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Unicorn Spiritual Meaning & The Diverse Interpretations

As one of the most famous mythical beasts in existence, unicorns have many different spiritual meanings. What they represent to people really depends on who you ask. In Christianity, unicorns are often considered an allegory of Christ’s journey. Many ancient cultures believed they were symbols of luck, hope, and innocence, and this belief continues today.

Winged unicorn ready to take off a cliff - a leap of faith in the spiritual context.
Luck, hope, innocence and internal strength are all virtues and beliefs that unicorns can represent in the spiritual context.

What unicorns mean to you might be totally different from any of the interpretations offered here; they are such mystical beasts that they can have unique meanings for everyone. While it’s interesting to look at what other people believe about unicorns, remember to focus on what’s important to you as well.

Unicorns In Christianity

This might seem like a very odd association. What do unicorns have to do with Christianity?

One of the links is rather tenuous, and comes from a translation of the Bible which refers to unicorns. The King James Bible mentions them several times, but as EvidenceForChristianity reminds us, modern translations often substitute this for another horned animal.

An alicorn in the cloud. Symbol of christian god?
Winged unicorn in the clouds. Representation of purity and innocence.

At the time of writing, the word “unicorn” probably had an entirely different meaning. Because it is so literal, “one horn,” it’s easy to imagine that it could be associated with any number of animals. The mythical beast we all connect with “unicorns” now may not have even been thought of at the time! It’s unsurprising that old translations of the Bible mention the word, and very unlikely that they meant unicorns as we see them today.

The use of the unicorn to symbolize the life of Christ, however, is another interesting connection. The fact that unicorns are usually associated with purity and innocence aids the parallel, and their healing horns and hair reflect Christ’s powers of healing. Masculine power is another shared characteristic, as unicorns have symbolized this throughout history.

Furthermore, the immortality which unicorns enjoy makes the connotation even stronger, since Christ rose from the dead and was, in effect, immortal. Unicorns are able to walk between worlds and transcend boundaries, just as Christ is thought to have bridged the divide between Earth and Heaven, between mortals and the immortal God. While it may seem an odd parallel on the surface, if you look closer, it’s clear why Christians have associated unicorns with Christ.

Tribal Associations Of Unicorns

For many tribal people, unicorns also held significance. These beautiful beasts again had many associations, most of them positive. The most common one was mysticism and inner power; unicorns were believed to bring out people’s internal strength.
Tapestry of a captured unicorn.

Tapestry of a captured unicorn. Inner power, optimism and self-exploration are all very relevant in this context.

LearnReligions tells us that unicorns also represented the opening of the third eye. They were connected with self-exploration, and the need to gain a deeper understanding of oneself. Those who embodied the spirit of the unicorn would gain great self-awareness and introspection.

In most tribal cultures, unicorns represented purity in both mind and body. They are also connected with serenity, honesty, and majesty. Tribal people able to befriend unicorns, often through a mental connection, were highly respected.

Unicorns Spiritualism in Dreams

Unicorns appearing in dreams represent some very powerful things. The manifestation is perhaps one of the clearest ways these mythical beasts can ever show themselves to humans. It allows a greater sense of connection and communication than any other form of contact.

TheSpiritualCenter says that unicorns rarely lead dreamers anywhere. Their purpose is not to show people the way they must go, but to remind them that there is a way forward. Perhaps their most significant symbol, then, is hope. They provide light by which to see the path, but do not walk ahead of the dreamer. Instead, they serve as a companion, keeping the dreamer’s spirits up and lighting the way with joy and peace.
Unicorn Horn Lighting the way into a better future.

Unicorn appearing in dreams can remind us, there is hope and a way forward. A light at the end of the tunnel.

This adds a further link to the idea that unicorns spiritually represent Christ, who was considered a teacher and a companion to all. If you have ever seen a unicorn in your dreams, perhaps it was guiding you along a difficult path, and reminding you of the importance of hope.

Because unicorns are associated with power, encountering them in dreams also signifies that something needs to be done. In most cultures, a dream unicorn meant that a significant step needed to be taken, or that some major change lay ahead of the dreamer. This ties in with the idea that unicorns are companions on difficult journeys.

An aggressive unicorn in a dream was often associated with bad luck. If a unicorn is angered by the dreamer’s presence, they have probably done something to offend the purity and innocence of the great creature, and amends should be made as soon as possible to avoid further misery.

The Color of Unicorns

The color of the unicorn also has significance. According to DreamNestwhite unicorns are representations of good luck. Seeing a white unicorn might mean that something is going to go well for you, or that difficulties will be overcome successfully. White is the color which we most commonly associate with these beautiful creatures.

Two Black and one white unicorn with different spiritual meanings.
White unicorns often represent good luck and overcoming difficulties. Black unicorns are symbols of internal strength and power.

A black unicorn does not suggest the opposite, perhaps surprisingly. Instead, the black unicorn’s focus is on internal strength and power. A black unicorn is a reminder that you may be facing challenges, but that you have the strength to triumph. We have also discussed the meaning of black unicorns in dreams in our previous article.

You might see any other colored unicorn, especially in your dreams. Remember, we each have different associations with these amazing, versatile creatures, and this means that we all see them a little differently. What unicorns mean to you as an individual is as spiritually important as any meanings they have been given throughout history.

Unicorns and Atheism

Given the section on Christianity and unicorns, it might seem strange to have atheism listed as one of the things unicorns can symbolize. This is, however, an element of spirituality, and unicorns are important here as they are elsewhere.

The “Invisible Pink Unicorn” has become a symbol of atheism in recent years, satirizing Christianity. It is, obviously, a contradictory term; how can a unicorn be invisible and pink simultaneously?

Pink Unicorn as a symbol of atheism
The Invisible Pink Unicorn has become a symbol of atheism and illustrates the paradox of disproving existance of god.

This is an attempt to parallel some theist beliefs and paradoxes. The Invisible Pink Unicorn symbolizes the impossibility of trying to disprove religions, and reflects some of the frustrations which atheists feel when posed with these arguments. Just as one cannot disprove the existence of a God, one cannot disprove the existence of the Invisible Pink Unicorn.

Unicorns Today

Unicorns today still have very positive associations. They are so rare, spotting one promises amazing luck and happiness. If you are able to approach a unicorn, you have been favored beyond most other people, and to spend time with these beautiful, graceful creatures is a blessing.

Seeing unicorns brings great joy and feelings of peace and contentment. This may be because they are such pure creatures, they radiate a sense of tranquility and anyone nearby can benefit from this. No matter what they may have symbolized in the past, unicorns today are unquestionably associated with luck and happiness.

Unicorns have, throughout the centuries, represented a wide range of different things. What they symbolize depends on the context in which they appear, their mood, and their coloring. Although the associations are almost always positive, unicorns can represent misfortune if they are aggressive. On the whole, however, they are gentle teachers, and guide and protect those who put their faith in them.

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