Unicorns, and indeed most mythical beasts, are very long-lived creatures. They can live for centuries. Their magic keeps them alive and healthy for many, many years, and time passes in a different way for them. The days seem to go more slowly because they are such swift creatures.

Unicorn Family in a magical forest.
A generation of unicorns in one picture. Image source.

Unicorns are magical and powerful, so it takes a long time for the years to leave their mark on these great animals. They are free from many of the problems which other animals suffer from in old age. They do not get arthritis or cataracts, and they retain all their agility and swiftness. I think in my next life, I’d like to be reincarnated as a unicorn!

How Long Does A Baby Unicorn Take To Mature?

Because unicorns live for such a long time, it takes many years for baby unicorns to mature into adulthood. AnimalsMom tells us that it takes normal horses up to 4 years to grow to their full size, though they are almost fully grown at 2 years. Some horses, the site says, can take up to 8 years.

Baby Unicorns take look time to mature.
Baby unicorn with a tiny stubby horn.

This is nothing to unicorns. Because their lives can span over centuries, there is no need for them to grow quickly. They enjoy their childhoods and teenage years, frolicking and frisking with each other, for a long time. Some unicorns do grow more quickly than others, but many babies take twenty years or even longer to reach adulthood.

Before they mature, baby unicorns will have stubby horns, often almost hidden in their bright manes. These are shorter and more rounded than adult horns, and will not grow into the slender, pointed horns we associate with unicorns until the unicorn is in its teenage years, or even after that.

Of course, young unicorns are capable of caring for themselves long before they reach adulthood, but as unicorns live in herds, they can depend upon the protection and safety of older family members, as well as the playful teasing of other youngsters. When you look at how nice the life of a young unicorn is, perhaps it’s no surprise that they aren’t in any hurry to grow up.

How Many Years Do Unicorns Live For Once They Reach Adulthood?

An adult unicorn with glossy white coat in snow.
An adult unicorn with glossy white coat in snow.

Adult unicorns can live for many, many years, sometimes hundreds. Their powerful bodies and magical horns weather through the ages with little change. They remain fresh and energetic, almost as ready to frisk as the youngsters of the herd.

Adult unicorns are often distinguishable from near-adults because their coats are glossier and whiter. This might just be that they are less inclined to hide themselves in bushes or roll in the mud, but maturity brings an extra grace to their movements. In their prime, adult unicorns are perhaps the most beautiful, though it cannot be denied that the young ones are far cuter!

In maturity, these amazing creatures also take on an extra glow of wisdom, a testament to their years on the earth. This is hard to detect, more of an aura than a discernible change, but it gives the adults a particular brightness.

Do Unicorns Really Die?

This is perhaps the key question to consider when thinking about the longevity of unicorns. They are, after all, mythical beasts of great power and beauty and energy. Do they truly die when their lives come to an end? No matter how many years they can survive for, what comes next?

An old-aged unicorn moving about in snowy mountains

Unicorns certainly do reach an end to their lives, as anything in this world does. No matter how powerful their magic is, there comes a time at which their bright bodies cannot keep up with the ebb and flow of life anymore, and they must seek peace.

When unicorns reach this stage, they will usually leave their herds and take the last steps of their journey alone. None accompany them, not even the closest family members within the herd.

These unicorns seek a place of solitude, away from the bright eyes of humans or other creatures. They look for somewhere that they can rest and be at one with the natural world, where their beauty and purity can be reabsorbed into the heart of the earth. How this occurs, none can really say, but these peaceful creatures release their hold on life and find peace.

Immortal Unicorns Of The Heart

For many of us, unicorns do not die. The idea that such a beautiful, majestic creature could meet death is very painful. It seems that unicorns are too powerful to be overcome by something so natural as death.

The connection between unicorns and nature is undeniable. They are not joined with nature; they are nature. When a unicorn dies, it returns to the earth, and the earth goes on eternally. Unicorns, then, may be gone in body, but they continue to dwell in the rocks and trees, watching over their herds and over each other.

When the time is right, they will return, renewed, and feel the burst of power in strong, nimble legs as they race among the others of their kind, wild and free once more. Until then, we hold the unicorns who have gone in our hearts, and let them live there.

Unicorns can live for as long as you want them to. They are all so different, and they represent whatever we wish them to. If your unicorns are immortal, your belief will keep them so. If your unicorns return to the rocks and earth which birthed them, they can still live out many, many long years before such a time. They can outstrip twenty human lives, so don’t fear losing them too soon.

Unicorns can live forever. If you want them to!
Unicorns are magical and can stay beside you eternally. If you want them to.

Even once they are gone, they will walk beside you in your dreams and in your heart, their guidance and majesty as clear as warm breath on your hand, or the nuzzle of a soft nose on your cheek. If you’ve ever felt the presence of a unicorn, you’ll know that death may offer their bodies rest from the cares of the world, but that their spirits remain strong and vibrant forever.