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Black Unicorn: Mythology, Meaning in Dreams, Literature & Games


Black unicorns also called dark unicorns are, for many people, the most fascinating kind of unicorn there is. They rebel against the traditional white unicorn that we are all so familiar with.

Black unicorns are a juxtaposition between the positivity which unicorns represent and dark color traditionally associated with darkness, misfortune, and danger.

Black Unicorn


Also black unicorns represent many different things with appearance in mythology, dreams, novels and new computer games. They are often positive but can have negative associations too.

You may be surprised by some of the things which black and dark unicorns represent.

Appearance of a Dark-Black Unicorn

The black unicorn is depicted in many different ways. Some portray it simply as a coal-black version of the white unicorn we are all familiar with, often standing alone in the shadow of trees or rocks. It is slim and beautiful, with dark eyes and a pointed black horn.


Black unicorns are normally very tall with spindly legs. To meet them seems scary, but they look stunningly beautiful. Source:https://www.santharia.com

Dark unicorns as Hunters with Speed

Many give it a darker image than the white unicorn has. Santharia describes it as having clawed fingers instead of hooves, which look ungainly and decidedly creepy. These unicorns are clearly hunters, and given their speed, very formidable ones indeed.

How does a Black Unicorn Look Like?

Black unicorns are very tall, possibly outstripping even their white cousins, and usually have particularly spindly legs. Despite odd proportions, they are still beautiful creatures, but I don’t think any of us would enjoy meeting them in a dark forest.

Dark Unicorn Personality

Black unicorns are not always shown to be menacing, but instead can be delicateshyshadowy equines, glimmering in the darkness. If you have ever seen one, poised in a patch of moonlight or darting into the bushes, you will know how breathtakingly beautiful they can be.

Black Unicorn In Mythology


EnclavePublishing reminds us that the ancient Greeks originally depicted unicorns as black.

This means that the black unicorn is often interpreted as having the same qualities which the white unicorn was later blessed with. Ancient societies would have probably connected black unicorns with freedom and good fortune, at least in their original incarnation.

It was only later, once the white unicorn had become commoner, that black unicorns began to have negative connotations.

Ancestors of Modern Unicorns

Britannica states that the earliest Greek description was of a horse-like creature whose horn was black in the middle. Whether this counts as a black unicorn or not is debatable, but it certainly was thought to have powers of healing, because the text claimed that anyone drinking from the creature’s horn would be safe from poison and stomach trouble.

If black unicorns were among the first unicorns written about, they are the ancestors of today’s modern unicorns. Try comparing a cute cartoon of a rainbow unicorn today with one of these majestic black creatures. It’s quite a surreal exercise!

What Do Black Unicorns Mean?

Because of the stark difference from white unicorns, black unicorns are sometimes associated with opposite traits.

They can be connected with:

  • bad luck
  • evil intentions, and
  • harbingers of death.
Many believe black unicorns mean bad luck and evil intentions. Others believe they are stronger than other colors are. For the rest they still bring good luck and prosperity.


Many believe black unicorns mean bad luck and evil intentions. Others believe they are stronger than other colors are. For the rest they still bring good luck and prosperity.

The black unicorn was thought by some to be a hunter and a carnivore who would attack anything it could eat.

Even when they are given negative associations, they are still connected with freedom and power, and they still retain all the swiftness of their white cousins.

Dark Unicorns as Terrifying Predators

This suggests that hunting unicorns would be truly terrifying predators, able to outstrip and easily devour any prey. Many believe black unicorns are stronger than the other colors, and they are certainly more camouflaged in the forests they generally inhabit.

However, black unicorns do not always carry negative associations just because of their coloring. By many, they are still thought to bring luck and prosperity, as well as healing.  They often represent an enhancement of the white unicorn’s traits, so this means that the positive ones are magnified as well as the negative ones. UnicornsUnified states that they aren’t bound to one place in the world, but wander wherever they choose.

Man Who Has it All

The term “black unicorn” can also be used to refer to a man who “has it all,” according to UrbanDictionary. This would be a man who has a good job, great looks, a wonderful personality, and plenty of commitment to offer, as well as anything else the individual feels a partner must have.

The term may have a racial connotation. It’s often used to describe that which cannot be found or doesn’t exist, because such people are considered rare or even mythical, just like black unicorns.

Black Unicorns In Dreams – Power and Strength

Black unicorns in dreams does not mean anything bad. Instead these unicorns are often there to offer their help.
Black unicorns in dreams does not mean anything bad. Instead these unicorns are often there to offer their help.

Seeing a black unicorn in a dream is not necessarily a sign of misfortune, though many people may take it as such because of their imposing coloration. Instead, these unicorns are often there to offer help, just as white unicorns are.

According to UnicornsRule, black unicorns in dreams represent power and strength. They are there to encourage the dreamer to take actionto make a change to their life. While white unicorns tend to be gentle guides, black unicorns are a firmer push forwards. They are a sign that the dreamer will overcome the barriers and obstacles they face, and fight to achieve their goals.

An aggressive unicorn, regardless of coloration, can be a sign that something is amiss in your life, and you need to make amends for something you have done wrong. See more about unicorns in your dreams.

“The Black Unicorn” Novel

Terry Brooks “Magic Kingdom For Sale”

This is the second novel (Black Unicorn) in a series by Terry Brooks, following Magic Kingdom For Sale.” In it, the black unicorn is portrayed as a positive force, helping the kingdom of Landover against evil forces which are attempting to overwhelm it.

This book clearly looks to the positive aspects of black unicorns. It focuses on their power and intelligence, and ensures that the black unicorn is an aid to the characters. The unicorn’s golden bridle is the secret to taming it, perhaps reflecting some of the wild tendencies which unicorns are associated with. It proves elusive in the first part of the book, evading capture by the men.

Later, it is revealed that the black unicorn represents the spirit of imprisoned white unicorns, perhaps showing that intense emotions and desperation can lead a white unicorn to force itself to the peak of its powers, turning black in the process. This reflects the idea that black unicorns are more powerful than white ones.

Tanith Lee “Black Unicorn”

Tanith Lee has as well written a book called “Black Unicorn” which is just one of the books in the unicorn trilogy she has written. The whole Unicorn series is a young-adult fantasy novel series about young Tanaquil in a fictional world. The series has more books like “Gold Unicorn” and “Red Unicorn“.


Cover of “Black Unicorn” by Tanith Lee. Picture source.

If some triology has so many unicorns, it is a must for unicorn lovers to check out!

Heather E.F. Carter “The Black Unicorn”

And here is another book called “The Black Unicorn” that is taking us back to the times of French Revolution however the book is published just a few months ago back in May 2021.

“The Black Unicorn” this time is the name of the highwayman and the main character Elina will have her own demons with him… however she will find out, “The Black Unicorn” is not just a highwayman…

“The Black Unicorn: Poems,” by Audre Lorde

A collection by Audre Lorde, this book explores some racial themes. Written by a black mother, who was also a lesbian, an activist, and a ferocious feminist, these poems look at the difficulties she faced and the obstacles she had to overcome.

It seems likely that for Lorde, the black unicorn represented power, but also the pain of being an outcast. Certainly, one never sees a herd of black unicorns in depictions of the creatures; they tend to be shown as solitarylonely in all their power. Even in the book mentioned above, there was only one black unicorn, and all others were white.

Audre Lorde has used "Black Unicorn" as a name of her poem collection but as well as the symbol explore the racial themes in it.


Audre Lorde has used Black Unicorn symbol to explore racial themes. She was a black mother, lesbian and feminist. All poems in her book “Black Unicorn” look at the difficulties she has faced.

Lorde used her poems to explore being African American, and the struggles minorities faced in the world. She was a lesbian at an extremely difficult time, and used her poetry to express her fury at civil and social injustices that she witnessed.

Using the black unicorn as the title for her book linked it with many different things: loneliness, power, strength, freedom, passion, being black in a predominantly white world, and possibly anger. An extraordinary poet, she deserved the strength of unicorns to go against the world she faced, and it seems she had it!

Black Unicorns In Games

Black unicorns also frequently appear in games, and are a popular creature for Dungeons and Dragons. The black unicorn first appeared in “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2ndEdition,” along with several other types of unicorn.



Black Unicorn, also called as “Nightmare” in Dungeons and Dragons, has the negative stereotype of a black unicorn. They will never serve a good character. Picture source.

Here, we return to some of the negative stereotypes, as DnDWiki assigns its alignment as “Any Evil,” so black unicorns cannot be forces for good within the game. It specifically states that they will never willingly serve a good character, and their intentions will always be bad. According to the following lore, black unicorns are the result of Nightmares and captured unicorns breeding together. In our article “Different types of Unicorns” we also described Black unicorn as “Nightmare”

Black unicorns also appear in Runescape, and here they are more a source of loot than a force for good or evil. They are surprisingly low-powered, and do not deal much damage. They drop unicorn horns for the player to sell, but do not represent anything significantly different from the white unicorns. Here, it seems that the coloration is considered part of nature, rather than anything notable.

Black unicorns are truly remarkable creatures, and are represented in wildly different ways throughout literature and art. They are unquestionably beautiful and appealing, and they are often given positive associations

If you ever see a black unicorn, remember that they are immensely powerful, and treat it with respect. Remember too that it may be lonely, and offer it compassion and companionship if these things seem welcome.

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