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5 Reasons Unicorns Are Awesome

If you’re researching unicorns, you might already know some of the reasons that they’re awesome, but here are some of our top favorite facts about these amazing mythical equines.

We never cease to be amazed by all the incredible things there are to learn about these creatures, and we hope we’ll wow you with a few of the things here. If you think we’ve missed something crucial, let us know! We’re always looking to expand our knowledge about mystical-magical unicorns.

"You are awesome" unicorn meme for inspiration.
Awesome Unicorn.ID 152746681 © Sakuralove1313 | Dreamstime.com

1) Unicorns Come From Many Cultures

Across the globe, many different cultures have independently come up with the idea of unicorns. A lot of these take different sizes and shapes, but almost all of them have a single horn on their forehead and are associated with positive things, like good fortune, gentleness, innocence, and purity.

For example, the Chinese Unicorn, the Qilin, might not look a whole lot like the European unicorn, but it embodies some of its very best virtues. You can read more about it in our article Chinese Unicorn, The Qilin: Creature of Virtue. According to Mythology.net, there’s also a South American Unicorn, the camahueto, and an African unicorn, the Ababda. The Ancient Greeks wrote about unicorns as real creatures – and perhaps, back then, you could catch glimpses of them wandering the edges of forests in the twilight.

2) Unicorns Are The Swiftest Creatures

In almost every legend they appear in, unicorns are noted for their speed and agility. They are almost always said to be impossible to tame or catch except by those of pure souls, and they can outrun any other animal, mythological or not.

The swiftness of unicorns lends them an amazing quality as guardians and guides. Though rarely seen by humans in reality, they can appear in dreams, and will sometimes even carry the dreamer on their backs if they face many difficulties ahead. If you see a unicorn in dreams, here is my article to interpret unicorns in dreams. Jumping rivers, dashing up mountains, coursing through meadows so fast they appear only as flashes of silver in the bright sun – unicorns were born to run.

Unicorns are the swiftiest creatures with amazing speed and agility.
Unicorns showing their speed and agility everywhere. There is always mystic around them and they remain untamable and almost impossible to catch.

3) Unicorns Eat Rainbows

In recent years, unicorns have become increasingly associated with rainbows, perhaps because both possess a magical rareness, or perhaps because both embody something of life and energy and innocence. It may also be something to do with the mysterious ability both have to vanish when you get close to them. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that rainbows and unicorns have a lot in common! If you want to know more about Unicorns & Rainbows, I have written an article about it here.

Unicorns eat many different things, depending on the sort of terrain they live in, but they are all herbivores and all extremely fond of rainbows. Even for a unicorn, it can be challenging to catch a rainbow; they must move swiftly, dashing to the place where it touches the ground, and snatch a few mouthfuls of the bright colors before they fade away. In this way, their cousin the Pegasus has a bit of an advantage; it can fly up and steal bites from the main band itself, while the unicorns must find the base of the rainbow if they hope to get any.

Baby unicorns are particularly fond of rainbows, and their parents will often bring pieces for them to eat when they are too young to run and get some themselves. That said, if a unicorn eats too much rainbow, it might be sick! To get to know more about unicorn eating menu, you can have a quick look at my article “What Do Unicorns eat and drink

A Cartoon Unicorn running torwards the rainbow for the quick snack.
A little pink cute cartoon Unicorn on a clearing with a rainbow, flowers, sun. ID 152746681 © Sakuralove1313 | Dreamstime.com

4) Baby Unicorns Are Called Sparkles

As discussed in our article, What Is A Baby Unicorn Called, there are a few different ways to refer to baby unicorns, but by far our favorite is “Sparkle.” This so beautifully suits these precious, glimmering creatures. Their bright coats and stunning eyes really do “sparkle” whenever the sun touches them, and the word itself seems to indicate the beginning of something wonderful, the “spark” that ignites the full flame. There’s no better word for a baby unicorn!

As they mature, unicorns learn to “shimmer” out of sight. This is a sort of movement of air, that feeling you get when you catch half a glimpse of something, which is gone before you’ve even managed to blink. The air distorts, and the unicorn vanishes. Most unicorns learn this ability in their teens, and at this point, they are often referred to as “Shimmers” to reflect the new skill. Their coats also take on a more muted shine as they grow, “shimmering” rather than “sparkling” in the sunlight.

If you’ve ever seen a young unicorn, how did you refer to it? Do you think “Sparkle” and “Shimmer” suit, or is there another name you’d apply to these extraordinary creatures?

Oh, and as already covered in an article “What is a group of unicorns called” it is another magical word-play, as a group of unicorns is naturally called “Blessing”.

5) Unicorns Can Cure Injuries

A trait that unicorns across the globe share is their ability to cure wounds. A touch from a unicorn’s horn is supposed to be enough to heal even a deadly hurt – in just moments. Their softness and gentility may be one of the reasons they are linked with healing, but even in the past, when unicorns were considered dangerous creatures, they carried this association.

Unicorn horns were believed to have the power to prevent poisoning, and were much sought after to make cups in medieval times. Nobility often seemed to suffer from poison, either because of political intrigue or because of poor food preparation, so it’s no surprise they hoped unicorn horns could prolong their lives. Sadly, many narwhals- whales with unicorn horns suffered at the hands of unscrupulous traders, selling their tusks as “unicorn” horns.

The unicorn horn can also cleanse water with a touch, again dispelling poisons. This is perhaps because they are such pure creatures, mere contact with their horns is enough to purify anything around them. They give great benefit to the forests and meadows which they live in, keeping them young and healthy and vibrant with their presence. Unicorn horn and it powers have been also the inspiration for my article “What Does a Unicorn Horn Look like”.

Black unicorn showing its magical horn and speed.
Unicorn horn makes unicorn magical.- the horn has healing powers! How awesome is that? Picture Source.Free photo 5130444 © Texelgirl – Dreamstime.com

Unicorns Really Are Awesome!

It’s so hard to choose between all the amazing things that unicorns can do. This list wasn’t easy to write as there’s just so much to say! These creatures seem tireless in their skills and attributes, and they bless the world daily with their amazing gifts. Their beauty and gentleness is legendary, and no matter where you look, you can almost always find the hoofprints of a unicorn in the realms of history.

We love unicorns so much for everything that they are. What would you add to this list, or what would you include in your own list of why unicorns are awesome? We’d love to hear more about how these great and beautiful creatures have influenced you, and what you think the most amazing thing about them is. Unicorns mean different things to everyone, so the list given here is far from exhaustive!

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