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What Is A Baby Unicorn Called?

his is a question many people have asked. Baby unicorns are very rare, so it’s not surprising some people are unsure about what to call them or how they are called. Baby unicorns are often referred to as foals. Unicorns share much in common with horses, so it makes sense that their babies would have the same name. To differentiate, baby unicorns are often also called “Sparkle”.

Unicorns have been written into legends and tested the boundaries of imagination for so long, it’s only natural that different people have come up with different terms for them. This is particularly true of the babies because they’re so cute that our language can’t express it!

unicorn, horn, infant
Photo by SilviaP_Design on Pixabay

Baby unicorns are often referred to as foals
 because they have so much in common with horses

FUN FACT: Oh, and talking about real-life baby unicorns: baby unicorns are the babies who have an unrealistically good sleep. Super sleepers who sleep some 8hours already after they are born. They are called so since they appear as rare as unicorn babies.


The Young Unicorn – Do They Have Horn?

Apart from the fact that baby unicorns are obviously smaller in size, young unicorns are distinctive in a few other ways.

  • They are very slender, with slim legs which are far less muscled than adult unicorns’.
  • Baby unicorns do have horns. Their horns are usually short and stubby, and are often hidden in very soft, downy manes.
  • A young unicorn’s mane is like spun silk, softer than clouds to the touch. Their horns glitter like diamonds if you part the manes to see.

    unicorn, clipart, blue
    Photo by KaylinArt on Pixabay
  • Baby unicorns have very blue eyes, with star-like gleams. Picture looking into a deep, cool lagoon, where peace and tranquility breathe. As the unicorn develops, its eyes will change color to suit its character, and they can be purple, pink, red, gold, or any other color.

Identifying baby unicorns is not difficult if you are faced with a herd of them, and you are unlikely to ever encounter a baby alone. Their parents and the rest of the herd protect unicorn babies fiercely when they are young, and even as they mature, they are unlikely to wander far from their families. Most probably parents have name for them and call it that way – Magic, Star, Glitter or Dazzle!

Uni-filly Or Uni-colt? Male Or Female?

Like horses, the gender of the unicorn can change how people refer to it when it’s young.

unicorn, pegasus, magical
A female baby unicorn might be called a “filly,” like other female horses, while a male would be called a “colt.” To separate them from horses, feel free to add “uni-” as prefix.

Filly – A Female Baby Unicorn

A female baby unicorn might be called a “filly,” like other female horses. Or Unifilly like some are calling them (by adding “uni” prefix and showing the “unicornizing” origin).

According to FunTrivia, a female horse grows from a filly into a mare once she reaches 5 years old. Unicorns, however, grow more slowly than real horses and can remain young for many years.

Some unicorns might be twenty or even thirty years old before they are considered adults. Often, their graduation is more about their maturity and wisdom than their physical form.

Colt – A Male Baby Unicorn

A male baby unicorn might be called a “colt.” Some people like to add the prefix “uni” to the start, to make it clear that these are not ordinary horses, but are something so much more special – “unicolt” for males.

colt matures into a stallion at just three years old, as stated by MareAndFoal, but as with the uni-fillies, male unicorns can remain colts for much longer. They may enjoy testing their strength and speed against other unicorns, but they don’t reach adulthood until they have gained power and intelligence.

“Foal” is the gender-less term which people use to describe unicorns without knowing their sex. This is the most commonly applied phrase.

More Mystical – Sparkle!

Unicorn Drawing for Kids
Baby Unicorns can be calles as Sparke. They have magic and wonderful aura around them. Once you see a baby unicorn, this name makes even more sense.

My favorite and more magical term for young and baby unicorns is a “sparkle.” There are many amazing facts about unicorns that are as magical. This term more accurately represents the wonderful aura of magic that surrounds them, and perfectly describes their gleaming coats, manes, tails, and horns.

In youth, unicorns are even more perfect than the elegant adults which they will grow into. Childishness lends them a greater air of innocence, and their long, slim limbs are endearingly clumsy and unsteady, particularly when they are first born.

Also most of the unicorn drawing by a kid is of baby only 🙂

Unicorn Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony

Why “Sparkle”?

If you have ever been lucky enough to see a baby unicorn moving around, you will understand the term “sparkle” even more completely. They glimmer in the sunlight, their soft coats shining like dew in the sun.

Their manes glint and gleam, their tails glisten, and their horns are so bright they are hard to look at.

FUN FACT: In “My Little Pony” series, there is a unicorn baby called Sparkle Twilight.


Shimmering Unicorns

Like horses, as they grow, young unicorns can be given new names to indicate the change.

Unicorn youngsters, when they are starting to mature, take on their parents’ ability to disappear with ease. They do not become invisible, but distort patterns of light and “shimmer” out of your line of sight.

This is something like an optical illusion. It takes time to learn the trick, so it is often the teenage unicorns which have mastered it. Younger unicorns tend to rely on their parents for protection from unfriendly eyes.

The young unicorns which have learned to shimmer are often called shimmers in recognition of their skill. It is considered a step towards maturity, like a graduation ceremony might be for us. It’s possible you’ll have seen youngsters practicing this technique, trying to master it in a safe environment.


Names for Baby Unicorns

Here are list of names that are suitable for Baby Unicorns:

find out your unicorn name game
  • Cinnamon-Bun
  • Crystal-Ball
  • Luna-Moon
  • Pink-Pearl
  • Glittering Grace
  • Shining Shore
  • Honeymoon
  • Princess Dazzle
  • Sparklling Smores
  • Forget-Me-Not

In case you would like to figure out your own unicorn name, here is a funny unicorn name game suitable for events.

If you are ever blessed with a glimpse of one, make the most of it, because baby unicorns are rare and extremely shy of people.

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