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How to Draw a Unicorn: Step by Step guide

What is a Unicorn?

A unicorn is a magical horse with a horn on its head. They have colorful fur, a flowing mane, and a magical horn. Unicorns are friendly, gentle, and spread joy and happiness. They live in enchanted forests and magical lands. Unicorns are make-believe creatures that make dreams come true!

Unicorn Drawing for Kids


Are you ready to embark on a magical journey and bring your very own unicorn to life on paper? Drawing unicorns can be a lot of fun and a great way to express your creativity. In this step-by-step guide, we will learn how to draw a cute unicorn together. So grab your pencils, put on your imagination cap, and let’s get started!

How to Draw a Unicorn in 10 Easy Steps for Kids?

Supplies Needed

  1. A piece of paper
  2. Pencils (preferably a set of different hardness)
  3. An eraser
  4. Colored pencils (optional)

Step 1: Drawing the Unicorn’s Head

Let’s start by drawing a large oval shape for the unicorn’s head. It should be slightly tilted to one side, just like the shape of an egg.

Step 2: Adding the Ears

On top of the head, draw two pointy ears. They should be curved and facing outward, like the letter ‘C.’ Feel free to make them as long or short as you’d like.

Step 3: Creating the Eyes and Eyelashes

Now it’s time to bring your unicorn to life by drawing its expressive eyes. Inside the head shape, draw two big round eyes. Add small curved lines on top of each eye to represent the eyelashes.

Step 4: Adding the Nose and Mouth Below the eyes.

Draw a small oval shape for the unicorn’s nose. Add a curved line beneath the nose to form the mouth. You can give your unicorn a happy or a mischievous smile, it’s up to you!

Step 5: Shaping the Face and Mane

To create a beautiful flowing mane, draw a wavy line starting from the top of the unicorn’s head and extending towards the back. The mane can be as long or as short as you want. Feel free to add some additional details like bangs or hair tufts.

Step 6: Drawing the Unicorn’s Body

Now it’s time to draw the unicorn’s body. Extend a long, curved line downwards from the head to create the back. Then, draw another curved line to connect the back and create the belly. Remember, unicorns come in all shapes and sizes, so you can get creative with your design!

Step 7: Sketching the Legs

Draw four legs for your unicorn, two on each side of the body. Use straight lines for the legs and add hooves at the bottom using small curved lines.

Step 8: Detailing the Tail

Unicorns are famous for their magnificent tails. Draw a long, wavy line starting from the back of the unicorn’s body. Add some curves and waves to make it look magical and flowing.

Step 9: Adding the Final Touches

Now that the basic shape of your unicorn is complete, take a moment to refine the lines and add any additional details you’d like. You can add patterns to the unicorn’s body, flowers in its mane, or even some sparkles around it. Let your imagination run wild!

Unicorn Sketch
Unicorn Sketch by a Kid

Step 10: Coloring Your Unicorn (Optional)

To make your unicorn even more enchanting, grab your colored pencils and add some vibrant colors. Unicorns are often associated with bright and pastel shades, but feel free to use any colors that make you happy. You can even experiment with different textures and shading techniques to bring your unicorn to life on paper.

How To Draw A Unicorn: 7 Easy Drawing Projects for Kids

How to Draw a Cute Unicorn?

Draw a Cutest unicorn with a round body and a soft, colorful mane. Give it a happy face with a smile, making it cute and lovable for children to enjoy. Add some sparkles and rainbows to make it extra magical and fun!

Cute unicorn drawing for Kids

How to Draw a Unicorn Squishmallow?

Draw a squishy unicorn Squishmallow with a huggable round body and a friendly expression, perfect for cuddling and squeezing. Use soft, pastel colors to bring this adorable plush toy to life, making it a delightful companion for kids to snuggle with and cherish.

unicorn squishmallow Pic

How to Draw a Unicorn Head?

Create a magical unicorn head by drawing a beautiful, horned silhouette with a flowing mane and a gentle, kind expression. Use bright and vibrant colors to make it come alive, and don’t forget to add sparkling stars to capture its enchanting aura.

Unicorn head drawing

How to Draw a Unicorn Cake?

Draw a unicorn cake with a round, fluffy body covered in colorful frosting and sprinkles, topped with a golden horn and adorable ears. Decorate it with edible glitter and candy eyes for a magical touch, creating a delicious masterpiece that will make any celebration extra special and enchanting.

How to Draw a Unicorn with Wings?

Let your imagination soar as you draw a magnificent unicorn with wings, ready to take flight in a world of fantasy and wonder. Give it a graceful body, a magical horn, and fluffy feathers for its wings, adding vibrant colors to make it truly enchanting. Watch as your creation comes to life, bringing dreams of flying unicorns to reality on paper.

How to Draw a Realistic Unicorn Sketch?

Create a stunning realistic unicorn sketch by drawing a detailed depiction of this mystical creature. Capture its majestic features, such as the flowing mane, expressive eyes, and elegant horn, with precision and attention to detail. Use shading and fine lines to bring depth and realism to your artwork, resulting in a captivating and lifelike representation of a unicorn.

How to Draw a Unicorn Emoji?

Create a lifelike unicorn emoji with a sparkling horn, friendly eyes, and vibrant colors, ready to spread joy and magic in your messages and chats. Let your imagination run wild as you draw this enchanting creature, making your conversations even more delightful and whimsical.

Simple Unicorn Emoji

FAQs on How to draw Unicorns

Why are Unicorns Special?

Unicorns hold a special place in people’s hearts because they embody magic, purity, and rarity, captivating the imagination and enchanting many.

Are Unicorns Difficult to Draw?

Drawing unicorns is not challenging if you have experience drawing animals. Similar artistic skills are required for creating various hoofed animal illustrations.

What do Unicorns Symbolize in Art?

In art, unicorns symbolize purity, representing all that is good and innocent. Their presence in artwork often brings a sense of goodness and positivity.

Why Would You Want to Draw a Unicorn?

Drawing a unicorn can be a thoughtful gesture for a unicorn-loving friend or child, or simply because you adore the colorful and whimsical nature associated with unicorns.


If you have the desire to learn how to draw a unicorn, don’t hesitate to give it a try. With practice and following unicorn art tutorials, you can master drawing different types of unicorns. Embrace the journey of improvement through consistent practice, and soon enough, you’ll become a skilled unicorn artist.

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