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White Unicorn Meaning & Symbolism

When you imagine a unicorn, what color do you think of? White, of course! The white unicorn has served as an inspiration for decades. It has motivated many artists, who have created thousands of paintings over the years. And nowadays it’s still the fan-favorite unicorn variant, whether for a Halloween costume or as a unicorn emoji. The white Unicorn is by far my all-time favorite as well! It looks so pure and flawless.

The meaning of a white unicorn varies depending on where you encounter them. If you meet a white unicorn in your dreams, it can mean that you are in need of some magic in your life. But if you feel like you are spiritually connected to unicorns (like me!), a white unicorn can mean that you are trying to channel your divine female energy.

So What Does the White Unicorn Stand For?

The white unicorn is a perfect combination of female and male energy. The white color connects this creature to the moon which has been a symbol of femininity throughout the ages. But, then again, its horn stands for strength and power and represents male energy. You could view white unicorns as Yin and Yang – being perfectly balanced.

White Unicorn mainly has positive meaning and associations, such as integrity, innocence and balance between body and mind

The white color stands for integrity and innocence. It combines every single color of the spectrum, creating a perfect white. This is why you can still see all those colors reflected in the horn of the unicorn. Their horns are like prisms that catch the shades of the world and then transform them into their pure white bodies.

The white unicorn is also very close to the Moon. They are partners in crime and together they represent a balance between body and mind, between emotions and logic, between power and softness. Both appear as symbols of femininity through the ages.

The unicorn appearing to young girls was a symbol of purity and beauty of soul and the encounter very sought after by ladies. Meanwhile, the Moon has always been a symbol for women and tied to the goddesses of fertility in most religions. Even in England, Queen Elizabeth I was heavily equated with the moon in all the songs that bards wrote about her. To them, the Queen was the perfect woman and could only be represented by the Moon.

The white unicorn also serves as a guide in our spiritual journeys, helping us expand our imagination.

There are rumors that say that white unicorns can also shapeshift. So who knows, maybe you have already met one in real life? Have you ever encountered someone that seemed so pure yet so graceful? Someone strong, but not intimidating? I know a few people who fit that description. They were only there for a short period of time, to help me in my journey. I’d like to think of them as the white unicorns of my life.

Is the White Unicorn your Spirit Animal?

Spirit Animals is a concept we have adapted from the Native American tribes. It has taken on the meaning of an animal you relate with, such as strong people relating to bears or carefree people feeling a connection to butterflies or cats. Since the Native Americans believe that everything in the world is connected, they also believe in a connection between humans and animals, hence the belief in spirit animal guides to help us navigate through life more easily.

White unicorns remind us the importance connecting with your inner self

If you feel a connection to the white unicorn they might just be your spirit animal. They appear to us as the messengers of angels. The message that they bring is to remember our childhood. Usually when they appear it’s because we have lost a part of ourselves. Forgotten our inner child.

Start writing, painting or doing anything that wakes up your childhood! Look at your past and observe what you liked as a kid.  Do you still partake in those activities or have they been buried to the back of your mind? Seek out the exciting feelings that dwell in your earliest memories. Life should be fun and exciting! Do away with the dull ache of adult life.

White Unicorn Meaning in Dreams

The white unicorn only appears in dreams to those who are pure of heart. When they show up in your dreams you must not be afraid! They come to protect us and help us along the way. This animal is one of the most powerful guides that can appear in dreams.

White Unicorn in Dreams

If the Unicorn is running towards you in your dream, it means that you need a little more magic in your life. You might be experiencing some situation that feels intimidating to you. But once you learn to trust yourself, you will see that whatever you’re experiencing will only make you stronger.

If the unicorn appears to be going away from you it might mean that you have lost something. It can be part of your magic, a friend, a relationship or your innocence. This is not meant to be a completely bad thing – sometimes we need to lose some to gain some.

Feel free to read more about the meaning and significance unicorns appearing in dreams from our previous article.

Are you a White Unicorn?

You might also be a white unicorn! How do you find out if you are? Well, if you were born between July 8th and August 4th you are a one according to Celtic astrology!

People born during this time are said to be natural healers and nurturers. They are very caring people and they never lose their grace. People under this sign are blessed with creativity and are always able to bring a little bit of magic into their lives. They will go through life looking confident and can only be tamed by the right people. Only the ones pure of heart will get to know the white unicorns closely, since they are very selective about who they spend their time with.

Are you a white Unicorn or do you know someone who is?

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