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13 Unicorn Hats For Adults That Show Your Personality

If you’re a unicorn fan like us, chances are you love any opportunity to show it to the world, and what better way to do that than through a hat? Hats are fantastic items of clothing, easy to remove if you don’t want to wear them, and light to carry around with you. They’re perfect for shading your eyes and protecting the back of your neck from the sun in summer, brilliant for keeping your ears warm in winter, and all-around cool – especially if they have unicorns on them!

Hats make pretty inexpensive gifts, and don’t take up a lot of space around the home, which is a win-win if you’ve got to buy something for a birthday party or Christmas present for a friend. Almost everyone will appreciate a hat, since they’re functional and suitable for pretty much any style of dress.

Here we’ve put together a list of some of our top unicorn hats for you to choose from.

Unicorn Hats For Summer

On those hot days, a hat can be a really essential layer of protection from the sun, preventing your face from getting burned. A boring hat is no good for a day on the beach with friends, or for lounging around the pool: personally, I always want to feel I’m wearing something that reflects my tastes and passions in life, and I think hats are a great way to spice up any outfit.

Cute unicorn summer hat for hot beach days and perfect protection from the Sun.
Perfect unicron hat for beach. It has personality, it has unicorns, it has summervibe.

For a colorful hat with a bold, happy design, check out this bright pink unicorn sun hat, which sports lots of lovely white unicorns all over it, and some cute triangles as well. The hat comes in a whole variety of sizes, so you can kit out yourself, your kids, and anyone else you feel like, to make a matching flock of unicorns all nicely avoiding sunburn! You can also choose white with pink unicorns if you feel like mixing it up a bit, or toning down the pink.

Black scrub hat for adults with golden unicorns on it.
Unicorn scrub hat for beach days.

This lovely scrub hat with golden unicorns is also a pretty neat hat for a beach day or evening outdoor stroll. The black minimalism of this hat makes it work for each type of swimwear and clothing you have. And there are a bunch of unicorns who are always there to bring some luck to you.

Check it out!

Unicorn caps – there is a perfect design for everyone

Black unicorn cap for adults with silver unicorn horn and ears.
Black minimalistic unicorn cap with a silver horn and ears to make it look more appropriate for unicorn lovers.

All people need protection from the sun in summer, and baseball caps really are one of the best ways to keep your face from getting burnt if you aren’t a fan of sunscreen – or even if you are! You might worry that unicorns are a little “childish,” but I think there are some really great options out there that let you express your love of mythical equines in a mature way, such as this black unicorn cap, with its stylish silver accents, and subtle but fun decoration. It’s not badly priced, and they also do hats for kids and adults, so once again, you can join in with your children, or just be a unicorn in your own unique way!

Minimalistic and simple black unicorn cap with a small embroidered unicorn - suitable for a unicorn fan in every age.
Cap for the ones who love unicorns but do not really want to stand out with horn and ears. Simple, cute and fits with any outfit

You might feel the silver horn is a step too much, so here’s a lovely subtle way to display your love for unicorns with this black cap, complete with an adorable embroidered unicorn. You don’t have to stand out from the crowd to prove your love for these mythical equines, and this could be paired with pretty much any outfit, giving you the freedom to show your tastes in almost any setting.

Simple, cute, and adjustable, this is the perfect hat for those who want a little unicorn magic without drawing attention to themselves.

Funny unicorn hat for adults with unicorn vomiting rainbows pictures on it.
Cap for unicorn lovers with the sense of good humor.

If you want a light-hearted, funny option that falls somewhere in between, perhaps this unicorn vomiting rainbows is the hat for you! The expression that poor unicorn has is enough to make me laugh, and would be a great way to express how much you like unicorns, and your sense of humor in one go! I think this would make a fantastic gift as well, and it’s not at all badly priced for such a cool hat.

Unicorn Hats For Winter

Warm and furry unicorn winter hat for adults for cozy winter days or for fun costume party.
Warm and cozy winter hat that will get you some attention. It can also work well for a costume party

If you’re looking to make a real statement about your love for unicorns this winterthis might be the perfect hat for you! With that vivid rainbow mane and a bright gold horn, it’s definitely going to attract attention, and possibly get you into conversations with other unicorn lovers!

It would be ideal for a costume party, but would also be fun wear for a day out with friends or family, and will definitely establish your status as the ultimate unicorn fan within the group! Added to that, it certainly looks cozy, and you won’t be suffering from cold ears anytime soon with this hat.

Handmade knitted unicornpompom beanie - warm winter headwear.
Lovely knitted unicorn beanie with the slash of magic on it.

For a subtler, hand-made look, this knitted unicorn pompon beanie is unbelievably cute, with lovely happy expressions, a simple edge of color, and a definite sprinkle of unicorn magic in them. This design would be great for adults, and I’d certainly be ordering one of this one to wear during Christmas time!

Casual beanie with silver holographic unicorn - winter hat for adults.
Stylish unicorn beanie with silver unicorn hologram.

A lovely in-between option of the two is this beanie, which combines a plain and casual hat with a more unusual streak, the holographic unicorn. I love this twist of the unusual, and the simplicity of the unicorn’s silhouette; what a perfect way to keep your head warm in winter!

And being stylish at the same time!

Unicorn Party Hats for adults

Unicorn tiara - perfect unicorn headwear for a cosplay.
This unicorn tiara really helps you with your unicorn costume for a cosplay

For the times when you really want to dress up and show off your wild side, perhaps for a costume party, there some wonderful options out there.

The very simplest might be this unicorn tiara – which perhaps isn’t quite a hat, but certainly counts as headgear, and would be the perfect addition to any unicorn costume. It’s got beautiful detailing in the gems studded around the base, and looks great with the model’s whimsical hair.

Unicorn party cones as perfect headwear for adults and kids both on unicorn theme party.
Headwear for a unicorn themed party

If you’re looking for something a little more light hearted and playful, these unicorn-themed cones would be ideal, and could serve at either a playful adult’s party, or for kids. They come in a pack of ten, so make for very affordable party favors, and would really help boost the theme for any unicorn party you might be throwing. With these, you can have a flock of unicorns in your living room in no time!

Unicorn headbands for fun unicorn themed costume party.
Unicorn style costume party essentials.

Another option is these unicorn headbands, which come in a variety of styles, and would again make lovely additions to a party. Their cute designs, with flowers and ears and golden sparkles, will enthrall the guests, and make the party truly memorable for everyone.

It’s important for adults to remember to look for silliness and fun in life, and these headbands are a great way to do it.

Sensational and unique unicorn headware with lights and pockets for adults unicorn party.
Hat with pockets for unicorn themed costume party. Lights will make you visible furing the night

For the adults looking to make a real splash at a late-night party, this light-up pocket hat is pretty sensational and unique. Those rainbow colors are very much unicorn-esque, even without the bright gold horn at the top, and it’s a good way to ensure you stay warm and visible on your night out.

Nobody will lose you in a crowd with this on, and you can bet you’ll get a few questions about where it came from!!

Headpiece of a unicorn party covered with feathers and with a silver unicorn horn.
Artwork for unicorn themed cosplay. You wil get a lot of attention with this one

Perhaps the most spectacular cosplay hat on this list is thisheadpiece, which features full-blown unicorn mane magic with a choice of white or rainbow feathers and a glistening horn. It would be hard not to get into the unicorn zone with this on your head, and it looks to be a work of art.

I defy anyone not to feel magical and mystical while wearing this masterpierce!

Wrap Up The Hats

To summarize, there are unicorn hats galore in this world, some wacky and wonderful, some adorable, and some subtle statements of unicorn love which could pass all but the most observant strangers by. Whether you’re young or old, and whether you want to stand out or blend in, there are hats which will let you do so, and I am personally itching to expand my hat collection after writing this list! 

If you’ve seen any other amazing unicorn hats that we haven’t included here, let us know, and feel free to send us a picture of you in your favorite unicorn hat! We love sharing the unicorn magic and hearing from people around the world who are passionate about these amazing mythical creatures.

PS: if you are still hesitating, is the unicorn hat the one, see how awesome they are from our previous article “5 Reasons Unicorns Are Awesome

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