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Unicorn Emoji 🦄 Meaning & Interpretations

First and foremost, who doesn’t love unicorns?! They’re magical, beautiful, and have become vastly popular. It’s no surprise that they became emojis. But what does the unicorn emoji 🦄 actually mean?

The meaning of the unicorn emoji🦄 depends largely on the context it is being used. The unicorn emoji 🦄 typically symbolizes magic, fantasy, and uniqueness, representing something rare and extraordinary. It is also often used to convey a sense of whimsy, fantasy, and positivity.

In the dating world, it can represent a bisexual woman wanting to be with a heterosexual couple. The unicorn emoji 🦄 also serves as a symbol of support, celebration, and solidarity with individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

The unicorn emoji can also stand for a promising start-up company, or a marketing tactic to get more publicity. It could as well just mean somebody expressing feeling good or magical.

Unicorn Emoji - It can have so many different meanings
Unicorn Emoji has many representations across different social platforms and operating systems. This is image shows one of the variations.

Unicorn Emoji has many representations across different social platforms and operating systems. This is image shows one of the variations.

As you can see, the unicorn emoji can be used in different ways, with so many different meanings. It is based on the mythical horse-like creature from European folklore with a magical and healing horn on its head. The emoji was created in 2015, due to the rise in the 1980s and 1990s nostalgia, as stated by Dictionary.com. It has continued to gain popularity since then. Which is possibly why there are so many meanings attached to the unicorn emoji.

Unicorn Emoji in Social Media

Unicorns are often seen as magical creatures. So using the emoji in social media can add just a little magic or happy feelings to posts, updates or texts. The emoji can stand for general happiness or excitement when talking about various things.

Unicorn Emoji as a means to express happiness and excitement

Unicorns are also used when describing yourself to others on social media. From describing yourself as one of these creatures, to wishing you had one. The spectrum is vast when it comes to social media representation of Unicorns and the unicorn emoji. Have you shared your love for unicorns recently? I know I have!

While the folklore about unicorns used a rare white horse, social media has expanded the color scheme. The unicorn is made in multiple colors, and now is more recognized by the horn on its head rather than the color. This has allowed the unicorn to be represented in various ways, and possibly why there are so many meanings behind the emoji.

Unicorn Emoji 🦄 look across different devices

Unicorn emoji, like all other emojis, can have a totally different look via different gadgets and operating systems. So do not get shocked when seeing any of those. Yes, even unicorns can look different in different gadgets.🦄 Unicorn Emoji looks like on most popular platforms:

The LGBTQ+ Community & Unicorn Emoji

OK2BME states that the LGBTQ+ stands for the various communities, such as:

  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Queer
  • Interesex
  • Ally
  • +Agender
  • +BiGender
  • +Pangender
  • Gay
  • Transexual
  • 2/Two-Spirit
  • Questioning
  • Asexual
  • +Pansexual
  • +Gender Queer
  • +Gender Variant


The rainbow flag and unicorn (emojis) are often associated with the LGBTQ+ community.

The LGBTQ acronym is used more often when talking about this community due to its familiarity and wide use. How does this tie into the unicorn emoji? I’ll tell you! Many in the LGBTQ+ community use it for different reasons.

Firstly, the unicorn can be a slang term in the LGBTQ+ community. It can represent a bisexual woman wanting to be with a heterosexual couple. She will use it as a signal of her interest in the couple, and of her bisexuality. If a man uses it, it can mean that he wants a platonic relationship before getting physical with another man. We have also written more detailed info about Unicorn Sexuality. These aren’t the only ways the unicorn emoji is used though.

Unicorn emoji with rainbow 🦄🌈

The unicorn emoji can also be used as a gay pride icon, or related to how the rainbow horn represents the rainbow pride flag. You may have seen it in pride posts and advertisements. The LGBTQ+ community can also use the unicorn emoji just to express feeling free and magical. It’s so exciting that the unicorn emoji can be interpreted in so many ways! You be you, unicorn emoji!

Unicorn Business

The unicorn emoji can also be used when talking about business. Weird, right? A start-up business that is worth over $1 billion can sometimes be called a unicorn, because it’s so rare. Dictionary.com gave examples like Uber and Airbnb as these unicorn start-up businesses.

They can also be used in context when discussing business strategies and tips, like in the image below.

Unicorns used to visually illustrate business tips.


Unicorns used to illustrate business tips. Image source: MobileMonkey

Businesses have also used unicorns when selling products or trying to launch new ones. An example is the unicorn frappuccino at Starbucks. These not only used the color scheme from unicorns but also the cultural appeal. It worked! I remember running to the nearest Starbucks to try it out!

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino.

Fashion and beauty have also used the unicorn craze in their businesses. The word unicorn in the industry has translated into glittery and shiny colors. Such as sparkling blues, pinks or purples. Just like unicorn hair! I’ve always wanted unicorn hair, but I was too afraid to try coloring my hair on my own. I don’t think I’d get the same results as the models on Instagram!

Since businesses have turned to Social Media to advertise their products, the unicorn emoji has surfaced in their ads. Instagram models and fashion icons also use it when referencing unicorn themed products, as shown here:

These are just some of the ways that the unicorn emoji has been incorporated into businesses. I’m sure we will be seeing it included much more, since the unicorn craze isn’t showing any signs of slowing down!


In general, unicorns are magical creatures. So it goes without saying that they would be loved and idealized by many. While there can be many meanings behind the unicorn emoji, there is also love for the creature behind it. That love can inspire and ignite the creative side to all of us.

You can describe yourself as a unicorn when you’re feeling invincible, or just in a good mood. You can imagine what it would be like to meet one. Or to go on a magical ride or flight with one, to even becoming one. These creative thoughts are what make stories, books, paintings, and emojis, so widely loved. It also explains why the inspiration hasn’t died down yet for these amazing creatures.

Unicorn Emoji as a Gift

It is always lovely to give emotions. Unicorn emoji as magical symbol has also become a popular gift idea for a unicorn lover or a small surprise for good friends. Or perhaps you collect emoji merch? 21st-century new hobbies! Or you are working or building a unicorn startup – a unicorn emoji is a must for you!

Unicorn emoji pillow

How great it would be to lean on this colorful unicorn emoji pillow. It is not only making the room more bright but is also perfect for IG pics and TikTok. Great way to surprise your friend. Or yourself once you love unicorns and emojis equally.

In case you like some coloring and fun yourself, check out this pillow with unicorn and all other emojies.


Unicorn emoji keyring pack.

Keyrings are often practical gift idea. These unicorn emoji keyrings come in bulk and in different emoji variations.

There is enough to give one for each of your friends. Would it be some get-together to surprise them or any other occasion, or you can just have all the family keys guarded with colorful unicorn emoji! And everybody can choose their favorite!


unicorn emoji bracelets

Bracelets are getting popular again! And one great idea is to share unicorn emotions with unicorn wristbands. These unicorn emoji wristbands come in a pack to surprise all friends at a birthday party or just give them as a symbol of friendship. There is no way somebody says no to guardian unicorns!


unicorn emoji sticker set

There is an unlimited way of fun for any age that stickers can bring – to have them on phones, on the notebooks, computers and book covers.

These roll of unicorn emoji stickers would bring this happiness for months. Cost-effective, cheerful and works for everyone- either a schoolkid or Startup builder!

Unicorn emoji cup


We all consume some hot drinks. Tea. Coffee. Hot Chocolate. And is super boring to always have the same mug. This unicorn emoji mug set the perfect level of the coolness. Simple, colorful and clear: either you love unicorns, build a startup or you are a unicorn! It might be all 3 out of 3!


Unicorn emoji make up bag

And a bonus for all female unicorn lovers!

I am just about to order this lovely unicorn emoji make-up bag. Perfect to fit in all my magic! Is there any other ladies who feel the same way?


Emoji time!

So, the next time you see a Unicorn emoji, remember all the meanings behind it. Try to read it in the context of the message. Is it in an ad? A pride post? A text message or tweet? Try to decipher why the author used a unicorn in that message or post. Or, use it in one of these ways yourself! Be the best unicorn you can be!

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