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The Most Amazing Unicorn Rocking Horses For 1-5 Year Olds🎠

When you’re a small person in a big world, a lot of the things around you feel magical, but not much holds more magic than unicorns. Add to that the fact that rocking horses have enchanting children for generation after generation, and you can easily see why unicorn rocking horses might appeal. When a child gets onto a unicorn rocking horse, they can shed the weight of reality and feel all the magic and power and wonder of riding a unicorn which – to them – will be as real as any unicorn ever could be.

There are some utterly beautiful unicorn rocking horses in the world, both old and new, and whatever your child loves, you will be able to find something to take their breath away. Step back, traditional horses – the unicorns are coming through! Some of these are suitable for younger than the age group, but all will be loved by 1+ children. We’d recommend always supervising your child while using these kinds of toys to ensure they are kept safe and sound while they explore a fantasy world atop a unicorn’s back.

These rockers will also double up as something children can pat, brush, and “feed,” possibly even cover with a blanket for night, and chatter away to. Most children love horses and the idea of owning a horse – though few are actually able to have one in reality, so this is a wonderful halfway point which they are bound to love.

PS: we have made an article with some suggestions case you are in a search of unicorn toys that move.

Safe Rocking Unicorns You Have To See

Rocking horses certainly aren’t the most dangerous toys out there, but there’s always a risk factor when it comes to this sort of thing, and if you’re buying for a very small child, you might be worried about balance issues and the child toppling off and hurting themselves. After all, many toddlers are able to fall over air, so slipping from the back of a rocking horse doesn’t seem that unlikely. Fortunately, many rocking horse designers have thought of this, and come up with the solution of a seat with sides to keep little ones safe while they ride!

Labebe – Baby Rocking Horse

Pink and safe Labebe Baby Rocking Horse

For lovely soft and safe option, you could consider this Labebe Baby Rocking Horse, which comes in two tone pink with white accents.

The soft plush seat with a harness looks perfect for ensuring little riders don’t get hurt as they find their balance, and lets them enjoy brisk canters in safety. I love the heart-shaped edges to the seat, which look a little like the unicorn has wings and is flying to a magical land. It even has cute handles so they can hold on tight to the “reins” and enjoy feeling like a proper rider.

The mane and tail look great for little hands to stroke and explore, and the horn again looks satisfyingly magical and silvery. I especially love the adorable perky ears this rocking unicorn is sporting, and its cute chunky hooves. This would be a great way to bring magic to a child’s bedroom, and watch them enjoy themselves while feeling assured they are safe.


Jade The Unicorn Rocker

Jade the unicorn rocker-safe rocking horse

If bright pinks seem a little over the top to you, you might prefer the more muted tones in this Jade The Unicorn Rocker. I love the patchwork effect, with soft, rich pinks and browns blending together to create a much-adored relaxed look. The little heart patch over one eye is a particularly lovely touch, and the hearts on the sides of the seat. The mane is also super cute and quirky, and I think children would love pulling on it and playing with it – and it won’t get tangled or matted.

This is such a satisfying, chunky unicorn rocker, and looks like it would last well over the years. It’s suitable for 10+ months, and would look lovely in any bedroom or playroom even when not in use. I know if I’d had one like this as a child, I’d have been on it constantly. It looks like it’s been designed with love, and I particularly like the details of the eyebrows, the neck scarf, the floppy ears, and that gorgeous chunky horn.


Luna The Rocking Horse Unicorn

Safe "Luna The Rocking Horse Unicorn"

For those parents who like the idea of the safety seat but think a harness is unnecessary, Luna The Rocking Horse Unicorn is also rocking a super stylish gray spiral scarf. The seat looks very generous so your child can sit back and relax, and again, the mane and tail look wonderfully tactile for little fingers, but without the risk of getting ruined too quickly. With a mostly pink body and gray highlights, as well as generous wooden handles, this unicorn looks perfect to delight any child.

It also plays music for your child, though it’s unclear from the advert whether this is a song, or pretty horse sounds to help boost their imagination. Either way, I think they’ll be enchanted, and love snuggling up on their new friend’s back as they ride through magical lands in search of adventures.


VTech Rock and Rice Unicorn Toy

Rock and Rice Unicorn Toy

For a brightly colored choice, this VTech Rock and Ride Unicorn Toy is designed for little ones 18 months and up, and looks totally adorable. It has some cute songs, buttons to produce colors, and a motion sensor to make for a truly magical experience for your little one. It also looks like it would be nice and easy to clean if your tot tends to get their toys messy – and who doesn’t at this age?


Hobby Horse Purple Unicorn

Hobby Horse Purple Unicorn Stick

If you’re not sure a full-size rocking unicorn is the one for you, or you’re a bit short on space, you could consider this Hobby Horse Purple Unicorn.

Children are blessed with amazing powers of imagination, so you can be sure they’ll see magic even in this simple toy, and have wonderful adventures on its back, with their feet still firmly planted on the ground. I think any child would love this, and it won’t take up nearly as much space in your living room!


Linzy Plush Fancy Unicorn Rocker

Linzy Plush Fancy Unicorn Rocker

A final option for those who are getting a bit tired of all the pink, this Linzy Plush Fancy Unicorn Rocker is trotting up in magical gold, cream, and rainbow. This is aimed at 1+ years, and I think they’ll love those gleaming gold accents. The hooves, reins, inner ears, and of course the all important horn look shiny and special, and I love the rainbow mane and tail to make a change from the pink. I also like the realistic looking eyes on this rocker, and I think little ones would be enchanted by its overall look.

Again, this will play sounds, apparently magical or galloping, so your child can take flight or race through the woods or up mountains with the sound effects to match. Both ears can be pressed to make sound, which is nice for children who might find the single-ear operation more difficult to understand and a bit frustrating. It looks great, and has pretty good reviews!

Enchanting Fabric Rocking Unicorns

Many rocking horses – or unicorns – are beautiful painted wood, and that’s lovely, but for children, it can be nicer to have something soft to cuddle. They’ll love petting and stroking a fabric unicorn just as they would any of their soft toys, and there are some beautiful options out there that will charm and delight little kids across the world.

This Personalized Celeste And Fae Rocking Unicorn is just gorgeous. I love how the soft pink starry fabric has been paired with a lovely muted gray, and I think it’s wonderful you can add the child’s name – or name the unicorn! The engraving looks highly professional, as does the rocking unicorn itself, and I think any child would love this. Her mane and tail look beautifully soft and realistic, and that silver horn will possess all the magic in the universe when seen through the eyes of a delighted child.

It’s designed for children 9+ months, so you can gift this even to a young child, and watch them grow and enjoy its companionship. I think this would make such a lovely present for delighting horse or unicorn lovers everywhere. It has a friendly face, and looks sturdy and hard-wearing.


Happy Trails Bella The Rocking Unicorn

Pink Bella the Rocking Unicorn

Another rather beautiful option, this Happy Trails Bella The Rocking Unicorn looks beautifully clean in pure white and pink. I love the saddle and I think an older child would love this for being a  “proper” unicorn. It’s still beautifully soft and cuddly-looking and has a gorgeous tail. I’d have really enjoyed brushing this when I was younger, and hopping on its back for magical adventures.

The reviews do question the sturdiness of this beauty, which is a shame when it looks so nice. I’d be tempted to check your child’s weight, but this should be okay for light little ones looking for a unicorn ride. It’s a pity it isn’t higher quality or built to last for years.

Real Wood Ride On Unicorns

Real animal adventure ride on unicorn

Another white and pink option, this Animal Adventure Ride On Unicorn is a little more expensive, but still beautiful. I love the fancy fluff around its sparkly hooves, a slightly more unusual design, and its soft mane and tail. I think the glittery stars on its chest strap and the detailing on the saddle look great, and would definitely appeal to a child who loves a bit of magic, and it’s got a really happy expression that would have delighted me at this age.

It is rated quite highly by its reviewers, and is definitely suitable for older children. It claims to be aimed at 36 months to 7 years, which means plenty of fun for a long time. I think it’s really nice to have toys which children can keep enjoying and loving as they grow, and this beautiful little unicorn will be a lovely companion for them to turn to for years of magic.

HollyHOME Plush Rocking Unicorn

HollyHOME Plush Rocking Unicorn with wings


This gorgeous unicorn also makes neighing and galloping sounds when its ears are pressed, enhancing the child’s imagination, and I love that super comfy looking plush saddle. It’s for 3+ years, though a lot of the reviewers suggest younger children can use it supervised. I love that its mouth is open, making a bit of a change from the other designs, and giving it a delighted, enthusiastic expression.


Stunning Wooden Rocking Unicorns You Will Love


Wooden Rocking Horse Unicorn (pink and white)

Wooden unicorn rocking horse

I am absolutely in love with this Rocking Horse Unicorn in pink and white. Everything about its style is clean and aesthetically pleasing, and it has a lovely matching cushion to combat the hardness of the seat. This is certainly not a “modern” look, but I think it’s all the more charming for its simplicity and elegance, and it would look amazing in any little girl or boy’s room. The plaited mane has a very vintage theme, and I love that the entire thing is painted white, including the rockers. It would also be nice and easy to wipe this down in the event of any spills or splashes, and not too difficult to repaint if necessary – you can be sure this is a hard-wearing option which will last for years!

Wooden rocking unicorn in mint colors.

The additional panel at the back is a nice touch to prevent the child from slipping off. This certainly isn’t glitzy or pink, but I think the softer options can also really appeal to children, and will grow nicely with the little girl or boy. You can purchase the same unicorn in mint colors if you prefer these to pink, and you could tie a different cushion in place if you wanted to vary the design a bit – just make sure it won’t slip off the unicorn while your child is riding!

Emily Janelle Glitter & Warrior Remy Rocking Unicorns

Emily Janelle Glitter Rocking Unicorns

If your budget is reasonably large, you might like to purchase one of these Emily Janelle Glitter Rocking Unicorns, which are utterly beautiful and are named after an 8-year-old girl who had sPNET brain cancer. With totally amazing manes and tails, plus a whole rush of feathers on the head, these are gorgeous and you’d get great pictures of your child on one of these. I love the glittery effect in the wood, and the magical silvery horns.

These don’t have a suggested age range, but I’d say they are probably suitable from 3+, and would certainly appeal to this age group. I think younger children might tangle the mane or struggle to sit comfortably in the seat, especially as there is no padding. This does look like a really gorgeous way to commemorate a brave little girl, and to raise funds for research into pediatric illnesses.


Warrior Remy rocking unicorn

They have lots of other designs available, but I also really love Warrior Remy, named for a boy with congenital heart disease. The amazing style of these unicorns is totally unique and individual, and I absolutely love the natural wood effect paired with the twisting blue mane and the flamboyant feathers. You can even personalize the rocker with a name to suit your child.

I think these are an amazing idea to turn a sad and painful thing into something beautiful and wonderful. Your child may not understand quite what makes these unicorns so special, but each one brings magic, love, and compassion with them, and I think that would make them a really wonderful gift for a little one, while contributing to an amazing cause to help others. You can see the other unicorns they offer at CustomWildPonies – so many beautiful designs!


Unicorn Ride for Toddler

Affordable wooden unicorn rocking horse for toddler

A more budget friendly option is this Unicorn Rocking Horse, which is lovely and simple, with bright pink rockers and a nice white body. I like the messy rainbow mane, which looks like it might be a faux suede material, and which will stay soft and vibrant for years. It’s not fluffy and won’t be at risk of toddlers licking it or pulling it out in clumps. This rocker should also be nice and easy to clean, so might be ideal if you’ve got a messy child liable to leave sticky patches here and there!

It has good reviews and claims to be suitable for 18+ months, all the way up to 10 – though to me it looks rather small for a 10 year old to sit on. It should certain last for years, however, and delight children throughout that time, with its friendly face and slightly raised legs indicating a trot or swift walk in progress.


Cosmo Rocking Unicorn

wooden Cosmo Rocking Unicorn

As a final option, if you want a unicorn you can totally customize, this Cosmo Rocking Unicorn is a weird and wonderful idea made of recycled cardboard! That suggests some good eco-friendly credentials and means it can be fully customized with crayons, felt pens, watercolor paints, or even acrylics or pencil crayons. You could stick on stickers or patches of fabric, or draw some fabulous designs. You could decorate it yourself, help your child, or watch them go crazy – and you could even paint over the designs later and redo them.

This is definitely an unusual idea, but it looks pretty sturdy, and has been tested up to 70 kilos (recommended maximum weight of 25 kilos), so it should last well and fit even older children. I like the thought of being able to color the unicorn in any way, and you could even write the unicorn’s name, your child’s name, or both, on its flanks. Perfect for boys or girls, this would make a lovely rocker however you decorated it, and is bound to provide magical rides to all the children who sit on its back.

D.I.Y. Unicorn Rocking Magic To Try At Home

If you’ve got an old, much-loved rocking horse stored up in your attic or garage, you might be wanting to pass it on to your child – but perhaps it’s looking a little worse for wear, or maybe it’s just not bright enough to appeal to your child today. You don’t have to buy new; in fact, we think there’s often more magic in the old toys which have served past children and been instilled with the wonder of imagination.

You might be looking to update your rocking horse a little, and perhaps add a unicorn horn to make it even more special for your child. There are lots of options for this, and they’ll depend enormously on the style of rocker you have and what your children like, but here are a few ideas which might help inspire you and get you started.

Drab Wooden Rocking Horse –> Pastel Rocking Unicorn

VintageKitty shows the full process of turning a somewhat drab wooden rocking horse into an amazing pastel rocking unicorn.

The end result is stunning, and there’s so much opportunity to get creative here. You can choose any colors you want, and could even get your child involved if you wanted to. A project like this would really give that toy meaning over the years, and shows how customizable rocking horses can be!

DIY- vintage rocking unicorn

Supplies: *Vintage rocking horse, *Paint- Color: Choose your favorite, *Primer (for example Kilz), *Light weight canvas, *Yarn , choose your favorite (example has) Red Heart Celestial Yarn, *Diamond Luxury Eclipse Color: 7109, *Unicorn horn, *Eyes (or paint), *Felt, *Button, *Tulle, *Thread – for decorating unicorn, *Glue, for example, Liquid Nails, *Staples, *Masking tape- one inch wide, *Clean cotton rags

Spring Horse Makeover

Spring horse makeover to rainbow unicorn

If that look doesn’t inspire you, perhaps AdventureInABox’s Rainbow Unicorn Spring Horse Makeover will do the trick. It’s a really stunning example of what you can do even with very worn rockers that have definitely seen better days. I love how clean and simple the look they’ve gone for is – horse-like, but totally magical with that rainbow mane and stunning horn. The little girl looks thrilled with her “new” pal!


DIY – Rocking Horse Restoration to Rocking Unicorn

For a more shabby, chic look, you could try this DIY Rocking Horse Restoration video, which looks reasonably simple and straightforward if you’re after an easy project. I like how this one turns out at the end, but it’s not a unicorn – so you might want to consider buying a Unicorn Horn Attachment, which should just slip over the horse’s head, instantly transforming it into a magical unicorn.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling really crafty, you could have a go at creating your own horn for it as is shown in How-To-Craft A Unicorn Horn For Your Horse. You could also add some of this Glitter Paint Additive for a sparkly effect, or Tulle Fabric Flowers for a “princess” feeling, though personally I prefer the plain aesthetic. Either way, it would look amazing, and carry some of that special magic of something uniquely created with loving hands.



Buying a new toy is lovely and exciting, but reshaping a much-loved toy and crafting it into something just for your child is a wonderful experience which will give it so much more meaning. It could also be a really fun project for you if you enjoy bringing vintage things back to life.

The End Of The Ride

Magical rocking unicorns will guard and enhance your child’s imagination, letting them rove the world and the skies upon the back of a powerful equine. I can only imagine the trips they will take with these amazing creatures, but they will certainly be lots of fun! Rocking unicorns are a great way to help your child relax, improve their balance and their confidence, and engage them with an active, creative play.

We hope you’ve been inspired by the incredible rocking unicorns listed here, and you’ve spotted others, we would love to see them too! Everyone should have the opportunity to sit atop a unicorn’s back and rock away some of the worries of childhood; these unicorns would make for magical birthday or Christmas gifts, or perhaps just-because presents for children to love and cherish. If you’re gifting one for Christmas, why not pop it in a Santa Hat or Reindeer Antlers, and watch children fill the room with Christmas stories and imaginings!

If the child in you is pining for the times when you were little enough to enjoy rocking unicorns, why not treat yourself to this beautiful Unicorn Rocking Horse Ornament? It would be beautiful sitting on a windowsill, representing the magic of childhood!

Lovely rocking unicorn ornament

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