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25 Personalized Unicorn Christmas Baubles & Ornaments

Christmas might be the most magical holiday in the whole year. However you celebrate, it’s a time for family, love, and wonder, and what better way to enjoy it than by adding a few unicorns to your Christmas world? There are so many things which unicorns represent, including good fortune, that they’re a perfect addition to any Christmas!

A lot of Christmas is about decorating the home and making it look pretty, dispelling a bit of that wintry gloom, and enjoying some beauty. The Christmas tree is one of the nicest ways to do this – and most of us decorate our trees with baubles. Baubles come in every shape, size, and color these days, but unicorn baubles are often the prettiest and most unusual, and they’ll look absolutely amazing hanging from the dark branches.

We covered some in our article Magical Unicorn Christmas Tree Decorations, but the ones we offer here are all new ideas to help make your tree bright and beautiful. Here are our favorite personalized unicorn Christmas baubles.

This year, I’m making a Christmas bauble advent calendar for my goddaughter (4) and you can bet there’ll be one or two unicorns in there, glimmering beautifully behind the numbered doors and waiting for her excited little fingers to open it and take them out to hang on the tree. Hopefully, they’ll fill her Christmas with a bit of sparkle too!

Unicorn Sphere Baubles

The most common shape for decorating your Christmas tree with is definitely a sphere, and there’s good reason for that; they look magical and catch the light beautifully! There are some breathtaking unicorn options when it comes to spherical baubles, and choosing between them is a pretty tricky process!

1) For some really simple sparkle with a twist of unicorn magic, these personalized unicorn baubles look amazing. I love that you can choose between four different colors; each family member could have one in their favorite color, transferring the magic of your own family bonds to a herd of unicorn baubles on the tree.

The simplicity of the eyes, combined with the ears, horns, and a circlet of flowers, makes these such beautiful little decorations, and I think the inner material would sparkle spectacularly in the light! Definitely a wonderful way to apply the glimmer of unicorns to Christmas.

2) If you prefer a lighter touch, this white feather unicorn bauble would be perfect. I absolutely love this one, with the wispy feathers inside like unicorn hair drifting on a breeze. They look so soft and silky, and so ethereal and magical. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bauble which more beautifully reflects what a real unicorn might look like! Add the delicate glittery roses, the ears, and the spiraling horn, and you’ve got a really amazing bauble. You can even choose the colors or add crystals, though personally I love the white one best!

3) If you want to decorate your tree with some actual full unicorns, rather than representations of their faces, this glass dome bauble could be a great option. The poise and delicacy of the unicorn within just makes this bauble what it is – stunning. I love how simple and elegant the lettering is, and this would be a lovely gift for anyone to enjoy glinting up in the branches. You can choose between gold or silver to match a theme, and can even have it boxed in a totally magical-looking Christmas box with a red ribbon.

4) This lovely little hat-wearing unicorn bauble would be a gorgeous addition to any tree, especially if you live somewhere that has snowy white Christmases! I love the idea of unicorns in hats, getting all snuggly and cozy, with their ears poking through. The pink cheeks are a perfect representation of chilly mornings, and set off the brighter flowers and pink accents to the horn perfectly. Adorable, but still beautiful, this would make a lovely ornament for brightening up those cold mornings and tapping into some icy unicorn magic.

5) A final option, this glittery heart-sequin unicorn bauble is quite a little one at only 2.3 inches (6 cm), but it’s perhaps even more beautiful for being tiny. I love the big, sparkly ears, and its content expression, and I think it would glimmer beautifully, especially in a low light. The additional diamantes give it an extra depth, especially the ones on the unicorn’s forehead, and the white ribbon fits perfectly. Being so small, this one doesn’t have options to personalize it, but it would still look lovely on a tree, and you could add a little cardboard tag to the ribbon if you really wanted to pair it with a message.

Wooden Unicorn Baubles

Lots of people love the soft, natural look of wooden ornaments hanging among the dark tree branches, and I’m certainly no exception to that rule! I also love the fact that they’re often fairly eco-friendly, able to decompose when they’ve finished working their magic for Christmas.

6) This beautiful wooden unicorn bauble is definitely one of my favorites; I love the gentle curviness and swirls, and the detailing on the mane and tail. It has a super cute expression, slightly sheepish, stubby, and adorable all around. I’d be tempted to have several of these dancing up in the tree, tossing their heads and stomping their feet. You could even buy some for friends; with those lovely curly names stamped across the front, they’d make a very special and thoughtful gift that any unicorn-lover would be happy to receive.

7) I also really like these engraved wooden ornaments. Again, the design is super cute, and that snowflake pattern is just perfect for Christmas. The lettering is lovely and swirly, and as a dinosaur-lover as well as a unicorn-lover, I’d definitely be ordering at least one of each to make my tree both magical and historical! The bright red ribbon sets off the wood so nicely, and would look amazing in the green of the tree.

8) If you want an engraved unicorn with a bit more sparkle, then this glittery unicorn bauble might be the one for you. It would catch the light beautifully, brightening up that unicorn silhouette and making the tree glitter like a frosty lawn in the sunlight. The unicorn shape is lovely and simple, but very nicely done, both elegant and realistic, and it would look great against any choice of background color. I love the dinosaur on this set too – it looks like we may end up with a theme of unicorns and dinos for our tree this year!

9) For those who like an artistic look to their tree, this swirly unicorn Christmas decoration would be perfect. I really love how the unicorn looks, cut from natural wood, surrounded by stars. The double-circle is very effective for drawing in the eyes and giving the illusion that the unicorn is slipping between tree trunks, but the writing still stands out clearly enough, and that single eight-point star looks so elegant. I think this might be my favorite of the wooden baubles, and seeing it spinning gently on a tree branch, surrounded by lights and tinsel, would bring just a bit of extra magic to my Christmas!

Unicorn 2D Baubles

Sometimes you want a few simple flat ornaments to hang among all the glitz and glamour of the tree, and again, there are some amazing unicorn options out there.

10) This lovely resting unicorn ornament would be perfect for anyone looking to add a little splash of pink to their Christmas, and has plenty of space for a name, or even a Christmassy message of some sort. The silver accents would sparkle very prettily, and I love that the unicorn is lying on a cloud; it looks so magical.

11) This unicorn disc ornament is also ultra-cute, with its adorable little scarf and hat – and it looks so happy, it’s definitely getting into the Christmas spirit. The bright colors in its mane and tail make a lovely contrast to the hat and scarf, and the pink snowflakes and lovely text just finish its look perfectly. I find everything about this so satisfying, especially how rounded and chubby the unicorn looks, with that ‘Merry Christmas’ ribbon to complete the look.

12) For those looking for something more stylish and modern, this glass disc unicorn bauble might be perfect. It is very beautiful, with that gorgeous cut-glass look, and a decidedly frosty feeling that’s just perfect for Christmas. I love how holly leaves have replaced the more standard flower garland on the unicorn’s forehead, and with a neatly engraved name, I think this would be a much-loved present to decorate a tree with. With some bright lights, colors, and other unicorn ornaments glimmering away, this would make such a beautiful scene.

13) To get back to having actual unicorn silhouettes on the tree, there’s this acrylic unicorn ornament. The grace and elegance of this ornament are what really make it, and if you’re aiming for a mature, delicate theme, this is a must-have. It’s so simple, and would look amazing slipping through the pine needles of a tree, like a real unicorn gleaming in the shadows of a forest, one foot raised as it pauses to listen. The text manages to just complete the look, mature and elegant, and this unicorn would be a lovely gift to a special someone, or as a treat for yourself.

14) For a much more homey, handmade feel, if you haven’t got time to get creative yourself, this felt unicorn is lovely. You can choose your own colors, but it just looks so cute with its tiny Santa hat, little holly leaves, and beautiful sash of beads to spell out somebody special’s name. I’d be tempted to purchase several of these in different colors, and have them guarding my tree in an array of splendid rainbow unicornness.

DIY Unicorn Baubles

A few of the above ideas might be ones you can attempt your own version of, but if you’re feeling inspired to get a bit crafty and spice up your tree with something made by your own two hands, here are a few more suggestions that you might enjoy doing. A lot of these are crafts you could do with kids, and they’d make for a lovely fun pre-Christmas activity to enjoy together.

15) This DIY Unicorn Ornaments video will help you create some really professional looking ornaments for your tree, a little similar to some mentioned in the “Sphere Baubles” section. It doesn’t look particularly complicated or time-consuming, and the end result is pretty “wow” in my opinion!

One of the best things about hand-making ornaments is that you can choose your own colors completely, so you can really match a theme, or create according to people’s favorite colors, if you’re making ornaments to gift.

16) If you’ve given the first one a go, or you have some polymer clay from another project, I think this video for a DIY Pastel Unicorn Ornament also looks great. The end result is fantastic, and once again, you could change the colors to suit your tastes, and you can also vary the size to suit your tree.

Personally, I’d want to make a whole selection of different sizes, and hang a full herd of little unicorns up in my tree, to sparkle and dance among the fairy lights. You could replace the stick-on beads with more polymer clay, if you were feeling creative, or sequins for extra sparkle.

17) For those handy with a needle and thread, this guide to create a felted unicorn from DearCreatives is very comprehensive and detailed, and will help you create a sweet little felt unicorn for your tree. Personally, I’d be inclined to add a mini Santa hat to this equine’s head, but he looks great as he is, super cute and friendly. I think kids would love this activity, and they could even make a few to gift to friends. It would be easy to add a name to the tummy if you wanted to make it more personal.

18) If paper crafts are more your thing, this How To Make A Unicorn Ornament video will show you how to create a very sweet cardboard unicorn for your tree.

Again, I think this is one kids would totally love, creating a bit of Christmas magic at the kitchen table, with some wool and card scraps. You could give the unicorn a little sign with a name or cute message, and perhaps add a hat or a present to make it more Christmassy, but it definitely looks sweet just as it is.

19) Alternatively, this DIY Unicorn Christmas Ornaments video demonstrates a wonderful way to add color to your tree, with those bright rainbow manes and sleepy eyes.

It would be very easy to customize this in pretty much any way you chose, but it’s also a lovely simple craft that you can probably do quickly and easily. This would also double-up as a Christmas card – just stick a cute message on the back, and your child can hand some out to their friends. Win-win: I always wonder what to do with Christmas cards!

20) To go a little more complicated and 3D, you might like to look at this DIY Unicorn Christmas Ornament video, which I have to say, creates one of the cutest and plumpest unicorns on this whole list!


It’s a nice twist on the traditional snowman I would imagine these balls are usually used to create, and it looks great. I love how you can style its mane, and how cute its little feet look, sticking out beneath it. It’s probably a bit more time consuming than some of the paper crafts, but worth the effort in my opinion. You could even dip the balls in paint first to create different colored unicorns!

Bonus Unicorns

There are so many other kinds of ornaments out there, it’s hard to fit them all in, so here are a few more ideas that didn’t quite fit any of the above categories, but were worth including because they were just so special!

21) First off, this totally adorable and very realistic looking unicorn in a stocking. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it; it looks so sweet in the stocking, but it’s also very nicely sculpted and could almost be real! It would look amazing hanging from a low branch, and I think it would delight horse-lovers as well as unicorn-lovers with its soft eyes, and that extra magical sparkle on its muzzle.

22) Of course, a Christmas tree often has its own lights wound around it, but that doesn’t mean that light-up ornaments are superfluous. I think they’re often the most beautiful, magical, and appealing parts of a tree, sparkling up any dark spots with mystery and magic and color. It’s not common to see unicorn baubles that light up, but we found this set of amazingly cute Lighted Unicorn Ornaments, where the unicorn and snow are united.

I love the colors and sparkle of these; the balls look like frost glittering in the morning, and the unicorns seem to be drifting magically through space, full of contentment. The tails and manes add a lovely splash of brightness to the overall look, and a set of these would look stunning.

23) If you’ve got a good sense of humor, this rainbow unicorn poop might make a brilliant addition to your tree. It’s certainly bright and colorful, and it has all the Christmas sparkle – just poop-shaped. It would also make a lovely gift, though I don’t think this one could be personalized very easily – except perhaps with the addition of a cardboard tag, perhaps with some poop-related joke.

24) Finally, for some really magical unicorn sparkle, this resin unicorn ornament looks breathtakingly realistic and beautiful. It would catch the light with every brush of the tree, and it looks both fierce and dramatic, with those beautiful wings flaring out from its back. Again, I would be tempted to make a little addition, perhaps of a knitted hat, to increase the Christmas theme, but this is definitely a gorgeous and highly unusual ornament, which would delight any unicorn-lover.

What A Beautiful Tree!

At such a magical time of year, we hope you’ve felt inspired by our list of the best – mostly – personalized baubles. Whether you’re buying or getting out the glue and getting crafty, or both, your tree will look absolutely amazing with a splash of unicorn magic brightening it up. We would love to see some pictures when you’ve finished decorating!

Unicorns are incredible creatures, and will bring you good fortune and joy in the holiday season. Whatever shape or form you choose for your decoration, the beauty of these magical equines will spread and fill you and your family with happiness. I know some of these ornaments would certainly make my Christmas special, even as an adult. I’ve definitely got some ideas for making my goddaughter’s advent calendar amazing.

We’ll finish on one last idea for those who love to make their house decorations match: this unicorn Rudolph face vinyl sticker set will let you easily D.I.Y. some ornaments, and everything else in your house too! Stick some on your front door, on your mirrors, on your doorknobs, on greeting cards; everything can be unicorn-y and in theme with this sticker set, and we hope this and the other ideas will fill your Christmas with magic and wonder this year!

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