Unicorns are magical creatures✨ And magic always means certain powers that are out of “normal” and only possible in stories and movies. Unicorns carry many different kinds of powers, even superpowers if we may say so. No surprise we meet those one-horned creatures in fantasy worlds, they have a place in healing mythology and these days we can even see Marvel’s famous anti-hero Deadpool riding a unicorn! Or at least trying.

Deadpool riding a unicorn.
Even Marvel Superheroes are using the power of unicorns these days.

Ability to make all your wishes come true, magical horns and unbelievable strength that would challenge even the Amazing Hulk are just a few of the powers unicorns have.

Most of the unicorn’s magic is put on its unique sharp horn that actually looks like a powerful wand. It makes unicorns look pure and innocent creatures. At the same time, the horn is also unicorns’ most dangerous weapon.

As there are tens or hundreds of different interpretations of a unicorn – from silver majestic unicorns to fluffy pink rainbow ones, there are tens of different powers they are said to have. We list you our favorite ones that may surprise you and show why unicorns are so widely spread through times and stories.

Mysterious and Wild

Unicorns are mysterious. Even though we all wish to see one, most of us have not. We have just read about them from books and saw them in movies. All we know about unicorns are just rumors, imagination and wild guesses. There are no scientific proofs they exist and none that they don’t. This means unicorns have the power to keep secrecy and caginess around them, throughout the centuries. So we just keep wondering, are they real at all? Is their magic true? where to find them? So many questions and a simple wish to dive into their magic and get the answers.

Legends say that even though unicorns are rare and unique, people with some luck and a pure heart can actually see them. Unicorns can even be caught but a single unicorn can’t be tamed. Being untamable is another ability we can assimilate with unicorns. They like to keep their wildness and freedom so You could have more luck with taming dragons as we have learned from Game of Thrones…

Unicorns have several powers - healing powe, supreme speed and strenght are only few of them.
Unicorns are mystical creatures with several magical powers.

Unicorns Mindful Powers

Magic and blessing (see the article about A group of unicorns – Unicron blessing) around unicorns is not fortuitous. It is a clear fact!  Unicorns have magical powers that make them perfectly fit to all those amazing fantasy stories and wizarding worlds we know them from.

Since unicorns are the symbols of pureness and grace, they are fulfilling the wishes of those who are pure at their heart. So be good, be thankful, pure on mindset and careful what you wish. If you believe in unicorns, they will do the rest for you!

But if your heart is shady, beware of unicorns! They have a natural power of lie detector. Unicorn senses the mean energy and black magic so it can pierce the heart of the liar with its sharp horn. Even if you have bad intentions, seeing these pure, mesmerizing and magical creatures could probably encourage rethinking all the evil plans and carrying forward only beautiful and positive actions. Unicorns do have the power to get the best out of people and direct them out of their dark side.

Unicorn Horns’ Magical Powers

Unicorn horn has the healing powers- it cures different diseases and making water clear from the poison.
Unicorn horn is the most powerful body part of a unicorn.

From different sources, including Wikipedia and UnicornsRule the biggest and most powerful capabilities of a unicorn have been given to the Unicorn horn which is also called alicorn. It’s a long, sharp and spiral-shaped horn that has the power to cure diseases like measles, rubella, fever, and pain. To get well, you need to let the unicorn horn touch you gently or drink the liquid that the horn has touched.

Unicorn horn powder can heal the most deadly wounds. Medicine has developed from ancient times but it still seems that it would be handy (and pretty sensational!) to just in case keep a unicorn or two at the hospital backyard. Unicorn horn’s healing power has also associated unicorns with the roots of medical history.

But actually, unicorn horn is even more powerful! According to the facts by Ancient Origins, the Unicorn horn also has the power to clear water from the poison. That is also the reason why unicorns are often symbolically represented by rivers, lakes, fountains, and springs where other animals waited for Unicorn to arrive. Unicorns came and peacefulness flowed through the area. As soon as the unicorn horn touches the water, it was clean and ready to drink. And other animals drink in peace and harmony.

Unicorn horns cleaning power and their majestic appearance is one of the reasons why unicorns have always been loved by other animals. Unicorns don’t have any natural enemies. Nowadays we see that unicorns are also loved by people: by kids and by grown-ups, by businessmen and by housewives. They all find some specific magic in those mystical creatures.

Unicorns Physical Powers: Superhero Level

Can you imagine that unicorns are super strong?

Supreme strenght and speed are the main physical powers unicorns do have.
Unicorns have the Superpowers. Maybe they are our next Superheroes as well?

When thinking of a slender silver Unicorn it is hard to believe that they are also super strong. UnicornLovers proves the fact, that unicorns can easily kill an elephant with its supreme strength and its sharp horn. It is absolutely crazy!

Besides the strength, unicorns also have superspeed they normally use for traveling and for moving across space and time dimensions. And of course, getting over the rainbow!  

Seems we can easily compare Unicorn as today’s Captain Marvel or Superman. Maybe at one point, we can see the Superheroes traveling across the Rainbows and building unicorn armies that help them to save the world? Who knows!

Unicorn As the inspiration and Source of Magic

There is a secret power that unicorns might not be aware of themselves.

Unicorn power to inspire even with easy slippers.
Unicorns have the power to inspire and give hope. I guess everything is possible with those unicorn slippers.

All types of unicorns – realistic and fictional – have impressive power to give a dash of magic into our everyday lives. Would it be a fantasy book with unicorns that keeps us thrilled for weeks or a super awesome Unicorn T-shirt we wear with excitement, it is part of the hope and inspiration about unknown and magic that unicorns bring us. Perhaps you are lucky to see a real unicorn or chasing one in your daily career? In all cases, unicorns sparkle up our casual day with emotions, magic, and hope.

It is amazing how those beloved magical creatures are timeless. People talked about unicorns with the respect already in ancient Greek times and nowadays they still keep on trending. I am wondering when “unicornizing” will make it to the dictionary as an opportunity to express magical-amazing-fantastic emotions! Those one-horned horses are a popular inspirational source for design, fantasy, business, and magic. They influence different parties, food, and clothing – for kids and for grown-ups. They are presented even to symbolize success in a startup business which is making them the most valuable creature to chase for! Many try, only a few succeed. So the mystery around them will remain.

UnicornYard – place for your daily dose of magic

For us, unicorns were the ground idea and inspiration to start the UnicornYard. We love the mystical part of unicorns. The fact that those creatures are almost unreachable even though they keep on appearing in our daily life. A coffee mug in the cafeteria, phone case of a teenager I met in Walmart and beautiful origami unicorn from Blade Runner movie which I enjoyed the other night. You notice them in the most unusual places.

We are thrilled with the happiness they bring to humankind and a challenge to chase them. We wish Unicorn Yard to sparkle up some magic into your daily life. We all need that extra dash of magic!