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What Does Unicorn Poop Look Like?

Unicorns do poop and unicorn poop has always raised a lot of question. How does it look like? What does it smell? We have some answers!

What unicorn poop looks like depends a lot on what the unicorn in question is eating. It might be brown like a horse’s, pastel pink, or even bright rainbow. As with any other animal, the food that goes in makes a big difference to what comes out at the other end!

You might think this is a funny question, and I’m sure there’s a lot of amusement to be had from the idea, but the fact is that if unicorns eat, they must also poop. They are not so magical that they can disobey the basic laws of life.

It might seem odd, but we can’t pretend we aren’t just a little curious about what these magical beasts might produce from their hind ends! Most of us love the surreal idea of mythical, majestic creatures pooping.

What Shape Is It?

It’s a pretty safe bet that unicorn poop looks similar to horse poop. Unicorns, after all, have a lot in common with other equines, so their digestive systems probably work in a similar way.

Horse poop shape is similar to unicorn poop.

Horse poop tends to be round pellets, often a bit grassy, and it usually doesn’t smell too bad. If you’ve ever visited a stables or worked with horses, you might agree that it’s got a sort of vegetable-smell. It makes sense since horses live mostly on greenery.

Unicorn poop is similarly shaped, and much the same in quantity. Baby unicorns don’t produce much poop, as you would expect from something so small, but the adults certainly do. If you have a big herd in one place, they can make quite a mess!

Fortunately, since most unicorns live in deep forests or up mountains, nobody needs to be following them around with a bucket and shovel. Nobody has to clean up their stables, since mother nature kindly decomposes the evidence. When the unicorns move on to a new place, there won’t be much left after a few days.

What Is Unicorn Poop Made Of?

This goes back to the very important question of what the unicorn has been eating. Most unicorns have varied diets. They can eat grass, nuts, berries, seeds, and anything else which they find in the wild. If they happen to come across carrots or apples, perhaps spilled by a farmer, they will relish those as much as other horses do.

Can unicorn poop be made of rainbows? It can if they just ate one. Source.

This means that unicorn poop is usually made up of plants, just like horse poop is. However, as UnicornLove suggests, unicorns are very happy if they can snatch a nibble of a rainbow. When they do, that changes things.

Unicorn poop which is made from rainbows is very different to normal unicorn poop. It is, after all, made of rainbows. The magic of unicorns makes the light particles solid, so that the unicorn can digest them, and they stay solid on the other end, so you get rainbow poop. This type of poop is quite rare, since rainbows are rare themselves. If you find rainbow poop, you know your local unicorns have been feasting on their favorite food! They are probably very happy mythical creatures.

Unicorns don’t get sick like normal horses if they are fed sugar. This means that if they come across rainbow cake or rainbow sprinkles, they can eat those happily too. Their poop will be even brighter if they have been lucky enough to get these for a snack.

What Color Is Unicorn Poop?

Unicorn poop is not like brown like a horse’s. Unicorns are too magical for that! Unicorn poop ranges in color, and can be pastel, bright, or multicolored! Even more natural foods like berries and grass can’t pass through a unicorn without taking on a bit of magic and wonder.

Unicorn poop can be pastel, bright or even colorful.

Some unicorns poop in pinks and purples, and some in blues and greens. These bright deposits might attract attention, so it’s lucky that the rain quickly washes them away, or unicorns might have more difficulty staying hidden from humans. I don’t know if you would be willing to follow a poop-trail to catch a glimpse of one of these amazing creatures, but I might be.

Unicorn poop often smells better than horse poop, especially if they have been eating rainbow food. Instead of grass, it smells like sunshine and flowers, vanilla, strawberries, or even candy. This would make cleaning up after them a lot more appealing if somebody did have to do it. Just make sure that if you come across some on a walk, you don’t eat any! It might smell nice, but think where it has come from.

Edible Unicorn Poop

With that said, it’s worth remembering that some people are so fascinated by the idea of unicorns pooping that they have made foods to match. While you should never eat the real thing, you can buy “magical unicorn poop�? peanuts, or you could use rainbow sprinkles to decorate edible play-dough. A bit of vanilla essence helps things along wonderfully!

Some people have made cakes with rainbow poop to complete their unicorn toppers, and these could be made from marzipan or fondant icing. If you were feeling in a particularly “gross�? mood, instead of pastel colors, you could make the poop brown to contrast with the bright colors on the cake.

Unicorn Poop Marshmallows

In case You are ready to try yourself, these magical Unicorn Poop Marshmallows could be covering your hot chocolate … or you can just try it out without chocolate. Dare to try? Totally worth it!

Different Kind of Unicorn Poop💩

You can go crazy and creative while searching what does unicorn poop look like. We have a few alternatives for you – to bring good luck and a magical day. Who would have ever guessed there is something magical in poop?

Unicorn Poop As Slime

Unicorn Poop as slime

Super Cool Poopie Slime. It really is what it sounds like… somehow slime is getting popular again and unicorn poop really is magical pink & purple filled with glitter. It moves like a liquid but feels like solid! This Unicorn Poop really looks like something you did not expect.

Totally silly and pretty at the same time!

Pink unicorn poop slime

There are several versions of unicorn poop slime – magical slime, pink slime, mythical slime. This version of unicorn poop looks pink but since it’s magic it can also go from pink to silvery to pink again. It is also said to be scented lavender for an anti-anxiety calming effect.

Unicorn Poop As Candle

Unicorn Poop Soy Wax Candle

Another creative way of what does Unicorn Poop look like is this Unicorn poop scented candle – mix of marshmallows, hot cocoa, and cream. This Unicorn Poop 100% soy wax candle has up to 75 hours of burn time. It has a fun picture on the candle.

Imagine yourself having on in your dining table- unicorn poop scented candle! What a day!

Here is another Forever Wick Candle & Co scented Unicorn Poop Candle that even has the diamond inside it!

Never figured that poop can smell so nice and there can be a diamond inside it.

Unicorn Poop is said to smell like a mix of marshmallows and the best candies in the world, so there is no need to be afraid of Unicorn Poop Scented candles. It is a rather interesting experience to get on!

Unicorn Poop Emoji

Unicorn Poop Emoji is another way to imagine what does unicorn poop look like. It is pretty clear, the emoji has all possible rainbow colors and some of them even has a little horn on it! You can really get crazy-creative if we are talking about Unicorn Poop. These colorful, funny and crazy Rainbow Unicorn Poop cotton socks gives pretty nice picture of the emoji version.

PS: Notice, the poop is smiling, so should you while wearing them!

This is such a weird and wonderful question to consider, and yet it seems that we simply love the idea of these magical creatures performing such an everyday function! I

wonder what the unicorns would think if they knew we were so interested?

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