Birthdays for small children are always magical, but the fifth birthday might be up there as one of the most important and special. At this age, children have really grasped the concept of birthdays, of gifts and friends and activities and cake. Making the fifth birthday one of the most magical imaginable is therefore important, and unicorns are a wonderful way to do it.

Unicorns have a proud history stretching back throughout the years, and they make for a beautiful party theme. There are so many different options available, you’re sure to find things to match your tastes with no problem!

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All parties start with invitations; how else are you going to let your little guests know about the celebration! And what better way to establish the theme early on than with a super cute or beautiful unicorn invitation? There are so many options out there, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one you love.

1) If you love the power of technology and you don’t want the hassle of sending or handing out physical invites, this phone invitation might be ideal. It’s cute, pink, and very bright, and I love that cartoon unicorn prancing so proudly across the top. Everything can be edited to suit your party, and the other parents will probably love you for ensuring they have one less piece of paper to keep track of! This is also a great way to help the environment by cutting down on unnecessary paper use in glorious unicorn style.

2) If you prefer traditional invites and a hard copy for the more personal touch, these invites offer a really beautiful handmade option. I really like that unicorn rearing in front of that gorgeous pastel rainbow, and there certainly wouldn’t be any confusion over your theme with this! You can personalize all the information on the front so you don’t have to write them all out yourself, and you get your choice of pink or white envelopes. You can even request an adjustment to the colors if you want. I think if I received one of these, I’d definitely be keeping it as a little memento of the party!

3) For those parents who want a very coordinated theme, you might want to get decorations along with the invitation, and you can do that with this one. I immediately fell in love with the colors here; they’re so magical and soft and pearly, and the unicorn stands out very nicely against the background. You can choose just the invitation, or add a selection of decorations to go with it, and as it’s downloadable, you won’t need to wait for anything to arrive in the post; just click and print! This is perfect for people who would like their child’s party to be done in matching unicorn magic.

4) Another really pretty digital download, this invitation is such a lovely deep blue, I can’t resist it. It can be refreshing to have a change from pinks and whites, and this invitation still manages to be vibrant and bright and unicorn-y. It reminds me of a deep, secret forest, where unicorns might gather – especially with all those flowers around the edge. The marbled effect is gorgeous, and this might be my personal favorite card from all the picks here. Blue and gold – how stylish can it get!

5) If you are more of a pink person, you might love this invite, which has very lovely flowers – beautifully shaded – in peaches and soft rose tones. I love how the black background makes the design stand out so vividly, and how simple and clean the invite looks overall. I think any little girl would be thrilled to be handing this out to all her friends, and the information the other parents will need is nice and clear. This is also downloadable, so minimizes hassle when you’ve got plenty of other things to organize!

6) For a couple of seriously cute-looking unicorns, look no further than this invitation. With such happy magical equines on the invite, the party is bound to be a success, and those gorgeous little rainbow sweets and flowers just add to the aesthetic! I really like the overall design of this one, and you can choose whether you want a digital form, or a printed version, so if you don’t have easy access to a printer or you’d rather just get the cards shipped ready to hand out, this would be a great choice of invite. It even includes the envelopes you’ll need, so it really is minimum fuss.

7) If you want a very artsy look to your invites, this lovely leaping unicorn invitation could be the way to go. Those watercolor-looking hearts at the top match the unicorn perfectly, in a soft and magical wash of color. The plain white background makes for a very clean look, and all the information needed is very clearly printed, so parents can get what they need at a glance. This is another digital option for if you prefer to print the invites yourself, especially if you’re running low on time!

8) Our final pick is for parents who want a realistic-looking magical unicorn on the front of their invites; this invitation really goes the distance in terms of being mystical and beautiful. That soft blue and purple tinting, with the bright rainbow, is perfect!

Decorations and Supplies for Perfect Unicorn Party

No party is a party without some great decor, and once again, there are some great unicorn options out there to get the room looking magical.


9) You might like these “I believe in unicorns” balloons, which look great with those confetti spots on them! They would be great fun for the kids to bat around and enjoy.

10) If you’re looking for something more colorful which can go up on the wall, this balloon garland would make a great addition to any unicorn party, and could go above the table or framing doorways or a photo area.

11) Alternatively, this garland has two actual unicorn balloons in it, and such beautiful bright colors setting off their pretty manes. Either – or both – would look amazing!

Wall Decor

13) If you want something you could then transfer to your child’s room and let them enjoy all year round, this glimmering iridescent lettering unicorn wall decor might be perfect. It’s got lovely, loopy font, and just looks so magical with the light sparkling off it. Great for a party, and also great for everyday magic in a child’s bedroom!

14) For turning a plain wall into a magical waterfall of bright unicorn color, this iridescent curtain would be ideal. I love the sparkly aesthetic, and I think this would make any room look ready for a party. It’s bright and shimmery, and if you could hang it in a doorway, the kids would love darting back and forth through the magical “unicorn mane” – though it might get tangled up. As an alternative, you could have this lovely starry curtain, which would look just as beautiful, and might be easier to extract small children from.

15) If you want a few puffs of really magical rainbow clouds around the room, these tulle pompoms would be ideal. They’re very soft, gentle colors, but still look bright and beautiful, and would be perfect hanging from the ceiling. They’re also reusable, so you could get them out year after year to enjoy their magic!

Other Decor

16) To brighten up your table or other surfaces a bit, this unicorn rose petal confetti is a lovely, unique idea. Made from satin, they would last well and could be reused for other occasions, and I think they’d look fantastic scattered around, making a natural, magical look perfect for unicorns. Alternatively, this pink unicorn confetti would also look great scattered around, and you could even put some in party bags for the kids to take home.

17) If you need to use disposable tableware, you could also decorate with these lovely paper plates. They’re so bright and pretty, and with that gorgeous unicorn on the front, they’d look fantastic at any party. You can even purchase matching napkins and beautiful party bags to complete the set. Get these on the table, and you’ll have a truly magical theme going on, and your party will look so organized and put-together.

18) You could also have some of these unicorn party favors as a cute form of decor your little guests would just love. They make for nice favors, though they will probably be eaten before you can blink! I like that you get a personalized card to go with them.

Unicorn 5th Birthday Outfits

For a just-turned-five-year-old, an outfit might be one of the most important parts of the day, and there are some amazing unicornizing things they can wear!

18) As a starting point, I love this glittery unicorn crown; everyone knows kids love to wear things with their age emblazoned on them when they hit a new milestone, and this would be a perfect way to make your little girl feel like the queen of the party!

19) Alternatively, this crown has beautiful pastel unicorn flowers, glittery ears, and a stunning unicorn horn which would look absolutely incredible to finish off any unicorn outfit.

20) This rainbow outfit would satisfy almost any little girl for being bright and beautiful, and it would definitely make a splash on a unicorn day. The tutu skirt looks amazingly vibrant, and with the big glittery “5,” they’re going to love it. You can even choose which accessories you want. Alternatively, this rainbow tutu comes with a long-sleeved top, perfect for if you’re going to be outdoors later in the year, especially if you’re a tired of all the pink that surrounds little girls’ clothes! 

21) For those who would prefer a pastel option, this tutu dress looks pretty spectacular! I love the soft colors, and how fluffy and full it is – perfect for feeling really special on a special day. You can choose the length, and you can pretty much guarantee magical unicorn photos with this!

22) If you just want a skirt to match a top you already have, this rainbow tutu skirt has simply stunning colors, so rich and lovely, and would look fantastic with its accompanying hair-ties. You could pair it with this shirt, which is plain enough that it won’t clash, but will leave your guests in no doubt about who the lucky birthday girl is!

23) For a lavender option with gold accents, this unicorn outfit would look gorgeous on any little girl, and I love the rearing unicorn on the shirt. The affirmation on it is a great, positive message to be sending, and I think they’d love wearing this on other days of the year too! You can select other color options, including as blue and gold or aqua and gold from the seller’s shop.

Activities and Games for 5th Unicorn Birthday Party

24) Good games can be the making of a party, and at 5, kids are just getting old enough to enjoy a whole range of things with slightly less adult supervision necessary! If you’re looking for some inspiring ideas, this free printable lets you make a unicorn-themed board game, complete with a fun dice! It looks great, especially if you’re having a small party; if you’ve got lots of guests, you might need to divide into groups and provide a few copies.

25) If you’re a crafty parent and you think it would be fun to tap into a bit of creativity, this tutorial will guide you through making some unicorn masks. If you think some of this might be beyond your guests, you could make a few bits in advance, and then help them stick, glue, or color for a fun party activity. These will double nicely as a party favor! If that seems too daunting, why not just draw some cute unicorns for them to color, using thick marker pens so they get a clear outline?

26) Alternatively, if all your guests are long-haired and enjoy a bit of a salon experience, you could do some unicorn hairstyles – though this is probably an activity for small parties, unless you have patient kids and a few extra parental hands! You could combine this with unicorn face painting like this for a really fun look, and some great photos!

27) If you’d rather purchase, there are also some great options, like this adopt-a-unicorn kit. The guests will have great fun naming and imagining their unicorn foals, and this looks like a brilliant way to add a bit of magic and fun! Alternatively, there is this bumper unicorn activity kit, which looks like it’s full of coloring activities to keep your guests occupied for hours! 

28) If your guests are getting tired and want to relax with a movie and some unicorn popcorn, why not pick up a copy of The Last Unicorn, which would be just perfect for your theme, and would make for a nice calm end to a busy day! My goddaughter turns five for her next birthday, and I think she would love this as a way to end her party.

29) Alternatively, if you’re entertaining the sort of kids who can never sit still for five minutes, why not get them all dancing around to this Unicorn Song? It’s lovely and bright and cheerful, and they can have great fun leaping around like unicorns!

Unicorn Party Food

Before you dive in, We’ve already covered a few amazing unicorn party foods in our following articles. Be sure to check them out for some spectacular ideas about unicorn-themed foods:

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As there are so many options out there, here are a few that we think five-year-olds will just love sharing with their friends! 

Savory Foods

30) First up are these rainbow tortilla wraps, which would look totally magical displayed on a plate together. You could always switch the ingredients up a bit; all that matters is that you get a nice bright rainbow! This post displays rainbow tortilla wraps too (about a third of the way down) with simpler fillings, which might be more suitable if you have fussy five-year-olds to cater for.

31) Bagels are another popular treat with kids, and if you’ve got a bit of time to make some batter before party day, these rainbow bagels would wow any kid! I rather fancy a bite of these myself, especially with all that lovely cream cheese in the middle. These are nice and easy to eat, which is great for party food, and I think they’d look amazing. You could even display them on a paper cone like a unicorn horn!

32) If the kiddies you’re catering for will eat a few veggies, these rainbow kebabs look incredible, and again, you can adjust the ingredients to suit the party-goers’ tastes! You could also do fruit kebabs if you feel these might be a bit challenging; either way, they’ll look amazing.

33) If you’ve got a small enough party going that you can whip up a few pancakes, these rainbow ones also look totally incredible, especially with the fruit on either end. You could just as easily serve these in bowls to minimize mess; the kids will just be wowed by all those bright and beautiful colors.

Sweet Unicorn Foods

34) It’s not tricky to find ideas for sweet unicorn food, but here are a few of our favorites! To continue the kebab theme, these sweet kebabs look fabulously rainbow, and might be a great option if you don’t want to DIY all the food. Those bright colors could be straight from unicorn-land.

35) If you’re prepared to get creative in the kitchen, these unicorn marshmallow pops look super cute, and I think they’d be so popular with the little ones. You’d definitely better make a double batch, because they’ll probably be gone in minutes! You can have so much fun with the bright colors and could even add a sprinkle of edible glitter!

36) For a simple and relatively quick recipe, this unicorn bark still looks amazing, and I think it would please any little kid. Sticky fingers galore are pretty much guaranteed, but you’ll be parent of the year with this stuff, and you could even use some to decorate the cake. I love that you can theme the colors to your party; this is so perfect!

37) These rainbow fudge bars would also make a lovely, easy-to-eat unicorn snack, and they look fairly simple too. I love the decorations on the top, and think you could get so creative with a bit of edible glitter, or chocolate drops! 

38) A party isn’t a party without a few cupcakes, and I’m totally in love with these purple cupcakes. They look reasonably easy to pull off if you’re handy in the kitchen, and that galaxy icing with the little edible stars makes them so magical and beautiful. Imagine a plateful of these; they won’t last long!

The Cake

39) The final element of the party, the cake, might just be the most important aspect – and often isn’t easy to pull off well, unless you happen to be handy in the kitchen! One option to minimize having to bake yourself is this amazing A4 unicorn cake topper, which allows you to bake (or buy) an easy plain rectangular cake and still display incredible unicorn magic at your party. Think how excited your child will be cutting into something that looks this beautiful!

40) If you are feeling reasonably confident in your baking skills, or you have a local bakery you can talk to, this unicorn cake looks fabulous, and says it’s pretty easy! I absolutely love the golden horn, and think you could get so creative with the decoration once you had the basic cake underway. I think the biggest risk for me would be going overboard with the icing and decor! I do love the colors chosen here, but it would be very easy to switch them to fit in with a different theme if you wanted to.

41) For something in between, this rainbow-topped cake, with its lovely marshmallow clouds, is certainly still creative, and you can either purchase or make a plain white cake to go beneath it. I think it would be even nicer with a little toy unicorn figurine trotting across the rainbow, but whatever you do, the kids will love it! It’s fantastic and simple and utterly adorable.

Wrapping Up

We hope you’ve got plenty of inspiration to get that fifth birthday well underway! There are so many incredible unicorn things out there – because unicorns are truly wonderful, and what better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than by brightening it up with these mythical equines? That magical five will be really truly magical with some of these ideas to make it so.

We’d love to hear about any other ideas or things you think we should have included on this list, and we hope you have an amazing and special day with your little one and those unicorns! I’ve certainly got some plans to spread the magic at my goddaughter’s next birthday – let’s hope her mom likes unicorns as much as me!