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Fun Unicorn Halloween Costume Ideas For 2023

Can you believe it is already the time of the year when pumpkins are being turned into jack-o-lanterns, horror movies are stealing the spotlight, and kids are preparing their trick or treat costumes  – and great costumes are needed.

Unicorns are usually more associated with magic than with horror, but there’s nothing wrong with having a magical Halloween rather than a spooky one! And – as you may read in our article “Different types of unicorns” – there are types of unicorns who show their dark side as well…

Here are our suggestions for fun unicorn Halloween costume ideas for 2023. You can decide for yourself – trick or treat! Magical or spooky! Corn or Horn! Either way, there is a high chance that unicorns will rock Halloween in 2023. 

Halloween Unicorn Accessories: Sparkle With Magical WOW

Halloween does not have to automatically mean horror. You can always dress up with a little bit of hope and sparkle, and gather around you some magic and positivity that might otherwise be missing from the day – especially a day like Halloween. Luckily, unicorns always give us opportunities to spread joy, magic, and hope. They can also be pretty refreshing and unique during Halloween, a touch of something different to ghosts and ghouls!

Colorful Fantasy-Spooky wig with Silver Horn

Colorful Unicorn Wig with Silver Horn

1) This amazing and colorful wig falls somewhere between mystical and magical. It could be part of a lovely fairy tale, but at the same time it could complete the evil unicorn princess look – it all depends on the rest of your outfit and the make-up that you choose to wear with the wig.

A silver horn and silver ears will provide a mystical look and magical sparkle that can be seen from far away. It’s totally up to you – you could even do both to show your different sides, and change during the night, demonstrating who the real queen of costumes is!

Inflatable Unicorn Costume: for Adults as for Toddlers

Inflatable Unicorn Costume

2) To be the hero of the party and guarantee people’s attention, here is an amazing choice for a costumeInflatable Unicorn. Move over Prince Charming: this really is the next level.

Princes on white horses are history. Princes on rainbow unicorns – they really are magical and extraordinary. They’re also funny, and I bet if there are prizes for the best costume, you can get yourself ready to grab one – or at least your unicorn can.

For those who want to match their kids on Halloween, here is the inflatable unicorn`s “kids’ edition” of a Prince Unicornizing on his unicorn. Ah, this is so cute and would be so much fun for the wearer and the people around them!

Unicorn Head Mask: Easy and Effective

Unicorn Latex Head Mask

3) If riding a unicorn is a bit too much, but you are still ready to be Mrs or Mr “Wow” of this year’s Halloween, then this unicorn mask is a safe bet. It is funny, crazy, and even a bit spooky while being magical at the same time.

If you take Halloween seriously, you may even want to walk home with this mask on – I would find myself pretty frightened meeting this unicorn in a dark street at night –  unless it was Halloween of course, and then it might be a nice opportunity to update the IG story or cool TikTok.

Halloween Unicorn OutFit

Lady Rainicorn unicorn costume outfit

4) “Sparkle Up for Adventure!” would really fit this Adventure time Lady Rainicorn unicorn costume which you can wear during Halloween to inspire kids, grown-ups, and even entrepreneurs.

Show off your inner kid and be the Sparkle and Ms Positivity during the celebrations. I am sure that there are never enough unicorns and there is never enough magic or adventure.

5) If you are really into colors, then unicorns are a great way to sparkle up your Halloween, especially with this unicorn tutu skirt. It’s even possible to accessorize it with a silver horn headband or wings. These will all help to build a sense of magic and mystery, perfectly suiting  these special creatures from magical fairy tales and amazing fantasy stories.

See the unicorn accessories:

Here is a every little girl-toddle dream unicorn costume idea that would be perfect to reuse on birthdays, and here is a similar outfit for adult ladies to wear on Halloween. Enjoy!

DIY – Unicorn Tutu Skirt

A tutu skirt is not only effective and practical clothing for Halloween and costume parties – but it is also super easy to make one for yourself or together with kids, and you don’t even need much stuff! Forget the sewing machine – not needed!

Here is a video that shows all the steps for a unicorn tutu skirt DIY, and it only takes a few minutes to get the best unicorn outfit

Here is a step-by-step guide for a DIY tutu skirt with pictures included. You do not even need to have any sewing skills. Have fun while making one, and make sure you share the result with us. For Halloween, you might want to concentrate on darker colors mixed with orange and purple, but of course, part of the fun is that you can make it any way you wish!

Boonicorn Halloween 2023- Fun Unicorns On T-shirts

If you feel Halloween costumes are not exactly what you are searching for but unicorns and Halloween both make your heart skip a beat, you can still dress to the theme, but with something more casual and modest.

Here are our favorite unicorn T-shirts to wear during Halloween.

Who are Boonicorns?

It is a lovely ghost/unicorn, often used for memes and lovely merch. Boonicorn is a ghost or a unicorn- whichever you decide it is.

Boonicorn Unicorn T-Shirt
  1. This boonicorn T-shirt is unisex and will make most people smile or smirk. It has a great Halloween vibe, but you could easily wear it on any other day if you felt like it.

It could also make a very nice couple matching outfit: here is a Boonicorn T-Shirt for ladies. Who said cute does not work for Halloween?

Pumpkin Unicorn T-Shirt

2) If orange and black, pumpkins and unicorns are “must-haves” for your Halloween, then this pumpkin unicorn t-shirt will make your day and your Halloween, and will certainly put you in a great mood.

Cute Pumpkin Pie might be the closest way to describe it – perfect to wear during Halloween, as well for Thanksgiving!

Zombiecorn Unicorn T-Shirt

3) Taking Halloween a bit more seriously with all the ghosts, evil spirits, and zombies here is a somewhat horrific black humor “zombiecorn”unicorn T-shirt that fits the gothic trends.

If you’re thinking of buying this for a friend, make sure that he/she enjoys “Walking Dead” or “Zombieland” as much as unicorns. If they do, you can rest assured that this will be a fantastic gift or a great way to make them just a little envious if it’s you that’s rocking it!

"This is my human costume" Unicorn T-Shirt

4) The following “This is my human costume” T-shirt, is definitely designed for unicorns to wear, but I’m sure they won’t mind if you wear one too.

This is a super simple and easy way to show you are into unicorns, wear a costume, and prove you’re special. It would work on Halloween, as a casual outfit, and even for a random summer stroll. You will nail it under any circumstances, showing off a flash of humor and love of magic.

Psst, if you are actually a unicorn, there is no way you will give yourself away with this shirt: – just act as humans do!

Unicorn sceleton Halloween earrings

Small Details and Accessories For Unicorn Halloween Costumes

Sometimes there is no need for masses of makeup and complicated costumes. Life can just be too busy for dedicating hours to finding the perfect costume – or you might just prefer small but captivating details to celebrate Halloween with.

12) You can just wear your everyday casual clothing for Halloween but add these unicorn Halloween earrings. They’ll guarantee you some attention from those who notice details, and will ensure that you match the general theme. They demonstrate that you haven’t forgotten that it is again the time of the year for carving pumpkins and wearing garlic around the neck to keep away the vampires.

Unicorn Skeleton Earrings

13) If you want something more noticeable with some real flair, these unicorn skeleton earrings will make your friends and colleagues gasp. They are an easy way to show your spooky side and get some attention, and it’s a great excuse to buy another pair of earrings. There might not be many times of a year when you’ll wear them, but those few are totally worth it. Unicorns are timeless, and so is silver that fits with any outfit, so you might find yourself taking these out more often than you expect!

Colorful unicorn sceleton earrings

14) Another unicorn sceleton earrings – or best ever, get them all 3!These ones are studs so they could look even more impressive.

Black unicorn horn for halloween costume accessorie

15) If you want to swap to cosplay later on and you feel unicorns are your soul animal so you want some additions to the earrings, you can easily add this unicorn horn – it has a special “spooky” Halloween design to keep you in the gothic Halloween theme. It really is different from the regular silver-colored horn, and therefore attractive and unique.

15) If you feel you would even like to go a step further with it, this tutorial shows you perfectly how to do some Halloween dark unicorn makeup, with an optional bloodhorn to get the zombie feeling. Make sure you don’t not stab anyone during the night!

Unicorn Makeup Set

16) Unicorns and bright colors often go together, especially these days when rainbows and unicorns are frequently paired up.

Unicorn halloween fabric

If you feel you miss that special bright makeup, this set will help you to become a rainbow unicorn, with a washable temporary hair color palette with 6 colors, a brush, gems for your face and a beautiful unicorn horn. It might be all you need for a party or a gathering of friends.

If you feel a bit more glitter is necessary, this unicorn cosmic sparkle will complete your costume.

Fun unicorn haloween fabric

17) If you have a great costume in mind and a bit of free time and motivation to create something yourself, here is some Halloween themed unicorn fabric you can order to unleash your magic and creativity. It would make a lovely bodysuit, minimalistic dress, orange shirt or something else.

And here is one more cool fabric that brings up the Halloween and unicorn style – how cool it would be to actually have something self-made.

Whatever you choose, make sure you share the unicornizing result with us!


Unicorn Costumes and Halloween For Toddlers

If you have kids in your family or you have little nieces or nephews visiting, Halloween, with its dramatic vibe, mystical decorations, spooky costumes and buckets of candy, might be the most eagerly awaited holiday among the youngsters. Some of them might not be so into horror over fantasy, so unicorns can be lovely companions for a kid-friendly Halloween, especially as more and more people are finding ways to link the two together.

Girl`s Unicorn Costume

19) There is a high chance that any little girls in your household might want to dress up as fairy-tale-princess-unicorns for Halloween and most of us just can’t resist those adorable costumes, with pastel tutu skirts, glittery horns, and even wings, making the children into the most charming little alicorns imaginable – like this unicorn princess fairycostume here.

Moonlight unicorn halloween costume

20) There’s also a chance that they might want to embrace their spookier side and fit in with the general Halloween atmosphere – and possibly even try to frighten their parents. This is a costume for Moonlight Unicorn, who is pretty much the equivalent of Maleficent to the Fairy Godmothers. It has personality, it has drama, it’s definitely unicorn-y, and it would work perfectly for Halloween.

21) It is also common to meet skeletons on the streets, in shops and at school during Halloween, so your child could consider becoming a friendly “unicorn skeleton” for the night, and this costume would be perfect. Fun colors help to keep the costume bright and not too scary, but it’s still very clearly a skeleton – a friendly, colorful, and cheerful unicorn skeleton that comes out especially for Halloween. Read also more about The Black unicorn

22) Halloween might also be a great opportunity for kids to dress up as their favorite hero. Some kids might be into Ironman, some love Captain America, and Wonder Woman has her fans… but some kids just adore unicorns, and as in kids’ worlds creativity is limitless, this DIY hero costume would offer them a lovely opportunity to become a new hero with uniqueness and style. Design the cape yourself and involve the hero – he/she can save all the candies in the neighborhood with this outfit!

DIY Unicorn Mask

23) If you want a different look with a bit more DIY, this unicorn mask might be ideal. I think I would be pretty scared if I met this one in the streets alone after dark… It looks easy to fold up and I think it would be really effective to wear during Halloween. You could also use different colors or draw on it to make it unique to your child. You could even get your child to collect memories from friends on it to keep it as a reminder of that amazing Halloween when they dressed up as a unicorn.

Trick Or Treating With A Unicorn Bucket

There is no real Halloween, for kids at least, without “Trick or Treat” going on, and that means no real Halloween costume should be without the sweets bucket. Think how magical it would be to see kids or send them on a candy hunt with a unicorn basket. Who knows, perhaps the candies inside the basket will transform and get some special powers from the unicorns protecting them? The kids certainly might think so! Halloween can have just as much magic as Christmas: anything can happen if unicorns are involved.

Unicorn "Trick or Treat" Bucket

24) This unicorn trick or treat bucket has the brightness and colors to balance out all those spiders and ghosts that will be around on Halloween. It looks bold, brave, and determined and will give the holder a dash of courage even if they are the shyest trick or treater.

Unicorn "Trick or Treat" bag

25) Here is one more lovely solution to collect sweets in. It would probably work best for girls who have dressed up as a fairy tale unicorn: the bag would really complete the feeling of magic, beauty, and creativity that their outfit would create.

26) To go back to basics, this plush unicorn Halloween Bucket is a mix of cute, soft and unicorns. It is totally adorable with unicorn eyes and round cheeks, but it still keeps the mystic Halloween vibes. It makes an adorable combo all in all, I have to admit.

27) Here is a costume/shirt that lets the child dress as a unicorn and gives them the perfect excuse to carry a regular pumpkin style jack-o-lantern bucket for sweets. I’m already imagining how much fun it would be to find a dabbing unicorn trick-or-treating outdoors. It’s entertaining and magical simultaneously, and I think parents opening the door to these little trick or treaters would be struggling not to laugh!


Halloween is a wonderful celebration, with lots of magic and positivity, and that means that unicorns – while often associated with other holidays like Christmas – are just perfect for it!  If you decide to get a unicornizing Halloween costume or your kids dress up as unicorns, make sure you show us a few pictures – fairy tale or spooky, we’d love to see them all! 

Enjoy your Halloween magic!

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