Gardern “Splash” for the Little Ones

Unicorn Splash Mat

For the littler unicorn fans, we love this splash mat, with gently arcing water to keep little ones cool as they play outside. The beautiful unicorn in the center will enchant them, and they’ll be running in and out for hours on end, enjoying the splash and chill of the water. What a lovely way to spend your summer! And if the grown-ups want a go too, we won’t blame them; we’d certainly be keen!

Unicorn Statues

Statues might be one of the nicest ways to decorate a yard; they represent a more permanent fixture than the inflatable unicorns, and often have more elegant, adult designs, if that’s the look you’re going for. A statue peeking around a bush or gazing at an emerald lawn is such a wonderful way to bring a little magic to your garden.

Who needs pink flamingos when you can have stunning unicorns?

Elegant and Magical

Unicorn Yard Statue

This gorgeous, feisty unicorn statue stands at 16”, tall enough to be eye-catching, but remain a subtle ornament. It looks to be a young unicorn, with a delicate body, short horn, and buckets of energy.

Standing beside a pool or stream, or rearing up in a rockery, it would make a perfect magical touch to your yard. Ready for a ride?

Peaceful Unicorn

Resting Unicorn Statue

For a much larger ornament, this resting unicorn adds a quiet, relaxed theme, and would probably look the best lying among bushes, in the calm and quiet of a shady spot.

Hand-painted, it’s an exquisite and magical statue, and looks so real you might easily convince a passer-by you have a real unicorn sheltering among your shrubs. If the rest of your yard reflects the magic of this piece, you might get one!

Mystical Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn Statue

On the other end of the scale, this 5.5” black unicorn makes a lovely twist on the traditional white and silver ones, and would look stunning picking its way along a path or through some bright foliage.

You could set it up with other mythical creatures, or let it stand alone in its beauty; either way, it’ll bring something unique to your yard. And some of the mystic feeling of the fantasy unicorns!

Gnome riding a unicorn

Gnome X Unicorn

There can not be a proper yard without the Garden Gnome. And since Gnomes are mystical and hard to notice, they make a perfect match with unicorns.

So if you believe that Garden Gnomes bring good luck and unicorns are taking care of magic, we have found a perfect statue for you: a Gnome riding a unicorn. It has a special place in my unicorn yard and taking me always to a magical adventure!

Pool Toys

Let’s face it: we enjoy our yards most when the sun is out and the day is hot and we have time to lounge around – and kids just want to be in the pool at such times. It’s hard to think of a nicer way to celebrate unicorns than to add some magic and rainbows to your little ones’ time in the water, and there are some really lovely pool toys out there.

Floating Unicorn

Inflatable Unicorn Float

This inflatable unicorn float might just be our favorite. Your little one – or you yourself! – can drift about on an amazing unicorn ride, dabbling toes in cool water and enjoying the safety of floating with ease.

It’s an inexpensive way to turn your pool into a magical forest lake, and the only worry might be whether there’s going to be an issue with sharing!

Explore your Magical Garden Pool!

Unicorn Swim Face Mask

For the more adventurous pool-goer, and for the keen swimmer, a unicorn face mask might be more appropriate. If you or your children are inclined to spend hours exploring the bottom and diving up and down, this is definitely going to make a more popular choice, and would be perfect at a beach as well.

Peering into rock pools with the defense of a unicorn mask might just be the nicest way to spend a hot day. It’s also a great way for your kid to make a splash at the next pool party.

Unicorn Garden Game

Unicorn ring toss game

When you want family fun, a unicorn ring toss game might be the best bet. It’s not expensive and because it’s inflatable, you can easily pack it away to keep clutter out of your yard – though you might not want to lose the unicorn vibe!

What you can be sure of is that it’s ideal for birthday parties and casual pool fun, and will keep the family entertained for hours. I’d love a set like this myself, although I think I might get a little too caught up in tossing the hoops!

Noodles & (Beach)balls

Unicorn Pool Noodle

In even more pool-themed fun, you could consider a unicorn pool noodle, ideal for helping kids learn to swim (supervised, of course!) or for leaning on to laze around when the sun is hot. Let the unicorn do the work and help your kids get confident in the water.

Unicorn beach ball

You could couple this very nicely with a unicorn beach ball, ideal for solo and group play.

Swim with Unicorns

Unicorn Inflatable Ring

Our top pick for pool play, however, might just be this gorgeous inflatable unicorn ring, perfect for anyone who needs a bit of extra confidence in the water, or just wants to lie back and relax in a world of glitter and rainbow.

This is a stunning raft to decorate your pool with, and again, any issues might center around who gets first use! Remember to always supervise children in the pool, even if they’re confident swimmers. Time to swim with unicorns!

Other Decor

glow in the dark pebbles for garden

Mystical Glow

Unicorns are always associated with mystic and magic. And sometimes we feel their presence even if they are not around. But the mystical feeling and the magical moment is. These glow in the dark pebbles help to make your yard unicornizing and magical. A place where a unicorn would have a walk at night!

Unicorn Post

Unicorn magnetic mailbox cover

Postbox is normally one of those things we all have on our driveway. They look pretty similar to the red flag. So what if the postman starts to call your home as “home of unicorns” just because you have made your postbox magical with this unicorn magnetic mailbox cover and stand out from the ordinary.

And for sure, unicorns guard your mail well!

Magical Wind

Unicorn Wind Chime

As if that wasn’t enough, there are some other amazing things you can have in your yard to make it stand out, like this delicate aluminum unicorn wind chime. We love the grace of that unicorn cut-out, and it probably sounds beautiful in a light breeze, dancing with the footsteps of the wind. It would also catch the sun as brightly as a real unicorn might!

Unicorn wind spinner

If you’d rather not have the noise, this wind spinner makes a lovely second choice, bright and beautiful and eager to whirl some magic into your yard.

Both of these represent pretty cost-effective ways to bring a little bit of unicorn-wonder to the outdoors, and take up minimal space outside. And spinners are timeless!

Gardern Stones

Unicorn stepping stone

18) This unicorn stepping stone might be another space-saver, and could also lead to a lovely opportunity to get creative with your family – especially if you purchase a few. As unique, colorful, and arty as you want to make it, this can then become a conversation piece, and will unobtrusively reflect your love of unicorns and your artistic side to everyone.

Unicorn Gardern Picnic

Unicorn tin tea set

Our last pick is this tin tea set, absolutely ideal for fairy – or unicorn – picnics in the garden. For any little one or for adults, this is perfect for entertaining and couldn’t better reflect your love for mythical equines.

I would love to invite friends over to use this set, especially on a hot sunny day or a cool evening. Those little unicorns have such cute faces!

Magical Yards

We think yards show the heart of the house to the world, so make yours magical! Every guest who visits and every stranger who passes will see your yard decorations and – consciously or not – feel something about your house. We know just how important it is to bring a bit of magic and mystery to the everyday mundanity of life, and we think unicorns are the perfect way to do this.

However you choose to celebrate them, there are so many ways you can make your yard feel magical for yourself and for others. Fill your yard with everything rainbow and silver, and enjoy every moment you spend outdoors!

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