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44 Amazing Unicorn Gifts For Girls 14+, Magical Teenage Dream!

When you’re looking for a gift for a girl, unicorns are often an amazing place to start. They’re beautiful, magical creatures, and represent many wonderful things, including

  • power,
  • freedom,
  • gentility,
  • purity,
  • and mystery.

They have a long history in many different cultures and legends, and are almost universally loved throughout the world, by kids and adults, boys and girls. They make for a special and meaningful present, especially when given with a particular sentiment in mind – so why not make some precious memories with someone you love? Here are some of our favorite unicorn gifts for girls!

PS: The gifts in this article are mostly aimed at older girls; we’ve also got an article for the younger ones, 50 Amazing Unicorn Gifts for Girls 5+, so no matter who you’re looking for, you should find some ideas! Of course, everyone is an individual, so the ages are just approximate guides; we hope you find something useful!

We have made our selection of unicorn gifts for 14+ girls as:

Unicorn themed cakes - perfect sweet gift idea for girls 14+
Teenager girls can find so much magic and inspiration for those mystical creatures. Support the idea

Unicorn Jewelry – perfect gift for teenage girl

Jewelry is a very popular choice for teenage girls, and there’s certainly plenty of options available when it comes to unicorn jewelry! Whether your intended recipient likes braceletsearrings, or necklaces, you’ll find something to suit them, and even a few matching sets so they can feel unicorn-y all over.


Cute and Meaningful Unicorn Locket

Magical Unicorn Locket

First up, lockets make for particularly meaningful gifts, especially if you have a close relationship with the recipient. A picture or a lock of your hair tucked inside will make this gorgeous unicorn locket even more precious, and the unicorn can keep watch over your relationship.

I love the colors, and the power the unicorn is demonstrating as it rears up. This is definitely a piece which would attract attention from others, and you could even slip a secret note or something in there. It looks perfect for celebrating a friendship, or for a mother and daughter, or boyfriend to girlfriend – no matter what love you share, the unicorn will keep it safe for you!

Origami Unicorn

Silver unicorn origami necklace

If you’re looking for a very vivid and eye-catching piece, this origami unicorn necklace might be perfect for you. It’s one of the most unique I’ve ever seen, with clear, clean angles to form a beautiful shape, and it would look stunning with almost any outfit, so your recipient is sure to love it.

It’s polished sterling silver, with a solid silver 16-inch chain, and it would make a great conversation piece, especially if your intended recipient likes geometric shapes. This would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves to draw attention from those around them, and it’s definitely up there as a highly unusual piece of jewelry.

Majestic Silver Unicorn

Personalized silver unicorn necklace

If your intended recipient prefers quieter, more subtle pieces, this silver unicorn is a particularly lovely, graceful necklace. I love the personalization of the initial, and those delicate twists of the horn.

This would look amazing with a casual outfit or for an evening out, so it’s ideal for every aspect of life. Your recipient can take this token of your affection everywhere, and feel the power and protection of unicorns wherever they go!

Personalized Unicorn Fantasy

Personalized girly unicorn necklace

Perhaps one of my favorites, this unicorn necklace would be ideal for a gift from mother to daughter, or a gift between friends. It’s mature and elegant, and such a lovely, simple design, and can be fully personalized for your recipient. I love the decorative little bead, and the simplicity of the disc with the name.

It would also look great with casual or formal-wear, so again, it would be a perfect way for your lucky your recipient to keep some unicorn magic close at all times.

Glow-in-the-dark Magic

Unicorn "glow-in-the-dark" necklace

The final necklace, this glow-in-the-dark silver necklace couldn’t really look much more magical and special. The way the sphere of light glows behind the delicate unicorn torso and head is extremely striking, and I think this would be particularly effective for parties or dark nights gathered around a fire.

I love the elegant design of the unicorn, and this would look great even in daylight, with the lovely blue offsetting the silver nicely. I think anyone would love this, and it’s certainly unusual and different, so would make a great gift!


Unicorn Charm for Pandora bracelet

Pandora Charm

A lot of people prefer bracelets to necklaces, and there are some wonderful unicorn options here too. If your intended recipient has a Pandora bracelet, this little unicorn charm would make a perfect addition to the set!

Colors of Magic

Colorful Unicorn bracelet

If you’d like something a little more standard but still bright and pretty, this unicorn bracelet ticks all the boxes. It’s got soft pastel colors, sweeping hearts, elegant text, and a gorgeous, happy unicorn – what more could you want!

I love that it’s asymmetric and casual, and I think it would look wonderful with pretty much any outfit. This would make a great friendship bracelet, and is adjustable, so you can be sure it will fit nicely regardless of your recipient’s wrist size.

Inspiring and Positive

Positive message unicorn bracelet

These delicate unicorn bracelets are also seriously beautiful, and might be particularly appropriate for evening-wear. I love the way the unicorn is rearing up, and I think it would look amazing against somebody’s wrist, all bright and sparkly.

The bangle is elegant and delicate, and it has such a cute little positive message to make your recipient smile. They’ll get a shot of self-confidence every time they look at it! If anyone’s ever said unicorns are for children or aren’t mature, point them to this bracelet; it’s stunning!

Beauty in Simplicity

Simple silver unicorn bracelet

A firm favorite for me is this sterling silver bracelet. I love the way the unicorn is flying – admittedly few unicorns are depicted with wings, but this is fantasy, so nobody will mind – in its own little circular world. Again, the delicacy and elegance of the chain would make this a lovely piece to wear for an evening out, and it manages to be both dainty and attention-grabbing.

I think it would look particularly nice with a black outfit. You can choose the chain length, so find a sneaky way to measure your recipient’s wrist, and you’ll have their present sorted in no time!


Earrings are a great way to touch up any outfit, and so many people have pierced ears these days. If your friend, daughter, or girlfriend loves to swap their earrings on a regular basis, what could be more appropriate than a new set to mark a special day, or as a “just because” present to make them happy?

Silver Unicorn Head Studs

Unicorn head silver stud earrings

If you liked the golden disk necklaces above, you might like these stylized silver stud earrings. I love the distinctive, curly design of the unicorns, and I think the black looks so striking against the silver. These are delicate and pretty, and I think children and adults would love them!

Bonsny Unique Colorful Acryl Unicorns

Colorful acryl unicorn earrings

For a really arty option, these unicorn earrings look incredible, and would really appeal to anyone who loves bright colors and cheerful patterns. I love the tiny flower details, and they are seriously striking pieces.

At 1.7” long, you can be sure people around will definitely see these, but being acrylic, they’ll still be light enough to wear. If you’re looking for something a bit different to the traditional silver, gold, or rainbow unicorns with flowers and butterflies, these are definitely the way to go – and wow, they’d complete any outfit with a splash of uniqueness.

Colorful and Fun Unicorn Poop

Unicorn rainbow poop stud earrings

On the opposite end of the scale, these little unicorn poop earrings are utterly adorable. I love the idea of them, and they’re so nicely shaped. These are definitely the present for a friend who has a good sense of humor as well as a love for mythical equines – and you can guarantee they’d make a pretty unique gift!

They’re such lovely colors, ideal for parties and summery days out, or to brighten up a smart outfit with a twist of color and fun. If I had these, I’d be wearing them constantly!

Adorable Opal Studs

Colorful Unicorn Studs

Finally, if your recipient likes a bit of sparkle and mystery in their ears, these opal stud earrings make for a great and minimalistic option. They’re seriously pretty and very mature, and could be worn for casual everyday or for evenings out, so they’re very versatile. They’re also sterling silver, so your recipient should be able to wear them as often as they want with no problems. If they’ve got a good sense of style and a love for iridescent magic, these might be the perfect set.

Additions to Organise Your Jewlery

Unicorn Ring Dish

If you’re gifting jewelry, why not include a unicorn jewlery organizer or a lovely unicorn ring dish?

These are great for teenagers who are starting to enlarge their jewelry collections, and would be lovely to add to a themed gift of unicorn-ness!

Unicorn Clothing gift ideas for 14+ girls

You might be shopping for someone who doesn’t wear jewelry, or maybe you just think they have enough – unicorn clothes are another fantastic option with lots of choices and interesting designs.

Hoodie is Always Pop!

Colorful Unicorn Hoodie

First up is this stunning unicorn hoodie, with an amazingly realistic and beautifully colored unicorn splashed over the front. I love the design, particularly with the arty splotches of color and the soft blue. The little extra touches of butterflies and the amazing swirls just add to the piece, and I think if I owned one of these, I would struggle to part with it long enough to wash it! It is adult sized, but might be suitable if you’re buying for an older teenager.

PS: If you are up to unicorn hoodies, we have nice suggestions for unicorn adult hoodies – probably work for teenagers as well.

Good Mood Skirt

Colorful Rainbow Tulle Skirt

For unicorn lovers who are into a bright splash of color, this rainbow tulle skirt is definitely the way to go; it’s beautiful and vibrant, and would look great paired with almost any outfit, especially whites or blacks.

I love the layered effect, and the subtle sparkle of the fabric, and I think both kids and adults would appreciate this skirt.

Eye-Catching Unicorn Denim

Eye-catching unicorn denim jacket

A subtler, more casual option would be this unicorn jacket, which comes in a variety of sizes, and looks like it would wear really well. I love the gentleness in the unicorn’s eyes, and the soft sparkles adorning its mane.

It looks magical and mystical, but also incredibly real; almost any girl would love wearing a unicorn on her jacket, feeling the protection of these majestic equines at her back. Practical, artistic, and quite frankly gorgeous with those pearls, this would make a great and regularly used present.

Socks & Leggins. Safe and Sound!

These leggings are also beautiful and very mature, perfect if you’re gifting to a teen or an adult. I love the cartoon colors and brave look they have These are striking and would look nice with a long t-shirt, under a skirt, or paired with a dress.

Comfy for any activity, leggings are popular with many people, and these look high-quality and very pretty.

Unrealistic creatures on T-Shirt

Unicorn x T-Rex cool t-shirt

Most teens have a great sense of humor, so lots would love this unicorn-riding-a-triceratops shirt. The cute design on a stylish black t-shirt will really appeal, and the funny mix of unicorns and dinosaurs makes this ideal for casual-wear. It comes in various sizes, so you should be able to find something for whatever age you’re purchasing for. If the triceratops doesn’t seem right, you can buy a very similar unicorn-riding-a-T-rex shirt here. The unicorn’s shades throw a slightly more “cool” element on this shirt, but both look great, and would appeal to any girl who loves history and dinos!

Grey unicorn origami tank-top.

Casual and Simple

A trendy and casual option, this gray tank top has a origami unicorn head on it, and would look amazing worn over leggings or jeans. It looks really comfortable, but is still stylish enough to be worn and loved by teenagers.

Unicorn Decorations

Most teenagers love decorating their bedrooms, and there are a few great unicorn products here too. A lot are aimed at younger children, but there are still some options which should appeal to older unicorn lovers!


Cute rainbow unicorn planter for the teenagers room.

Air plants have been a popular trend for a good few years, and this adorable unicorn planter is perfect if your intended recipient would like to get a little air garden going.

It’s simple and unique, and would look amazing standing in a patch of sunlight or on a bookcase. I want a little herd of these myself, scattered around one of my shelves, with their plants growing strong! That unicorn magic has to be perfect for any foliage.

PS: here is alternative cute porcelain planter, could be used for pens as well.

Lovely unicorn porcelain planter

Unicornizing Wall Decor

Effective unicorn canvas

To brighten up the walls, this unicorn canvas is both beautiful and mature. It has a galaxy theme, which is often popular with teenagers, but also manages to portray an elegant, mysterious unicorn.

I love the colors in it, and I think any teen would be happy to hang this up on their wall and remind themselves and any bedroom visitors of the importance of magic.

Wall of Inspiration

Inspirational unicorn canvas for wall

If you think your recipient would like something motivating, this unicorn wall art is realistic and mature enough to appeal to teens, and looks gorgeous with all the motivation it gives. The unicorn looks so real and I love how soft its eyes are; it would make a perfect guardian for a bedside table.

Geometric Origami on a Wall

Geometric unicorn wooden wall decore

For a different look, this geometric unicorn might appeal to teenage girls who are into mathematics and cool shapes. It looks very stylish and modern on the wall, and there’s certainly no question that this is a decoration intended for teenagers or adults. I love the fact you can choose the size, and it looks like it should be nice and light to hang up. You could even gift a couple of these in different sizes, so the lucky recipient can hang a little herd of unicorns in their room.

Soft and Artsy Cushions

Artsy unicorn cushions

To brighten up a chair or bed, this unicorn cushion is one of the most mature I’ve ever seen, but it still manages to be beautiful, with those soft mandala swirls and petals picked out in elegant dots. I love the choice of colors, which remind me of Ancient Greece and mythological unicorns wandering through the realms of history. There’s again no question that this is intended for older girls, and I’d have loved a couple of these as I started to transition into adulthood!

Magical Light in a Bottle

Unicorn themed magical light in wine bottle

Many teens would love this light, partly because it comes in a wine bottle – a symbol of maturity! It would look great standing on a bookcase, and the lights are battery operated, so no need to have wires trailing around.

The painted bottle gives the lights a really soft glow, and the wooden decorations look great silhouetted against it. What better way to brighten up someone’s bedroom than by literally adding lights!

Music magic in a crystal ball

Music Magic In a Crystal Ball

Finally, as a beautiful decoration, this music box crystal ball that just looks incredible! It’s just a perfect thing in a teenage room to fulfill it with real magic. Just turn it on and enjoy the flowing music to help to find a way to dreams. It really looks stunning and works for any age unicorn lover.

Practical Unicorns

If you’re like me, you probably love it when a gift doubles up and is practical as well as pretty. I’m always happy if I see people using something I’ve given them, and unicorns can be useful as well as beautiful! With the nice design, it would be a great unicorn gift idea for girls at their teenage ages as well – the room is their castle at that age!

Treat for Yourself

Unicorn Farts Body Butter

For a bit of luxury, humor, and practicality, this unicorn body butter makes a great, funny present for teenage girls!

Unicorn farts seem to be a timeless joke, and the body butter sounds like it would smell amazing – perfect for these magical equines, because how could they not smell beautiful? This is the ideal way to make your recipient laugh and to treat them to a lovely present at the same time.

Magical Candlelight

Unicorn candle

It’s also been well-established that many teenage girls love candles, so a unicorn candle might be a safe and much-appreciated gift! I love how simple this one is, with the cute unicorn on the top, but it’s a “core candle,” so the unicorn shape will continue down as they burn the candle – and apparently will change to surprise the owner halfway down! You even have a choice of scent, so you can make sure your recipient gets one of their favorite smells to enjoy. Looks like a perfect, inexpensive present to me!

Magical Unicorn Candles.

Here is another option for magical candlelight. These candles have inspiring messages on top of them. So actually every day can be your day!

Magical Cooking Buddy

Funny unicorn apron

It’s certainly a myth that girls belong in the kitchen more than boys, but some teenage girls love cooking and baking, and if that’s the case, this unicorn apron might be a much-appreciated option for them to protect their clothes from splashes and spills.

Let the unicorns guard them in a slightly different way to the usual interpretation, and keep away all those tomato sauce splatters. I love the style of the unicorn on this apron, and the colors totally appeal – what’s better than rainbow! You can even add a name to make this super personal to your giftee!

Unrealistic Bath Buddy

Unicorn themed bath towel

If your recipient loves a good luxurious soak in the shower or bath, this unicorn bath towel might make a perfect present. Nobody is too old to enjoy wrapping themselves up in unicorn-y warmth after a relaxing bath, and I love that it even has pockets! As is said on the listing, bringing fun back to bath-time is a lovely idea, and the towel looks so cute rolled up, so it doubles as a bathroom decoration when not in use! I actually want one of these myself, and you can be certain it would be “my” towel, not for anyone else’s use!

Magical and mystical unicorn towel

Here is an alternative towel with a picture of a unicorn that can also be used on a beach! What a magical way to spend on the poolside or lay on the beach and dreaming about unicorns. And princes on a white unicorn. Summer, please come fast!

Scarf – A Perfect Accessory

Perfect unicorn scarf

For a stylish teen, this unicorn scarf would make an amazing gift that works for Winter as a necessity and for Summer as an accessory! It has such a lovely array of colors; my favorite color is blue, and offsetting it with white makes for such a striking effect. I love the touch of pink in there too, lifting the colors a little bit, and the shape of the unicorns is just gorgeous!

I think this is one I’d be tempted to purchase two of these – one for myself and one for my friend! We could share the unicorn magic together; either way, it would make a highly appreciated gift.

Build A Unicorn Army

Unstable unicorns game for teenagers

Teens who love unicorns and a good card game would probably really enjoy this game, which involves betraying friends, destroying things, and having fun with unicorns!

I love how nicely this packs down into a little set, and I think teens would really enjoy this. There are also plenty of expansion packs you can add to the set, so this is a gift that keeps on giving!

Makeup Unicorns – Magical Gift for Teenage Girls

Makeup Brushes as Magic Wands

By 14 and older, many girls are wearing makeup on a regular basis, so why not gift them some unicorn makeup brushes?

Cute unicorn make-up brushes

This set is ultra-cute, and has a great selection of sizes so they can really perfect their techniques with the help of these little mythical equines. I love the different pictures, particularly the one with the rainbow mane, and the stars along the stem of each brush.

Colorful and mature unicorn horn makeup brushes

Alternatively, this set of brushes is unquestionably unicorn-y, but might be considered more mature by some teens.

The brushes are beautifully metallic, and again, they have plenty of choice when it comes to the style of the brush. These look really nice quality, and I wouldn’t mind having a set of these myself!

Makeup Bags Full of Magic

Unicorn make up bag set

You could add to these with this unicorn makeup bag set. I like how simple this set is, and how practical it looks, and it would be a great way to finish off a unicorn-themed gift.

You can choose your mood of the day and use one at home, one in the handbag and one in the schoolbag. Variety to get the best out of it and fill them all with magic.

Unicorn cupcake toiletry bag

You can also go for a complex toiletry bag that has more space and is a perfect travel buddy to fit in all those things a proper teenager needs for a vacay. All possible makeup, hairsprays, shampoos, and body butter. But they would all fit into this lovely unicorn cupcake.

You could finish this set off with some unicorn highlighter, which looks a beautiful silver color, and would definitely complete the theme. I love the little sparkles in among the silver powder, and I think this would look very striking. It’s also cruelty-free, and says a little will go a very long way!

Sparkle Up!

Unicorn Tears make-up highlighter

You could finish this set off with some mystical unicorn highlighter, which looks a beautiful rainbow color, and would definitely complete the theme.

I love the little sparkles and the way it is called “unicorn tears”. It’s also cruelty-free, and says a little will go a very long way!

Unicorn glitter for body and hair.

In case you think your teenager loves even more sparke (as most probably most of the unicorn lovers do, here is a lovely sparkle for those school-discos and sunny summer days to spend with friends. They would also work for those girlfriend sleepovers and would make the night full of magic trying different sparkle make up, hair or some glittery body tattoos.

And for the ones who can not decide, there is a chance to just get the magical gift set as unicorn survival kit that has a lovely exclusive make-up bag and the best selling Unicorn Tears products in it. ANY teenage girl would scream for happiness once getting one. But hey, birthdays are made for magic, correct?

Unicorn survival kit with unicorn make up bag and best selling unicorn make-up porducts.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you’ve been inspired by our favorite unicorn gifts for girls 14+, and why not consider wrapping your unicorn gift in this unicorn paper to complete your magical theme? Giving gifts is one of the nicest moments between friends, and choosing something really special which says you care is important. Once you are ready to wrap it unicornizingly, we have given some great recommendations for unicorn gift-wrapping ideas.

Unicorns are a wonderful way to symbolize lasting friendship and recognize the magic of your relationship; we hope you’ve found something you love here! If you’ve got other unicorn gifts you’d like to see included on this list, we’d love to hear about them! Let’s spread the unicorn magic together.

PS: You might be interested in other unicorn gift ideas we have gathered.

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