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Unicorn Dreams Meaning – Interpret Your Dream!

When we dream, most of us want to know what our dreams mean. They often seem strange and mysterious, sometimes totally disconnected from the daily activities we engage with, and frequently very surreal.

Dream interpretation has garnered a lot of interest throughout history, and the symbolism of unicorns in dreams has been explored by many people.

female, unicorn, fantasy
Photo by Placidplace on Pixabay
Unicorns appearing in your dreams mainly indicate positive things coming your way. However, there are also some cases where unicorns can predict negative scenarios. Read further to find out in more detail!

If you’ve seen a unicorn in a dream, you might wonder what it signifies? ‘

There are a lot of potential meanings, including that you will meet with good fortune soon, or that you are seeking more magic in your life. The meaning of our dreams is unique and individual to each of us; the interpretations offered in this article are just thoughts and theories about what the unicorns we see at night might represent.

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Positive Symbols of Unicorn Dreams

According to DreamNestunicorns in dreams often symbolize innocence and purity. They only appear to people who have good hearts and souls, and they are commonly associated with virgins, or at least fair maidens, who are the only ones able to tame them.

Here are some common positive symbols and meanings of unicorns in dreams.

Dream of Baby Unicorns: Good Relationship & Important Changes

Baby unicorn
Dream about baby unicorn; Photo by SilviaP_Design on Pixabay

A baby unicorn in your dream might signify that you have a particularly good relationship with children, perhaps that you are a very good parent or carer. It can also indicate that something important will enter your life soon. This might not be a child, but could be a career opportunity or a new relationship.

Alternatively, a baby unicorn could serve to represent even greater innocence and purity than the adults. They are extremely rare, and not often seen in dreams, so if you’ve ever had the fortune to catch a glimpse of one, you are extremely lucky indeed. Perhaps some of the good luck that unicorns bring is already hard at work!

White Unicorns in Dreams: Good Fortune

White Unicorns Appearing in dreams are usually a sign of positive things to happen.

Different colored unicorns represent very different things. Unicorns can come in all sorts of different colors, and what you associate with the colors may change the symbolism of the unicorn. The white unicorn is perhaps the most traditional and commonly seen, so here are some ideas about what it might represent.

Firstly, white unicorns usually symbolize good fortune. They often appear as guides and helpers, encouraging you to pursue a path you have started upon, or helping out when you are tired.

White unicorns also symbolize purity and virginity, as stated by DreamMeaning. This may be your own purity, or the purity of somebody you have recently met in life. You should treasure sightings of white unicorns, because they almost always reflect good fortune and happiness.

Blue Unicorns Meaning in Dreams: Faithfulness

Blue unicorns are ones which we less frequently think of when we consider unicorns in dreams, but if you have seen one, you’re probably wondering what in the world it means. Blue unicorns, according to DreamMeaning, usually symbolize faithfulness between partners.

unicorn, horse, fantasy
Blue Unicorn meaning in Dreams are often associated with prosperity and good fortune

If you are married or have a long-term partner, they can be a good sign that everything is going well and you have no worries in that department.

Blue unicorns can also be associated with prosperity and good fortune, like other unicorns. Clearly, they’re a sign of pleasant things, whichever representation they take, and they certainly make for an unusual dream guest.

If you’ve ever seen a blue unicorn in a dream, we’d love to hear more about it and what it meant to you.

Rainbow/Golden Unicorns : Business Success

Rainbow color unicorn - often a sign of success when seen in dreams.

Rainbow unicorns are becoming more and more common in modern imagery and toys, but what do they mean when we see them in dreams?

Rainbow unicorns are often coupled with golden ones when it comes to interpreting their dream meaning, and they are most commonly associated with business or monetary success.

This might link up with the idea of “unicorn” startup companies, or it could be that rainbows and gold are frequently associated with money. Read more about unicorns and rainbows.

Have you seen rainbow or golden unicorns in your dreams? If so, was the dream followed by some financial success, or did you feel the unicorn meant something different to you?

Purple Unicorns: Best of the Best

Purple Unicorn - a sign of royalty in dreams.

Perhaps one of the rarest symbols in dreams, purple unicorns are difficult to interpret. They are often associated with having all the best things in life, particularly in the dating world or the business world. In dreams, they can mean much the same thing – that positivity is coming your way in all sorts of shapes and forms.

Purple unicorns are also associated with royalty, so perhaps if you see one in your sleep, some relationship with nobility is afoot. This may not be literal royalty, but perhaps a connection with someone particularly chivalrous and kind.

Unicorn Guides

Unicorn appearing as guides in your dreams can show a path towards a better life.

What the unicorn signifies is also very dependent on its behavior – perhaps unsurprisingly. These great creatures often interact with dreamers directly, though they are shy of humans outside of dreams. Pay close attention to the unicorn and how it responds to you, as this will give you greater insight into what the unicorn means.

DreamNest states that unicorns in dreams usually suggest you are moving towards something better in life, especially if you see a white unicorn.

A unicorn which walks beside you is offering you guidance and companionship, often a sign that you face trials ahead. Guiding unicorns, as mentioned above, do tend to be white, though they do not have to be. They might be any other color which is important to you personally.

These unicorns will not lead the way, because you must forge your path yourself, but they will provide comfort and reassurance on the difficult route. This is the most common sort of dream unicorn encountered, but they can appear in other ways too.

Riding A Unicorn : Obstacles and Tiredness

In some dreams, you may be fortunate enough to ride upon the back of a galloping or even flying unicorn. DreamNest explores this too, saying that riding a unicorn is often the result of feeling tired. You may have faced a lot of challenges recently, and find yourself struggling to keep up.

A figurine of a girl riding and a unicorn
Woman riding a unicorn, when seeing in dreams the meaning can be obstacles in life. Photo by White Water on Pexels

In these instances, the unicorn is supporting you directly so that you can continue your journey. It may be helping you to overcome obstacles which are too difficult for you to handle alone, or it may simply be bearing some of the weight for a while. Remember that unicorns are immensely powerful creatures, so the help of one is a beautiful gift, and shows you are deserving of love.

DreamMeaning says that riding a unicorn can mean you are excelling at your life, and this also makes sense; the unicorn represents the skill and speed with which you are overcoming challenges.

It also suggests that your focus is upon the journey you’re taking, rather than the end destination; I know if I were riding a unicorn, I’d be focused upon the feel and scent of it rather than any end goal we had in mind.

Flying Unicorns : Exciting Times Ahead

Flying unicorn - appearing in your dreams, it can show exciting things are about to happen.

These, whether you accompany them or not, often represent travel to far off places, or are a sign that something new and exciting is going to happen in your life before long. You might expect a proposal or marriage, or an invitation to stay somewhere exotic, if you have seen a flying unicorn in a dream.

Flying unicorns often appear prior to the start of a new relationship, so if you’re actively seeking love, this may be a positive sign for you. A relationship heralded by unicorns in flight is certainly one I’d be taking seriously!

Talking Unicorns

If you have ever been blessed enough to have a unicorn speak to you in your dreams, you should certainly heed its words.

Unicorns rarely communicate so directly with people, usually preferring to appear as silent symbols, rather than direct influences.

Unicorns will usually convey positive messages and seek to help you, but occasionally one may deliver a warning about some threat you face or action you should avoid.

A Worrying Twist when Seeing Unicorn in Dreams

There are some instances when dream unicorns are not so positive, and you should be worried if you see one of these images in your dreams.

Harming A Unicorn, Dead Unicorn

If you see a dead unicorn or if you dream that you are attacking or killing a unicorn, you are less fortunate. This is one of the few instances in which a dream unicorn is not a positive sign. It makes sense, as the death or injury of such a noble creature can only signify something negative.

People hunting and trying to harm unicorns. When seen in dreams, it may be a sign of something wrong with your life.
People hunting and trying to harm unicorns. When seen in dreams, it may be a sign of something wrong with your life. From – https://bestiary.ca/chimaera/53

As DreamNest mentions, a dead unicorn often indicates that you have done irreparable damage to yourself or others. You have turned away from opportunities to make amends, and you have hurt somebody who is innocent.

The dead unicorn in dreams represents this hurt, and it will be difficult to rectify your mistake. If you have seen such a unicorn in your dreams, you need to review your life with great care and decide how you can reshape it to better harmonize with the world around you.

Caged or Trapped Unicorns

If the unicorn in your dream is caged or appears trapped in some way, it’s also a negative sign. The creature might be tangled in vines and tugging to escape, or struggling in a marsh. Unicorns are notoriously hard to catch or ensnare, so a trapped unicorn is an unusual image.

Trapped unicorn in a dream, is usually a bad sign
Trapped unicorn in a dream, is usually a bad sign

They are most commonly symbolic of the fact that you are pushing people away from you. This may be through selfish behavior, or because you are feeling isolated and angry with the world.

You might also be feeling rejected, so it’s worth reaching out to those who are close to you, and freeing the unicorn from the snares of your mind.

Aggressive Unicorns

Agressive unicorn appearing in dreams might show something is missing from your life

Aggressive Unicorn is another rare instance where a unicorn in a dream is not a positive sign. Unicorns are usually associated with luck and happiness, but if the unicorn appears aggressive, this is a signal that something is amiss in your life. If the unicorn attacks or kills you in your dream, you need to identify and address issues quickly.

Remember that unicorns represent the purity of soul, so if one appears to dislike your presence, you have done something which does not make them happy.

You should review your recent behavior, and look for ways you can make amends if you have wronged somebody. If you don’t do so, you will likely face ill-fortune and stress in the near future.

Unicorn Horns

If you dream about the horn of a unicorn, you should also be very concerned. This is the source of their power and magic, so if it has been severed from them, it indicates bad things are going to happen.

Unicorn horns in dreams usually indicate that a loved one is in danger or maybe dying, so check in with those around you and reassure yourself that everything is okay. In case you have no idea which horn it was you may want to take a look at our article what does a unicorn horn look like.

Uncertain Symbols of Having Unicorn in Dreams

Sometimes, what unicorns represent in dreams is not so straightforward, or is up for debate. Usually, the dreamer will have a sense of whether the unicorn represents a threat or not, but here are a couple of examples of unicorns that might be good, or might be a more negative sign.

Black Unicorns in Dreams

Black unicorns appear to be more contentious than the other colors. DreamMeaning states that they represent lost innocence, perhaps because their dark color is an inversion of the traditional white unicorn.

Black unicorn appearing in dreams can indicate several things.

However, as I stated in my article The Mystery Of Black Unicornsblack unicorns are frequently helpers, just as white unicorns are.

UnicornsRule suggests that black unicorns are even more closely associated with power and strength than white unicorns are. They are often a sign that the dreamer has the capacity to overcome major barriers and triumph over difficulties.

Their presence in a dream can be a sign of good as well as bad, so perhaps this is down to the individual dreamer; if your black unicorn gave you a sense of safety and support, they were likely there to help you.

Following A Unicorn

SleepCulture indicates that dreaming about unicorns means you want more magic in your life. Perhaps things have become mundane and you are seeking something greater, which will bring you a sense of peace and wonder through its presence.

unicorn, landscape, the atmosphere
white unicorns following each other. When seeing a dream following unicorn, it means you need more magic in life. Photo by Mysticsartdesign on Pixabay

Try to identify whether any areas of your life are seriously lacking in magic, and explore how you can address this issue. If your work is boring or uninspiring, for instance, perhaps take up a creative hobby to make up for it.

Equally, seeing a unicorn may indicate that you are following something unattainable, something as elusive and mythical as a unicorn, and you need to reduce the time you spend daydreaming and focus on reality for a while.

Inviting magic and mystery into your life is wonderful, but it’s also important to be aware of how the world is functioning around you, and how you slot into its tapestry. If you dream of unicorns regularly, maybe you need to focus a little more on reality.

In Summary: What Does it Mean to See Unicorns in Dreams?

Dream unicorns have an extraordinary range of meanings in life. They can bring good fortune, signify major life changes, provide comfort to a tired traveler, or suggest something is awry in the dreamer’s life.

Their actions and coloration denote different things, so interpreting them is quite a complex process, but unicorns in dreams are usually as magical and wonderful as they sound, and rarely signify bad luck!

Do you dream about unicorns? Do any of your experiences match the interpretations here, or have you found that your unicorns behave differently or signify different outcomes? Unicorns are such unique, individual creatures that their meaning can be immensely personal, and what you think and feel when you see one in your sleep may be entirely different to another person’s experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts about your dream unicorns and what they have meant to you!

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