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Colorful Unicorn Books for Toddlers They Love. And Can Have Hands-On!

Toddler ages are one of the most wonderful ones – discovering the world, first steps and words, feelings of different surfaces and sources of inspiration, and early self-confidence. Bright-colored unicorns are perfect creatures for toddler age adventures by teaching the dreaming, mystical fairytales, and the curiosity magic the world is teaching to us.

We found the most colorful, educative, and magical unicorn books for toddlers they would love. And you too. Some of them are for curious discoveries, all of them are hands-on and most of them have a simple story to follow.

Toddler x Unicorn – Discovering with Unicorns

It is so magical to think that you can be accompanied by unicorns to start discovering the real wonders of the world. And there is a lot to discover!

“If I were a unicorn…”

If I were a unicorn touch and feel book for toddlers

A mystical statement we all can take a magical minute and think about… “If I were a unicorn” is a discovery “touch and feel” book for babies and toddlers. Once you go through, you see and feel various textures on the pages of this book. You can already notice the pink fluffy tale it has!

Take this time to capture your toddler’s imagination, hop on, and have a ride on a magical unicorn through an enchanted forest.

Unicorn teddy bear by Jellicat

Ah, and if you are searching for the perfect present for a curious toddler, you can also get the matching soft unicorn with the book- also designed by Jellicat. You are even able to select the size you prefer.

Once your kid is really into discovering the different friends as animals, there are several other books in “If I were…” touch and feel book series, for example:

Follow “Baby Unicorn” as She Explores the World

Baby unicorn finger puppet book by Victoria Ying.

Baby Unicorn” by Victoria Ying is a lovely Finger Puppet Book. It gives a toddler an amazing opportunity to explore the world together with another toddler -who happens to be a baby unicorn! These books give the opportunity for not only magical but interactive learning and playing at the same time. Book itself is made of durable material (could even last for several babies or could be given to friends once your toddlers are overgrown of this) and has the perfect size for babies!

Join this baby unicorn invitation for discovering the world together! Perhaps it will also give some magical tips!

Once you have done the exploring with a baby unicorn, there is the whole set from this series as well to cover as Baby Elephant, Baby Tiger and other Baby books.

Sound on! Interactive Unicorn Book

Seet Little Unicorn interactive book ith sounds for toddlers
Sweet little unicorn is waiting for the adventures

As toddlers are still to discover the world, sound can give so much more emotions than just watching colorful pictures. Sound gives way more to discover and helps to visualize the journey together with a sweet little baby unicorn who lives under the rainbow. This is your opportunity to actually hear baby unicorn and go on the adventure with it. Ready? Get yourself this Sweet Little Unicorn by Robin Rose.

Book itself is colorful and made out of strong material to last those destructive moods and chews. The take-along handle gives a nice way to carry the book wherever the toddler is heading. It can be his or her little “business” suitcase!

Once the unicorn adventures have been followed, you may also take a look at the interactive sound puppy and little elephant book!

Early learnings with a unicorn – play a Peekaboo on lift-the-flap!

Pop-Up Peekaboo! Unicorn board book introduces you and your toddler 4 amazing unicorns:

  • Daydream
  • Moonbeam
  • Sunshine
  • Cupcake.

How lovely names already! Cupcake is my favorite one! So you can have magical adventures together with them, find your favorite one, and go to search for their friends who are hiding under the flaps. They may be behind the pink fluffy clouds or hide under the colorful rainbow. Start the adventure and go find them all on “Pop-Up Peekaboo! Unicorn”

Toddlers would be thrilled to turn the pages, lifting the flaps and discovering unicorns who pop out from their secret land. PS: it is actually also pretty thrilling for parents!

Pop-upPeekaboo. Unicorn! book is good for:

  • building early learning foundation
  • developing the toddler’s imagination
  • introducing creative storytelling
  • visual journey– all those amazing pictures which help to create curiosity
  • hands-on activity to lift the flaps and discovering pop-up unicorns.

Again, once you find this book entertaining, feel free to get hands-on for the full series. For example Pop-up Peekaboo! Baby animalsPop-up Peekaboo! Under the SeaPop-Up Peekaboo: Bedtime.

Toddler’s color books with magical unicorns

Bright colors play such a huge role in a toddler’s life and let’s be honest – it can simply get no more colorful than with the unicorns. Therefore are the unicorn color books just perfect to start from. No need to say that “sky is not blue” or “how come you painted dog green” – with unicorns all is possible: from simple silver grey up to rainbow!

Unicorn Toddler Coloring Book: Simple Coloring for Ages 1-3

Unicorn toddler coloring book - simple coloring for ages 1-3

This simple and easy coloring in this Unicorn Toddler Coloring book makes the understanding easy for toddlers.

Visuals are made really simple and therefore it is perfect to be the 1st coloring book. Coloring books really expect lots of hands-on activity. Book has 50 images which all have thick lines. Quite a few weeks to get kids excited, learn to color and make their 1st art. There is the reason, why also adult coloring books have gained popularity – damn, is fun!

(PS Adult suggestion: You can simply choose this adult coloring book: Unicorns, Mermaids, and Fairies that collect all those lovely mystical creatures. So you can have actual fun with toddlers)

Unicorn Dreams Jumbo Coloring Book (Ages 3+)

To make sure, your floor or walls are covered, we also suggest having this Jumbo coloring book nearby.

Unicorn dreams coloring books for toddlers - jumbo big pages!

Those extra-large pages give much creativity and freedom for that little artist to work with. This coloring book has a total of 32 different pages of coloring scenes, starting from unicorns and castles, ending up with rainbows. All for you to discover and color!

Once the toddler is done with the masterpiece, you can just tear it out. Book itself has a nice handler to walk around and take along on family trips.

perfect washable markers for toddlers to use
Make sure you choose washable markers for toddlers!

Coloring gear for those rainbows and unicorns: washable markers

Babyroo washable makrers for toddlers

To get the unicorns and rainbows in real bright colors as they are supposed to be, you want to be prepped with suitable markers. These markers in a set of 12 are meant for toddlers as being safe. Moreover, they are washable and perfect for coloring books, those amazing colors could not be brighter.

In case you would like to have a broader variety of markers and colors to choose from, these BabyRoo Washable markers also meant for toddlers, might be the way to go.

Step by Step Potty Learning with Unicorns

Can you imagine that learning to use the potty can be so much fun for your toddler if there is a magical fairy unicorn accompanying it? You have an opportunity to try it out with the help of Unicorn Potty: Learn to Potty with Unicorn book.

Moreover, the “potty-unicorn” will teach you all the potty-magic with easy-to-follow-step-by-step! There are also bright colored beautiful pictures to make those training magical.

Unicorn POtty book - toddlers learn to Potty with unicorns.
Unicorn potty to make potty training fun for toddlers
Add unicorn potty and those potty training become fun!

Unicorn Potty” book is making those bathroom routines easier to learn. This is a real “hands-on” type of book to start saying goodbye to diapers… and learn the magic instead!

It is pretty clear: toddlers would be as happy as the parents! Want to make the potty training even more unicornizing? Fisher Prices has come up with this simple unicorn potty. It has everything enough: colors, simplicity, easy to clean, and a special toddler seat.

Cut and Paste the Unicorns

Unicorn hands on book for toddlers: cut & Paste

Drawing, colors, scissors, and some thinking will make this Unicorn “Cut and Paste” workbook perfect as some “hands-on” activity as quite a bit of brain food for kids. There are several exercises so kids can learn the scissors cutting, gluing, some coloring, drawing, and solving some exercises in a really fun and engaging way. All the learning process is made so fun!

Unicorns can be made as magical as kids wish, so unicorn workbooks are perfect to create and develop the kid’s creativity. Make your learning fun, colorful and creative!

Narwhal & Jelly: Book & Puppet Set. Get your own Sea-Unicorn

Narwhal: unicorn of the sea, book & toy set for toddlers.

If your Toddlers love unicorns, there is a high chance they might be into Narwhals- whales with unicorn horns– as well. Not so much of fluffy rainbow magic, but still down-to-Earth, even down-to-sea unicorns. In their own cute way.

This book and narwhal toy set has New York Times bestseller Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea with its three amazing stories as well with the adorable plush Narwhal to be the real friend for the toddler as well as the companion on the adventures: on books and on discovering life.

Love the idea that besides regular teddy… and unicorn… there can be lovely plush narhwhal.

Let the imagination flow with unicorns!

For toddlers, unicorn books are a great way to let the imagination flow and learn the creativity – everything is possible. There are no right or wrong colors or answers, what is more, even more magic can be created easily. Take the advantages on that!

PS: You may want to have a look best unicorn books for preschoolers and make sure you comment your favorite ones for reccommendation.

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