As a fan of unicorns, the unicorn horn, also called as alicorn –  is always one of the most mystical parts of unicorns. But what does a unicorn horn really look like? Like this?


As by Wikipedia, a unicorn is said to be a legendary creature with a single large, pointed and spiraling horn on its forehead. There are several pictures, stories, films and books from the old times up to nowadays proving us the same – their long and sharp horn with the spiral on it is pretty unique for the Unicorns. Especially the spiraling part of the horn.

Here is also an easy tutorial to draw and make one Unicorn Horn by yourself. But you can also be creative and come up with your own solution:

Have fun!

Unicorn Horn – A Wand of a Unicorn?

Unicorns are magical and unicorn horns are always described as long, sharp and spiraling. So we can even consider unicorn horns as a wand of unicorns. The look is pretty similar as we know from the world’s most known wizards like Gandalf or Harry Potter. Even more noticeable connection is the fact that the unicorn hair was one of the wand cores in the Harry Potter book series. And the core was actually giving the real power to the wand.


Unicorn with its horn does look like a wizard who has reached out the hands to do the magic – especially if you picture a unicorn who has raised itself up to 2 – like the horse on Ferrari logo. Pretty grand and magical!

Following the theory that Unicorn horn looks like a wand – there is actually no coincidence that unicorns horns have magical powers. Not really having the sparkles or stars coming out of the horn (even though it might be so these days), but from the 13th century, people have believed the unicorn horn power to heal people from different diseases like measles and rubella. So it happened that Unicorn Horn became as one of the most expensive remedies during the Renaissance. Unicorn horn is also the reason why unicorns are connected with the history of medicine.

Beware, Unicorn Spear!

Wands can kill, so a sharp Unicorn horn can be easily compared to a spear as the primary weapon for a unicorn to protect itself. That sounds scary, however, some wizards have gone rogue as well! And so have probably a few unicorns!

Unicorn Horn As a Cup of Mithridate

From the old times, unicorn horn has been used as a cup to drink from. So we can easily describe unicorn horn looking sharp and long and as the nice champagne glass in these days.

Already Roman author Claudius Aelianus has mentioned that drinking from Unicorn horn is not only magical, but it also protects against diseases and poisons. Another cool fact is that it can have a nice placebo effect as well. Sip your favorite drink from the glasses look spirally and tip-pointed from the down- just exactly like Unicorn Horns.

Spiral wine glass

Not only classy but also good for your health! Cheers!

What color is Unicorn horn?

Unicorn horn appearance obviously depends on unicorn’s color. Those magical creatures are naturally said to be white – the symbol of purity and grace. Sometimes, unicorns are silver. Sometimes they are green, sometimes they are black. Unicorn color can vary a lot!

Unicorn horn has not been detected to have a specific color.  However, they are usually said to be either golden, silver, black or white. It still leaves plenty of room for the imagination and magic over there. If you want to imagine your unicorn with a lovely pink horn, that is fine – your unicorn horn can easily look like a Strawberry popsicle. If you want to see unicorn horn with rainbow colors to brighten up your day- that is also a possible color combination for the unicorn horn.

So if you wish, prefer to believe unicorn in neutral colors to keep their purity. If you feel like some color is needed, may your imaginary unicorn horn be as yellow as the bananas or as blue as the clear sky. Everything is allowed!

Different variations of unicorn horn

Things that look like Unicorn horn

Unicorn horn has a very specific and cool look. Here is my top list of things I came out with, that looks like a unicorn horn. Maybe you have things to add to the list? Feel free to comment!

Modern way of unicorn horn- a drill


If you would ask from me, what does the Unicorn horn look like, I would answer it is like a more developed, more pure, way more magical and sharpened drill. No kidding –  It is sharp, it is long and it has the spiral. Drills do miss the magic and WOW effect and have no healing power either protection against poison. But drills can make holes. Isn’t that a superpower?

Spiral Popsicle/ Ice Cream

Seriously, you know those colorful juice sticks?

Spiral popsicle molds for unicorn popsicle.

At least here we have many of them in a spiral way – very fun to lick and follow those spirals. If you come to think about it, they are exactly like imaginary colorful Unicorn horns. What are unicorn horns made of? Popsicles! How about making one popsicle horn yourself? It is easy.

CountryLiving gives you 40 different variations with the prep time around 10 minutes, attach to spiral molds and enjoy your Unicorn Horn power. Both kids and grown-ups approve, I assure!

MakeUp Brush

Unicorn horn lookalike Makeup brushes

Whenever I do my easy makeup in the morning and take the brush – it has the hair, it has the “horn” and here we go again. I have my makeup bag full of Unicorn horns. How cool and magical – and guess, what? They bring the magic with me everywhere. Those are also very easy to get for yourself.

Check out this amazing bunch of Your own Unicorn horn lookalike makeup brushes. They are made for any unicorn lovers!