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45 Best Unicorn Gifts For Tweens (Ages 9 to 13)

Unicorn Gift Ideas for Tweens

Shopping for tweens is never easy. They’re at that awkward stage between childhood and teenager, and what they like can vary immensely, so it can be really hard to choose something which isn’t too childish but will be fun enough to appeal still. Fortunately, unicorns can help you out, because they can tick so many boxes – they can be funny and cartoon-y, they can be mystical and beautiful, they can be bright or subtle or somewhere in between.

You may already have glanced over our articles 40+ Amazing Unicorn Gift Ideas For Girls Aged 3+ or 46 Great Unicorn Gift Ideas For Adults, but the gifts in this article are intended to appeal somewhere between these two, filling in a difficult gap to buy for.

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Unicorn Jewelry

Unicorn jewelry can be magical or funny, or anywhere in between! Jewelry is often a great gift for a tween to enjoy, especially more “grown-up” looking jewelry. It’s small, generally fairly inexpensive, and allows people to dress up and truly feel special, with their magical mythical equines glittering at their ears, wrists, fingers, or necks.

1) Firstly, I’m in love with these Hypoallergenic Opal Sterling Silver Stud Earrings. They are so simple and beautiful, but it’s definitely clear what they represent, in spite of the simplicity. The silver sets off the opals so nicely, and I think opals are the perfect precious stone to represent unicorns, shifting magically with faint glimmers of rainbow caught in their sparkly depths. The horn, ears, and mane detailing just complete these lovely little earrings – I’d have treasured these if I’d received them as a tween!

2) If you prefer the idea of gifting the full unicorn to prance in your recipient’s ears, you might like these YFN Sterling Silver Unicorn Earrings. These are also lovely and simple, but they’d look adorable trotting along in a girl’s earlobes. Again, they’re hypoallergenic so you can gift them knowing your recipient can wear them as often as they like, and they’re a nice practical size, unlikely to get caught or pulled.

3) For those who would prefer to gift a necklace, this YFN Sterling Silver Unicorn Pendant is gorgeous! I love the subtle touches of gold brightening up its mane, and the single line of crystals to provide a bit of flash and sparkle and depth. It’s a really nice design, with that dark eye and the silvery horn, and I think it looks great.

4) If you want to personalize your necklace a bit with some letter charms, you might feel this Personalized Solid Silver Unicorn Necklace is the best way forward. It’s a gorgeous unicorn with a bright, golden horn, and I love the rearing pose. Accompanied by a pretty disc with a letter or even two, this would make a lovely memento for your recipient. The unicorn looks super realistic, and would definitely make a tween girl feel grown up and special.

5) A seriously delicate and graceful option, this Unicorn Sterling Silver Bracelet would have delighted me as a tween – and would still delight me now! I love the circle of silver the unicorn is set into, and the lovely silver wings on its back. It’s so tiny, but still detailed and beautiful, with pretty curving lines making its shape. I also really like the chain on this bracelet; it manages to look both delicate and strong, and you can select the length to ensure the best possible fit for your recipient.

6) There are lots of unicorn options when it comes to rings, but this Sterling Silver Unicorn Ring is particularly eye-catching. It looks so much like it’s casually trotting through an enchanted forest with the sun glancing off its flanks. What better way for your recipient to state “I love unicorns” to everyone around them? Simple, elegant, and with all the sparkly magic of plain silver, this would be a gorgeous gift for any tween!

7) For a subtler unicorn look, these Unicorn Tears Opal Rings are just stunning. The bright colors and the satisfying circles look amazing, and this is a great way for unicorn lovers to more silently appreciate these beautiful equines. These would be perfect for any evening out or casual everyday wear, and I think they would be immensely appreciated – because how could something so beautiful not be!

Unicorn Edibles

Something consumable is often a safe bet when it comes to choosing presents for tweens. I always appreciated something I could munch at this age, or take to school and share out among my friends. Add a bit of unicorn magic, and you’ve got a perfect gift in seconds!

8) This lovely Unicorn Sweet Box is a great start, with a whole mix of unicorn-themed sweet treats for your recipient to dig into. Forget boring boxes of chocolate – these are unusual and magical and definitely lots of unicorn fun! It’s also an inexpensive present that you can couple with something else if you choose to, or just gift in its full unicorn glory.

9) Hot chocolate is a particularly popular treat at this time of year, and this Christmas Unicorn Hot Chocolate Kit would make a gorgeous stocking filler. Personally, I’d be happy to get this at any time of the year, but especially during the cold, dark months we have ahead of us. It’s lovely to brighten them up with a bit of cozy unicorn-ness, and it doesn’t get much cozier than unicorn hot chocolate! I love the colors here, and I think I might be buying a few of these myself for family members, even those who aren’t specifically unicorn lovers. They’re just so cute and Christmassy!

10) If you’re buying for a birthday rather than Christmas but like the hot chocolate kit idea, this Unicorn Hot Chocolate Kit is perfect! It’s got some lovely colorful marshmallows to add rainbow unicorn magic, and enough stars and sprinkles to fill most of the cup, by the looks of things! It would be perfect for any sweet-toothed unicorn fan – and let’s face it, that’s a lot of us!

11) A more substantial chocolatey snack, these Unicorn Chocolate Lollies look great. I love the decoration on them, with that adorable rainbow and cute little unicorn head, plus the pretty pink sprinkles. This would be a really lovely gift for any tween to take and share out with friends, or hoard in their bedroom and munch on in the coming days. I love them and I want some!

12) Finally, if you want a really funny twist on the unicorn food, why not gift some Unicorn Poop In A Can? That already sounds like such a crazy idea, but these pearlescent chocolate balls look magical, and could certainly pass for unicorn poop! You can even personalize the can with up to 20 characters, writing a fun message to your recipient, or adding their name. I’d be keeping the can as a memento, so I think this is great! This is definitely up there as one of the most unusual and inventive unicorn ideas I’ve seen, and being a unicorn lover, I’ve seen a lot!

Unicorn Makeup

I’m not a makeup wearer myself, but as a tween, I loved it just as much as the next girl, and some of the unicorn makeup out there is almost enough to convert me back, because it’s just breathtaking! If your intended recipient likes a bit of sparkle and magic, makeup would be a great gift to encourage some creativity, some giggles at sleepovers, and some unicorn inspiration!

For those who are becoming increasingly aware of the state of our oceans, you might want to hunt out some eco-friendly options to ensure the well-being of the unicorns, and our other animals. Youth in particular seem to be getting engaged with this topic, so even if it’s not one which interest you in particular, your gift might be more happily received if it has some eco-credentials!

13) First on the list, then, is this EcoStardust Unicorn Edition Biodegradable Trio Glitter, Balm, and Brush Set. It’s got three magical colors, is vegan and cruelty-free, and claims to be biodegradable in natural environments! Being made from plant cellulose, that sounds like a reasonable claim to make, and think how gorgeous the tween in question will look, sparkling like a real unicorn with this set! I’m already jealous!

14) Of course, when applying makeup, it’s good to have a set of really nice brushes, and this 16 PCS Makeup Brush Set looks just beautiful! The tween can feel they’re holding a real, sparkling unicorn horn every time they apply their makeup, especially with that twisting stem, and the flush of dark purple along the top of each brush. You also get two silicone sponges and a makeup egg, so this is a really professional set for a tween to enjoy, and one that they shouldn’t really outgrow!

15) A lot of tweens are still only just getting into the idea of makeup, and might love a stencil to play around with and have fun. These Unicorn Facepaint Stencils would be a great present if so, letting them decorate their cheeks or hands with makeup, while still enjoying some of the childhood magic of unicorns. I think these look so cute, and they’d be a lot of fun for sleepovers!

16) Another lovely alternative is this Unicorn Sugar Lip Scrub, which is a gorgeous rich purple, very sparkly, and looks like a gleaming crystal. I’m loving the vibrant color, and I think this would be a great gift for anyone who suffers from dry lips. It’s a scrub rather than a makeup, but would be a lovely addition to this Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss, which is also vegan and cruelty-free. I love the sparkle and the way the colors blend together in a magical whirl of prettiness!

17) To go with the snot lip gloss and to gift a bit of a giggle along with the makeup, this Unicorn Snot Holographic Body Glitter Gel would be perfect! You can choose your color, or gift it in a few different colors, and this is a nice easy makeup for inexperienced hands – the recipient can just daub it on, and enjoy glimmering like a magical unicorn straight away! It’s also vegan and cruelty-free, which is great for giving with a clear conscience.

18) Finally, for getting all that makeup off, you might want to add another lovely eco option to the gift-list: this set of Rainbow Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, which are seriously bright and beautiful, and are a great alternative to the waste of makeup removal wipes or disposable cotton pads. They would look gorgeous stacked up on a sink or dresser, and are definitely a must have for any eco-friendly unicorn fan.

Unicorn Bedroom Decorations for Tweens

At this age, I was all about making my room look as fabulous as I could. I wanted all my school friends to be wowed when they stepped over my threshold, and to have them admiring my ornaments and decor just as I admired theirs when I visited! I think bedroom decorations make great gifts for tweens, helping them to personalize their space with a sprinkle of their personality, and a little bit of unicorn magic.

19) First up, if you think your recipient would like something to brighten up their walls, you might love this Personalized Unicorn Print, which is just gorgeous! I love the watercolor effect and the shape of the rearing, fierce unicorn. It looks passionate and fiery, full of energy and life, and just beautiful with the abstract speckling and that lovely curly script. You can customize the message a bit to suit your recipient, and feel happy that they are hanging some real rainbow magic up on their wall!

20) If you’re buying for a sassy tween who would much rather display something sarcastic and funny on their wall, you might consider this heart-shaped Unicorn Sign a safe bet. I love the little twist it includes – it seems like it’s going somewhere super magical, and then flips around and talks about stabbing people with unicorn horns. Definitely not the usual take on why one might like being a unicorn, but a funny one nonetheless! The rustic look really adds to the overall aesthetic, and I think most tweens would be happy to hang this up in their room – or possibly on their bedroom door, as a warning to any “idiots” considering entry!

21) For those who want to buy something that has a practical use as well as looking nice, this Enchantmints Unicorn Music Jewelry Box is a gorgeous choice. Again, it’s got some lovely colors, which are soft enough to blend with pretty much any bedroom theme. It looks a practical size, at 6” x 4” x 6”, and I really like the style of the unicorns here. With a cute unicorn dancing within, a pretty silver mirror, and two drawers as well as the main box, this would make a gorgeous gift – especially if you pair it with some of the jewelry mentioned in the earlier section to make it feel complete! You can even hear the tune it plays in the video on Amazon.

22) If you want a non-musical jewelry box, there aren’t many which can beat this one for being unusual! This Sparkle123 Pink Unicorn Jewelry Box is definitely stylish enough to appeal to a tween who’s interested in the cool factor. I can just imagine this sitting on a dresser beside some makeup, in full flamboyant style, with its proud and elegant unicorn decor. There’s certainly nothing childish about this jewelry box! Again, you could pair it with some of the jewelry suggested in the above section for maximum unicorn magic.

23) If you’re fairly lax about swearing and you want to gift something cute, empowering, and funny, this “Magical AF” Unicorn Square Pillow may be the way to go. It’s got an adorable unicorn with a magic wand on the front, and that little one really does look magical, especially sitting on a cloud! I went through a stage where there were never enough pillows decorating my bedroom, so I would have loved one of these at the time.

24) By the time I reached this age, I would definitely have said I was too old for a night light – except nobody ever showed me one quite like this Wonderland Pool Unicorn 3D Night Light, which has a remote control and several different settings. Do note that it’s only a 3D effect, not actually 3D – but it’s a good one!

25) Alternatively, this Yodafoor Unicorn Night Light looks even more spectacular with that realistic, rearing unicorn. It has an amazing array of colors to choose from, and a remote to help cycle through them with ease. It’s nice and small so won’t take up a huge portion of a side or dresser, and it seems like a great “cool” present for that soon-to-be teen!

26) One more option in terms of bringing a bit of light and magic, this totally adorable Unicorn LED Nightlight has to be one of the cutest out there! I love how fat and round it is, with those simple colors in its mane and cheeks, and the gorgeous bright colors it is when it lights up. Better yet, you can even squeeze its pudginess! It’s touch sensitive, so a little pat will get it cycling through its stream of magic colors. Who can resist chubby unicorns? Certainly not me!

Unicorn Bags And Accessories

Bags are another great gift for tweens, many of whom are just getting into shopping at the mall or going out with friends. There are so many unicorn bags on the market, it’s hard to choose between them, but here are a few of our favorites.

27) For a tween who’s totally into pink and rainbows, this Unicorn Drawstring Bag would be a perfect gift. It’s functional and adorable, with those sweet unicorns prancing across it in all their rainbow-maned glory. Ideal for going to the gym, days out, or an overnight bag for a special unicorn sleepover, this looks great! I have never been a pink person, but I do love the combination with the rainbows and the darker pink stars!

28) In the same style, this Unicorn Sequin Drawstring Backpack is downright gorgeous. I love the shifting colors and how it catches the light, and I think any girl attending a dance class would be thrilled to have this. I would have been the envy at school with a bag this bright for gym. The seller also offers one with a unicorn face on it, though I personally prefer the colorful rainbow sequins! Either would be gorgeous for a unicorn-lover, and would make for a practical gift you know will be used and loved.

29) If you want to give a backpack rather than one of the drawstring bags, this Personalized Mini Unicorn Backpack could be perfect. It’s a soft, pale pink, and has a very stylish looking unicorn on the front. You can also choose from different colors if the tween in question would like something a little darker for school, but this is a great option, and is still a reasonable size, despite being called “mini.” It would also make for a good hand luggage bag on a family trip – and you’d have no difficulty checking who the bag belonged to with that name across the front!

30) If that one seems a little on the childish side for the tween you’re thinking of, you might prefer this Custom Super Power Unicorn Tote Shopping Bag, which is definitely intended for older girls. You can choose your font and the shade you want it, and customize the message to suit your recipient. I totally love that cartoon unicorn in its dark rainbow glory, and I’d be proud to be seen out and about with this bag even today! Perfect for all those trips to the mall this tween will be heading out on soon!

31) Another totally stylish option is this Personalized Unicorn Bag, in retro bowling style. I love how plain this bag is, just black with a white trim – and then boom, sparkling unicorn rearing over the owner’s name! Again, personalizing a bag makes it so much easier for kids to keep hold of it, and I totally love the style of the script. This looks professional and tidy, and would make a great present.

32) If you’re liking the plain black but not the style, this Personalized Rainbow Unicorn Tote Bag could be the way to go. I love how the lettering is also done in juicy rainbow, and it looks so great against the solid black. A magical unicorn if ever I saw one! Totally gorgeous, and practical for so many different occasions.

33) If the tween in question is one for packed lunches and is on the eco-path, you could also consider buying them a snack bag – an alternative to all those plastic baggies, this is a reusable option that keeps sandwiches and other snacks fresh and tempting. I love this Unicorn Snack Bag, which comes in a variety of sizes, and has such a cute print on the front, as well as a zipper to ensure maximum freshness.

34) Alternatively, this Space Unicorn Bag is adorable, funny, and definitely unusual! I’d love either of these for family picnics, and they’re a great way to reduce waste while enjoying a bit of unicorn style. When I was in school, bag charms were a really big part of the “cool factor,” so if you’re buying a bag, you might want to add a little extra unicorn fun. These can also be clipped onto pencil cases, wallets, or jackets, so they’re a great option for stocking fillers or additional gifts.

35) I love this Bathing Unicorn Lobster Clasp Charm. It manages to be cute and funny, and the unicorn is beautifully made. I love the bubbles, the tiny hooves, and the entire idea of a unicorn taking a bath while being carried around on a bag. Quirky and lots of fun!

36) If you want a slightly more standard unicorn, this Unicorn Personalized Keyring And Bag Charm would be a great option, with a lovely unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail, some pearlescent beads, and a beaded name – just a perfect addition to any unicorn bag.

Funny Unicorns

Sometimes the best ways to please almost-teenagers is to make them laugh. We all know this can be a risky venture because what’s cool and funny seems to change faster than blinking, but where funny unicorns are concerned, you can make some pretty safe guesses!

37) First up, we all know how much this age group love their phones, so a phone case is often a safe gift. Combine a phone case with emojis, toilet humor, and unicorns, and you’re onto a definite winner – like this Unicorn Poop Emoji Phone Case. Make sure you get the right one for their phone, and they’ll be thrilled to have their most precious item protected with something to make them laugh. This is definitely a unisex gift which boys and girls of this age could appreciate.

38) Bath gifts are also often popular with tween girls, because who doesn’t love a bit of pampering in the bathroom? The joy of unicorn poop seems never-ending, with this Unicorn Magical Poop Soap extending the fun to clean-up time. I love the colors and the subtle glitter effect, and the tin it comes in looks great too! Who doesn’t want to shower or bath with some unicorn poop?

39) Funny shirts are often a winner with this age group too, and I love this My Unicorn Ate My Homework Tank Top. It’s a great twist on a standard excuse, and should have a lot of appeal to tweens who are slogging their way through school day after day. The unicorn motif is really cute, and you can choose the shirt color to ensure it’s perfect for your recipient. When my goddaughter is a bit bigger, she’ll be getting one of these!

40) If the tween in question is a hot-drinks fan, this BigMouth Inc Unicorn Farts Mug is bound to get a giggle or two, if only for that fantastic expression! I love the creativity of using the rainbow for the handle, and I think tweens would enjoy showing this off to friends. Practical and funny, this would be a fantastic gift for any unicorn lover with a good sense of humor.

41) Another great funny option for the eco-aware who want to use their own water bottle, this Funny Unicorn Personalized Double-Walled Thermal Drinks Bottle looks great. You can choose your color, but it’s really the message which gets me – sassy and silly, without any swearing, and you can personalize the bottle on the other side so it’s less likely to get lost at school or over at friends’ places. This looks great, and I’d have loved one as a tween!

Practical Unicorns

We’ve had quite a lot of practical unicorn presents already, but here are the last few ideas which your recipient will get good use out of as well as appreciate for all their unicorn magic!

42) First off, given the time of year and how chilly the mornings are, these Unicorn House Slippers look like a great option. They’re super soft and fluffy, have just the right amount of pink, and can fulfill their unicorn duty in guarding tepid toes from frosty floors! I love the golden horns and the fluffy “mane” surrounding the feet. They’re slip-on, so a great gift for tweens to shove their feet into before they stumble downstairs for breakfast on cold mornings.

43) We had a soap-related gift in the funny section, but this Unicorn Bath Bomb Gift Set was just too cute to resist. I love everything about it, from the pretty and stylish box to the juicy colored, shaped bath bombs inside. It’s ideal for any unicorn lover, and I’d go for one of these for Christmas myself. It looks perfect for a bit of magical pampering and relaxation!

44) Tweens are also usually music lovers, and if they’re anything like me, they got through headphones so often they need them on a subscription service! I absolutely fell in love with these Cute Rainbow Unicorn Headphones/Earphones, which come with their own carry case. You also get a packet of stickers so the tween can unicorn-up pretty much anything else they feel like, while listening to their tunes and rocking out to some unicorn sparkle. I really like how cute these are and I think they’d be a win with anyone who loves unicorns.

45) Finally, notebooks are a great gift for pretty much any age, and if your intended recipient is into art, writing, music, drawing, journaling, or pretty much any other activity which involves a pen and paper, this Unicorn Journal would be a perfect present. I’m in love with the colors and softness of the unicorn’s eye, not to mention the vibrant paint-splatter effect, which makes this feel like a perfect book to whip out when creativity strikes. You have a choice of sizes, and can pick lined or unlined paper, so this will fit whatever activity your recipient is into. It’s just perfect – and as a writer, I love notebooks, so this probably comes out as one of my top picks from the whole list!

Wrapping Up

There are so many great tween gifts with unicorns on them out there that it’s easy to get a bit carried away. You’re bound to find something magical that will exactly appeal to your recipient, and we hope some of these ideas have helped you a bit!

If you’re still struggling, here’s a bonus option of a whole bundle of unicorn stuff, Unicorn Gifts For Girls, which includes a drawstring bag, a makeup bag, a charm bracelet, a pendant necklace, and five hair ties – all unicorn-y! This is a pretty inexpensive way to give a whole lot of unicorn magic all at once, and would make a great Christmas or birthday present.

Choosing for tweens is always a challenge, as they’re at the difficult stage of being neither an adult nor a child, and their tastes are often changing quickly. With a bit of unicorn magic to help you along, you should be able to find something they’ll love and cherish – or at the very least, have a good giggle over! We’d love to know what you choose, or if you’ve found other great tween unicorn gifts that we should know about!

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