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List of the Best Unicorn Books for Preschoolers. Storybooks & Activity Books📚

Books are thrilling! And unicorn books, especially if made for kids are really magical. They are full of colors, they have unlimited creativity and they always have some lesson to teach and some hope to build.

There is never enough magic at home, so we have a few suggestions for the best and kids’ favorite unicorn books for their preschool age. It is time for colors, curiosity, and adventures. In case you wish to add some unicorn movies, we have made our selection of unicorn movies we recommend, plenty of cartoons there as well.

Get the tips for best unicorn books for preschoolers. Raise the kids who enjoy the reading!

We have covered books:

Unicorn Literature Story Books

Sparkling unicorns, princess castles, dark magic and real friendship can all be found from these books, put in simple language and attractive pictures for kids. The story always have something to teach for the kids through the friendship and the endless battle of good and bad. The dash of unicorn magic keeps the curiosity!

These are the unicorn books for preschoolers they miss from their bookshelf:

Uni the Unicorn – The Series About Believing and Friendship

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Uni the Unicorn - book for preschoolers.

Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a lovely book about the world through unicorn eyes. It is a heart-warming story of a unicorn, who believed that little girls are real, no matter what everybody else says!

Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s New York Times bestselling story of friendship, unicorns, and the power of believing! 

Once finished the first book and you see, there is a little fan of unicorns tells about it day and night, “Uni the Unicorn” also has some sequals:

Uni the Unicorn and the dream come true book


Uni the Unicorn and the Dream Come True – in this adventure The Land of Unicorns is in trouble, since it has been continously raining (well, some of you know the feeling, I do) and as we learn from the book, golden sun is one of the source of unicorn magic.

I must say, the story is really catchy!


Uni the unicorn: Uni's first sleepover book

Uni the Unicorn Uni’s First Sleepover – this book starts out with pictures and step-by-step you can step into the easy reading part which makes it perfect for ay preschoolers. In this adventure, you can join Uni’s first sleepover where she learns a lot of magical games.

Perhaps you can use a few on next one yourself!


A Unicorn Named Sparkle – A Series About Real Friendship

by Amy Young

Sparkle sounds like a really proper name for a unicorn!

A Unicorn Named Sparkle book

So A Unicorn Named Sparkle: A Picture Book by Amy Young is a colorful book with a really heart-warming story. A girl named Lucy sees an ad in the newspaper for a unicorn she can order for 25 cents. So she sends in her money and waits for long weeks while already imagining herself to have a perfect unicorn.

Once the unicorn arrives… his ears are too long, the horn is too short and Lucy has some hesitation, is this the unicorn she was expecting…

TIP: A Unicorn Named Sparkle official website has also “find your Sparkle” Storytime activity kit you can download for free to make the reading experience more engaging.

A new Friend for Sparkle book

Sparkle adventures will continue in the series book #2 A New Friend for Sparkle: A Story About A Unicorn Named Sparkle where Lucy actually found out that Sparkle was the exact right unicorn for her! In this book, Lucy makes a new friend and Sparkle is worried that it means she doesn’t care about him anymore.

It explains perfectly to kids the basics about friendship and caring in a pure magical way!

A Unicorn Named Sparkle First Christmas Book

Sparkle and Lucy adventures will continue in A Unicorn Named Sparkle’s First Christmas which is probably more Christmas story about Christmas fun as making a snowman, hang stockings, make cookies and buy presents.

So it would be lovely reading to get the Christmas boost and do those activities at home as well… But all in all, most kids wish every day could be Christmas anyway!

And we know, Sparkle will be in the wishlist to Santa!

Tips & Tricks: “How To Catch A Unicorn”

by Adam Wallace

One super fun story with colorful drawings and the rhyming text is How To Catch A Unicorn by Adam Wallace. You can already imagine how the story goes by the cover picture.

How to catch a unicorn book

It has some tips on how to catch a unicorn and where unicorns like to spend their free day. You can expect a lovely story, but also engaging comic-style now and there and you can even guess, how the story ends and see will you be able to catch one of the most elusive mythical creatures.

Catchy reading indeed!

How to Catch a Unicorn” is NYT bestseller! Once your preschooler has cought a unicorn and loved the journey, there are also other books from the same series and author to catch some mythical creatures:

  • How to Catch a Mermaid
  • How to Catch a Dragon
  • How to Catch a Dinosaur

Could be nice bundle for a birthday!

“I’m a Unicorn” – Easy and Educative

by Mallory C Loehr

I'm a unicorn

I’m a Unicorn” by Mallory C Loehr is a cute and educative book that introduces its reader unicorn powers, habits and lookalike. You can find out how magical unicorns are. The soft pastel colors, kid-friendly pictures made by Disney artist Joey Chou and simple text make it a nice opportunity to get to know the world of unicorns.

Lovely story and better idea who the unicorns really are!

Once you liked the book, the same series also gives a kid-friendly opportunity to meet the sea unicorns or whales with unicorn horns– narwhals: “I’m a Narwhal” by Mallory C Loehr. Nice way to actually get to know those creatures as well!


“Unicorns Are Real!” – Let ‘s Make It Clear

by Holly Hatam

Unicorns Are Real! book for preschoolers

“Mommy, are unicorns real?” can be the question your little unicorn fan keeps on asking. “Unicorns Are Real!” by Holly Hatam gives a clear answer on this. Of course, they are!

What is more, you learn what the unicorns are made of and fun facts. For example, did you know that unicorns polish their horns with fairy dust and moonbeams? You will learn more amazing facts about those mythical one-horned creatures. Dig into this wonderful book!

Holly Hatam is #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator

If your little ones is really into this, Holly Hatam has made it into series. You can investigate more mythical creatures that are real:

  • Dragons Are Real!

“You Don’t Want A Unicorn” – Be Careful What Pet You Wish For

By Ame Dyckman

"You don't want a unicorn" picture book.

Once the negotiations either to pet a dog or a unicorn get too fierce, here is a book to bring out – “You Don’t Want A Unicorn” by Ame Dyckman. It is a story about a boy who has a wish to pet a unicorn… and his dream comes true! But he has no idea, what kind of trouble he is into now.

A fun story with colorful and engaging pictures tell exactly the pros and cons of petting a unicorn. You will have a blast going through this when pets are the topic!

The story is about friendship between a boy and a unicorn.

“Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great”… but So Are Goats

Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great book

By Bob Shea

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great” by Bob Shea is a story about an unusual friendship between a goat and a unicorn. Goat thought his bike was cool until he saw unicorn could fly to school… but at the same time unicorn sees being goat could be pretty great.

Unicorn is not so great after all

Humorous and simple pictures make this book brilliant to look for adults as well! I tried and enjoyed it a lot!

This book also has a sequel: Unicorn Is Not So Great After All where unicorn’s and goat’s adventures continue in a bit different way where unicorn has lost his magic.

Peppa Pig &

Hope you enjoy going through those books as much as your preschooler. Once you like to add some more magic, you can also consider the unicorn bookmark that accidentally appears once opening the book again!

Unicorn Books for Curious Kids

Most of the kids are curious. “Why is this so?”, “What is that?” , “Who is there?”… are just a few of the questions you might hear on a daily bases. If the questions are about unicorns, there is a high chance you find some answers from this blog… or you can just get the right book on the kids’ hands or for bedtime stories. Here are our favorite books for super-curious unicorn fans:

All Answers About Unicorns: Unicorns 101

Unicorns 101 - book to know fun facts about unicorns

By Cale Atkinson

A unicorn fan? But how much you really know them? In “Unicorns 101” by Cale Atkinson you have an opportunity to reveal mind-blowing unicorn facts that has been heard never before.

Get ready to “wow” and “laugh” and get to know unicorns way better! And the pictures are mind-blowingly fun!

Did you know? At one time in history, there were dino-corns!

Tips For Superheroes: Unicorn Handbook (The Powerpuff Girls)

by Brandon T. Snider

Unicorn Handbook

Power Puff Girls x Unicorn Power? What is the result? A lot of fun, magic and a great friendship! Get ready to reveal everything that needs to be done to be a real friend and a true unicorn. Learn all: starting from feeding and finishing up with care about unicorns. Unicorn Handbook (The Powerpuff Girls) by Brandon T. Snider is helping you on your way

This handbook is informative but can also be considered as an activity book- there are a few tasks to complete and think with kids. Get some time for digging into!


Unicorn Activity Books: Hours of Unicorn Fun

All hands-on activities are so important to develop creativity in kids! Unicorns can help a lot there! With its magical, mystical and stunning appearance it gives the self-confidence and the dare to dream.

We chose some of our favorite unicorn activity books to spend hours of unicorn fun: quizzes, coloring sheets, activity sheets or making exciting new things. They are all here:

  • Unicorn Coloring Book: For Kids Ages 4-8 (50 designs)
    Unicorn Coloring Book: For Kids Ages 4-8 (50 designs)
    Hands on!
  • Magical Unicorn Activity Book for Kids : Mazes, coloring, Dot to dot, Tracing Lines:
    Magical Unicorn Activity Book for Kids : Mazes, coloring, Dot to dot, Tracing Lines:
    Hands on!
  • Unicorn Activity Workbook: Game For Learning, Coloring, Dot To Dot, Mazes, Word Search and More!
    Unicorn Activity Workbook: Game For Learning, Coloring, Dot To Dot, Mazes, Word Search and More!
    Hands on!
  • Unicorn Activity Book for Kids ages 4-8 (25 coloring and 25 activity pages)
    Unicorn Activity Book for Kids ages 4-8 (25 coloring and 25 activity pages)
    Hands on!
  • Where's the Unicorn?: A Magical Search-and-Find Book
    Where’s the Unicorn?: A Magical Search-and-Find Book
    Find The Unicorn
  • Press Out and Color: Unicorns (20 magical decorations)
    Press Out and Color: Unicorns (20 magical decorations)
    Hands on!

Hope you found the unicorn creative fun for hours!

What are your favorite unicorn-themed activities?

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