Unicorns have been around for what seems to be like ages now. And for a good reason! I mean, who better to make us laugh, lift our spirits when things get tough and simply bring some magic and fun into our everyday lives. To share the love (and giggles!), we have gathered our favorite unicorn memes (some our own, some from around the internet) for everyone to enjoy!

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Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

Be a Unicorn not a twatopotamus
Image source: Imgflip

Stupid Unicorn Always Puking On The Carpet
Image source: Reddit

The Simpsons - I`m a unicorn
Image source: Me.me

Unicorn - You Need to believe in yourself
Image Source: Pinterest

Real Unicorns Have Curves
Image source: Altushost

Unicorn Motivation Meme 
* Stay true to you
* Believe in miracles
* Sparkle from Within
* Enjoy your journey

Unicorn Meme - "They laugh at me, because I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same"

Unicorn Meme "Be a unicorn in a field of horses"

Unicorn meme "Be wild, be crazy, be you - you are a limited edition"

Unicorn meme - believe in yourself and make your dreams happen

Unicorn memes - eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day

Unicorn meme "I am a believer "

"Keep kalm and ride a unicorn" meme

I do not believe in humans - Unicorn meme

Unicorn meme - Wanna go for a ride

Unicorn meme - lessons from a unicorn

Unicorn meme - get down off this unicorn and slap you.

Haters Gonna Hate - Batman Unicorn
Image source: Quickmeme

Lost Unicorn! If found please, stop doing drugs
Image Source: Memecenter

Image source: Quickmeme

Never seen a girl unicorn before
Image source: Pinterest

I`m a unicorn, OK?!

Keep Calm, You Have Unicorn Power
Image source: Pinterest

Unicorn Ice Cream Rainbow - Here is where the magic happens
Image source: Pinterest

Milk Box - I am a unicorn
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Sorry can`t, I have to walk my unicorn
Image source: Pinterest

Unicorn Bacon
Image source: Pinterest

Unicorn - Your sparkle has not gone unnoticed
Image source: Pinterest

Did you eat the last Unicorn?
Image source: Pinterest

One day I´ll be a unicorn
Image source: Pinterest

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