Group of unicorns as Blessing, Glory and Marvel.
Group of Unicorns – the real blessing.

What is a group of unicorns called?” is a pretty popular quiz question with an absolutely magical and unexpected out-of-box style of answer. According to DoYouKnowStuff and Quora, a group of unicorns is called a blessing. Blessing of Unicorns!

Lucky to be blessed

“Blessing” based on the Oxford Dictionaries is explained as “Gods Favor and protection” with the explanation “may God continue to give his blessing”.

Blessing samples have been involved as the prayer, grace or support. Unicorns, indeed have a different connection with the Bible, but it still comes down to the question of why there is a connection between “unicorns” and “blessing”?

The real reason, why a group of Unicorns is called Blessing remains pretty mystic- which is actually expected as unicorns are mystical creatures. I myself like to believe and support the storyline of Unicorns being the ultimate symbol of innocence and real magic. They are pure and white in their unrealistic perfect way.

Therefore the opportunity to see a unicorn is rather rare and can be considered as pure luck-success-magic put in one word. In fact, if you are lucky enough to see a unicorn, you have already been rewarded with an amazing experience! So whenever you are lucky enough to see a group of Unicorns, you absolutely are blessed! Somehow favored and protected by God or some Holy Spirits. So hence, the true blessing of Unicorns!  

Glory and Marvel of Unicorns

If you happen to see the group of Unicorns then you are not only blessed, but blessed with Glory and Marvel. According to CollectiveNounsList, the collective noun – name for collection or a number of people or things– for Unicorn is not only a Blessing, but it can be Glory or Marvel as well. Which means that a Group of Unicorns can easily be called “Glory of Unicorns” or “Marvel of Unicorns”.

Based on the similarity with horses, a group of unicorns can be  called unicorn herd
Blessing, Glory, Marvel or a horse herd?

Since Unicorns do carry magic and mystic with them, it is obvious and no coincidence that the words and phrases that go together with Unicorns are as magical, enchanting and extraordinary as well.

I am sure it is not even possible to remember any bad or negative thoughts whenever meeting a Unicorn. Not even talking about the opportunity to meet a group of them – the only words to spread out and call Unicorns are already unbelievable. You think different? Tell your friend you saw a group of Unicorns. On a field. Eating Grass.

Me:I saw Marvel of Unicorns!”  

My friend:You meant Unicorns in Marvel comic books? I thought they existed in Harry Potter.

But still – Marvel of Unicorns is not the bunch of Marvel comicbook characters. Those are called “The Avengers” these days. As a group of Unicorns brings Blessing, Glory and Marvel – we can also name the group of those magical creatures as Blessing, Glory or Marvel of Unicorns.

Any other options for naming the group of Unicorns?

Although “blessing” is one of the best possible happenings, it still feels a bit different from what a group of animals is normally called. We are talking about wolfpack, bevy, clowder, herd…

Since horses are relatively similar to Unicorns, if we skip the horn and Unicorns magical powers, I truly believe a group of Unicorns can as well easily be called Unicorn herd.

Unicorn herd” as a statement obviously loses the pinch of magic surrounding those creatures. The excitement of meeting unicorns can be easily downgraded from the unbelievable magical story back to the reality check, where there is the herd of horses, sheep or even goats. Even if little hesitation will blend in… are you sure, those were Unicorns you saw?

Magic only works if you believe in it. Seeing a group of Unicorns works similarly.

If you browse around the Internet, you can find different pictures of Unicorns, pictures of Blessings. It is amazing that quite a few of those pictures are not painted by artists. They are photos made by regular people who really saw unicorns. Blessed people. People with Marvel and Glory.

What is more amazing is the fact that I happened to scroll through my photo library in iCloud when suddenly, I noticed the picture of the herd of wild horses I took a few years ago in the trip to North Carolina.

Group of unicorns or horseherd? It is up to your imagination, how you call it.
Group of Unicorns can be easily called Your Imagination. It works, just believe in it!

I started to stare at the picture and now noticed that even though I remembered a colorful herd, all horses are actually pure white. Watching them brings me to a sort of peacefulness and I may even start noticing little horns on their forehead… This is a Blessing! To have the imagination of seeing the magic of unicorns in a regular horseherd. So a group of unicorns can be easily called as imagination in this sense.

With Unicorns or without –  it is a heartwarming statement to call a group of unicorns – imaginary or real- a blessing.